Ryan Rose Rides JJ Knight, Films With Brent Corrigan, And Gambles With Jacob Taylor (Who Has A Broken Nose?)

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CpiU43nWYAAvGomDespite his issues with the studio earlier this summer, Ryan Rose just spent a week filming with Falcon in Las Vegas, in a series titled “About Last Night.”


I’m thinking it’ll be a sort of gay porn version of The Hangover, based on these photos. Rose appears in at least one scene with Topher DiMaggio.

Cpbm8d4UIAA5bJZCpZH2sOVMAEEeidRose’s other co-stars include Jacob Peterson, JJ Knight, Sebastian Kross, and Brent Corrigan, who’s making a return to Falcon for, like, the 75 billionth time. He still looks great, if not better than ever, actually.


Also potentially shooting with Falcon this week is Jacob Taylor, who apparently has a broken nose? Or, maybe it’s part of the movie?


For this week’s Falcon sex scene, Ryan Rose and JJ Knight take turns fucking each other in a southwestern-themed house, or the waiting area at a Chili’s—it’s hard to say.

83770_09 83770_10 83770_12 83770_13 83770_14Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Ryan Rose And JJ Knight Flip-Fuck]

  • V1

    Its good to see JJ Knight hasn’t completely disappeared into the “Falcon Exclusive” black box. They sign far too many good performers to contracts and then put them in just a couple of scenes a year.

  • lordgabux

    That has to be a flip flop for the ages.
    *sits to wait expectantly*

  • Greg

    Brent Corrigan returning to porn AGAIN

    • ToxicBrew

      His “Fans” demanded it by fans he means the personalities in his head lol

  • Dale Bergman
  • sanfv

    Sebastian Kross is short as fuuuuck!

    Pocket gay for pay!

    • Scrapple
    • Kevin

      I think he is bi, Alexander Gustavo tweeted a short clip of him and Kross fucking a guy.

      • Scrapple

        I thought they were fucking Alexander’s girlfriend.

        • Kevin

          The girlfriend one was a different clip. I believe he has a snapchat account for which you have to pay and see longer videos.

          • Scrapple

            I didn’t know it was more than one vid. They must subscribe to the “Sharing is Caring” philosophy.

          • Kevin

            Whatever makes them happy. Surprised that Kross is not tweeting out these clips, that way he can shut people up who accuse him to be g4p but he hardly uses his sm accounts.

          • Scrapple

            Somewhere (I believe it was back at Zach’s old stomping grounds) someone who claimed to know Sebastian poured a few cups of tea. Basically he said Sebastian was fucking guys long before he got into porn (either before or after he was in the military) and he was far from being straight/g4p.

            Sebastian was doing the camming thing for a while recently, which seemed a little weird. I don’t think he did it for very long.

          • sanfv

            I’ve seen him dance his little ass on a box in Sacramento( I’m in the Bay Area). I can testify that he did say “no homo” at the end of every sentence, had really bad breathe and kept mentioning being straight.

            Intesting enough, he didn’t ping on my gaydar. And I didn’t pick up in any inhouse tea about him fucking men for free.( and y’all know how much I fucking love me some tea)

            To quote tiny dancer.

            “You keep paying and I’ll keep playing”.

          • Scrapple

            Bad breath and he kept using a word with a hard “H?” Sounds like a long night.

          • Maximus
      • sanfv

        That was a trick. The very definition of gay for pay lol.

    • erexshawn

      And not particularly attractive off set.

    • Hereweare

      Yeah, no doubt. I’ve met Brent Corrigan, and he’s pretty short, & in that photo Sebastian is shorter! Surprising!

  • Scrapple

    Was Jacob getting a little too much attention, and Ryan had to “handle” the situation?


  • john

    So much botox,so much eyebrow plucking,so much waxing, is that a gay porn scene or The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?

    • sanfv

      And drugs, you can forget about all the drugs and hooking that happened off photo that night.

  • jon

    I really dislike Ryan, but I’ll have to check out the scene due to JJ Knight who is so fine. Ugh at Topher Di Maggio and Sebastian Kross, both boring as fuck.

  • Maximus

    That’s a whole lotta meh in just one post.


  • kireb

    I cant believe that I’m saying this, but Brent Corrigan looks really nice >.< i guess that age can do wonders to twinks…

  • CBW

    Didn’t Ryan Rose and Brent Corrigan have some King of “Handbags at twenty paces” Twitter tiff? They all blend together but I thought they did?

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Why isn’t JJ inside me?

  • sxg

    Whether it’s a broken nose or nose job, it’s still a better looking nose than that gnarled snout RyRo has.

    • beariac

      I thought it was just me who thought that!
      BTW, I wonder if pornstars fly incognito to avoid fangirling cabin crew.

  • Zealot

    Is it me….or is Ryan looking a little “Easter Island-y” in the second pic?

  • Ed Woody

    I don’t despise any of these people, which is a nice change for me.

  • czer
  • Spencer87

    I can’t tell who is who really…. pretty ridiculous.Brent Corrigan doing porn again? thought he retired….

  • stephen

    “Ryan Rose and JJ Knight take turns fucking each other in a southwestern-themed house, or the waiting area at a Chili’s”

  • Parker Lewis