Idiotic Racists Paul Canon And Damien Kyle: “I Am Not Sexually Attracted To Colored People”

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Here we go again. Paul Canon is the latest gay porn star who refuses to work with black people because of his “sexual preferences.” (Paul Canon also refuses to work with the English language, but that’s another story…)


I tried to find out why dumb Paul Canon was so dumb…

paul2But dumb, racist Paul Canon was not having it.

paul3I gave him one more chance to clarify his stupid remarks…

paul4paul6And his explanation revealed that not only is he a dumb racist, his boyfriend Damien Kyle is, too!

Great job, Paul.


Not only is Paul Canon ignorant enough to hold these “preferences,” he’s also dumb enough to make his views public.

As Sean Zevran accurately pointed out last week: What do your “sexual preferences” have to do with what you’re being paid to do as an actor?

paul9 paul10paul12Paul Canon, everybody.

paul13 paul14Oh, and for any of you worried that this racist meltdown will hurt idiotic racist Paul Canon’s career: Don’t be. He’ll be hired again and again, over and over again by all the same studios who could give two shits about what these dumb, racist gay porn stars say on Twitter.

And each time you see Paul Canon in a new gay porn scene, let it serve as a great reminder: People in so-called positions of “power” do and say absolutely NOTHING to condemn, combat, or eliminate the trash from the adult industry. Child rapists, extortionists, wife beaters, murderers (literally!), and ignorant racists all get a free pass from studios and directors to work in gay porn. No one bats an eye when performers say or do horrible things, and no one really cares when studios themselves are repeatedly accused of abuse, fraud, sexual harassment, or worse—so long as it doesn’t affect anyone’s wallet. Of course, the INSTANT there is a threat to the adult industry’s money, via something like mandatory condoms, for example, what do we hear? “They’re trying to force us to use CONDOMS?! Alert the media! Send out the press releases! Cue up the outrage! Gas up the buses for Sacramento! This is wrong! This is a violation of free speech!” Convenient, isn’t it?