Idiotic Racists Paul Canon And Damien Kyle: “I Am Not Sexually Attracted To Colored People”

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Here we go again. Paul Canon is the latest gay porn star who refuses to work with black people because of his “sexual preferences.” (Paul Canon also refuses to work with the English language, but that’s another story…)


I tried to find out why dumb Paul Canon was so dumb…

paul2But dumb, racist Paul Canon was not having it.

paul3I gave him one more chance to clarify his stupid remarks…

paul4paul6And his explanation revealed that not only is he a dumb racist, his boyfriend Damien Kyle is, too!

Great job, Paul.


Not only is Paul Canon ignorant enough to hold these “preferences,” he’s also dumb enough to make his views public.

As Sean Zevran accurately pointed out last week: What do your “sexual preferences” have to do with what you’re being paid to do as an actor?

paul9 paul10paul12Paul Canon, everybody.

paul13 paul14Oh, and for any of you worried that this racist meltdown will hurt idiotic racist Paul Canon’s career: Don’t be. He’ll be hired again and again, over and over again by all the same studios who could give two shits about what these dumb, racist gay porn stars say on Twitter.

And each time you see Paul Canon in a new gay porn scene, let it serve as a great reminder: People in so-called positions of “power” do and say absolutely NOTHING to condemn, combat, or eliminate the trash from the adult industry. Child rapists, extortionists, wife beaters, murderers (literally!), and ignorant racists all get a free pass from studios and directors to work in gay porn. No one bats an eye when performers say or do horrible things, and no one really cares when studios themselves are repeatedly accused of abuse, fraud, sexual harassment, or worse—so long as it doesn’t affect anyone’s wallet. Of course, the INSTANT there is a threat to the adult industry’s money, via something like mandatory condoms, for example, what do we hear? “They’re trying to force us to use CONDOMS?! Alert the media! Send out the press releases! Cue up the outrage! Gas up the buses for Sacramento! This is wrong! This is a violation of free speech!” Convenient, isn’t it?

  • TheSagaOf

    People arguing on Twitter.

  • atlas
  • Scrapple

    Paul and Damien have more issues than The Walking Dead. Here I was thinking the outdated term “colored” referred to anyone who wasn’t White. Now I see it is used to describe “someone who is of a dark skin complexion.” So all you “mulattos” might still be able to get some of that dick. Unlucky you.

  • CBW

    What a disgusting piece of shit. He’s attracted to “beautiful” people which in his mind precludes people of a certain race. Ergo he thinks that people of that race can’t be beautiful. Clear as daylight racism. I am sure a certain Johnny Rapid supporting, values spouting, bottom feeding troglodyte will chime in to whinge about how easily offended people are.

    • Mihcael Davies

      I wonder who you could be referring to? Hmmm 😛

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    I wasn’t a fan of his anyway but give him a break, he’s from Florida. I guess this would be expected. I’m also delighted when racist attitudes bubble to the surface for all to see. Then at least you can make an educated decision on your porn.

  • Lemar

    Harpo who dis lady…..

    • Scrapple

      I. Can’t. Breathe. That quote from “The Color Purple” is funny enough on its own. But then there’s the fact that it was spoken by Rae Dawn Chong. Her self-hatred is LEGENDARY. Well done.

    • sxg

      love the quote, hate the gif. Cannot stand that insufferable cunt.

  • Stacy

    On BSB both worked quite well with Kaden Alexander, the kissing in their scenes is amazing….

    • Mike Julius

      Yeah, weird. They were probably disgusted. Racists can hide their emotions well around colored folk…

    • Azazel157

      Nope, if you notice in their group scene, Damien never touches Kaden.

  • Jamaree Mitchell

    They both are some major dumbasses

  • Todd

    I’ll never understand how sexual attraction can be color coded. I’m sexually attracted to ANYONE I find attractive, visually, personality wise, etc …..

    Good thing I’m not sexually attracted to Paul Canon.

    • WhimsyCotton

      I believe in preferences. Like everyone has certain features they prefer on a person. Making blanket statements about Black people is racist, however. Plus he’s a sex worker, he’s not getting paid to enjoy the sex or be attracted to his partner, he’s getting paid to fuck/get fucked and nothing else.

      • *TeaCup*

        agreed; it’s not like he’s that sexy or attractive anyway. He’s just a tall skinny queen that needs to shut her mouth.

  • Mike Julius

    Okay, I say boycott MEN until they stop employing racist Paul Canon and woman-beating would-be pedo Johnny Rapid.

  • stephen

    oh honey..

  • DJ

    What the fucking fuck????? Comparing black people to retarded goats? Using the word “colored”? Did he have a stroke with his Twitter app open? Who’s Segregtion?

  • Jay

    I find that individuals who tend to express these views don’t stay active in the industry for very long. That said, Paul Cannon and Damien Kyle are neither intelligent, or attractive individuals in many aspects of life. His contract with Men will expire and no other studios will hire him or his ugly rodent faced boyfriend except for weird fetish sites anyhow.


    • lordgabux

      Yep, they need to shut up.

  • jacob221

    I’ m sorry I’ ve lived all around the world and I have never heard the words “sexual preference” or “racial preference” used anywhere else in the world as a cop-out except by gay men in the U.S.

    if you’re going to be an ass and say something like that
    just let it fly and be blunt And say
    Just say you want to stick to your own kind

    Just own it

    using the word “preference” is a cop-out

    to prefer something means you like both or can go either way

    straight men don’t have a preference for women over men because they’re only interested in woman and only have sex with women

    gay men don’t have a preference for men over woman because they’re only interested in men and only have sex with men

    only bisexual men have a sexual preference because they have sex with both men and woman

    if you only have sex with Caucasian men and only hang out with Caucasian men
    you don’t have a preference because you don’t prefer anyone else or have sex with anyone else except for Caucasian men

    Only men who have sex with all kinds of races of men can say you have a racial preference
    But men who have sex with all kinds of races of men would never use that word

    Do you ask a top if he has a preference to be a top or bottom
    if you know he is only a top and doesn’t bottom

    • I don’t think that gay men in the US are the only ones who have ever expressed that they prefer men of a particular race over another. Maybe use of the word “preference” but that could be because other countries speak different languages or have different terms (British English) to use rather than that word.

  • Spongey

    Let me call my friend, Al.

  • OhMyClarence

    The preference argument is such nonsense. For starters it implies that our preferences are locked in; however, we know this to not be the case, our preferences change all the time, what matters is whether or not we are open to having them challenged and changed. And clearly people who are not don’t, and so they assume they had no choice in the matter. It’s all very self-affirming.

    The big issue with this whole argument regarding preference is that it mixes attraction to certain physical features with entire races, and that is just a big problem. It isn’t racist or even controversial to be attracted to certain physical features. Perhaps you like guys with long hair or freckles. Statistically that is going to rule out a lot of “colored people”. But that’s all fine, we all have the things that turn us on. There is even sufficient scientific evidence to indicate that people will have a predisposition to be attracted to people that look like they do. However! Attraction is not some finite resource, being attracted to certain physical features does not mean that you have to be less attracted to others to make up the difference, or that certain physical features exist along a line with blond hair at one end and knappy hair at the other end. And those are physical features, not social stereotypes.

    And this is where our very convoluted issues with race comes in. The presumption is that all X people look and act a certain way, and that archetype you specifically do not find attractive. This is line of reasoning is crazy. It would crazy if we lived in a society where it was presumed every white person was a Ginger, that speaks with a thick Scottish accent, and yet somehow we have become comfortable with the idea that all “colored” people are X.

    The gay community in general does not really do a good job of addressing this problem, and in some ways it actually works, whether intentionally or not, to make the problem worse. At the end of the day Paul has the social capital to say things like this as a white gay man, because the community in general is centered around his identity.

    • Eric AS

      I have a strong preference for men who smile, often. Gay porn rarely meets my preference. At some point this era of racist pos fucking men of similar complexion, gay for pay who eat ass like licking pussy, and 99% of scenes involve shame humiliation or hate fucking will evolve to include more than just token instances of sex that looks mutually pleasurable. Serious bonus if studios that focus on College Men hire more than 1 black, Latino, or Asian model a year.

  • sxg
    What you fuck outside of porn is your own business, but when you come into the industry and you’re expected to sleep with “men of color” then you should suck it up and do it. I put more of the blame on the studios and directors for letting these porn “stars” develop such an inflated ego that they think they can dictate each and every of their scene partners.

  • DPS

    Quick, someone send him instructions on how to build a box. Because there is no hope he could build an ark.

  • David

    So if you cant get it up you are now racist. Where is the love…oh wait this is porn so who cares.

  • synnerman

    I guess Kaden Alexander passed the paper bag test?

    • Stanford White

      Speaking of Kaden, I miss him.
      I wonder where he went and what’s he’s doing?
      I hope he didn’t quit porn; I liked him.

  • ted cox

    I wish Zach would stop causing problems in this world lol

    Canon is dimmer than a 1-watt light bulb.

  • jacob221

    Are you considered coloured if you tan every week ?

    • Go away Rachel Dolezal

      • WhimsyCotton

        Leave Rachel out of this. What she was doing was done out of love and respect for the community.

    • Rico Ruiz

      That was my thought! Maybe I should stay out of the sun so that I can “win” his approval! Better go get some Neutrogena SPF 100+!

  • Diesel Washington

    I so had enough of these assholes……

    My Epic Twitter Melt down coming soon….

  • yaoirabbit

    My first instinct was to get pissed off and a part of me is. But why bother? There will be plenty of people in the world who won’t think I’m attractive because of my skin color. I’m not about to lose sleep over an opinion from a guy I never heard of.

    • Mike Julius

      You’re right. But there’s this part of me that always thinks that when stuff like this rears its head in the public sphere, it needs to be addressed so that people who think they have a point about “preference” don’t go unchallenged. And that way maybe one or two people will see sense.

      I don’t know. It feels like the confederate battle flag battle. A noble, yet futile battle.

      • yaoirabbit

        I didn’t say people couldn’t address it. People can do whatever they want. What I’m saying is I won’t allow myself to get angry because someone I don’t know said something I don’t like. Similar to how a couple of assholes on this very site tried to start some mess with me. I didn’t get angry then either. I just deleted the Disqus email notifications without reading them and that was that.

  • Odetofear

    Damn, i really liked him. Oh well. I’m out.

  • Azazel157

    The worst thing about it is that he doesn’t even realize what he is saying. We just had 9 African Americans shot in a church because of their skin color. Racism is still alive and well. Besides that, using the word “colored” just shows how ignorant he is. He should take some of that money from porn and get an education. On the Broke Straight Boys TV show Damien made a similar racist remark. Everyone, write Men and demand that he be removed from that site and any others. If him and Damien aren’t attacking or fighting with someone, then they

    are swindling people out of money to pay their bills or buy them gifts. Scum

    • Mike Julius

      Feel free to post this anywhere you want:

    • *TeaCup*

      what is their email, this schitt is ridiculous!! i’ll write. he is a slime in my book!

      • Azazel157

        @DamienKyleBSB and @PAULTHECANONXXX

        • *TeaCup*

          ok thnx :-)

  • GN

    He also managed to use the “R” word to describe being special needs, and he couldn’t just stop at ‘colored’, like all racist losers, he had to elaborate, so he keeps talking, and talking, and talking. He’s an all around disgusting human being, and now I can’t even spank to you. Flush this white trash turd. Bye!

  • Garland

    Well now we see why him and Damien got together. Idiots of a feather flock together. Damn and I was holding out hope that Paul was with Damien because he was being abused or blackmailed or something.
    These two are just trying to hold onto their last fifteen minutes. They are basically tainted in the industry. Damien has put the final nails in his coffin and now Paul’s following suit.
    And yes, he is a racist because what do ALL racists say when you call ’em out on their shit: “I’m not a racist.” Get over yourself. You’re only attracted to “beautiful” people? Well child, you and your “husband” are not beautiful inside or out. I hope this has effectively ended BOTH of your careers and I hope I can see you two eat crow when you are reduced to working as escorts and fucking whatever trash can come up with the 50 cents to hire you so you don’t end up in an ally fighting off stray dogs for your meals.

  • GN


  • GN


    • JohnnyVooDoo

      Ohhh what did Phoenix Saint and T Douglas say ?
      Please inform me — im kinda new to the blogs.

      • Mihcael Davies

        I can’t speak on Tony Douglas but I recently found out from someone under that Sean Zevran article that apparently on a MenofPorn blog article “One of the last remaining scenes of Phenix
        Saint?” it includes information about how Phenix Saint texted some young
        woman that black people have ugly faces.

        • JohnnyVooDoo

          Yep. Found it all.

  • MimiB

    I live in the ATL and enjoy nice & cute guys of all races… I’ve tried using A4A to make hot connections. Unfortunately I’m caucasian… and a majority of black men on the site do NOT want to be with a white guy. Some state it strongly in their profiles so I won’t reach out to them while others who do not list it will do so in their response back to me. It’s very disappointing cuz I’ve had experiences with black men that make my eyes roll back into my head.

    I, too, hate the use of the word colored when used by others to refer to a specific race. This includes its usage in the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) organization. It’s an archaic & inappropriate word.

    • Reg W

      Call me MimiB :-)

    • Donald Horn

      I’m black and I like white boys. Hit me up

      • Target



    • Mike Julius

      You know, that surprises me. I’m black and I live in an Atlanta suburb and I don’t know any other black people who would be that stupid. Or at least I hope I don’t know any people who would be that stupid.

  • Don`t aggravate him, he might shoot up a school or a movie theater.

  • John

    I am ashamed I find him insanely attractive… as long as he doesn’t talk or text. Paul did do a very hot scene with a Black model for BSB. He even ate his load. He is obviously able to function fine with a Black model. Maybe he forgot. I do think that one should not be as limited in one’s work for a studio as one is when one hookes up on Grindr. I think it is possible to treat a person of a race one is not sexually attracted to with respect and humanity. In one’s private hookups, one should not feel shame about having a type one likes or doesn’t like .Pornstars are different in what is expected of them.

    • James

      He really shows that porn stars should only open their mouth for cock.

  • Zealot

    another “color wheel” gay? What? Does a porn producer have to send PC a color wheel and ask which colors are off limits before he books his scene partner?

  • Pascal

    Thank God the two of them weren’t lionized a certain gay porn blog until recently! What a mistake it would have been to dedicate time and posts to them!

    Imagine if they would have been called a “Power Couple“!

    • Mike Julius

      People make mistakes about other people.

      When you said you liked a couple yesterday and today they reveal themselves to be racist pieces of shit, you call those pieces of shit out regardless of how you felt about them in the past.

      • Casey Scott

        Yeah except we’ve known Damien Kyle is batshit crazy for some time now.

        • Mike Julius

          But he wasn’t in that video. And Paul Canon has a nice enough ass.

  • JackNasty

    You know the ironic part of this whole thing, both of these “gentlemen” worked for a company that pays men who are, by the name of the company, not sexually attracted to them.

    Let’s run down the partial list…starting with the ones who are “colored” to one degree or another..

    Was Kaden Alexander attracted to them?
    Was Vadim Black attracted to them?
    Was Justin Riggs attracted to them?
    Jaden Bentley?
    Shane Ridge? (though his ‘coloredness’ was questionable. He might be white so he might belong in the other list)

    …now the whites

    Was Romeo James attracted to them? – scene fucking Damien was very good
    Zeno Kostas? – came in Damien’s mouth
    Dakota Ford? – big dick; came in Damien’s mouth
    Jason Matthews? – scene with Paul was also very good
    Ronan Kennedy?
    Cage Kafig? – found out Damien doesn’t like tattoos either…also came in Damien’s mouth
    Johnny Forza? – came in Damien’s mouth
    Spencer Todd? – a real prince of a guy himself, once said he prefers sex with straight men because he doesn’t want them to like it either. Was he attracted to you? – he also came in Damien’s mouth…later did an oral scene for Treasure Island Media
    Duncan Tyler? – really big dick; always seemed stoned
    Sonny? – big dick; came in Damien’s mouth
    Tyler White?
    Ian Dempsey? – ate Damien’ ass which is fairly uncommon in BSB videos
    Blake Bennett? – I actually made a Windows 7 desktop theme using the images from this video (with Damien)

    This is a partial list of all the BSB performers I remember one or both of them fucking. Also David Hardy, just remembered him. Was he attracted to you?

    Yes, I’m the wikipedia of Broke Straight Boys…

    • JohnnyVooDoo

      Ohhhhh that’s a really good point! If those guys truly are straight then fuck no they where NEVER attracted to any of those guys, not a single bit but they some how did their fuckin job…..

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    Please lets not pretend that their is suddenly a standard or a line crossed here. He will continue to get work where ever he pleases. Has it not been proven that these companies only care about cash in and out. They will hire druggies, Wife beaters, thieves — why not racist. I mean well after all you would be a fool to think he is the only one who thinks like this. The majority of the gay community thinks like this…..
    The only dumb part was him opening his mouth. I say this because the chances of working with a person of color in gay porn is very slim so what was the purpose of him simply laying it out here in this manor. Maybe he really is just that dumb. Never the less, this will go away in a day or two and things will go back to normal.

  • Sam Dixon

    I must applaud porn star Paul Canon for expressing his ideas and thoughts. In light of recent events concerning issues of racism and homeland terrorism, Paul Canon has shown everyone that he is working with a single brain-cell. That single brain-cell is over-tasked and needs to be relieved of its heavy work-load. I will do what I can to help in this effort by not purchasing any videos that he appears in from this point forward from what-ever company that sponsors him.

    It is indeed possible that there are other porn stars that have preferences concerning the kinds of activities that they will engage in, or the persons that they would prefer not to work with. I just feel that is it a good idea to not “turn off” one’s base of actual and potential customers that might want to buy into a porn star’s brand. The “shelf-life” of a porn star is limited and there are no pensions after a life-time of service. Most of us – in the real work world do not get to choose our co-workers regardless of our “personal preferences.” As I understand it – appearing in porn videos IS work.

    Since the single-brain cell individual Paul Canon has expressed himself, which is his right to do so, plenty of others should express themselves. I will express by rights by not buying any more of his videos – a message I’m sure others might join. I wish Paul Canon a bright future – even though his single-cell over-tasked racist brain might not comprehend this message.


  • JohnnyVooDoo

    Oh sweet. Are people really banning together to boy cot MEN….Im down with that! I mean shit what is there to miss besides a bunch of limp dick G4P’s who bring no heat or passion who already dislike their fan base anyway. Lets do it!

    ; )

  • mtxb2010

    Anybody else see this crap before he deleted it?

    • Garland

      Good. That’s called Karma.

    • Scrapple

      Does he feel betrayed because he found out Damien was fucking a Black dude?

  • GN

    You ever notice that the Caucasians who have these ‘preferences’ are never the good looking ones?

    • Cubankid

      Yes lmao

    • Goodboy

      Beauty in the eye of the beholder. I think he’s hot as hell.

      • Xzamilloh

        Beauty in the eye of the beholder… Pfft. I think the beholder be-dropped it in his case.

      • Dana

        Not sure what is the problem?
        Okay. Let me spell it out for you: R-A-C-I-S-T.

      • whitetiger

        So do I. I love Paul. Foot in the mouth, maybe, as you say, but we all say things sometimes in our lives that other people interpret differently than our intent. Paul’s comment doesn’t sound racist to me. Being racist implies emotion and I didn’t get that from Paul’s statement. He was simply stating a fact, nothing emotional there – I like this sandwich, not that one. Like he said, he was just stating his preference. Would some of these naysayers sleep with everyone they could? If the answer they give is “no, of course not”, then they’re using the same filter as Paul and the rest of us do every day on every thing.

        • Kevin L. Scott

          I have to disagree, partially. I too thought that Paul Canon was a hottie and then I read these and then I read these tweets and it made my bristle. It sounded so ignorant and a bit racist to me. Now I can’t look at him the same way I once did. So long Paul. I am officially turned off!!!

          • whitetiger

            It was difficult figuring out the sequence and the entirety of the whole story. To me. And there’s probably not one place to find that information. So I have to go with what I could decipher from the montage of entries here. We all do. So it’s easy to see many different interpretations coming from such a confusion of sources. Sort of like 10 different people witnessing the same event but giving 10 different versions of what happened. I can see why you bristled, Kirk. I did too initially, but I didn’t want to agree just because the nagatibesbwere

          • Nolove4paul

            The full truth whitetiger, is that taking an entire race of people and saying “sexually I would not fuck this race” is racist. It tells eveyone that at the end of the day you can’t see past there skin color. And sort of implies that, to you, this entire race looks alike. His comment was of course incredibly offensive and it’s a bit sad to see coming from someone who can always use another fan. If you don’t like a certain race that is fine and it is your preference of opinion. Everyone is entitled to that right to dislike something. But let’s be clear that his comment was asinine and incredibly racists. And completely unwarranted. By saying that he completed alienated the African American race. I am a man of color and WAS completely into him. But honestly happy I stumbled upon this article because I am never going to be turned on by this guy again. And I know I’m just a small thread on a full sweater so he will be alright minus one colored.

          • whitetiger

            Well said. But still, all I see is a confusing mix of sent & received messages. (I’ve never been into social media at all.) So with that confusion, I don’t want to judge someone, pending a deeper clarity for me. I’ll have to admit though to not being turned on very much by Paul since I read these statements so I need to take another look at my feelings. I really admire your passion and clarity of vision and ability to express yourself so well. Again, well said. But respectfully, I still disagree.

        • James Andrews

          Why do people in 2017 still need a course in what is racist? Components of racism involve a lack of sensitivity and awareness. You said that being racist implies emotion. Paul could be dead inside, for sure. I say being a NON-racist implies empathy; an understanding of another person’s hurt and anguish and humiliation!

          Apparently, Paul doesn’t see the need to clarify or apologize for his insensitive remarks. But, Paul will emphasize to a greater extent his displeasure, dislike and distaste (with a confederate flag in his hands) for PEOPLE OF COLOR. You can have your sexual preferences! Some people don’t like accents, webbed toes, tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, muscular people, couch potatos…I get it! But to know Paul’s preferences are rooted in racism, you only have to look at his attitude and choice of words. the term “coloreds” or “colored people” went into disuse more than 50 years ago. We are not in the dark ages and Paul Canon is not a dinosaur. Canon can have his preference because my preference is to be referred to as “Black” or African-American!”

          To put a final pont on it, Paul is a sexy motherfucker to me. I will dick his hot ass up and down the street from here to sundown! But, this conferederate flag waving psycho is surely racist! My best friend was a racist, God rest his soul. I knows ’em whens I sees ’em!

          • whitetiger

            I haven’t collected a single Paul Canon scene since all this. It seems just the possibility of being racist is enough to take someone off your ‘like’ list these days, whether it’s a porn star or regular movie star. And that’s pretty much the way it is when you find out a favorite sports figure is homophobic. No more fantasies in his locker room. But I’m not as absolute as some others, I stay open to the fact that Paul may evolve and recognize the error of his ways, just as we all do when we make mistakes. But I don’t need a course in what is racist.

          • James Andrews

            You say you don’t need a course in racism; maybe, but, others reading your statements might feel embolden by some of the things you said. One thing is certain, learning about race relations on a jack-off site ain’t the best way to go.

          • whitetiger

            I agree.

          • Porn Conosuier

            Uhm if you knew he was a racist why in the HELL would you sleep with/him them?? You do realize that he”s not thinking of you as a person but a object or thier little “chocolate ” fantasy. Let me put it to you this way. White people owned slaves of ever color and had absolutely no issues with sleeping with them and not consider them fully human.

      • Porn Conosuier

        You do t see what the problem is?!?!?. He has denigrated a entire continent of people , that he’s never met. You don’t see a problem with that? Let me take stab here you: twenty/thirty something, never been farther than the borders of your neighborhood. Oh and white. It’s always easy for the previl edged to dismiss racism when it does n’ t affect you. It dosent surprise me that Trump won the election , hate always seems to win out. Lies that white have been tol/perpetuate. Thier has never in the history of history been more white people then people of color. NEVER. As a person of color it always amazes me that people who are anti people of color are always the ones that come up people of color during the spring/summer and compare the skin to people of color. If brown is so bad why do you people risk all kinds of cancers to get our color? Why if people of color are inferior as your and the booboo are suggesting. Why do you approprate our skink color, our style of dress, our music and everything else not associated with you. America has always disregard disrespect and demean anyone of thier ilk. Do you know that blue eyes blond hair and fair skin are all ressive traits. Gay America is really gay WHITE America. You always ask for equality and fairness yet are absolutely unable/unwilling to return it. White people have managed to come up with derogatory names for ever other race on the planet Your people even get along with your own kind. You demean your own people. As for Mr Cannon he was hired to do a job. His personal likes and dislikes to a certain point don’t/shouldn’t come into play. Like wanting to be a fashion designer but you can’t sew. It’s like being hired to work on a farm but you don’t want to get dirty. If that is the case you probably shouldn’t be a farmer. If you cannot work with ALL people then you should get a job where you don’t interact with other.

    • Donttryit

      Yeah they never are. But they THINK they are. Most of these dudes will look horrible by age 32. Then by age 42 they’re lonely and on Adam4Adam hunting for black cawk. LMAO.

  • robirob

    What a bummer. I just started to like him because of that clip of him cooking chicken while wearing just a shirt. The “I am so proud to be a racist and, boy, I am so very smart to mask it as preference” shtick is a real turn off for me.

  • Mihcael Davies

    Well there goes my last ounce of respect/attraction for you Mr. Paul Canon. You stupid, stupid person.

    You and your homophobic shithead lover Damien truly deserve each other.

  • kkdd1

    Paul U R attracted 2 BEAUTIFUL people ??? have U looked at your boy friend lately U STUPID FUCK !!! Why don’t you MAN UP and used the word the President said it and I am sure U have 2 U DUMB RACIST FUCK FACE PIECE OF SHIT !!!

  • Phil

    I don’t get guys who rule out entire races of people as potential sexual partners. To me, a hot guy is a hot guy.

    That said, I don’t think that being exclusively attracted to one racial group necessarily makes a person racist as long as they respect other racial groups in the other aspects of their lives. What makes Paul Canon a nasty bigoted slimeball here is his comparison between fucking a black guy and fucking a “retarded goat”. What also makes Paul Canon a slimeball here is the statement that as he’s attracted to “beautiful people” that excludes black guys. It’s a real pity, i’ve always found him pretty hot, but yeah… no more Paul Canon porn for me since the ugly on the inside is now all too clear.

  • Darnell

    I just don’t understand some of these porn stars. Some porn stars have said in interviews that they work with people in scenes who they’re not attracted to but they do the scenes. Some porn actors can’t separate their personal life from their professional life. I do blame the studios more because they’re sitting there and letting them dictate who they can and can’t work with. In case they need a news flash the actors work for the studio, not the other way around. Studios need to take control and teach them what happens when you dictate and have a diva complex. I’m pretty sure that ethnic porn actors weren’t beating down Paul Canon’s door to work with him because he’s boring anyway.

  • bob80

    No problem with having some preferences but it’s really stupid, hurtful and unnecessary to voice them out.

  • Benjam

    Damien said something similar before and I unfollowed him, then when I saw what Paul wrote yesterday I unfollowed him too. Now both have their accounts on private. Damn! I wish I could read the fall out.

  • When he was “straight” he had no issues about having sex with men for $$$ but now that he is gay or bi or whatever he is unwilling to do the same with scene partners of color? Seems a bit racist to me. Why would it be any different than when he was gay for pay and was fine doing things that he was not into at the time like men.

  • I wonder if he refers to asians as “oriental”?

    • kkdd1

      I bet he cannot even spell oriental LOL !

  • ted cox

    Nobody takes out the trash like Diesel Washington!

  • FooFight

    Golly. What a shame all those “colored” porn stars will never get the chance to taste the smoldering hotness of Paul Canon.

  • moondoggy
  • TK

    People in so-called positions of “power”do and say absolutely NOTHING to condemn, combat, or eliminate the trash from the adult industry. Child rapists, extortionists, wife beaters, murderers (literally!), and ignorant racists all get a free pass from studios and directors to work in gay porn.

    You left off boyfriend abusers…

    • TP

      Oh, no it’s cool, they were just drunk, dehydrated and overworked. so it’s okay and can be worked out.

  • spartan546

    Zach, I love you!

  • CA

    “…I’m attracted to beautiful people…”

    As if he is the seer and arbitrator of beauty–lol. As if those who are attracted to people of color are by default attracted to unattractive people.

    I kind of like it when a racist tells me they are racist…makes it easy to steer clear.

    • John

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • djbethell

        Beauty is in the eye of the racist this time.

        • John

          If you’re not attracted to “colored people”, that’s nobody’s business but yours. Peoples’ genitalia is not subject to ‘affirmative action’ laws.

  • James

    Ok so I’m mainly attracted to white men, but I have been attracted to men of just about every. Having a preference of what your into isn’t bad in an of it’s self. However him stating he is only attracted to attractive people and that some how excludes black men is racist and him refusing to work with them further seals the deal as there is no way he has been attracted to every scene partner.
    So off with his head

  • Cosmic

    People actually pay to watch that mangy looking piece of racist trash have sex?

    • James

      I guess trailer trash meth heads like to watch similar people to them selves.

      • Mike Julius

        I’m ashamed to admit I used to stan him. Never his rat-faced boyfriend. Something about him always seemed off. Like Dylann Roof off. And I once actually typed out Paul Canon’s “scrub of a boyfriend doesn’t deserve him.” Turns out, I was wrong. They deserve each other.

  • a b

    It’s not even the first time Damien Kyle pulls up this bullshit:

    • Mike Julius

      Mind posting a summary? You can’t watch it unless you pay or sign up to a trial.

  • Ronan

    The gay porn industry is notorious for employing men who identify as straight. What the fuck do preferences have to do with models doing their jobs? As long as the paycheck clears and they don’t own the studio, they shouldn’t really have much input.

    Paul would be better off doing like a certain Sean Cody model. Post racist shit on FB but not say one way or the other whether or not he explicitly has a problem with black people.

  • Benjam

    Anyone who still follows them both know if they’ve broken up?

  • ixoxeles

    I love how he changed his tone when you messaged him from ‘@STR8UPGAYPORN’, taking off his formal KKK hood and making it a “preference” and downplaying his use of the word “Colored” by making it “post-racial”.

    Whereas when you initially messaged him as @ZacharySire, he was gleefully lighting crosses on fire and basking in the glow of his fervent racism. It was an ugly display that belied not only his “preference”, but also his whole upbringing.

    • Garland

      he probably didn’t realize that Zach is Str8upgayporn and when he realized that he tried to backtrack to hold onto his 15 minutes so that they can continue to peddle their homemade nudies they’re posting on Xtube

  • andrew

    Because someone in not attracted to people of a different race or ethnic group doesn’t mean that they are necessarily a racist. To whom we are sexually attracted is a learned behavior and has a lot to do with our upbringing, surroundings and socialization. If Paul actually used phrase “Colored People”, he needs a little sensitivity training. The term was acceptable 50+ years ago. Not so today. The word Oriental was acceptable decades ago. Not so today. Some words that were unacceptable decades ago are acceptable today. Older generation gay people were called Queer as an insult. Today many young LGBT folks use the word Queer to identify themselves.

    • Garland

      Did you not read the tweets? He actually used the phrase Colored People. Twice.

    • CA

      You don’t seem to see the greater issue that he and some seem to simplify as a sexual preference.

      “I’m attracted to beautiful people…”

      That is not a preference of sexual attraction, it is an established standard that white people are beautiful and people of color are not. As if he is the center or is able to establish a national norm of beauty.

      A preference is, “I like blonds”. That does not imply that brunets are not beautiful, but that the speaker is not attracted to them.

      I will also say, it is difficult for me to believe that there is not one person of color that someone with a “preference” has never been attracted to. The Rock is not attractive to you? Boris Kodjo? Rickey Martin? I could go on.

    • A.C.

      You are correct, not being attracted to a person who is of a different race is not racist, but not being attracted to an entire race is. If you found a particular black man unattractive that would be perfectly fine, but if you claimed that all black men were unattractive then I would rightly identify that position as racist. The argument for finding an entire race of people unattractive is logically unsustainable, and as that erroneous logic is used to privilege one group of individuals over another for the benefit of one group (typically white) and to the exclusion and therefore disadvantage of another (typically Black and or Asian) when discussing “aesthetic preference” (a misnomer if ever there was one) it qualifies as a most salient example of racism. The problem that some have in accepting this fact stems from the truth that you raised, that our attractions are learned behavior. As that type of learning often happens on a subconscious level, through a series of negative/positive reinforcement and negative/positive punishment, the lack of agency in the process of programming or shaping those attractions lead many to believe that their attractions are justified. Just as the white supremacist, however, is molded and shaped into the virulent hate monger he is and must change, so too must those who practice a seemingly more benign bigotry confront the fact that their attractions are rooted in racially discriminatory thinking, and therefore change. The fact that someones attractions are the result of social and familial cues, over which they had no control, does not relieve them of their responsibility to recognize the fault in that thinking and, for the sake of bettering themselves, make the appropriate change.

      • CA

        A.C., I’m so glad you took the time to write that–and so well….I was too lazy tonight.

        • A.C.

          Well, if that is how well you communicate when you are lazy then I would say that you did a bang of job considering. Kudos!

      • andrew

        I don’t think there is anyone who is not attracted to an entire race of people. There is such a broad range of physical types within each race. That said, there are many people in each racial group that prefer to hook up with/date/marry people of their own race. Racial sexual preference is a reality. Most people Black, White and Asian marry people of their own race. That’s not racism. It’s what they have learned to appreciate. As our society becomes more integrated in neighborhoods, schools, jobs etc, I think those learned attractions will broaden.

        • A.C.

          Your first sentence, with all due respect, denies the reality of what the performer said. He maintained that men of color ( ‘colored men’ ) were sexually unattractive. Based on that statement alone he would be ‘one’ person who is not attracted to an entire race. I think your incredulity toward the claim though, and your second sentence highlight the fundamental, if not fatal, defect in the argument that he and others like him attempt to make justifying their so called ‘preferences’. As stated by other commentators, preference is not an attraction to one thing to the exclusion of another, therefore as a matter of rhetoric alone the argument fails. Racial sexual preference then is a reality, but not as you have described it. If a white man, like this performer, prefers to have sex with individuals of his own race but has sex with individuals of another race that would be a preference; there is no race based exclusion, just a stronger affinity for one versus the others. If that same performer however has sex with white men only claiming that other races are not attractive, then that is racial sexual bigotry. You have attempted to equate a purely aesthetic attraction, which is base and rudimentary, with the complexity of monogamous pair bonding – dating/marrying. That is at best a tenuous analogy. When a person considers who they would like to be exclusively committed to race can be a legitimate factor because at that point the person is presumably considering race as more than aesthetic. We cannot presume that when a black person chooses to date and or marry a person within their race that they are doing so because they find something inherently inferior in people of other races. Anecdotally, there are black people who choose to date within their race because there are issues and concerns related to their sense of race consciousness that they look for their mates to compliment. Those are legitimate concerns that mark real and indisputable differences between the races that are also justifiable reasons for choosing to date within their race. There is no such comparison to the odious idea that the performer presented of white aesthetic superiority as there are no physical characteristics that a white man has that a black and or asian man does not. I have heard the argument for aesthetic ‘preferences’ defended every which way possible and I have yet to find an argument that was sound enough to justify this performers claim.

          • loyalty888

            Great comment. Somehow I don’t think andrew will understand

      • Azazel157
      • lordgabux

        I have to disagree with you regarding attraction as a learned behavior. I was born in a country with people from all around the world, and thus exposed to all colors and features. I was raised around black people and I’m not attracted to them in general. Have I fucked black guys, yeah, but not because I fell for their looks but for their intellect, which comes with a deeper knowledge of a person, but at first sight, I don’t think it could have happened. I don’t think that makes me racist (hey my mother is black), it makes me know what I like and dislike.

        • A.C.

          If what you maintain is correct then the opposite of my supposition must be true – we are born with the ability to distinguish between the races. If that were the case we could make racism excusable as a behavior because the bigot could claim that they were born that way. I am sure that you would agree that that notion is absurd.

          Children are born a proverbial blank slate in that regard. They neither have the intellect nor the reason to differentiate in that manner. It is only as they grow older and are taught (thus learn) how to distinguish between the races, that they are able to make the distinctions that you are making. Simply because you grow up in a racially diverse country, state, neighborhood, does not guarantee that you will grow to develop an appreciation for diversity. My conclusion that attraction is learned takes into account social indoctrination, but does not make it the sole cause of attraction. As I stated in my post, your attractions are the sum of the negative and positive reinforcement and punishment that you consciously and subconsciously experienced throughout your life, particularly your formative years. What those experience are I cannot say but I would not need to know them to know that what you find attractive was not the result of a genetic impartation.

          I wonder, however, why black men, in your dating experience, are required to be intellectuals while their white counterparts are not. The implication of your statement is that white men need not be intelligent for you to find them attractive. The statement also implies that you are looking for something deeper with black men that I would frankly think you should be looking for in all of the men you date, no? Your dating scheme is comprehensible but personally bedeviling to me as I have always found diversity to be appealing. While there are definite preferences for one type versus others, there are definitely no exclusions for me. Again, great conversing with you.

          • lordgabux

            “I wonder, however, why black men, in your dating experience, are required to be intellectuals while their white counterparts are not. The implication of your statement is that white men need not be intelligent for you to find them attractive. The statement also implies that you are looking for something deeper with black men that I would frankly think you should be looking for in all of the men you date, no?”

            Your assumption that I require black men to be intellectuals to have sex with them saddens me. if two guys are sitting in a bar and one is black and the other of any other race I would probably talk first to the one I found more attractive, which would probably not be the black guy. That doesn’t mean that if the not-black-guy is a total moron I’m gonna stick with him just because he’s not black. That is your misconstruction of my statements.
            Preferences simply state that you will go to what you find more attractive first, then down the line. Just because I don’t find black men attractive in general, doesn’t mean I find every man of every other race attractive, that would be ludicrous, and just because I need a deeper incentive to go with a black guy doesn’t mean that I’m racist; as I said before I just means that I know what I like, and no one needs to be offended by that, because I know that I am not attractive to everybody and THAT doesn’t offend me nor make me think of other people as racists.

          • A.C.

            I am not offended by your dating scheme, it just bedevils me because I cannot relate to it. I am never offended when a person rejects me because I am not their type, but I do respond if the reasons for the persons rejection is something indefensible like – well, I do not find black men attractive. What they should say is that I do not find black men, or men period, that look like you to be attractive. That makes more sense and is inoffensive comparably. Point of order, I am still looking for you to describe what a black man looks like.

            Further, if I understand what you just wrote, if two men are sitting at a bar and one happens to be black and the other happens to be white, you would naturally gravitate to the white man first. If he were unacceptable to you, you might consider the black man, but if and only if that black man were up to your standards intellectually. In other words, with a black man you would need something beyond his aesthetic to which you could be attracted. This entire recount is based on this comment – “Have I fucked black guys, yeah, but not because I fell for their looks
            but for their intellect, which comes with a deeper knowledge of a
            person, but at first sight, I don’t think it could have happened.” –

            If that recount of what you said is correct, I do not find you to be racist for expressing your preferences that way, but realize that in your conception of things you have not slept with a black man really. You have slept with an intelligent person who happens to be black. His race is incidental to who he is and not a part of who he is, at least not to you. You may see what you consider to be black skin, but you are choosing to look past that to complete the sex act. You are not embracing all of who he is, you are looking past an integral part of who he is, the form of who he is, to something else. That is a form of erasure and while we may disagree on whether it is racism, it is arguably hurtful and demeaning to a person. I know that to be the case first hand.

            As an aside, let me say that I, and I cannot speak for anyone else, am personally aggrieved when someone portends to look beyond my aesthetic to find something ‘beautiful’ or ‘attractive’ about me. When I date someone I expect to date the whole of them and if I cannot find every part of them to be beautiful then there is no need to continue. The reason I maintain such a standard is that it can only hurt a person to know that I find the physical side of who they are repulsive and need the depth of who they are to overcome that. To treat someone that way I find a touch sadistic. I always endeavor to be charming, personable, witty, and funny. I work out to maintain my health, but also because I know that appearance, alas, is the calling card par excellence in dating. I work on self improvement everyday and on shaping myself into the type of person anyone would be most pleased to date. I know that despite that there are those who will not find me attractive. I accept that, it is fair. The only time that I balk is when the reason given is, as i said above, indefensible.

    • James Withers

      “If Paul actually used phrase “Colored People”…”

      There’s no need for “if.” He used the term and defended that use.

    • lordgabux

      Well, some people think that because you’re getting paid to fuck you must fuck anyone, attracted to them or not. I think is ridiculous.

  • Casey Scott

    LOL oh jeez, Paul, you don’t get to decide that it’s OK to start using “colored people”. Check your privilege, asshole.

  • 9xxx9

    I found Paul attractive because he accepted the fact that he was attracted to men and I found that acceptance to be brave, especially when you’re coming from a VERY Christian household. Consequent to his latest action, that attraction has evaporated into thin air. I will NEVER again watch a scene with him in it. What a repugnant bastard!

  • Caleb Exhem

    I’m sure all the Black and Hispanic and Asian porn stars every where , are just distraught at the fact they wont be able to have sex with … um … er … (looks up at top of page) .. Paul yea Paul.

  • Sed

    The funny thing is the studios blame the audience for the lack of models that are. Black or Asian and the audience blames the studios.

    Helix Studios for example never uses black models, yet some of their top models have worked with black performers recently. Guys like Andy Taylor, Chase Young, Ian Levine, Stephen Nash, Luke Allen, Jesse Montgomery etc.

    Cooper steel said the first person I ever had sex with was black and Jordan Thomas said the first guy he bottomed for was a black guy.

    Clearly there are plenty of models who are willing to work with non white guys on and off screen but the studios won’t hire them.

  • Craig Smith

    Broke Straight Boys= Baby Shriveled Boners

  • Donttryit

    Well…um…honestly as a “colored” person I wouldn’t fuck Paul with a selfie stick.

    • TP

      Same here Dude.

  • kevin

    i think calling someone a racist because they’re not attracted to a member of a certain race is like calling us sexist because we’re not into chicks

    • Azazel157
    • lordgabux

      totally agree.

    • A.C.

      Not being attracted to a member of a particular race does not make one racist, agreed, however, determining that everyone who is of that race is unattractive is. Your analogy of race to sexuality is, however, patently nonequivalent. A gay man is not attracted to women because he was born gay and can no more overcome his innate and inherent feelings of attraction in that regard than he can change his eye color. He would therefore not be a sexist simply because he is not attracted to women, he would be a sexist only if he held the belief in the inherent inferiority of women.

      When a person portends to pre-judge everyone of a particular race based on what can only be a group of characteristics they erroneously believe is universal for that race of people, there is only one description for that behavior – prejudice. When that person can then use that prejudice to deny a person work or some other benefit that they would ordinarily receive if they were of the ‘right’ race, then that is racism. Mr. Cannon could no more describe what all black men look like than you could. What Mr. Cannon did was create a mental image of what all black men look like based on all of the black men he has encountered (and presumably been repulsed by) and then applied that image, unfairly, to all black men. Reducing an entire race of men to a singular depiction and then judging them by that singular standard, is the very definition of racial prejudice. The problem is that we have been told for so long that who we are attracted to is above reproach. In fact, that has been part of the ethos of the queer rights movement for years. What that claim of exclusion of judgment denies is that while a person has the right to date who they will, their choices for doing so are not free from scrutiny.

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    Well he got work at MEN. He has two scenes coming out by them so I guess all of this means shit so check mate.

  • Greninja

    Does he just want attention, because he has already taken black dick RAW.

    • lordgabux

      This just proves that he is a moron and the media is giving him power by paying attention to his idiotic rants.

  • TP

    I don’t particularly care for in the first place, but do they even have a person of color as a performer?

  • Azazel157
  • urbanprepschool

    Yes he’s an idiot, but I feel like his views represent SO much of the gay porn world. It’s not like the big studios are even hiring anything other than White guys. Where are the articles taking the studios themselves to task over this issue?

  • lordgabux

    I’m seriously bored with the color discussion in this country. My mother is black and I DONT like (as in “attracted” before people think something else) black men. The reasoning that because I’m getting paid to fuck means that I have to fuck anyone is retarded. Porn is a fantasy and if I want to do a great you I’m not gonna fuck someone who doesn’t do anything for me. These people have the right to have certain amount of control over who they fuck.

    Now, I’m not applauding the way Paul made his comments, that is a matter of a different discussion, because it’s a matter of class. Still, if someone doesn’t like something you should not force them to like it just because some other people are going to be offended by you not liking it. There are a lot of things people don’t like in this country and have to deal with them in a daily base.

    I’m pretty sure my boy Diesel has to find some people unattractive (independently of their skin color), would he do a great job fucking them just because he’s getting paid? If he can, bless his stamina, but not everybody can!

    Let’s forget color for a moment, If you are not attracted to skinny people, are any of you gonna do a great job fucking a skinny, bone-showing twink? I don’t think so, then what is different about color, because racism? BS!

    WE make our own drama. I’m not racist, as I said before my mother is black and I adore her and all my family on her side, but because I’m light skinned I can’t enter a black bar, isn’t that reverse racism? but it’s ok. If you are black and they don’t let you enter a bar, you scream racism, but if any other race than black wants to enter a “black bar” it’s okay if they don’t let you in. Double BS!

    The problem here is that everything has to be on fucking social media, people don’t know how to express themselves correctly but want to shout their opinions anyway. That’s the real problem here.

    If an idiot doesn’t want to work with you (for whatever reason) you don’t have to be offended, you’re giving that idiot a power he doesn’t deserve with your (insert whatever description of your feelings here), act classy and ignore him, that’s what you need to do.

    I mean it’s fucking porn, Paul Canon is not a scientist refusing to work with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Get a grip, people.

    • A.C.

      Your entire post seems to imply that those of who did comment are doing so out of disgust and or anger. I for one deal with the likes of Mr. Cannon on a fairly regular basis and find his comments, as repugnant as they are, to be par for the course, nothing too terribly uncommon.

      I do have to take issue with your analogy of ‘skinniness’ to race. The two are not equivalent unless you subscribe to the notice that race is skin deep, which I reject wholesale. People, particularly minorities, does not experience their race as they do their weight or stature. While I do not want to belabor the explanation too much, I have often asked people like Mr. Cannon to engage in a bit of a thought experiment with me that I will not ask you to do in this post. Rather, for the sake of brevity, I will simply move on to the conclusion of the experiment. I ask the subject “to construct his perfect man”. When the person does they obviously ‘create’ this man using abstract geno- and phenotypical features. They describe eye color, hair length, height, complexion (tall, dark and handsome) etc. Then I ask them to describe the features of the least attractive person to them. They again begin to describe the man in abstract geno- and phenotypical terms. By the end of the discussion, if not long before, they realize that they have not described a man who is of any particular race. They further realize that when they deem an entire race of people to be aesthetically unattractive what they have done is reduced that entire race to the depiction of, let us say, a black man by whom they were repulsed. It is in that moment that I expose the latent racism in their thinking as judging or regarding an entire community of people by a rather contrived and subjective standard is the very definition of prejudice and when that prejudice is combined with power it bears racism. In short, there is not a single physical characteristic that a white man possess in the abstract that a black man does not and that is what makes the statement indefensible as a matter of logic alone.

      I cannot speak to your mistreatment by other blacks in a bar because of your complexion, but I will say that the issues of colorism in the black community are profound and often re-express themselves in some dishearteningly divisive ways. For that reason I will not comment further.

      The reason why I objected to Mr. Cannon’s statements is because, at its core, it is the quintessential expression of white privilege. Every performer should have the right to perform in the industry with whom they will without the concern for turning in a poor performance (an excuse that I find to be all too convenient, as if that could not occur with any actor let alone a black one) or being deprived of work. The problem is that minority performers cannot share in that privilege and that is what roils any defense of Mr. Cannons behavior.

      Again, I am not offended by what Mr. Cannon has said, I have come to find the dignity in my own aesthetic without the validation of those who cannot appreciate it, but I am also compelled, if not obliged, as an African-American to address issues of racism, no matter how relatively insignificant, because if I do not there would be no chance for a teachable moment – not that I am presumptuous enough to believe that I would be solely responsible enough for that. Let me also say that Mr. Cannon’s deliberate use of the word colored, particularly where there are far less offensive alternatives means that there are personal issues at play that supersede issues of class.

      In all, I understand that you are growing bored with the discussion of race, and I can empathize. I too would like it to be a non-issue but that is not a reality. Those of us who are committed to seeing race relations improve must not be weary in well doing because the reward of a more happily integrated society with a more broadly shared social privilege seems in reach however distant. Yes, however ironic it seems, I support privilege when equally shared – LOL! It has been wonderful replying to you by the way sir.

      • lordgabux

        I do have to take issue with your analogy of ‘skinniness’ to race. The two are not equivalent unless you subscribe to the notice that race is skin deep, which I reject wholesale. People, particularly minorities, does not experience their race as they do their weight or stature.
        Here I subscribe to the fact that I’m talking about personal preferences. I (and I always speak for myself first and for personal knowledge of other people’s ideas after) see skin color, and weight, and stature as the same aesthetical issue. If you are not attracted to something whether skin color, weight or any other physical attribute that doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you someone who knows what he or she is attracted to.
        To me, it is the same as if you are not attracted to effeminate men, why would a very girly man be offended if you don’t want to have sex with him? Everybody has the right to not feel attraction for a particular type and this include all characteristics. We as a nation keep making skin color an issue when it shouldn’t be.

        • A.C.

          Your argument would be compelling if skin color and race were synonymous. Skin color is a geno and pheno typical marker used to classify, but those classification are often too imprecise to be used objectively or authoritatively when discussing race. Skin color is a physical characteristic like weight; it changes depending on a number of environmental, and often these days, chemical factors. The challenge is that skin color is not race, or more specifically, there is no skin color that is owned by any one race. To illustrate my point I would ask you this question – what skin color would make a person black? white? Asian? I am sure that you would agree that it is impossible to answer that question without finding a waiting contradiction to your answer before you finished offering it. The Dalits of India are south east Asian yet they have skin as dark as pitch. The Egyptians of the upper Nile Delta were nilotic peoples whose skin was so fare that the Greeks thought them to be Mediterranean yet there were clearly African.

          The problem with the racial ‘preference’ argument is that it begins with a disqualification of race that is premised on the observers understanding or imagining of what it means to be black, white, or Asian. When the person seeks to identify everyone of that race by that understanding or imagining they have reduced everyone of that race to that singular understanding or imagining and pre judged them accordingly. That is what makes the behavior racist. While I will concede to you that complexion is a characteristic to be judged for aesthetic purposes, like height, and weight, etc, the reality is that skin color is not race. If Mr. Cannon, or you for that matter, said that you were not attracted to dark skinned men, I could not fault you because that would be a fare disqualifier, and because that description does not include any particular race of men. It could include myriad men across races. Complexion is not to be overlooked in our discussion of race, but we must also be careful not to reduce race to just skin color.

  • lordgabux

    I just want to add after reading more comments. If Paul were a black performer saying he doesn’t want to work with “crackers,” will this discussion exist?
    I should hope so, because black people can be very racist toward other races too.

    • A.C.

      This is the type of non-sequitur and hypothetical that we need not discuss in this conversation because it tends to obscure the conversation by the use of false moral equivalency. If a black performer were to make the same claims the reality is that it would be just as wrong, however, that has never happened and not likely to happen. The fact that Mr. Cannon could make the comment with impunity and escape with little more than social rebuke validates the claim that racism is a function of power and privilege that minority people simply do not posses. The implied point of this article is that Whites in this industry have the power to determine their scene partners and be successful in that choice while that same privilege is not afforded to their minority counterparts. If there were a black performer who made the comment he would face more than social rebuke as Mr. Cannon did, he would not find any opportunities to ply his trade as whites make up the overwhelming majority of the mainstream porn performer community and as such having such a personal prohibition would be death to his career. That is why I teach that minorities can be prejudiced, which is a universal human failing, but they cannot be racist. They simply lack the social, economic, and political power to direct the lives of other minorities, let alone whites.

      • lordgabux

        That is why I teach that minorities can be prejudiced, which is a universal human failing, but they cannot be racist. They simply lack the social, economic, and political power to direct the lives of other minorities, let alone whites.
        The above statement seems to me a total contradiction, because to me being racist is being prejudiced. And if you think that minorities cannot be racist, you need to go to some churches on Sunday to expand your horizons.

        • A.C.

          It is true that all racists are prejudiced, however, it is not true that all people with prejudices, even racial ones, are racists. Prejudice and racism are not synonymous terms although people like to use them interchangeably. My understanding of racism, as is the prevailing view of the concept, is that racism is a function of power, privilege, and prejudice. Anyone, whether minority or majority, can be prejudice, that simply means that they have pre judged someone or some people, typically using a completely unsustainable understanding of the target of their judgment. In race terms, this occurs when a person pre judges another person based on their geno- and pheno typical characteristics. A white woman crosses the street when she sees a black man walking in the opposite direction because she has pre judged this black man to be violent and his intentions criminal. That would be racial prejudice. An Asian woman sees an arab man board the plane that she is taking and immediately demands that she be placed on another flight because she has pre judged him to be a terrorist. In both situations they have pre judged their victims because of their race. This is a behavior that we see often in our society, and it expresses itself in various forms.

          This is also different than racism where only the racial majority have the power and privilege to express their prejudices to the disadvantage of others. Let us revisit the example that I gave before. A black performer refuses to work with white performers because he believes them all to be white devils. Clearly this would be prejudice, however, because he is black in an industry that is dominated by white performers and directed by white owners, his ‘preferences’ or demands have no bearing on his white counterparts whatsoever. A white performer, like Cannon, could make the same statement and a black performer is out of work and the studio remains near racially homogeneous.

          Prejudice of any type is inexcusable, granted, but it is not as pernicious or insidious as racism. The latter is a tool exclusively belonging to the members of the racial majority who choose to wield it, the former is a human failing that plagues us all. As for seeing first hand that black people can be prejudice, I do not need to visit my local black church (or my present church). I know that the members can suffer from prejudice as much as anyone outside of it. That is not racism though and more importantly, it is not germane to the point that I was raising. Mr. Cannon has the ability to keep black performers out of work in the industry by the exercise of his privilege, the power that stems from that, and the prejudice underlying it.

  • kevin

    I think it’s dumb of him to say he’s not attracted to black people if only because he’s seriously limiting his options, not to mention cutting himself off from some mind-blowing sex.

    But calling blacks ‘colored’ is truly disturbing. ‘Colored’ belongs to the vocabulary of Jim Crow segregation, which says a lot about his FL background. I’ll bet not even SC’s Curtis would say that.

  • Mark Anthony Vitelli

    Why does every twitter post from some mentally ill dude that does porn misspell the word “Promise”? There is no “C” in it. When he get’s married I can just see the vows now “I, Dickhead, Paul Cannon, who will not fuck “Colored People” or “Goats” because they are not “Beautiful” enough for me. Who also does believe we are past “Segregtion”?? do take you, Damien Kyle… my brain dead, you can’t see what an asshole and self involved redneck, as my husband. So with this onion ring I thee wed”

  • Solinv311

    I’m sure there’s a slew of Hollywood actors that have all kinds of preferences in their contracts. If this guy’s preference is not to work with some people or he’s not turned on by a certain race or nationality, big deal. Everyone has preferences. Not the best idea to make it public.

  • Ceeroc

    Lol What a douche! This is the guy with the midget thumbs right?

    • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Please don’t say “midget”. Dwarfs don’t like it, it is offensive.

  • DADT

    He’s kind of homely. AND he’s a PORNO STAR!! He has sex with men for money – on camera! It’s not like he’s a Fortune 500 CEO.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    What the fuck is with this childish “Twitter” war thing. Be an adult and communicate verbally!!. Do you have that HUGE biohazard tattoo because you can’t bring yourself to actually tell people you are poz? Stupid.

  • CVWittaker

    Umm, here’s a shocker: Just because a person doesn’t want to be with a certain race sexually doesn’t make them a racist.
    A racist usually vehemently decries the lack of “virtue or usefulness” of the race they hate, that they are inferior in every way, and deserve zero rights and protections. If you know anything about World War II, well, it was about race hate. . Most whites in 1800 thought blacks were inferior children no better than for working disgusting, menial labor. Which is why state sponsored segregation was the law of the land here in the good ol’ USA until 1965. They are vocal with their bigotry, and usually can be incited to anger/violence.
    I’m not attracted to Indians (from India…) so am I a racist? saying you aren’t attracted to a particular race doesn’t make you a racist. Joining the Nazi Party or the KKK does, as you are willing to do ANYTHING to denigrate, disenfranchise, and eventually either run them all off, or kill them. Apartheid? Racism/racist. KKK? Racist. Jim Crow laws and good old George Wallace, who famously said, “I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” That’s racist/racism.
    Paul Cannon? not so. So you fools who scream RACIST at anyone who doesn’t agree with you or the mainstream idea/media needs to do more research, and shut the hell up. A high school diploma doesn’t make you smart. A doctorate does. And yes, I am one of the latter.

    • Porn Conosuier

      So are you saying they were right in thier accessment? I can’t really tell where you stand on the issue. I guess having a doctorate makes is easier to explain/justify his and your racism. I used to say I was t attracted to Indians (from India) but then I would see someone of Indian or Middle-Eastern background or ethnicity and say “oh but he’s cute hot or whatever. Then I noticed I had made so many exceptions to my own that occurred I just wasn’t attracted to that ONE person and it would be absolutely ridiculous to writes off an entire race of people (2 million strong or 27% of the ENTIRE WORLD because of one or two assholes or people I wasn’t attracted to. Mr Cannon is absolutely right in his choice as to does or dosent sleep with… his PERSONAL life. He was hired to do a job,and while they may ask and that’s a big maybe,what your preferences are it’s a job and the real world you don’t always if rarely get to pick your co-workers. And yes people it’s always JOB. My first job was McDonalds. I liked the job well enough, but absolutely hated hated emptying they trash. It was dirty messy and most times the smells that emanateed from it made me nauseous . With that being said it was apart of MY JOB,so I maned up and did my job. Here’s the thing what you won’t do someone else will,and if you have to many dislikes/won’t do’s, you will often find your self out of a job. Now the adult movie industry is a Strang beast. I personally know girls and guys that in thier personal lives “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice) but because this country by enlarge is Anglo-Saxon heterosexual eccentric , ideas like this dont/haven’t died i.e how do we go from Barack Obama one of our most eliquinte Statesmen to the orange,sheet wearing, illinformed, mysodginistic elites person on the planet shows that we still have a long way to go. So to all of us on Paul’s balls get off. If the producers directors and people in charge don’t care/won’t chage, them people like Paul are the symptom not the disease. I heard one female performer say in her personal life she had no issues and actually was dating a black man, but had been told by several people in the industry if you get a reputation for doing interracial ,thier are other actors who wont work with you,certain studious who wont hire you,and the biggey you get paid less. So the problem isn’t Paul..or just Paul it’s society.

  • BirdyWirdy

    damn im even more turned on by him right now i just love that he thinks the same way i do, i wouldnt have sex with a lets say asian guy or african guy either, i have a strong preference when it comes down on sexuality and i’d only habe sex with white guys, sorry.

  • Marco

    Paul Canon is also ageist. He put on his Grindr profile this week, “NO ONE OVER 30.” Well I guess that means no one over thirty should watch or purchase any of his videos. Besides being racist “NO BLACKS” he is now also “AGEIST”.

  • Kevin L. Scott

    Well I guess he got past that. I recently watched a scene in which Paul Canon and Mike Maverick(a man of color) were fucking

  • iliterati

    I don’t think that the writer here knows how penises work. And yes, how racist of him for saying “coloured people” instead of “people of colour” because nobody says “non-white” anymore.

  • onyx081

    The “It’s just a preference” defense really gets on my nerves. My problem with people who use the word “preference” to defend their racist/prejudice attitudes is that they are using it wrong. They don’t even know what the word means.

    Preference is the word to use when you like more than one thing, but like one or more of those things more than others on the list. It’s like ice cream. You like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies & cream. If you didn’t have a choice you’d be happy with any of those flavors. But if there was a choice, you’d prefer chocolate.

    So to say you have a preference, in the spirit of the word, is to say you pretty much have an open mind to a variety of things or at least to more than one thing.

    Yet, as we all know, there’s a lot of people out there who have absolutely no attraction to anything other than *white*. When these people try to defend themselves using the word “preference”, they are not genuine in the slightest. There’s no preference there at all, and they’re hiding behind words they don’t even understand.

    I think the word they should be using is *requirement*

    Why do you think we don’t hear, “It’s just a requirement?” I can tell you why. Because for the everyday person, that word doesn’t feel so easy to hide behind as preference. Preference sounds so benign, so unobtrusive, so open-minded, so nice.

    “Oh no, we’re not trying to tell anyone how they should be, we really believe all the diverse people of the world are equal, we’re just expressing our personal preferences.”

    No, you’re not. You’re demanding whiteness, to hell with anyone that doesn’t fit your neat little manufactured ideal of what’s attractive. And you’re hiding behind a word that doesn’t apply to you in order to make yourself feel less like the total racist asshole you truly are.

    If there were a more balanced representation of requirements in the world, if there were more races promoted as “hot” over a sustained period of time, rather than just the one version, things wouldn’t be so bad. This really wouldn’t be such an issue. But with whiteness promoted as the overwhelming frontrunner in the attraction stakes, these requirements have the stench of “master race” written all over them.

    So I say *stop* calling your requirements “preferences.” If you’ve been conditioned to find only one race attractive, so be it. But STOP promoting that conditioned attraction as a personal “preference” because it isn’t. Not even slightly. In fact, you have no “preferences” at all, since you have been brainwashed into thinking only one thing is “hot”. And every time you put that one thing on a pedestal, anyone not fitting into your narrow definition of hotness feels like garbage.

    Also, dating “preferences” aren’t passive decisions. There isn’t such a thing as natural preferences – every single thing that we think, we feel, the choices that we make are these long conditioned responses through our social and physical world. People don’t just “like what they like” they are conditioned from somewhere, either from their upbringing, environment, society, the media they consume, etc. I think it makes people uncomfortable to investigate those choices because those choices say something about them. Not being attracted to someone based solely on their race or skin color is at the very least prejudice. No one is born with racial preferences. To say that you’re not attracted to an entire race implies that you believe everyone of that race all look and act the same, which is again at the very least prejudice

    If you think you’re acting on a preference – no matter what it is – question the roots of that preferences and be willing to challenge yourself about its origins and what you think it might mean about your own feelings and experiences of the world.

  • James Andrews

    Paul has recently been doing the nasty with Black stud, Mike Maverick. So, what can we believe? Porn stars aren’t politician. So, maybe Paul was hired by a website that wanted to appeal to the rascists amongst us to mine a few more dollars hidden in the antibellum South.

  • Haywood Jablome

    Paul and his bf Damien both sexually assaulted my friend. I’m trying to convince my friend to speak up and say something to the police or whomever about this. hopefully he will soon

  • djbethell

    The industry should now only offer him jobs jobs with them “colored people”. Sorted.

  • Porn Conosuier

    Several anthropology studies have been done comparing dna, on every continent every group of people. No matter how remote, the people they found DNA that ties them back to Africa.

  • 👑TheConversation👑

    One looks like a beaver. The other looks like a Neanderthal