Sean Cody’s Brandon Takes Fan Questions, Fucks Kristian Bareback

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brwSean Cody’s Brandon has starred in some of the worst, most boring Sean Cody scenes of all time (some of which he’s blamed on the Sean Cody crew). Thankfully, he’s much more personable, fun, and entertaining on Twitter (he’s the only Sean Cody model who’s “allowed” to have a social media presence), where he promotes his personal training business, asks people for cable and Direct TV passwords, and sometimes answers fans’ questions, as he did earlier this week.

When asked by a female fan if he’d ever do a “straight video,” Brandon revealed that he’s still under contract with Sean Cody:


He’d also like to have kids some day:

hjeff2With regard to how he started in porn, Brandon admits that Sean Cody begged him:

jeff3So far, Brandon has never had an STD:

jeff6Being gay is not a choice, according to Brandon:

jeff5In addition to his gay porn career, Brandon is also a personal trainer and fitness consultant, but he does not take money in exchange for sex:

jff7 jef9jeffcope4

Brandon’s fitness and personal training site launched several months ago, but please bear with him as he works through some technical glitches:

jeff53screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-2-25-21-pmBrandon’s latest Sean Cody scene goes live here in a few hours (it co-stars someone named Kristian, who did a solo over a year ago, if anyone cares/remembers). I’ll definitely skip this update, but Brandon fans will no doubt add it to their collections.

08Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brandon Fucks Kristian Bareback]


  • Xzamilloh
  • Todd

    Now why might anyone think Jeff would have sex for money ??

    (singlets are seeeexy)

  • iHeartJames

    I would let this man fart in my mouth, spit on my grandma and cum all over my little sister IDGAF I want his dick BURIED in my ass and only take it out when my hole is filled with a few of his children

  • jon

    Well, at least he’s not a homophobe?

    • a b

      He gain his bread simulating gayness on camera, isnt “not being a homophobe” a little too basic and unimpressive?

    • Maximillian

      Google Sean Cody Brandon anti gay or homophobe and you will see proof that contradicts that assumption about BrandonJeff.

  • Xavier

    I find most bi guys… especially the ones who prefer “straightness”, to be utterly distasteful. But I am guilty of adding him on snapchat and observing his snaps…. daily lol

    • Xavier

      And my twitter inbox…. Stop trying to get my money Jeff ! it’s minnnnnnneeeeeeeeee

    • BR

      I love receipts.

    • R.A.M.J

      what do you mean by “prefer straightness” and whats wrong with Bi guys?

      • Xavier

        What I mean is men who fuck women turn me off, sexually and romantically. Most times when I discover a man dates or has sex with them I become alot less interested ( even if I think he’s hot ), especially with all this gay4pay crap.

        • R.A.M.J


        • sanfv

          Yaaaas Queen!

        • CA

          That is why the bi-sexual closet is so large. Gay men–of ALL people–I would think would be the most open to the B in the LGBTQ community.

          • Andrew Simpson

            I think gay men we resent the homophobia of some bisexual men it is like they enjoy having sex with other men BUT they look down on us. I find it hypocritical of these bisexual men who love the gay sex yey deny their bisexuality. This guy Brandon is basically a male prostitute he needs to own it. He has sex with other men on camera for money.

          • CA

            I don’t think Brandon is bisexual–he’s an opportunist.

            I’m sure you and other will fight that opinion, but I do not think you need to be attracted–physically or emotionally–to men to sleep with them.

            I think many bisexual men deny their sexuality because most women do not want to sleep with men who sleep with men and as you pointed out, some gay men feel the opposite as far as men who sleep with women. Why would they feel positive about themselves when the majority of people don’t support or value their feelings.

            This is just the modern era version of gay men who married women and had children and din’t come out until the 00s when homosexuality became normalized. I would hope that in less time bisexual men can avoid having to hide their feelings waiting for society to accept them.

          • Andrew Simpson

            You do when you do something for FIVE YEARS! Five years is a long time to be sucking cock and fucking other men up the ass. When yusaf mack denied his sexuality he was laughed at he finally came out. This Brandon guy not saying he is gay but I have a hard time believing a man who has gay sex for FIVE years is not sexually attracted to other men. Some gay men are ignorant you think a guy is going to fuck someone for five years and get no pleasure out of it. Brandon will identify as he chooses but any partner of his needs an STD test ASAP! This guy has unprotected anal sex with numerous men for FIVE years!

          • CA

            Ha, okay.

            This debate has been going on in this board and other for decades. You have an opinion as I do–I do not think participating in sexual acts for financial reasons for any length of time creates a “he must be bi” or “he must be gay” conclusion.

            Many gay men slept with, married and had children with women for centuries in the closet. This last generation we saw many of those men finally feel comfortable coming out of the closet. They did not come out as bi, they came out as gay mostly. I accept them at their word that they don’t secretly harbor sexual and emotional feelings for women.

            Again, that’s my opinion–sex does not create ones sexuality in my book. You say Brandon has gotten pleasure for 5yrs at SC…I would challenge that his pleasure was minimal if not nonexistent.

          • R.A.M.J

            I wasn’t really going to get into this, but im seeing too much misinformation to NOT say someone. first off, lets stop equating a sex act (anal) with a sexuality. The sex act does not define your sexuality your attraction to one gender or another of both does. Many women like to be penetrated anally that does not make their bf gay. some men like their ass played with and even penetrated and it does not make them gay. the ass has lots of nerve endings that are quite pleasurable, plus the prostate gland (equivalent to the female g spot) is very close to the rectum which means anything inserted in the ass will feel good, for the most part. Have some of you never seen the movie “Road Trip”?
            We have gay men who don’t bottom. that does not make them any less gay. and no, there doesn’t have to be attraction for sex to occur. It helps, but not required. Sometimes just knowing your are about to engage in something pleasurable is enough to cause and erection.
            Straight men will get head from a guy maybe even fuck him. For a number of straight guys, when your horny a hole is a hole and a mouth is a mouth, and I know, the better the blow job, the more they won’t give a damn what gender the person giving it is. Also, many straight guys who like having their asses eaten, played with or even penetrated probably won’t even tell their gf’s this because of fear of called gay when in reality they are straight.
            This is why I hate the term “Gay Sex”, there is no such thing. it’s either vaginal, oral, or anal sex, all of which can be enjoyed by people of any gender.

            As for Brandon’s sexuality, my “bi-fi” signal is definitely strong. On the Kinsey scale, from 0-6, 0 being 100% hetero and 6 being 100% homosexual, and a 3 being 50/50, I would put Brandon at about a 1 or 2, bisexual but lean more towards women.

          • Andrew Simpson

            The guy has done gay porn for FIVE YEARS that is a long time. Never said Brandon was gay but I do not believe this straight bullshit. He is going to identify all he wants but fucking men up the ass ND ejaculating for FIVE YEARS should tell you something. He clearly enjoys the gay sex stop trying to make it seem like the mind and body have no role. All I am saying this man is bisexual or bi curious but he is definitely not a heterosexual. Straight men on the street would laugh at Brandon same way they laughed at Yusaf mack.

          • R.A.M.J

            you missed the entire point of my post.

          • Xavier

            For you to write this post you are literally victim blaming and shifting the responsibilities of the fucked up things that bisexuals do to gay people, ON gay people ! WE are not the reason why bisexuals are largely in the closet. Bisexuals are in the closet because they want to praise and blend in with straight people. They sure in the hell arent in a “gay” closet. Everyone knows they have always chosen straight people to cling to…. regardless of the fact that gay people include them as queer people. But what do straight people do for bisexuals …..nothing, literally NOTHING ! But what do Bisexuals present gay people with in return ?… treating us as shameful backdoor sluts while they go back to their girlfriends and wives. Fuck that.

          • CA

            Yes, I am.

            Just as we blamed straight people for centuries of ridicule and persecution. I also blame straight people for their inability to accept bisexuals.

            Do I think more bisexuals should come out? Absolutely! It’s fair to hold several communities at blame: gays, straights and bisexuals together. My post was not addressing a bisexual person or a straight person, but the gay men on this blog who shame them.

          • Xavier

            You’re making this a grey argument. It’s not grey, it is in fact black and white. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Straight people created homophobia, Gay people have fuaght it and continue to fight and overcome it, bisexuals fall victim to homophobia from straight people, as a result bisexuals have chosen the main oppressors (straight people) over gay people. They use gay people as experiments and back door whores, gay people ( a community who has openly included bisexuals into our clubs, events, beds…lives ) have realized that bisexuals at large are not worth the trouble because they give almost nothing positve back in return. So the response from gay people more and more is to distance ourselves from bisexuals because we are tired of babysitting them. There is no point! They are not our responsibility and they contribute nothing but homophobia and disfunction. You glazing over the actions of those responsible for the feelings behind why gay pellets don’t want bisexuals around helps in no way. More gay people are becoming aware that the only thing bisexuals are concerned about is whether or not their straight friends will invite them to the football game on Friday night and if their straight girlfriends will still fuck them. If bisexuals want to change the disdain gay people have for them, then they need to take responsibility and stop playing the victim….PERIOD.

          • CA

            I disagree, sorry.

          • Xavier
          • Crush

            Wtf are you talking about ? Bisexuals are in the closet because they are weak and selfish, the stereotype is true. They stay in closets because they aren’t brave enough to stand in pride. When I came out my family didn’t accept me. I went through all kinds of shit. But i’m gay and i refuse to buckle to straights. Bi’s just wanna kiss hetero ass all day because they dont want to go through Queer struggles.

          • Andrew Simpson

            I think there is a difference most people do not care if a woman says she is bisexual. In fact, female bisexuality is mostly accepted and encouraged by straight society and by heterosexual men and the media. If a woman says she is bi most people roll their eyes and carry on with their day. BUT if a man says he is bisexual suddenly people get all serious he could face physical harm from straight society their girlfriends might dump them ect. Not saying it is easy for bisexual men BUT it would be nice if more bisexual men came out. It is hard for many people gay or straight to wrap around in their minds that yes a man can be sexually attracted to BOTH SEXES. Most people do not want to believe it so bisexual men stay in closet because they know most people will think they are gay and in denial.

          • Crush

            But who cares tho ? It dosent matter if people are hard on them, they are hard on gay men and less hard on lesbians but Gay men still come out. If Bisexual men are so concerned with how they are perceived by women then that just proves the point that that’s the only thing they really care about in the end. If not then they need to grow some balls and come out regardless of what straight women think, or maybe entertain the novel Idea of dating other bisexuals

          • Andrew Simpson

            I agree with what you are saying bisexual men should come out. But as other people said the social stigma is so strong. It is the same thing with professional athletes notice so many lesbians come out yet hardly any major pro male athletes come out. Gender is the difference. Straight men are not threatened by a bisexual woman in fact they probably do not take it seriously when their girlfriends or wives say they are bisexual. People are still threatened by male bisexuality it takes a strong man with a strong sense of self to come out as bi.

          • CA

            Well, I could guess your age demographic, but I already know it.

            I applaud anyone who moves through their life in the direction they want without the support of their families. However, we can still support those who do not have that strength.

            The gay community lived for years in the closet and the gay men who did come out led the way for the acceptance of those who did not. It’s unfair to shame those closeted gay men because they are not moving through life as you have chosen to–just as it is wrong for your family to shame you for your decision to be out.

        • WhimsyCotton

          I knew that feeling existed among straight women towards bisexual men, but I didn’t really know that it extended to gay guys too. It seems kind of unfair towards the bi community.

          • R.A.M.J

            Unfortunately it does, ive had more hook ups in my youth with curious straight guys than i I did with gay guys.

          • Xavier

            What is unfair is expecting gay people who have fuaght with our lives to babysitt people who have always treated us second class to straight people. What bisexual community? The one that the gay community created for them even tho the majority of them end up marrying in hetero relationships ?

          • sanfv

            Preach honey!!! I’m spinning in my heels!

            FWIW, bisexual men have always been welcomed into the scene I’m a part of. Most people tend to think that the ballroom scene only accepts fem gay men, that’s not not case. Ballroom is an escape from the normality and racist views/ leanings of contemporary (even gay) society.

            What is not welcomed, are bisexual men who want to use us for our bodies, subscribe to gender norms because it’s what’s seen as more acceptable. I don’t know how many bisexual men I’ve encountered who have told me they can never see them selves with a man because it’s “not what guys do”. That latent homophobia is more than enough for me to walk away.

          • sans
          • michael35

            Now THAT part the second part is what I’ve never respected nor appreciated regarding some bisexual men and how they choose to treat us for being gay .

            Granted persecuting them for being bi is as equally wrong as them persecuting us for being gay or not being MANLY ENOUGH.

            The same equally applies to the gay men who discriminate against men they deem less manly or masculine as they deem themselves to be that exists within this perpetually divisive community.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Statistically, that should be expected. There are FAR more women out there than gay men. If a bisexual man is open to both gay and straight relationships, it really should be common sense that he’s more likely to end up with a woman. 100+ million potential partners vs ~7-15 million. This is before you take age into account. Do the math.

          • Xavier

            I am well aware of the statistics surrounding bisexuals and gay people. That is not an excuse. According to the Williams Institute of Law in UCLA Bisexuals make up 52% of the entire queer community…… so the question arises, where are they ? The answer ? In the closet, generally to straight people. Because bisexuals technically outnumber gay and lesbian people, they have the numeric power to overcome the whole “bi-erasure” thing…. but the problem is they won’t because deep down inside the have no desire to overcome it. The reasons why they are mostly with women isnt because there’s more of them, its because they are prioritized by bisexual males. I’ve heard so many bisexuals say they’d “only marry a woman but never a man” more times than I can count, they are so comfortable with their blatant disregard and disrespect for Gays that some of them dont even realize they are offensive. Oddly enough these same people complain about not being accepted by anyone, but almost NEVER mention trying to date other bisexuals ( like Crush pointed out ), probably because they know all the other bisexuals are in the closet….. just like they are ! the irony

          • WhimsyCotton

            But why would they limit themselves to other bisexuals when they’re attracted to bi/hetero women and bi/gay men? Most of the time bisexuals are erased by society in general. If they date a man, they’re labeled gay. If they date women, they’re labeled straight (by the hetero community while the gay community tends to call them closet cases). Either way, bisexuals rarely please any community and do end up disappearing into either the gay or straight camp (statistically more straight).

            There’s more ignorance on bisexuals from society in general. People just want sexuality to be black or white, and bisexuals don’t fit that mold.

          • Xavier

            I wasent saying they should limit themselves to gay men, I meant they should consider seeking out other bisexuals regardless if they are men or women. People who are not bi don’t have to be accepting of bisexuals if they dont want to, clearly many bisexuals aren’t accepting of gay people. Bisexuals get hung up on some of the most frivolous aspects of queer politics. I simply don’t care whether or not they are perceived to be gay or straight by people. Them dating females dosent inherently make them closet cases, it’s how they behave in general that makes them closet cases. When I came out I had people, even close friends, trying to tell me that I wasn’t gay and maybe I was going through a phase and you know what ? It literally had 0 effect on me. Did I think it was silly that they didnt believe me, sure. But i didnt throw a hissy fit and start talking about “gay erasure”. Gay people are worried about governments passing laws against us and whether or not we will be murdered just for being who we are…. bisexuals are just worried about who will fuck them.

          • WhimsyCotton

            They are? As part of the LGBT community, I’m pretty sure bisexuals would be affected by those types of laws. Maybe you’re also assuming that every bisexual can pass as a heterosexual man? There’s plenty of bi men that are just as effeminate as the stereotypical gay man. There is no one behavior for any individual regardless of their orientation.

          • Xavier

            I will never support a group of people who don’t support me. Period

          • Andrew Simpson

            Why should gay men accept bisexual men? Many bisexual men have no respect for gay men.

          • WhimsyCotton

            That is what’s called a generalization.

          • Antonio

            Don’t play. If i had a dime for every married bi man who messaged me or approached me for sex i’d be rich. It ain’t a coincidence that a huge chunk of gay guys feel this way about bi guys. It’s definitely the majority.

          • WhimsyCotton

            That’s just called cheating. It’s equatable to straight guys sleeping with other women or gay guys sleeping with other men. Bisexual guys can potentially cheat with either of the sexes while married regardless of their partner’s gender. My point stands.

          • Crush

            It’s a fact.

          • WhimsyCotton

            No, it isn’t.

        • Trepakprince

          I for one love fucking a guy who’s had sex with women. There’s nothing like feeling the cold band of his wedding ring on your arm as he pulls you in begging to be fucked deeper and harder.

          • Xavier

            No thank you.

        • .. Wow. You sound like some Homophobic Straight woman. Being a Bi guy myself I’m mostly into ‘Twinks’ (of any race). So don’t worry I wouldn’t want to have sex with you, not because of your appearance but I find your personality rather extremely distasteful. <3 Peace & Love!

          • Xavier

            I could care less what homophobic straight women say or how they feel. I will admit my choice of words may be a tough pill to swallow for many bisexuals to swallow, however my words are due to numerous observations, research, and learned experiences. Bisexuals, ( both men and women but especially men ) are notorious for treating gay people like sexual experiments. Things like Sean Cody and all the gay4pay crap just amplifies it. Maybe you prefer twinks but the overwhelming majority of your kind prefers the closet. If me saying that is bothering then…..oh well.

          • LOL i’m shook. ‘bisexuals are just worried about who will fuck them, ……and then they wonder why they get called greedy.’ Wow… dude. You know exactly how to offend a ‘Bisexual’! Gurl you’re a joke | A fake. | A phony | An embarrassment to the LGBTQ community. | And Lastly extremely ignorant And close-minded. Here’s an article to prove how much of a bi-phobic you are.
            – In this article, I aim to dispel the biggest bisexual misconceptions and stereotypes, shed light on some new ones, and help to document a sexual identity that is often shrugged off as a “phase,” a “gateway,” “homosexuality lite” or “college.”
            here is the link to it.

          • Xavier

            “bi-phobia” is a made up concept used to gain sympathy so they can convince more people to fuck them and not refuse. Every single facet of bi-phobia is almost nothing compared to real homophobia and is almost always linked to the fact that they want non-bisexuals to date them. Not interested.

          • Bi-phobia is nothing compared to real homophobia? oh.. really. i stayed in public school until 9th grade. In 7th grade I was finally getting out of my shell from being raped and molested by a friend not even a year older than me. that went on for years (from age 5-12) Then as soon as I open myself up to making friends, I get bullied. i mean bullied. Not people calling me a faggot. Everyday I would get thrown in the trashcans outside after lunch time. Eventually I would take a bathroom pass EVERY School day during lunch just so I wouldn’t get in a fight. a fight as in meaning having to defend myself, like cover my head with my arms. And try to punch back at the same time. don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’d fight back and win. But that just made those homophobic or bi-phobic bullies even more angry. It all came down to one day I was hiding in the bathroom eating as usual during lunch. that day it was a group of 3, so i knew i couldn’t give them a fair fight. as i left the bathroom, the main bully who would always instigate a fight started cussing at me calling me every derogatory name in the book. 2 more guys came in the bathroom and jumped me. all 3 punched/kicked me for 2 or 3 minutes i’d say. and then picked me up and thew me across the bathroom and banged my head on a porcelain urinal. All i remembered then was blood everywhere, them freaking out thinking they killed me and they ran away out of the bathroom. 30 minutes or so later i woke up to my English teacher carrying me to the ambulance they called and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. both legs broken, left arm broke, fractured tailbone, stupid concussion, and more temporary wounds. The long term effects/diagnosis i have now are hell. I have PTSD, Panic Disorder, SVT Tachycardia, Spondyloslisthesis, Extreme scoliosis, Sciatica, osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, severe nerve damage, basically.. Chronic Pain. So because of a senseless act.. I have to spend over 500 dollars a month on neurologist, cardiovascular treatments, And pain medication. After that happened I was put on Vicodin, I’m now on Morphine 100 MG, every 8 hours. a half of that would kill a person with no opiate tolerance. i am by no means a victim anymore. I’m in college, i work part time. along with a disability check as i am 19 and physically disabled. You can be ‘not interested’ Xavier. but i will forever educate the ignorant and close minded. At the end of the day I am a blessed person! xD I don’t want to gain sympathy from others to convince anyone to fuck me. I’m satisfied with my life. You pre-judging, and putting it out there like you know it all… when in fact you never lived a day in the life of a bisexual. It looks.. like you’re better than me. To me we are equal. Peace and Love <3

          • Xavier

            I’m not making light of those issues you face, but what you have described to me sounds like homphobic people… A homophobe who hates bigots is very likely to treat a bisexual person the same way they would treat a gay person. I doubt you being “bi” was unique to them, or made it worse. Do you think they would’t have harassed you if you will full blown gay ? Most homophobic people are not going to differentiate between the two of us. Sort of like how a racist klansmen would lynch a half-black person just as quickly as a full black person ( hense the reason they created the 1 drop rule in the united states ). I am not saying you are a horrible person because you’re bi, but that dosent negate that there are serious issues in the ways that bisexuals interact with gays and then expect us to welcome them in. If someone wants to beat you up for being bi… it probably has nothing to do with the fact that you also like women… its more than likely because you’re not straight ! Its the gay side of you that they hate.

          • Finally something I can wholeheartedly agree with you on. When replying to you I was even trying to word that concept you just said about the bi vs gay outlook that homophobic people have. Which is part of the reason I include myself with gays. The treatment we receive is no different in terms of ‘liking men’ and ‘acting feminine’. However a masculine acting gay guy could go almost his whole life with no prejudice treatment. The reason I got so emotional with my last reply was because you kept insisting that bisexauls are bad and want to take advantage of people with their sexual orientation. I’m the total opposite. So it struck a nerve I admit that. Anyways I apologize for an emotionally charged reply and if I said anything truly hurtful or offensive I apologize man. Peace.

          • michael35

            Beautifully said honey and I’m truly sorry for all you went through.

            You are definitely no victim my dear in fact everything you wrote epitomized strength character and power .

            You are anything BUT a victim.

            Wish you continuous peace and strength but it’s already evident you possess both of those in spades . :)

          • sanfv

            I like how you tailored your reply to you ego like in past posts.

            I.e “I’m mixed race! But a little white let me totes talk about the white!”
            “I’m bi!!!! I’m offended”.
            “I’m a twink that likes twinks!”

            Girl, you giving me mestizo twink fierceness. Own that that shit like the cheek bones yo native ancestors gave you honey!

            And if you are a fake page/ catfish, at least have a better cover story for the photo you use.

          • LOL What? All of my social media is @ Osnapitzchandler .My twitter , my Instagram is all my username here. lol this ain’t no cover story, nor a catfish. lmao so many haters over here. I’m not even a person to get offended if you look at my past posts actually.. also don’t critique someone if you don’t have a photo of yourself as your AVI. I don’t have a big ego. Lmao forever in shock from this reply

        • Maximillian

          I just don’t like bisexual men that bash us or discriminate against us .

          • Xavier

            I will never support a group of people who do not support me, no excuses.

          • michael35

            That’s not true of all bisexuals some you can’t define them all based on the few who may be narrow minded towards us .

            We want respect as human beings so we should be equally capable of showing respect and equal empathy support and understanding towards our bisexual brothers and sisters they are a part of our diverse beautiful multicultural family man they equally matter and I NEVER allow what other people may do within this community define the entire community .

            It wouldn’t be fair and isn’t fair in general.

    • Zealot

      I feel I need to say this, but do real straight guys say “chit chat”?

      • sanfv

        They don’t darling.

      • R.A.M.J

        No! Lol

    • Evan

      You came with not one but 2 receipts on Jeff/Brandon with a quickness ! It does make wonder what he’s doing in your dm’s multiple times on multiple social networks. Maybe he likes you lol. I know you said you’re not into bi guys but arent you at least a little flattered that the hottest guy from Sean Cody messaged you twice ?

    • PreludeToA

      what’s his snapchat, henny?

  • Trepakprince
    • michael35

      That looks like Shirley Temple.

  • pangelboy

    I guess you don’t have to have much of a personality when you’re as good looking as Brandon.

  • jimboivyo

    So this is what we’ve become. Journalistic reporting via twitter feed dissection. I’m thrilled and so much more informed and better for it.

  • R.A.M.J

    I think Brandon is awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his work, but his body is beautiful, and I love his snaps. He seems like someone I could hang out with.

    • michael35

      Yeah if you’re straight .

      • R.A.M.J

        Im Bi, thats close enough. LOL

        • michael35

          Lol in advance I sincerely apologize for any bi phobic comments here I have so many bi friends I can’t even count them all and I love that lol

  • Scrapple

    Oh Brandon.

    Trading sex for money seems more respectable than trading nude pose downs, salacious skype chats or whatever for satellite passwords.

    That Nature vs. Nurture thing? Not even touching that one.

    And those thirsty fans?

  • Zealot

    Just an FYI, Chloe is totes bored with the new class schedule and has some free time, so we may be hearing from her more than usual until approval comes down for her to enroll in “Advanced Foreign Diplomacy for Grade Schoolers”– subtitled, “What Happens on the Playground May Not Stay on the Playground!”.

    She lets me know that she doesn’t “get” how the presence of a camera makes what Brandon does not trading sex for money. She calls Brandon’s statement on the subject “confusing on the surface” and she goes on to comment: “I think he is having an issue accepting that he’s doing something which may not be innate to his nature, but by saying there is a difference in what he does and what some street hustler does is a matter of minuscule factoids and is really splitting hairs”. She concludes: “It comes to the same thing”.

    • Maximus

      Your Chloe posts are EVERYTHING!

      • Zealot

        It’s basically what happens when an opinionated and precocious little mind is piqued by the foibles and absurdities of the gay porn world.

    • Joey

      A+, 10/10, gold star, would read again.

      She’s opinionated, sassy, and accurate. Dangerous combo.

      • Zealot

        I’ll tell Chloe…she’ll be thrilled.

    • michael35

      Who is Chloe ?

  • stephen
  • sanfv

    I can’t with his communication skills.

    I run an ESL class for free in San Francisco. One of you gay for pay loving fans fly him out here ASAP.

    He’ll learn tons! Just ask Mickey Taylor and Paddy O’Brian.

  • Blacharrt

    what he means to say, is he doesn’t take money for sex with Gay dudes, but he will totally take it for having sex with straight dudes. Gay dudes can just watch him on skype. Also try his meal plan.

  • Dale Bergman

    No thanks.

    Let’s get Shaw and Nixon paired up:

    Dimitry needs to return as well:

    • michael35

      Now that I’d go for .

  • C A

    I notice in that opening shot Brandon/Jeff is balding on top. He better make those coins while he still can.

    Hustling on Snapchat isn’t a good look.

  • John

    He may prefer women, especially for a relationship, but he finds sex with guys erotic. Totally. He has had more sex onscreen with men than many people get in a lifetime. He is one of the most perfectly desirable men I’ve seen in porn. Average cock, but he is so All American good looking, has a large wonderful mouth, and looks like he would taste and smell terrific after some rigorous exercise. I just wish these bi boys would tongue kiss for a change.

    • Andrew Simpson

      Well he would be classified as a bisexual on the sexuality spectrum but more to the straight side . I agree he clearly gets pleasure from gay sex.

  • W Murphy

    I like how he tries to claim he’s “not an escort”. Sean Cody is basically a front for prostitution – they rent out all of their stars to rich gay republicans for big $$$ as we have seen many times in the past

  • kevin

    So many of these guys become gay4pay to pay for their musclehead obsession. Jeff/Brandon should connect with Kurt, Coleman, Stu, Joey, and CF Dawson and open up shop in WeHo training rich queens. They wouldn’t even have to sleep with them.

    • Maximillian

      Stu is just as homophobic as Brandon is I’m afraid.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I think Brandon is being respectful but it seems bizarre to me his ex girlfriend was cool with this guy having unprotected bareback sex with other men? Most women are not down with bisexual men. His ex girlfriend must be a very open minded woman. Most women will dump a man when they find out he has sex with other men even if it is his job. And Even if you take HIV out of equation. You still got hepatitis C or syphilis or gonarreah ect. The ex girlfriend was put at risk for STDS. And to have that much gay sex seems odd he has a girlfriend. Yes these guys do gay porn for cash but why deny same sex attraction? He is definitely getting something sexual out of it. Why deny it? Straight men on the street would laugh at Brandon same way they laughed when yusaf mack got caught doing gay porn.

  • Kandel

    Oh! I get it. His last name is Cope, hence the Cope with Fitness. Duh. That only took me several months.

  • john

    his site is terrible u can hardly read anything

  • McM.

    He didn’t think the name of his business through. “To cope” has negative associations and you want ppl to enjoy fitness, not just deal with it or keep their heads above water.

    Another off-putting thing is Brandon/Jeff attempting to glean attention from an already established personal trainer. Brandon CopeLAND ( is an athlete that became a PT and he uses the same hashtags on social media b/c “Cope” is a nickname. In one sense it is smart to utilize established memes in the fitness community to direct traffic to your sites, but in another it is lazy.

    • R.A.M.J

      but isn’t “Brandon’s” last name actually Cope?

  • Silver64

    Won’t bother talking about Brandon,but I hadn’t remembered Kristians solo…that being said…I actually enjoyed the scene solely because I focused on Kristian…wish they would have had someone else top him tho…Jack maybe, or Tanner…

    Kristian could be a nice addition to the stable…hope to see more of him.

  • Eric from Sweden

    Does anybody know what happened to his instagram? Did he delete it, or did he change his name?

  • badgamer1967
  • Edward

    Brandon’s can fuck like nobody’s business. Take down the umbrella and stop the shade. The boy is a sex machine and fine as fuck. That doesn’t change the fact that he is a fucktard. He really is self-obsessed and vapid. I don’t care as I don’t have to live with it.

  • T2TheB

    “Remote” personal training? Yeah…I hope that works for someone…I presume it works for Jeff when folks pay for whatever the hell he does remotely. For myself, I’m sticking with the guy who meets me at the gym five days a week and turned me into a fitness junkie.

  • Maximillian

    His obvious issues with being gay speaks for itself.

    Are people seriously forgetting his anti gay texts a year ago I believe ?

    A leopard can’t change its spots this guy’s still a homophobe suckering many gay guys into believing he actually supports us.