Surprise! Meet Sean Cody’s Asher, The Real-Life Boyfriend Of Sean Cody’s Deacon

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08You knew this would happen, right? Last week, Sean Cody introduced the best gay porn star of 2017, Deacon. This week, it’s the introduction of Deacon’s real-life boyfriend (who Deacon mentioned in his solo as the boyfriend who “showed him the ways of bottoming”): Asher!

0912There’s no mention of Deacon or a boyfriend in Asher’s trailer (below), but as some know, Asher had a Twitter account where he posted hints about his upcoming Sean Cody scene, as well as a photo of him and Deacon. Sadly, shortly after Deacon’s scene came out last week, Asher pulled that Twitter account down.

asherSean Cody has never released a scene featuring two real-life boyfriends fucking (that we know of), so an Asher/Deacon scene would be a huge break with tradition. But, given Deacon and Asher’s combined hotness and how well (I’m presuming) they fuck, this is a break with tradition that I fully support.

I found these modeling photos of Asher and Deacon, and they obviously look great together. (Note: the duo photos are from a photographer’s site, not Sean Cody):

asher-deacon-3 asher-deacon-sean-cody asher-deacon-sean-cody-1While we wait for the inevitable Asher/Deacon scene (and if that scene doesn’t actually exist, Sean Cody will have the biggest disappointment of 2017 on their hands), here’s Asher’s solo. Note that Asher has a great big ass, and a big uncut cock, just like Deacon!

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Asher]


  • Tim

    ok, this is just a gimmie. Come one, guys. This has to happen, and it has to work.

  • jviia

    yes please! I hope we get there scene and its a flip flop <3

  • Zealot

    This would certainly support the comment I made on the Deacon post contemplating how his BF could allow him to do porn unless he was a really secure guy (or the obvious possibility I completely missed….if the BF was getting into porn as well). I agree that a duo scene with these two MUST happen. But being the shit-stirrer I’m known to be, if they do scenes with other models, is the little green-eyed monster going to make an appearance? I’m hoping they can weather it, or maybe they will just do a scene together then walk off into the gay porn sunset. And then the cynical asshole in me wants to add….until they break up and then both start doing porn separately.

    But let’s hope it’s really love. I’m feeling a hair band moment coming on….

    (BTW it’s Whitesnake….pun intended)

    • bo69

      “how his BF could allow him to do porn unless he was a really secure guy,” is a fair observation. In fact, I was stunned at the interview of hot stud Michael Roman on Raw Casting (subsequently on Reality Dudes & Bromo) who said his husband didn’t mind him setting a career in porn but did not want him partying.

      • Zealot

        I think I’m fascinated in general by the thought process that leads anyone to want to get into porn. I don’t know how relationships exist or survive (to which the answer very well may be “they don’t”) when one or both of the partners work in porn. What also fascinates me is straight male friendships within porn. I know it may be too soon, and no disrespect intended, but I now that Jaxton Wheeler and Alexander Gustavo (RIP) were really close friends off set who had sex together many times. I can wrap my head around saying “it’s just sex” when it’s fun and not with someone I’m in love with– but I still have feelings for them other than just a buddy I fuck once and awhile. I know it’s possible because there are examples of it all over porndom, but it’s really tough for me to fathom how other feelings keep from coming in on one person’s part or the other to mess with it. More power to ’em I guess. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I would bet it existed in the early days of porn too (and NO, I didn’t ride to my settlement in a covered wagon!). I think it’s that way of separating or compartmentalizing sex that I don’t have hard wired, that most porn actors do, that fascinates me tremendously.

        • sanfv

          I like your post ( and pretty much all of them). I find astounding when people are able to separate their romantic lives from their “work”. Hormones and millions of years of evolution have us hard wired to “feel” something , even if it’s just a tiny little thing for those who we sleep with. Even if it’s a one night stand, there was still that attraction that led to consent, and those are all valid feels lol

          I find the example of Alexander and Jaxton also intestine since Jaxton went a on a heteronormative rant about his live life in the form of him defending his bisexuality the other day and said that if he would’ve been in a relationship with anyone, it would’ve been Alexander.

          • Zealot

            Oh WOW, that’s interesting! I wish I had read that comment from Jaxton about Alexander. There is a scene with them from Kink where Jaxton (predictably) topped and Alexander subbed. Afterward during their post-scene processing, Alexander’s eyes never left Jaxton. I thought to myself, “Alexander is looking at Jaxton like he’s in love”. That’s what prompted my comment. I wonder if maybe part of Alexander’s conflict was about his feelings for Jaxton. But I’m going to stop right there. Playing Jr. Therapist about that isn’t called for and the last thing I’d want to do is disrespect Alexander and Jaxton’s friendship; or Alexander as a performer who I greatly admired. Generally what I believe is this: When you connect with someone sexually, even casually, there is a much bigger connection that happens. If the sex is just “OK” or clumsy or just bad, it’s easy to pass off as something less meaningful and leave behind. But when there is a connection, or spark of some kind, I find it difficult for anyone to walk away from that and say that it was just a job, or a trick, or a casual thing. Sex is anything but casual. It’s intimate as all hell, and despite what else the person may want to believe, you’ve shown yourself naked and as vulnerable as you can possibly be to another human being. I’m not sure how I feel when it’s treated as a sport. Maybe that’s why most porn today looks and feels like mechanical, rote going-through-the-motion stuff rather than people sharing an intimate connection. When you keep you finger on the FF button most of the time it’s a bad sign. Even when the guys are super hot and you should be enjoying it, it just seems lifeless, joyless, and, well…boring.

          • sanfv

            People are indeed very complicated creatures. I had a buddy who was sleeping with the fraternity brother for a good 8 years. The brother was married, had kids considered himself straight, and considered my buddy nothing more than “a willing hole”. The duration of that arrangement was toxic as my friend got off and being treated like crap and encouraged the frat guys homophobia.

            Later, this friend went on to say “to hell with it” on “being” gay and declared himself straight and got married. When he broke the news to the frat guy, the frat bro cried and asked my friend ” but what about us?”. I don’t think he was referring to their monthly rendezvous when he said that.

            I found something that Jaxton posted and wondered what your thoughts were on it( other than it being a white 30 year old man using the n word casually like it’s his lane lol)

          • Zealot

            I’m not very adept at reading twitter messages. This series seems to go from saying one thing to another. I’m not sure if he’s saying the sex he and Alexander had off set meant nothing, or that it meant a lot and who are you [Gay Gay Porn Star] to say it didn’t? Seems like he and Alex may have been in that place where they loved each other as friends and sexually– which for me means you may be in love and have found someone who really works for you on many levels, so why would you not go for it? But maybe one or there other of them wasn’t willing to try out of fear, or 1,000 other fucked up internal things most people let get in the way of having real and meaningful relationships. I know that Alex had a GF and kids, right? Maybe the impossibility of the situation seemed overwhelming for him or Jax. Not sure. Only they would know. But I certainly take from this that they loved each other on some level, and while Jaxton doesn’t want to label himself “gay”, he does “date” those whom he deems to be “worthy partners”. I could be completely wrong, as these twitter conversations are harder to read than hieroglyphics. In any case, it’s an interesting conversation and may give us more insights as to what happened with Alex. If he left this world because he felt he couldn’t be with the person he loved in the way he wanted to, that’s gut wrenching. Of course, anything that drives someone to leave this life is tragic. Having no hope of being happy again must be the most miserable mindset to experience.

          • Marik Ishtar

            Alex had a fiancé and the child was not his.

          • Zealot

            If they were “hanging out” regularly and doing non-sexual things together as friends, and having sex together off a porn set, then in my book they were together, like as a couple. They may not have wanted to admit it, or chose to denigrate that part of their relationship, which may have caused the turmoil in Alex’s mind. Again, all speculation. But knowing they were together sexually off camera, puts a whole new light on their relationship for me…albeit an interesting one. Don’t know if that underpins anything that developed later with Alex’s suicide or not. I hate to speculate without being disrespectful. But they seem to have been involved in some kind of emotional/sexual, deeply personal relationship of some sort.

          • Marik Ishtar

            There are people out there that don’t want to be known as gay but rather faggot. To them gay means seeking romantic relationships with men; while faggot is someone who wants no romance and only loves being dominated by straight tops.
            And I’m just over here thinking “Why is everybody trying to make hate words positive!?”

            There is also a growing number of gay/bisexuals that believe sexuality to be a choice. Which has led to a few teens on tumblr to question if they’re actually gay or “too immature to realize they are heterosexual.”

          • sanfv

            People, are really, REALLY complicated creatures. I’m going to say I’m surprised, but I’m not! This is what happens when people’s sexual expressions are repressed and society constantly tells those to question, rather then accept/explore.

            “too immature to realize they are heterosexual.”…. I have no faith in the children of today. I graduated high school in the 2000’s and my senior class had a huge case of bisexuality for popularities sake. Only happened in the liberal bay area and it was partly due to the queer eye for the straight guy phenomenon and euro metrosexuals.

          • Maximus

            Technically, sexual identity is in fact a choice. It is also malleable and dependent upon social factors. Labels such as “gay” and “straight” seek to make sense out of natural, biologically determined variation in sexual preference, which is absolutely not a choice—hence the need to have sexual identity/orientation/preference codified as a legally protected status.

            Labeling sexual attraction is a messy endeavor because it involves the imposition of a relatively simplistic artificial construct upon a complex physiological trait. Maybe one day there will be some objective scientific measure of sexual attraction, but that’s a long way off.

            Ideally, the concept of sexual identity/orientation would never have existed in our society. At this point though, “queerness” is a meaningful construct around which those of us in the minority have built a politically salient community with a vibrant subculture.

            Young people who are unsure of their identity should be respectfully afforded the freedom to be honest about that fact. They should be reminded that while sexual identity is an important aspect of many people’s respective self-concepts, it is also entirely valid to eschew all such labels. If they still feel a need to identify, I would suggest that they think of themselves as “questioning.”

          • 1234

            “The frat bro CRIED & asked my friend ‘but what about us?'” I’m sorry, but I was very happy when I read that. He deserves that, and more, for how hatefully he treated his fuckbuddy. I would never forget! In all seriousness, how is your friend doing with his new heterosexual married life? And what’s the deal with redneck Jaxton? You live in SFO, please stop associating yourself with ass backwards people (no shade, really)

          • sanfv

            He’s happily married and he and his wife have three children. I’ve asked her what the trick was and she said there was none, he just made his mind up, I guess. They were one of those different orientation couples I mentioned a few months ago. I’m not one to judge relationships, since that’s the republican/conservative platform. As long as everyone is healthy and it’s consensual, I dont say/feel anything.

            On the other side of that coin, the frat bro that cried, had a very messy divorce, got disinherited and last I heard, was homeless from mental health issues that stemmed from a judge barring him from seeing his children.

            Moral of the story; Let gay men be gay ,society!

          • 1234

            Oddly I can’t remember your old comment about the different orientation couple (I was probably in Europe back then, and I’m not about to check porn on public transport with old ladies sitting next to me, lol). Did your frat bro’s wife find out her husband was gay? Is that why she divorced him? The disinherited part- is he Korean? That sounds kind of Korean, sorry to say.

          • sanfv

            I was never in a fraternity. The frat guy was the fuck buddy of my friend, who was also in the same fraternity. But yes, his wife did find out and that was why she divorced him. He wasnt Korean, he was WASP, but was Mormon. He was shunned and taken off the inheritance.

            Honey, I’d love to not know whack jobs, but I live in the Bay Area lol!

          • 1234

            But the Bay area wack jobs seem so innocuous. I understand the Mormon part as I used to live with Mormons. They appear to be nice people, except for all that & some people’s attitudes about Blacks

          • McM.

            While I agree with your point about the inherent intimacy of sex, I also know it doesn’t necessarily apply to porn performers. They have a completely different relationship with their bodies. Not saying I know a lot of ppl in the sex industry, but of those I did – and some very closely for a long while – not one of them shared the sense of vulnerability “the rest of us” have when exposing our bodies to another. They are not physically reserved, like how we limit exposure to certain individuals, and from what I gather view their bodies as means to elicit specific responses rather than connecting with a person.

          • Zealot

            That’s the mindset I’m talking about finding so foreign and fascinating. I just don’t know how you get there. I can speculate all day long, but it still fascinates me how sex can be so impersonal (beyond even casual) that you can have it with another straight person, even a friend and it mean absolutely nothing. I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

    • Mokojojo

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. We all know which one is going to get return calls from SC. (Hint: SC/MG would let Idris Elba go for “reasons”). Is the bf ready for that if it is coupled with personal rejection?

      I’ve always wondered how interracial porn couples with varying levels of “site versatility” work out.

    • Maximus

      If you’re referring to the cultural construct of romantic and physical devotion between two people, then it’s demonstrably absent from this particular relationship. Other definitions of “love” could include the “liking” reward pathway, a positive associative schema, or the affect state which we often call “love.” None of those preclude feelings of envy, nor do they preclude breakups resulting due to various other reasons. I suppose what I’m trying to say is,

  • bob80

    Cute couple. Now my wish: one scene of them flip-flopping. And another one with 2 tops making total bitches out of them.

  • Sebastian S

    It has to. I mean has any other model ever mentioned even having a boyfriend? I obviously need to see this and Asher is stunning. I smoke can’t so staring at Deacon. The admittedly slightly jealous side of me hates that they already have duo modeling shots which makes them seem a bit famewhorish…I had to find a flaw somewhere, right?

  • sanfv

    Two bottoms in a relationship? Ima get the beads out to satisfy them both!

    • Scrapple

      You didn’t go with the obvious Sailor Uranus gif? Haruka and Michiru are shocked and a little disappointed.

    • 1234

      I think MG made Asher play with the dildo and say that he enjoyed ass play. Deacon said in his interview that Asher[?] was the one to show him what bottoming was like. Then again, all these interviews are full of crap

  • Mike Julius

    Threesome with Randy please.

  • baredaddybear

    Whatever happened to the straight guys on Sean Cody?

    • bo69

      Hopefully all gone.

      • bob80

        WHAAAAT??? No, I know a few of them are crazy and boring, but let’s not forget that some of them are super hot and good performers. I love seeing straight guys discovering that they enjoy getting fucked. And they look more “next door” than many gay guys do because too many gays are overgroomed and have that “gay voice/mannerism” which is a total turn off for me (not saying it’s wrong on their part, it’s just not my cup of tea).

        • a b

          “I love seeing straight guys discovering that they enjoy getting fucked”
          That’s cool, but you are pronouncing “gay” wrong

        • Jace

          Hate to break it to you hon, but very few straight guys do gay porn. And the ones that do (see: Trevor Long) are almost always a bust. Don’t believe the marketing.

  • Scrapple

    I’m appreciating the fact that not only is SC featuring more men of color, but they are also presenting more openly gay men. That kind of recruitment needs to continue.

    • a b

      How low have we gone to appreciate the fact a gay porn studio is employing gay/bi men…

      • Scrapple

        How low have we gone? We used to go lower. People think gay porn is bad now, but the racist and homophobic overtones were way more blatant in the early days. You would have movies called things like “Straight Seductions” or “How Drunk Was I?” You would have movies with Asians called “Bok Choy 2” or some other garbage. Right on the fucking box covers. And the plots would be full of disgusting language and stereotypes. Yes, there are lots of things wrong with gay porn now. But lets not pretend “straight” guys infiltrating the biz is a new thing. “Trade” was a thing long before “gay for pay” had a name.

        And I noticed you only brought up one part of my statement, and not the men of color issue. Not surprised.

        • Jon

          Let’s be real though, the racist stuff might be out now (though we still get the occassional black video with “thug” in it which has slight racist overtones), but we still have a lot of the “straight seduction” type things around.

          • Scrapple

            The racial stuff is still there. You don’t just have videos with the word “thug” in it, you have sites like “Thug Hunter” presenting that image. You have studios throwing a do-rag on a Black guy to portray a thug image. And that’s not even taking into account the models and directors who give no shits about talking about their “preferences.” Like with anything, in some ways things are better, and in some they are worse.

        • a b

          Sure, even in the times of Catalina there was already a great number of straight (or “straight”) actors, but it is new for a big studio to have only 1 or 2 openly gay/bi actors. And this is not limited to Sean Cody…

  • Defiant Foto

    Am I permitted to ask who took those duo pictures? I like the last image, where “Deacon” has his hands on “Asher’s” butt.

  • nodoubtfan



  • Who what where when how…

    no . body . cares !

  • Marik Ishtar

    So I’m guessing this was their plan for awhile since they have photos ready and everything.

  • linger4444

    Lmfao I know these two!

    What a fucking mess! I thought they were going to school to better themselves and we’re past all this.

    Also, lmfao at the names they came up with for their videos smfh!

  • Jemoen

    Deacon has bad taste. You all were shading him if it weren’t cause he is his boyfriend.

  • IdeasforSale

    He’s cute but the scene did not seem that great. Possibly just nerves.

  • Jon

    It’d be trolling of epic proportions if they don’t return for a duo scene. I mean surely you can’t introduce them both, and not have them do a scene together?


    I want 2 Landon deep dick Deep dick Deacon hole GOOD, LONG & HARD !!!

  • cluelesswitness

    I swear everyone I follow on Instagram eventually gets into porn lol

    But they were beautiful on Instagram so I know it will be popping when i see them get down to business.

    • rhinoHI

      Same here! Instagram is basically a pornstar incubator. It makes sense; IG rewards gymrats and narcissistic exhibitionism, so porn is the logical next step.