Is Sean Cody’s Brandon (Brandon Cody) Straight, Bisexual, Or Gay?

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0004Ever wondered if Brandon Cody (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Brandon) was straight, bisexual, gay, or something else? He recently shared his thoughts (via Instagram) about labeling his sexuality and, in short, we actually shouldn’t label his sexuality:

PEOPLE R ALWAYS ASKING ARE U GAY OR STRAIGHT? I mean come on there is really that many ignorant people? The world isn’t black and white it’s all grey.. everyone is so worried about other people, their sexuality, their gender… everything why does some have to be straight or gay or even bi i am a lover of people, maybe their attractive to me casue they have s good personality or maybe they have a good heart or maybe they just have a big ass and I find it sexy… yes I enjoy the female body very much but if I saw an attractive guy I’m gona know he’s attractive I am not gona label my self Or restrict my self.. stop judging and categorizing people. Maybe if they started worrying about their own life’s and taking care of their issues and face their shut they wouldn’t have time to be so consumed with everyone else and what they stick their penis in!

Brandon’s spell check is a bit inconsistent, but his overall message is fully consistent with what he said about his sexuality in his Str8UpGayPorn interview earlier this year. So, if you’re an attractive guy (or girl) with a nice personality, a good heart, or a big ass, you’ve got a chance with Brandon Cody.

Speaking of attractive guys, ICYMI, Brandon’s scene with Roman Todd was released a few days ago:

[ Sean Cody’s Brandon Fucks Roman Todd]


  • seeyou

    sounds gay to me !

  • Xzamilloh
  • James Johnson III

    I think he’s trying a bit too hard to appear “sexually fluid”…which, to me, just says he doesn’t want to ruin his career and lose the Gay dollar by just saying he’s straight

    • Zachary Sire

      If he came out as fully straight he’d earn just as many (if not more) dollars from gay fans. I honestly don’t think it makes much of a difference these days.

      • James Johnson III

        Sadly, I bet you’re right. It just shows how few actually Gay models are currently in the industry

      • skye3245

        true but there are that some. Plus i always feel its odd when they don’t just say it. I can’t remember who it was, but there was an up and comer who said “i don’t labels but i only have sex with men on film”. I was like uh ok….i feel they should just avoid the question. As long as they do the job i could careless. None live near me so i can’t have them lol

        • McM.

          Jaxton Wheeler said something along those lines in an interview. Though I did state he’d have sex with a guy off camera – if the price is right.

          • sxg

            Yea that was fucking stupid to say. But I at least like Jaxton despite him being a berniebot, and being married and having kids.

          • McM.

            Maybe it’s b/c he upfront about who he is as a performer – only fucks other men for the right price, no romantic feeling for them on or off set, etc – but I’m alright with Jaxton Wheeler. It’s the other ones who waffle, hate labels, and attempt to obscure their sexuality behind a string of phrases that bother me. It makes me presume they harbor a fear about plainly stating whether or not they are sexually/romantically attracted to other men. Their reasons could be professional (not wanting to alienate viewers), or social (loss of status accompanying the admission in their personal circles), but they clearly want to avoid aligning themselves with homosexuality.

            To me, this comes off as…. weak. Especially when they’re marketing themselves to men who have worked to discover acceptance and dignity as homosexuals. The fact half the guys on these boards are led by their cocks doesn’t negate that.

            I like men; ones who are confident in themselves b/c masculine traits don’t stop at the surface. All the men at Titan are all self-assured and confident, and I respond just as much to that attitude; same goes for a good number of boys at Helix. On the other hand, Brandon and all the other faux-fluid g4p performers – eh, they don’t exactly turn me off, but I do become non-responsive to a majority of their scenes.

          • Scrapple

            Weren’t Jaxton and Alexander “Roommates with Benefits?”

          • McM.

            Yeah. I heard one or both of them tweeted there being something extra about their association. But it’s too late to speculate on what that was.

          • skye3245

            It was someone. But it killed me. Its like “then thats a label” your “buy” sexual. That was a joke, But basically your straight and ok having sex for money. Stop with the fluid when outside of the work you wouldn’t touch a guy with a ten foot pole. I’m also starting to hate “fluid” guys who do those fan videos with other porn stars. Thats your personal time. So does that mean you’ve crossed fluid and your bi. Because you were G4P and now on your off tie your fucking for monthly membership fees on an app? I’m confused

      • paultacoma51

        It doesn’t make a difference to me. Either he’s good at what he does or he’s not. Str8, Bi, Gay in his personal life…who gives a fuck?

  • nbtx27

    so he’s gay.

  • Dana Rimons


  • Zealot

    In cases like this I don’t pay that much attention to what they say as much as who they’re dating or marrying or beating up on outside of clubs while trying to pick up underage girls for a three way. ?

  • skye3245

    OK…i have loads of friends in all sexual areas. So saying there are no titles or whatever..ok thats fine. But you know where you can tell he’s pandering. When he says this quote “yes I enjoy the female body very much but if I saw an attractive guy I’m gona know he’s attractive I am not gona label my self Or restrict my self.”. Basically he’s saying “i’m straight, i only fuck guys on film. I have enough clout that I’m only going to film with who i feel is attractive. I’m stating this in this post and all interviews because I don’t wanna ostracize those who give a fuck so i’ll say this so they keep subscribing and buying scenes so i can pay for my gym membership or whatever i’m doing. I’m not a business man, i’m a BUSINESS, man!”

    Thats basically what we looking at. I he didn’t want a label that quoted line wouldn’t be needed. Men who don’t do labels never throw that out. Thats a straight porn star cope out. With how little he’s learned(example saving those 4k checks–thanx for that info Emmett–instead of doing GoFundMe’s) he at least learned the porn star cope out.No one cares, i wish ppl like him would ignore it. Instead of answering this question learn how to fuck or learn how to bottom. Thats my suggestion.

  • sxg

    “if you’re an attractive guy (or girl) with a nice personality, a good heart, or a big ass, you’ve got a chance with Brandon Cody.”
    I don’t know what the fuck you’ve been reading but none of what he has ever said indicates men have a chance with him. In both interviews he said he’s physically attracted to females only. All he said here that’s different is that he’s secure in his sexuality to be able to tell if a guy is attractive. Doesn’t mean he’s going to try and fuck him, unles there’s money to be made.

    He may not be afraid to bond with attractive guys, but no one should expect a romantic,or even sexual relationship to come out of that bond. And it’s clear he’s not that into guys sexually by how fucking awful he is as a performer. No one that awful as a performer is into guys in their personal life, except maybe Jimmy Durano but he at least has some good qualities about him.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. I saw a couple of his early SC scenes and that first bottoming catastrophe and, I think, one from last year. I just don’t see it. His career has been one of the biggest gay porn mysteries to me.

      • skye3245

        Exactly!!! There are way cuter guys in porn…shit there are better/cuter tops at SC. Like what is it with this guy i have no idea. Like the 10th Wonder of the World “Why is Brandon/Cody/Brandon Cody/Whatever his name is popular?”

      • Samuel Pierre

        Cody Cummings’ career in gay porn (career in porn, full stop) takes that cake for me. At least Brandon, terrible most of them may have been, does the minimum expected of a gay porn star. CC can’t even lock lips with another man semi-decently even if the fate of the world is in his hands.

    • Edward

      Get Out, Ivanka! Brandon can fuck with the best of them. Don’t know what you were watching ( those bottom scenes were like jkushner at a bat mitzvah–HORRID). He may be a douche, but fucking (in my Alerbarma tongue) is what God made him for. Ummhumm.

      • CA

        I’ve enjoyed 9/10 of Brandon’s performances/scenes. His scene fucking Brent is still one of my all time favorite SC scenes.

        I’ll still never forgive SC for not scheduling Brandon to fuck Stu all those years they were contracted at the same time.

        • Edward

          Brandon and Marshall or Brandon and Daniel (the way he sucks on both of these dicks….yasss–THERE IS A GOD!

          • Scrapple

            Brandon and Marshall is still fire. Marshall was enjoying the fuck out of feeling up Brandon and bending over for some dick. Brandon seemed to be having fun too. And he took a shot to the face.

      • alex

        Especially that first bareback scene with Ryan rose

  • FieldMedic

    I’m gay, If I see an attractive woman I say to myself: “Hmmm, she’s very attractive.” but I don’t want to fuck her. The real question is are you taking men home of your own free will and having great sex with them? If not then you’re probably straight.

    • skye3245

      Mostly they all say no. They fuck for scenes and outside of work nope. So i say they straight and using interviews to tow that line for fans. I’d give him a pass if he actually was a good performer. But he lame so i wish he’d hush

  • Scrapple

    Brandon: “Oh I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’…”


  • TrueWords

    Brandon is getting paid…

    This overshadows his sexuality…

    Take the money away and no one would be asking nor caring…

    Porn is a business for many men and women and they do countless sex acts to make ends (yes pun intended) meet…

  • paultacoma51

    Oh, pleeze! What a cop-out. Even before reading this article, I knew it would be something about “I don’t believe in labels” bullshit. As a gay porn star, I do think it’s at least understandable and relevant that people will wonder. If he’s str8, more power to him. It won’t affect my opinion of him; only his performance could do that. Equally galling is when they claim to be bi to appeal to their gay audience, but haven’t had sex or dated another guy in their private lives. Just be honest so we can all move on. Or get out of gay porn.

  • Me2

    At this point, who the hell cares?

  • Jose

    Am I the only one who is so sick and tired of nowadays gay porn stars’ ‘no labeling’ hype? I mean come on, nobody gives a fuck that if you’re straight. And if you those fucked up fuckboys who think admitting their attraction to man will make them look weak, less masculine and get them in ‘man troubles’, then for the love of god, quit porn and get a job.

  • CarlA
  • Ta-er al-Asfer

    So many bitter queens up in here. I think the dude is a knockout. I’m just bummed that he’s doing condom scenes for Men.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Why does it matter?

    The question is can he perform on screen full stop.

    Now if you all want to talk about his ASWB dick have at it.

    And what happened to the drawstring on his swimmers?

  • OverKill
  • The gay green lartern

    He’s gay… straight guys (even the gay for pay ones) always IMMEDIATELY say they they are straight when they are (or think they are)
    Ms.Brandon is gayer then Christmas gurl!!!

    • skye3245

      Nah he can be straight. Stay over there

    • skye3245

      HIm…not you Hal Jordan,…you be gay with us and Sinestro

  • skye3245

    And not to be mean…ionno if its the lighting or the settings..but he looked a thousand times better at SC. I’m not even a Brandon fan, but i’d at least give him a glance there…at MEN he just looks so Meh. Is it just me who feels he took a downturn?

  • badgamer1967
  • Trepakprince
    • Scrapple

      Here’s the story of a post made shady…

  • Mike Julius

    Just $exual.

  • Jace
    • peter

      That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

      I always hope these guys use at least some of their earnings to finish their education. I hope Brandon is aware that personal trainers are two-a-penny and there’s not a lot of money in it. He should consider getting a degree in Exercise Physiology like another former SC star.

  • nick

    I’m never going to meet him so I don’t give a fuck what he is or isn’t

  • wincrasher

    don’t label me = come on guys, I want to make money off teasing both sexes! don’t upset my business model!

  • WhimsyCotton

    Motherfucker, just say you’re straight. Unlike with some models, we can tell by your scenes that you aren’t attracted to men.

  • Dulcis Memoria

    Am I the only one who thinks that Brandon is distinctly unhappy about continuing in porn at all. There was a “weltschmerz” in his eyes, and a look of discontent on his face. I haven’t watched either scene, but the message I’m getting from the look on his face in the photos isn’t encouraging, even if he does seem relatively animated with Roman Todd in the promo.

  • GN

    We should probably stop asking these guys where they fall on the LGBTQ spectrum, as the answer leaves them a lot of wiggle room for creative interpretations (bullshit). Skip to the crux of the matter:

  • Hari Kalyan

    “yes I enjoy the female body very much but if I saw an attractive guy…” <— this proves he's str8 and simply trying to curry favor with the gays. I find some women EXTREMELY attractive, but I'm gay. I love the male anatomy. I love dick. Also, I always find it funny when people (like Brandon) go on these tangents about sexuality, accusing people of judging and not being happy with their lives and blah blah blah… instead of point blank just saying "I like women, but dudes are nice". A gay porn star should expect that question since a lot of guys aren't gay in the industry and its awkward that gays wouldn't be represented in a genre that is supposed to celebrate their sexuality.

  • scorpio

    So he’s insulting his fans saying they have no
    life. If they didn’t waste their time on him he wouldn’t get paid. He
    shows the world his asshole and finds that question offensive? Every
    actor is asked if they’re anything like the characters they play

  • TheThom

    Spoiler: no one cares.

  • Bastian

    Your a straight guy who fucks dudes for $, but dates only woman.

  • Default_User

    Love you Zach. Been following you since a million years ago on Instinct (wish i can read those but they are wiped off the Internets AFAIK). The thing is this “sexually fluid” thing is alright but Brandon is just covering his ass. If he is so fluid, ask him this: When is the last time he has had sex with a man that does not involve money? If he is truly “fluid” he would have at least had sex with one guy voluntarily without getting paid, since i am pretty certain he would have sex with women for free.

    • peter

      There’s been a bit of a sea-change over the past decade, and ‘gay4pay’, ‘straight guys having gay sex’ has lost a lot of it’s allure. Fans want to have a sense that a favorite model is somehow attainable, so these guys have taken to calling themselves ‘bi-curious’ or ‘sexual’. It’s all a lot of BS. Most of them wouldn’t go within a country mile of a hard dick if money wasn’t involved.

      • Scott

        Raised in foster care? Where did you read that?

        • peter

          I think it’s in Zach’s interview. Brandon had a real hard-knock childhood

    • BGKev

      Why is “would have sex with men for free?” the criteria as to whether he’s bi? I could see someone who was sort of into guys but, say, paranoid about HIV finding the rigorous testing regimen of Sean Cody reassuring. It’s not like people who are bi are 50/50. Some are 90/10 one way or the other, and most people in that situation probably don’t explore the 10% side without some extra reason – like, say, money. Or as part of a 3-way with someone of the gender they like more. Or as a big “fuck you” to a homophobic parent. Or any of a hundred other idiosyncratic reasons. Different people are different.

  • Phantom Pain

    Me noticing for the first time that he’s getting bald after watching his scene with Roman Todd

  • peter

    I think the one of the best answers I heard to these nosy ‘what are you in your real-life’ questions came from CF’s inimitable cut-up Cameron who said in an interview “I’m gay for the fans!”

  • peter

    You and I are gay4pay believers. We’re always going to be at odds with the ‘suck-one-cock’ school of gay-identity (provided of course that the cock-sucker in question is hot).

    Then there’s ‘he has to be gay. Just look how many scenes he’s done!’ argument. But even that suggests straightness to me. They become inured to the sex and used to cash-flow.

    Some producer (Zach would probably know) said he prefers to work with straight guys: they’er easy to direct precisely because the sex acts are meaningless to them. And they don’t give a shit who they’re paired with since they’re not into guys.

  • Maximus

    Brandon/Jeff, people are asking you about your sexual preferences and identity because your answer could make you even more attractive to some individuals. Nobody is asking you because they genuinely care about you and your life.

  • Haven

    He just isn’t notable enough for me to care one way or another. If he’d thrown himself into his bottoming debut, he would’ve been a star.

  • emercycrite

    What a fucking retard.

  • Adam

    His sexuality is attention seeking.

  • John

    Most people are bisexual. Fewer are gay or straight only..I’ve done erotic massage for 30 years. 80% of clients are bi. 60% or more of bi guys never do anything with guys till they are middle aged.Bi guys fall in love with women but have sex with men. Brandon is the all American ideal and has a super friendly outgoing personality perfect for being a porn star. He is more appealing than just gorgeous. He is like a golden lab that the whole neighborhood wants to pet and pamper. He would taste wonderful I bet.

    • Ahmed Hishmet

      I think u confuse between finding some ppl as aesthetically pleasing and want to have sex with them.. Gay or straight guys who have sex with ppl they don’t usually attract to doesn’t mean they r bisexuals, even those who experience sexual fluidity or incidental attraction doesn’t mean they are not gay or straight, it’s more like temporary thing than anything else

  • Zavier

    I don’t know where gay men developed the stupidity to believe that straight men repeatedly fuck men… He’s obviously Bisexual and dosnet want to label it for ridiculous pseudo intellectual bullshit ( and closeted ) reasons. It’s not that hard to grasp. Closet cases have been around forever ! Why is everyone so confused ?

  • NakedTruthTN

    “…maybe their attractive to me casue they have s
    good personality or maybe they have a good heart or maybe they just have
    a big ass and I find it sexy…”

    I have a big ass, fuck me!

  • JP
  • brandon

    i think people just want to know based off their own fantasies. if i know he swings my way a little, my dreams about him are that much better. just reading this btw makes him my all time fav porn star and that much harder for him.