Do Gay Porn Stars Who Misbehave Off-Camera Turn You Off?

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Jarec Wentworth’s extortion of Donald Burns. Paul Canon’s racism and use of the term “colored people.” Mike Dozer’s rape of a 14-year-old boy. Sebastian Young’s alleged attack on his wife. Some of these events are much more serious than others, but each raises a question that gay porn studios might want answered before they hire another one of these guys again: Will you, the audience, not watch a gay porn star’s scenes if you have a negative opinion of his off-camera behavior?

Speaking of controversial performers known for their off-screen antics and ugly behavior, Killian James appears in his first Falcon scene today, and here he is getting his hole fucked by Alex Mecum. NakedSword (where he’s still an exclusive) generously loaned Killian James out to Falcon, but is he worth watching on any studio’s site? Judge for yourself in the trailer below.

62227_12 62227_13 62227_14 62227_15 Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon Studios: Alex Mecum Fucks Killian James]


  • FrenchBug

    Depends what. A pedophile or violent asshole can go to hell. But sometimes I’ll confess to enjoy watching someone I know to be an arrogant asshole getting fucked – I should talk to my therapist about that.

    • Entropyguy

      Pretty much the same. Someone being kind of a jerk IRL isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but I wouldn’t watch a Mike Dozer scene for the same reason I refuse to see Polanski films.

    • Maximus

      There are few things more satisfying than seeing a conservative having a grand old time as his ass gets pounded by another dude’s dick. I smile just thinking about it.

      • Sed

        It’s shocking how many young gay people are not only conservative but how many young gay pornstars are too.

        Some of them are racist as well.

        • Maximus

          Upsetting? Yes. Shocking? No.

      • clarklane

        Why wouldn’t one be conservative ? Who wants more government intrusion, higher taxes, more regulation? If you people would pay attention, you’d find that it’s the left who try to control every aspect of our lives…from the soda we drink to the way we season our food to the way he light, heat and cool our homes. I just shake my head sometimes.

        • Badger

          Yes, and I thank the left for keeping water clean, air breathable, food safe, etc etc….

          • clarklane

            Lol you people fall for anything don’t you? Never mind that everyone breathes the same air, drinks the same water, eats the same foods, etc etc….damn, the media can lead you all by the nose, and they do….and you fall for it, every time. It’s really amazing.

  • DrunkEnough

    Off-camera misbehavior doesn’t turn me off like off-camera suicide does. Can’t jerk off to Wilfried Knight, Arpad Miklos… knowing they were in pain while we blithely masturbated to them does not reflect well.

    • DC

      Yeah, suicide is such a boner killer.
      Jesus Christ.

  • Ceecee

    Eh a lot of the really awful ones were performers I never liked anyway, so it’s hard to say.
    Paul Canon, Mike Dozer and Killian are all strict passes for me.

    I still like Jarec’s performances, but I don’t particularly have a problem with what he did besides being a crazy, greedy asshole.

  • CK

    Depends on what they did. Racists/abusers/sex offenders, definitely. Assholes, jerks, petty criminals(drug offenses/parole violations etc.), not so much. Non-vintage scenes of dead pornstars is also a bit of a turn off for me. I can barely bring myself to watch a Koh Masaki scene now. There are exceptions at times, but none spring to mind.

    • Iain Gardener

      I have to agree with you, racists, muderers, violent abusers, and homophobes hell no. Being an arsehole can be a turnoff depending on the performer, but I agree with you about dead porn stars though I’d add certain vintage stars such as Kurt Marshall as well as more recent losses

    • Xzamilloh

      Not me… as long as they aren’t dead in the video, I’m all in.

      • Sed

        If dead pornstars bothered me I couldn’t watch any vintage porn. What a waste that would be.

        • Xzamilloh

          Amen. I wouldn’t see how them being dead would affect my being able to beat off to them, unless in some aforementioned case they are slowly killing themselves and the effects of it are apparent.

      • nodoubtfan

        Kamrun was one of my all time FAVORITES. I’ve met him a few times in person too — really sweet guy.

  • Xzamilloh

    Sometimes I can’t even be bothered to watch the porn of a complete douche… and other times, my dick don’t curr!!

    Marc Dylan, though… my dick never got hard for that racist block headed gnome so when I saw his ignorance in action, I gave old blackie a good high five and then beat off to Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander!!!

  • JJ

    I voted no but I have to say that it does affect me a bit.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    Not at all.

  • erexshawn

    killian looks a bit puffy and very distracted

    • sxg

      Gelatin James is all fat girl on the inside and trying to keep her from popping out on the outside. Maybe that’s why she’s such a cunt most of the time, she’s always hungry.

      • michael

        OK…this made me laugh it was so mean and true.

        • sxg

          I normally wouldn’t be this mean and I was actually sympathetic towards her when I found out Randy Blue had a problem with the bit of weight gain she supposedly had at the time. This was probably the main reason Killian left the studio.

          But considering the ridiculously vile things she’s been spewing about a particular pornstar that if he wasn’t on “her level” it makes no sense to try and bring that pornstar down. The pleasantries are out the window and it’s time to play at “her level.”

      • nodoubtfan

        DAMN…so how do you really feel about him? LOL!

      • fruitwobbler

        That was so vile and misogynistic. So funny too that I can’t help but upvote.

        So kinda like the subject of this post. How meta of you!

  • seeker630

    Do the majority of porn watchers even KNOW about the off-screen behavior of the performers? I’ve always thought that the fans(?) who follow the blogs, etc. are a minority among the watchers – but there’s no way to prove or disprove my theory. I read a couple of blogs just to keep informed about new scenes, performers, etc. I generally could care less about the off-screen behavior (unless it’s extreme).

    • Maximus

      That’s a good point.

    • sxg

      It’s pretty obvious that the majority of people in the world don’t follow blogs or their social media enough to know the shit they pull. Either that or they just don’t really care.

      • nick

        I think most people don’t follow their blogs because they mostly post crap.

    • nodoubtfan

      True. Commenters on blog this tend to know more of the behind the scenes information. I know a lot of my friends who watch porn actively don’t even know these guys names, let alone what they do when the director yells cut.

  • beariac
    • Xzamilloh

      Tyler fucking Hoechlin

      • Scrapple

        Look, I have stuff to do today. I don’t need to be daydreaming about Tyler sitting on Ryan’s lap.

        • Xzamilloh

          I’m glad you have self-control. I wasn’t even paying attention to the gif and lost my whole day thinking about it. And my mom was in town… sigh.

          • Scrapple

            Lol. That’s rough.

    • Jon A

      There’s a difference between a “hot bad boy” like an arrogant douche, and just a straight up vile person.

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    How many of them, or us, are without transgressions? But conviction is required; the internet is full of rumor you know.

    Although being judgmental of their attitude toward the fans, is fair game.

  • JustJim

    Why would anyone sign Killian James as an exclusive. He is just a vile person. Reading those DMs you posted and his public Twitter you can see that. Naked Sword sure knows how the pick them.

    • sxg

      Because he’s working with Mr. Pam, the bitch who encourages her models to be open about their racist preferences! Why wouldn’t she hire models that are completely massive cunts?

  • sxg

    I’d like to come on here and say that yes their actions in their personal lives turn me off but sadly I can’t. I can view it as just what it is, porn to get me off, and it does that just fine.

    Like more recently I can’t get over how hot Paul Canon has become ever since he chopped off his grimey locks. He’s like a hot Andy Samburg with less terrible horse teeth. I do feel a bit of shame masturbating to his scenes, but once I blow my load I can’t do anything about it lol.

    The same goes for scenes from RyRo, Sebastian Young and Cliff Jensen who have all beat up their significant other and came back to do more scenes. I will say though that scenes from these guys have never been viewed more than once.

    I do go back every now and then to watch an Erik Rhodes scene though. I can’t get over how stunning he was as a bottom, especially a fisting bottom. Yet most people here can’t bear the idea of watching a porn scene of a dead person, yet will easily masturbate more to a Mike Dozer or Ryan Rose scene. I find that more puzzling.

    • lance

      u r gross. just saying

  • slipperyslope

    This topic is too broad for a simple Yes/No response. Someone like Sebastian Young, who has been accused multiple times of beating his wife- the last time into unconsciousness- is not the same as Jarek, as shitty as he was towards Donald. Is that because on some level I find Donald Burns repulsive as well, and so I’m not as concerned with his welfare as Young’s wife? I don’t know. Probably.

  • OverKill

    if a porn star is a racist, pedophile, or murderer I will not watch their scenes under any circumstances. I won’t watch Mike Dozer scenes ever. I use to watch Tag Adams scenes until I heard why he went to jail on attempting to have sex with an underage boy, which was a shame as I really enjoyed watching him and Johnny Rapid for trying with an underage girl. I will not watch Marc Dylan, Phenix Saint, JD Phoenix, or Paul Canon scenes because of how limiting they want(ed) to be. Quite frankly everyone I listed here I didn’t care for much anyway with the exception of Tag Adams. There scenes I couldn’t enjoy at all.

    Those who do drugs and who commit domestic violence I still waver on a bit, they can really help themselves by getting some help.

    • Sed

      Kyle Ross is one of my all time favorite performers and until a couple of weeks ago Troy Ryan was one of my new favorites. Then I find out he’s a racist and now I can’t watch there scene 🙁

      Racists and murderers are about the only ones I can’t watch.

  • lance

    Nah… not worth it. PLUS… he is junky (at least for gay porn, but again some people enjoy having what to grab during sex, not judging) and has a small penis. I will watch Alex Mecum in another scene.

  • Brian Sky

    When I know that the porn star I am watching has already passed away, I really feel uncomfortable and usually cannot jerk off. For the rest, I understand that porn stars are ordinary people with their own lives, they make mistakes, have defects and virtues. That, in no way, has to do with the fantasy being displayed on the screen and it is not my business to judge them, there are some authorities for that.

  • buffy2004

    For me is a real problem. Even when they simply act stupid on social media it gets hard for me to watch them on scenes after. So on this level is simply impossible. I will never watch johnny rapid on anything, for example after knowing what he did to his wife.

    The only good part is that the opposite is important for me too. If a models is really nice and funny on social media i tend to give them another chance on scenes even if at first i didn’t like them than much.

    I will love to forget about it and watch everyone without thinking if they’re awful or not but sadly i can’t.

  • Chris

    Doesn’t bother me in general, the bad boy thing is always a turn on. That said, if it’s violent/harmful behavior (rape, murder, pedophile) then I wouldn’t watch a scene. I already can’t wait for Jarec Wentworth’s return in 2020 (ish).

  • kevin

    I didn’t answer your poll since it depends on the bad-boy behavior. Sexual assaults, spousal/partner abuse, and above all Racism are serious turn offs. However mug-shots for weed or DUI are actually turn-ons, since these are ‘bad-boy’ crimes. They make the models seem ‘dangerous’, which can be hot.

  • Rick Tan

    I think there are two questions here.

    1) First, will you get off watching porn made by someone who’s awful in real life.

    The answer is yes.

    2) Will you pay them for it?

    The answer is no.

  • Okosan

    I’ll be honest when i heard about johnny rapid and his sexual assault towards his girlfriend i couldn’t see him the same way anymore.

  • Sed

    Kyle Ross is one of my all time favorite performers and until a
    couple of weeks ago Troy Ryan was one of my new favorites. Then I find
    out he’s a racist and now I can’t watch there scene 🙁

    Racists and murderers are about the only ones I can’t watch.

    • Okosan

      Hell i can’t even watch someone who is gay 4 pay.
      am i a coward for not watching gay for pay ?

  • Smithian

    Criminal behavior I can’t get over on the level of Young, Rapid or Dozer. The rest is case by case. I don’t love knowing Curtis from Sesn Cody’s political views, but I can usually set that aside.
    Not knowing about these people’s personal lives is usually bliss.

  • Depends on the situation. Dozer is a no-go. Johnny Rapid only justifies why I hate him. Colby Keller makes my eyes roll, but my dick hard.

  • andrew

    I don’t believe a lot of the “evidence” of porn stars misbehavior posted on this and other porn blogs, so in most cases, it has little effect on my viewing habits.

    • Michael

      You sound like one of those bright lights, who needs to see more evidence, of the moon landing.

      • CA

        Lol, I was going to write the same thing in response.

      • andrew

        No, just real evidence and not just accusations and insinuations.

  • CBW

    A bad boy doesn’t bother me, and nor does a little bit of a douche, while the hilariously illiterate ravings we sometimes see on twitter are more funny than aggravating for me.
    Racists, conspiricists, sex offenders and violent abusers are something else altogether. I certainly don’t expect porn performers to be saints, but I do get turned off when they are just awful, wilfully and pridefully ignorant and insensitive or demonstrably deranged.

  • Nickolas

    I stopped watching Spencer Reed porn because of his epic twitter meltdowns, so yes, it bugs me.

  • Eric D

    Well…you build this image about porn stars in your head (yea I know they working and it is fiction) and when hear a porn star interviewed it ruins the fantasy as 99% of the porn stars are total DOUCHE BAGS!!!

  • If they are nasty fucking pigs off camera then I just like them even more.