Ryan Rose: “I Fucked Pierre Fitch In The Mandalay Bay Hotel”

Posted August 5, 2015 by with 37 comments

The last time Tom Faulk released one of his “day in the life” videos, we got a sneak peek at his hotel room shenanigans with Colt Rivers and Ryan Rose. Now, Tom Faulk has just dropped another video (this one’s an entire “week in the life”), and there’s not to much to glean from the 21-minute clip—unless you care about who Ryan Rose has sex with off camera, and I do!

At around 4:29, both Ryan and Tom give a shout out to Str8UpGayPorn (thanks, guys!), and then, at 5:05, Ryan boasts to Colt and Tom that he fucked Pierre Fitch in the Mandalay Bay hotel, to which Colt responds, “You are in love with him!” Did Ryan and Pierre’s Mandalay Bay fuckfest occur before or after they shot their on-camera (yet to be released) scene for Falcon? Either way: Hot.

Other points of interest:

8:15—Tom shows up at the FratX shoot, and check out that backyard blaze session. The word “ratchet” is an understatement. Also, is it just does me, or are you getting a super creepy vibe from Donny Forza? (No wonder Tom kicked him in the face.)

18:25—Tom brags about all the money he made gambling, and how it paid for all the drugs he bought. Sweet, bro!

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