Ryan Rose Throws Shade On “Chubby” Killian James

Posted October 28, 2015 by with 122 comments

ryankillianKillian James certainly enjoys his cupcakes (who doesn’t?), but muscular gay porn star Ryan Rose recently gave the controversial gay porn star some tough love with regard to his eating habits:

killian22Guess Falcon Studios exclusive Ryan Rose wasn’t a fan of Killian James’ recent shoot with the iconic studio.

Killian James, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be a fan of his own studio, NakedSword, where he’s supposed to be an exclusive. (Unless that deal is already over?) Here’s Killian James complaining to Boomer Banks about not receiving enough support from his studio:


Maybe Killian James would receive more promotion if he put out some more of that “good energy” he’s always talking about?