Another Employee Speaks Out: “They Are The Most Manipulative Assholes Alive”

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The horror stories about Florida-based bareback gay porn studio and its owners, porn star Dallas Reeves and so-called “agent” Baileey, came to a head last month when one of their former performers, Trent Ferris, came forward with shocking allegations about Reeves’ HIV status and his conduct with his employees.

Today, one of those employees is speaking exclusively to Str8UpGayPorn about his time with Dallas Reeves and Baileey, and what he has to say goes into much greater (and grosser) detail than what we’ve already heard from Ferris, Vadim Black, and other employees.

While this employee has asked to not be identified, Str8UpGayPorn has confirmed his employment with, and his interview below has been slightly edited for grammar and clarity.

Str8upGayPorn: Where do you want to start?
DR Employee: So there is a lot, and I might forget to mention some, but OMG there is a lot.

What’s the biggest rumor about Dallas and Baileey that you can confirm?
The rumor that they sleep with their models is true. And no, I have not slept with them, but I know over 40 models they have tricked into sleeping with them by saying it’s “part of the interview.” Sometimes, they offer [the models] more money if they agree to sleep with them. Or, they say it’s a way to “see what they are good at.” All of the models who have come forward about this aren’t lying. Baileey even tried getting Matt Watson to sleep with him before a Vegas shoot; he texted him offering drugs, too.

How long were you involved with Dallas and Baileey?
I lived there for six months, and it was hell. They tried pimping me out to a rich guy who was a virgin so he would help them out with money. They had a model house that was run like shit. Milo Fisher and I were left there with no water or money for five days while [Dallas and Baileey] disappeared to Orlando, ignoring our calls and texts while using another person’s credit card. The “model house” is where they send models who won’t sleep with them or who pissed them off.

Are you OK now? How did you get out of the situation?
My mom came from up near Vermont to get me and another model because they threw us in a room that looked like a closet. The place had bed bugs, or something, cause models were always complaining of itching after sleeping there. They lie to people saying they will get them lots of work, but if you don’t sleep with [Dallas and Baileey] or don’t do what they want, they talk shit and bad mouth you to other agencies.

There’s a lot of bareback sex going on at, but no STD testing. Has anyone ever come forward with an STD?
One time there was a chlamydia scare, and the model was supposed to go over and shoot with Johnny Rapid at

What do you mean “scare”?
The model was involved with another guy who had chlamydia. But Baileey still sent the model over anyways saying, “Hey, his last test still says clean…[] will make sure Johnny is taken care of if anything happens.”

Trent Ferris recently claimed that Dallas Reeves is HIV-positive and has unprotected sex with his employees without disclosing his status. Is that true? 
As for Dallas being positive, that’s true. He has never been tested since I’ve known him. Dallas still lies and says “he’s clean,” but my friends found his meds and everything with his name on it.

And what about Dallas and Baileey owing everyone money?
It’s true and there is proof. I know they owe people that work for them. Andrew Doncaster, Milo [Fisher], Matt [Watson], and a couple others. They are always saying, “Oh, recruit for us and we will pay you,” but I have gotten them some models and still haven’t seen a dime.

How much do they owe you?
Over a grand. But when I’d say something, they would throw it in my face that I was staying with them and not paying rent. They make you feel welcome, then make it so you are screwed without them. They are the worst, most corrupt, sneaky, manipulative assholes alive.


  • dave1984
  • AustinWilde

    “Over a grand.” I’m guessing that’s what they pay for like 4 or 5 shoots? They better start practicing their lines. (By lines, I mean “would you like fries with that?” ….not more cocaine.)

  • sxg

    Every model & employee screwed by Dallas Reeves and Baileey:

  • GayPupCub24

    If starts are going to bitch about the company why do they continue to work for the site.

    • n24rc

      The only “game” in town.

      • Colorful Kent

        All this shows is how desperate some guys are that they will agree to anything. This is an indictment of the whole industry. Bailey is not the only game in town. Webcamming also is pretty good and escorting.

        Isn’t fucking the models during casting common?

        • lordgabux

          I also thought it was part of the “interview” process. How do they know if you are a good lay without a trial. I’m not saying it’s right, I just thought it was the common policy.
          Still, we don’t know what these boys are escaping from and perhaps for a moment DR seems a better place to go or stay. Then really slaps them and they find themselves unable to work out how to get out.

        • annonomus

          I am a proffesional in this industry and, no it is not! I have worked with Dallas and Baileey once and never again, they consistently break the law and etiquette of the porn industry. I have even seen first hand Dallas and Baileey lure and seduce young aspiring people into the industry with lies, and these are young people in college or fresh out trying hard to find start up money for the life ahead of them. Excuse my language but…. DALLAS AND BAILEEY ARE WORTHLESS PEICES OF SHIT!! and if you’d like to know why they don’t pay. .it’s because they are broke they are in serious debt and owe many former employees on the production side of things 10s of thousands of dollars.

  • Todd
  • Todd

    “It’s part of the interview ….we want to see what you’re good at….”


    Is that Dallas Reeves ( picture above ) ?

    • McM.


    • dave1984

      yes. ~ 5 yrs & 500 lbs ago

      • BLACKjackHAMMER

        Thanks U $Young Billionaire & McM apparently Dallas Reeves takes screwing someone to a whole nother level

  • GN

    Shitty, unprofessional working conditions are not OK just because you may be gay-for-pay and it’s porn that you’re doing. Standards still need to be maintained, particularly in preventing the spread of STDs. It’s a job, you’re not submitting yourself to be tortured/ abused/ infected/ sexually harassed. My guess is that Dallas continues to get away with it because he mostly hires (and no offense to your source) hicks from Vermont who got off the bus in Florida and are just glad to get out of the cold for the promise of a few bucks doing something they already do a lot of (fucking), some notoriety, and some party favors (girls, drugs, etc). In other words, no one who’s gonna call OSHA.

  • Drew Barrymore

    If that’s so bad, they better run out of it. Obviously, DR takes advantages of the drugs addiction of their models too sleep with them and prostitute them.
    I feel sad for these guys. All they will have is AIDS just for free cocaine.

  • McM.

    Thank you Zach for protecting the anonymity of the former Dallas Reeves employee/model. Without that, I doubt you would have been able to get such a juicy dish! The interview is short, and he did say “I might forget to mention some” other things, but we got a really good picture of what goes down at that studio.

    Wondering if the Dallas Reeves studio/site is somewhat isolated. From how how the interviewee and Milo Fisher reacted to being left without water – having to call and depend on DR&B for resources – it comes off that way. When circumstances are bad, most people leave unless they don’t have the opportunity to do so, or they’re given the impression venturing out on their own in an environment is riskier than enduring current hardships. Wouldn’t doubt if that was layer of DR&B’s strategy to manipulate models and employees.

  • Zealot

    I have only two words to describe these guys…..”Ratchet”, “Tools”!

  • So the model house has no running water because he says they were left there with no water so that would indicate tap water was not available. Why did they not just leave?

    When travelling to someplace to do work for a gay porn studio one should have a little of their own cash or credit cards so that if something like this happens you are not screwed. That is just common sense.

  • NoneOFYourBusiness

    I just recently got out of Dallas and Bailey’s crooked ways.
    Back on July 4th I flew out to shoot for raw castings. Upon my arrival bailey picked me up in his classic black escalade. We did the whole go pro interview blah blah blah. We then got back to his house, and I remember him speaking to dallas about asking dallas’s mom for water bill money? Get your life together. There was also another model that had been staying there since he flew in from the night before. I have proof on twitter, and proof from him personally that this model had a threesome with the two and he swallowed for the both of them. This model is a great guy, and thank the lord he tested negative after everything had happened. Then continuing on to bailey wanting to see me naked. I showed him myself naked, and he told me I had to suck his dick. So I did. I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared, but I went ahead and sucked his dick, and he pushed me down on the ground, and fucked me. however he came all over my back. I’ve read the articles about them being HIV+ and such with no test results. So I got tested when I got back home, and just a few days ago, and thank the lord that I’m negative. Furthermore, while at the shoot I was made to feel very comfortable. The owner of the site, and his assistant were there, and they were some of the greatest people I have met thus far in the industry. The model house was maintained well, and I’m sure thats because it wasn’t bailey and dallas paying for it. My scene went well aside from the fact that I told dallas that I was uncomfortable using vaseline, and he told me that I wasn’t allowed to use my own lube that I was comfortable with using. So I had to bring it to someone else’s attention before dallas would stop being such a douche. Needless to say I got my way and everything went fine after that. Then we run into another problem. One of the models didn’t want to do a threesome/DP scene. He was asked once by someone who will not be named, but the guy was very polite in his proposal. However the answer was still no, and that was the end of that. Then bailey was on the phone, and I heard him say very clearly “We do not give our models a choice. Either they do it, and stop being such a pussy. Or they don’t and we send their asses home.” Mind you, bailey was removed, and was no longer a part of the shoot at this point. Not to mention he raped one of the models in the bathroom. And that model was a complete virgin. Bailey took something from him that he will never get back, and I’m sure the guy didn’t ever want it to end up like that. Needless to say I am so happy that I got out of their bullshit, and that I no longer have to work with sketchy people like them. Bailey never gets any of his models work. He had told me that he had dates for me on several occasions, but never came through with them. They are flakey, rude, careless, nasty, and forceful. they care about money way more than the people making it for them. Newsflash! Your models are making you money, so you should probably make them feel comfortable, and make sure they are taken care of. I am done with my rant now. I just wanted to add to the exposure of these sick human beings, and hope that one day they are taken down.

  • Jean-François Martel

    Christ, they sound like a fucking nightmare