Ricky Roman’s Boyfriend Michael Makes His CockyBoys Debut (With Ricky, Obviously)

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It’s been teased for weeks, and you’ve no doubt seen them together at events over the last six months. Now, the day is finally here: Ricky Roman and boyfriend Michael’s debut on CockyBoys.


Michael (when you’re as hot as he is, you don’t need a last name) is a natural in front of the camera.


Like most of their fans, I’ve been looking forward to this since meeting Michael with Ricky back in January at the Cybersocket Awards. And while real-life couples in gay porn can sometimes be a dud, Ricky and Michael’s first time on camera is the complete opposite, and their chemistry is off the charts.


Michael is as sweet as he is handsome. And is it just me, or does he kind of remind you of a younger Brandon from Sean Cody?


Here’s a brief description of how Michael and Ricky met, along with what led to their scene together:

They first met at a party and soon became inseparable… until Mikey (as Ricky calls him) announced he was moving to Los Angeles. After a string of unsuccessful long distance relationships, Ricky was wary of committing. But through Skype dates and multiple visits, they found a way to make it work and have been in love ever since.

Mikey was originally a webcam model to make some extra cash while working and studying full time, but he never considered adult film until he met Ricky. So as a way to express his love, Mikey decided to make his hardcore debut with Ricky. There’s nothing amateur, however, about the way the guys interact — the kissing, the blowjobs, the rimming, the fucking — it’s all real chemistry developed over the course of their relationship.


Before the sex, there’s some emotional interview footage detailing their long distance relationship, and Ricky cries—which might make you cry! Eventually (as you can tell), Ricky bottoms for Michael.

img_0212 img_0269Here’s a clip (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys’ “Love Always”: Michael Fucks Ricky Roman]


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