Sean Cody’s Brysen Gets Fucked Bareback And Creampied, Plus A Sneak Peek At The Next Winter Getaway

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5A9A0369As promised, Brysen’s latest bottoming scene is now live on Sean Cody, and while I’m not familiar with his top (it’s a new Sean Cody model named Dillan), I’ll watch anything with Brysen.

5A9A0929 5A9A0676 5A9A0556 5A9A0503Side note: As mentioned above, I’ve never seen Dillan in anything before today, but I better get used to seeing him a lot this month. Sean Cody just teased their next “Winter Getaway” series that starts next week, and Dillan and Deacon are in it. They—like Brysen and Dillan—look like they could be related.

DRIEgQQWAAAwM6rThis getaway was filmed on-location in Wyoming (which is random, but a new location is always nice), and it features duos, a three-way, and a two-part orgy finale. Recent Sean Cody getaways have had technical problems, and the last winter getaway had that orgy with the fake fucking, so let’s hope things go smoothly in Wyoming.

Here’s the trailer for tonight’s Dillan/Brysen scene. It’s still tough to watch most 2017 Sean Cody scenes in full, given the weird new picture quality (this one today is almost glaring at times, with a lot of bright colors). It’s too bad they won’t go back to the clear, crisp visuals they had prior to 2017. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Dillan Fucks Brysen Bareback]

  • TK

    Any time I see a sex scene where a guy steps on another guy’s head I’m out

  • Joel

    I am looking forward to seeing Asher come back and play some more!

    • Ninja0980

      May take a few more months.
      Had a health issue he had to deal with that kept him out of the loop for a bit.

      • Sebastian S

        Eh..too personal.

      • Hunter O’Porn

        He’s returning to fighting shape. He had brain surgery a few months ago. Deacon was by his side. They seem like a great couple.

        • Ninja0980

          They are.
          And glad to see porn and having sex with others hasn’t changed that.

      • Joel

        Oh no! I lost track of his Twitter account, so I was unaware of this. I hope he’s doing well!

  • Ceecee

    I know we’ll probably never get it but FUCK I wish it was Brysen/Jess.

  • Scrapple

    How do you go to Wyoming and not serve corn-fed beef? Steers and Queers. That’s how you do it.

  • Devin

    Not a fan of Dillan. Wish they could have found a better top for Brysen and Deacon. Oh well

    • Sebastian S

      I’ve been missing David lately and his great topping. Everyone mentions Jess, Jess, Jess, but I liked David (then he got overexposed).

      • Devin

        I forgot about David. It’s sad. I actually miss Jarek. He was so cheesy with his stupid hair…but he was one of the best tops at SC. He pounded Calvin doggystyle and the headboard damn near put a hole in the wall. He always fucked with passion and conviction. He was so sexy…especially when he would get verbal. SC has no one like that in their stable today

        • Scrapple

          Jarek was for sure at his best at SC. His moves to Randy Blue and Men weren’t the big triumphs the studio was banking on.

      • Scrapple

        I’ve never forgotten David.

  • badgamer1967
  • Dana Rimons

    So boring.

  • Sed

    Keep up Zach. I already found a picture of all the models in the next Sean Cody Winter getaway.

  • emercycrite


  • Jon

    I honestly can’t believe I slept on Brysen for so long, whew!

    The above doesn’t really apply to this scene though, since Dillan isn’t really a capable enough top to give a good scene, but I went back and watched some of Brysen’s old vids and lawd, he really worked those bottoms to a cock crazed frenzy. Lane, Porter, Joey, Deacon, he did THAT!

    He needs better tops though, Kaleb & Dillan haven’t cut it. I’m thinking Jess, Randy, Tanner or Frankie (maybe). And no, ew Daniel stay away from him.

  • robertdude

    Thought the scene was good, Brysen was fantastic, Dillan rimmed his man for a solid 3 minutes of air time, not many others would, certainly everyone’s fave Jess, who except for a big swinger between his legs, has done nothing for me. Now a Frankie/Brysen scene, oh man yes.

  • Luthor

    Apparently Dean posted a pic of the cast that’s gonna be on this getaway on his instagram. Anyone can link Dean’s instagram?

    • Rockhard

      It’s not the cast some of them are the crew as well, but from seeing the photo be prepared to enjoy Lane and Malcolm because they’re gonna be there.

      So confirmed for the getaway
      Deacon, Dillian, Lane, and Malcom. No idea on others

      • Luthor

        Can you link his IG?

  • Grant Watson

    hot! world still needs a brysen flipflop with randy, or brysen fucking randy, either way his dick needs to work its way into a moaning randy’s hole.

  • Phresh

    I was very much underwhelmed by the scene. The Camera angles were odd and even as a bottom, Brysen dominated the scene and the top. Brysen needs a more demanding dominating top. Both times Brysen has bottomed has been with lazy, mediocre tops.

  • Devin

    I’m not going to complain. I was one of the first people (on another blog) to say that Deacon should do scenes without Asher. I said that the whole couples scenes were only going to work a couple of times before people started talking shit….which is exactly what happened….but I think it would be fucked up if they don’t give Asher some scenes with other models, too. It would be unfair.