Ryan Rose Fights And Fucks Ian Greene In Latest Total Knockout Scene

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If Hot House was attempting to troll blog commenters with a scene like this, they’ve undoubtedly succeeded.

Ryan Rose has apologized for his 2013 brutal assault of his then boyfriend Bobby Hart (a story I broke when I edited The Sword), and he addressed the subject in length back in 2014. While nothing can excuse the assault, it was a sincere admission of guilt, a sincere apology, and an indication that Ryan Rose has changed for the better. Still, even I (who gets dragged every time I post something complimentary about Ryan Rose) have no idea how Hot House could be this dumb, not to mention offensive and insulting to anyone who’s been a victim of domestic violence.

Either Hot House is clueless, or they’re presuming that their viewers are clueless. Or both.

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[Hot House: Total Knockouts]


  • Zealot
  • Tim

    really, Zach? i’m no fan of the hypocrite. his constant shade at the slightest provocation at Sean Cody for supposedly lying to him about bareback is enough to be distasteful, but this is a fighting themed porn scene. this is a big fetish for a lot of guys, and domestic violence isn’t about the violence itself.

    • Zachary Sire


    • Zachary Sire
      • Trepakprince

        Sorry Zach, I’m with Tim on this one. This is a competition fantasy with two people of equal weight, sparring in a tamed arena. At worst, this is gladiatorial in its nature. It’s no different than Naked Kombat or even most of the videos from Raging Stallion. I’m no fan of Ryan Rose but I think you’re really reaching on this one.

        • skye3245

          i really wanna know where the reaching was? He was merely stating how Falcon and Ryan both know that he has had altercations being violent and how in bad taste it is to have him in a film where fighting is involved? You do know that two men of the same size and weight can still abuse he other? You also know someone smaller can abuse someone bigger. Your whole statement was one not on the point and two you just made it sound as if because the person he’s on film with is of a similar build its ok. I’m hoping i’m reading into it incorrectly but thats how it sounds. It is in bad taste. I’m not a Ryan fan but i’d rather see him be a business man or politician or janitor or something, rather then be in a film using his fist knowing what he’s capable of and his history. Its common with any actor whether its porn or not, don’t do films/work to point between a bad PR moment in your personal life. Thats bad business period.

      • Tim

        The response to the argument “Thing A has nothing to do with horrible thing B” is not “but thing B is Really, Really Horrible!”

        There are things you could say to justify why you think this is in bad taste. I want you to do so, Zach. Please.

    • Alias74PornReviews

      Yeah…it feels very “click bait”-y….the whole dredging and what not. I mean, Zach even posted that he took Ryan at his word for his apology and statement about the incident….and NOW brings it up?

      *shakes head*

      • Zachary Sire

        It’s being “brought up” now (after, again, I broke the story in the first place 4 years ago) because he’s in a scene where he’s throwing punches and fighting. I could’ve just posted the photos and the trailer and said nothing in this post other than “enjoy!” and then watched all the comments about the assault and my “supporting” him come pouring in, as they do on literally every single other post about him. Go shake your head somewhere else, idiot.

        • Tim

          I’m not saying you are a hack for pointing it out, Zach. I’m saying I don’t think the link is strong enough to merit it being the theme of the post. If you think the link is, this is your blog and go for it. Part of what you sign up for in your job is that flack from both sides.

          Ergo, this is a scene, if I were running the blog, I would not have covered. Especially if I felt this way about the implications.

          But again, I asked for your reasons why you took that tack, and if you think the link is enough, so be it.

          And btw, Tim is my real first name. i also gave you my last name when I posted in for the contest with my email. ergo, I have nothing at all to hide. I just don’t advertize who I am needlessly. Anyone who bothered to take a moment could figure out roughly where I live, what I do for a living, my politics, religion, porn preferences, and entire life history etc. with 5 mins work.

  • Quinton Jackson
    • Scrapple

      I thought those funds were confiscated after the election.

      • Quinton Jackson

        That $300 would have helped my good sis out.

        • Scrapple

          Why, did she have refried beans and need to use the toilet?

          • Quinton Jackson

            No, it would have went towards her surgery to fix her fucked up face.

  • Scrapple

    At least in this instance Ryan’s partner knows the blows are coming and can defend himself accordingly.

  • FrenchBug

    I completely agree with this post. I would add though that Ryan “full-of-contrition” Rose could also have pointed that out to Falcon himself, if only because of the bad PR.
    But that would assume he is as aware of the gravity of what he did as he claims to be and I am quite less confident of that than Zach seems to be. And allow me to take this scene as confirmatory evidence of my skepticism.

    • skye3245

      thats what got me…like not only Falcon trolling. But why would Ryan, knowing the mess he’s done and the press he’s gotten, think this was anywhere near a good idea? I’m miffed at how slow a human being can be. But then again we are here commenting on it so maybe he didn’t care

  • Ceecee

    I definitely think that it was a weird casting decision, but I guess if it sells it sells? I don’t know what more to say on the subject that hasn’t been discussed already.

  • peter

    who the fuck cares . . .

  • Xzamilloh

    Are we ignoring the pressing matter here??? Ryan’s hands are tiny as fuck.


  • Ceecee

    I guess the argument is that it’s hard to justify not casting him given that he’s one of their bigger names and is obviously super fit, but it was a bit of a bad choice. Not like casting Sebastian Young in a hot babysitter porn, but still pretty iffy.

  • Ninja0980

    I know I shouldn’t be outraged pr surprised but I’m still amazed that someone who did what he did still has people supporting him or thinking he’s hot.
    Once an abuser, always an abuser in my book.

  • sxg

    “While nothing can excuse the assault, it was a sincere admission of guilt”
    It seemed a hell of a lot more like he was trying pretty hard to gain major sympathy and paint himself as the victim in all of that.

    “and an indication that Ryan Rose has changed for the better”
    Not beating the shit out of someone isn’t exactly a good indication of change considering he has never stopped being the same angry nasty cunt that landed Bobby Hart in the ER. He still has continued being violent on twitter an even threatened bodily harm to various other pornstars.

    This tasteless decision isn’t a surprise to me. Hot House is the same studio that didn’t book a black model in over 5 years. And before then a black model at the studio was extremely scarce. And since they’re now a part of the Raging/Falcon company they’re run by the same studio that had Steve Cruz try and paint RyRo as the victim from the Bobby Hart beatdown coverage. These studios lost whatever class they had ages ago.

    • Pertinax
      • lordgabux

        love it

    • skye3245

      wasn’t there also violence with that other pornstar guy he dated? Ethan something? Or was it that they got heated but never got physical?

      • sxg

        As far as we know there wasn’t any domestic violence between those two. Ryan just cheated on him with some twink. I think it was Eli Lewis.

        There were rumors that Ryan abused a boyfriend he dated before Bobby, but there was no evidence of that being true, not even a statement from that boyfriend.

  • sxg

    Is anyone else curious why this story wasn’t at all mentioned on the Str8upgayporn twitter timeline?
    I’m hoping it’s an oversight because I’ve never known you to shy away from controversy!

  • skye3245

    i just came here to read ppl commenting on how “oh well he’s hot”. He ain’t all that cute anyways. So i’m just reading the comments. Won’t be watching just like i don’t watch anything else he does. Tried before he got fist and still seems he too vanilla to overlook anything.

  • lordgabux

    Well, I don’t think it’s the same situation. This is hot fighters blowing off steam with their dicks. If it were a “I’m gonna smack you around ’cause you cheated” (something we have seen a lot in porn), it’d be different.
    I just love Ry-Ro, obviously if the tried to smack me he would get smacked back, so I’m not gonna think too much about abusive behavior or otherwise.


    There is a big difference between 2 men challenging each other in a boxing ring from one man of a much larger proportion BEATING THE CRAP out of a much smaller man simply because he can !!!

  • C C

    am i missing something? what’s the story with the bandaid above Ryan’s bellybutton? it’s weird..

  • R.A.M.J

    Ry rose is still a prick, maybe just not a domestic abusing prick, but a prick nonetheless.