WATCH: Sean Cody Boyfriends Deacon And Asher Have A Bareback Fuckfest With Brysen

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07We’ve been hoping that Sean Cody’s real-life boyfriends Deacon and Asher would be back following their debut together in January, and today the historic Sean Cody couple does in fact return. Those of us anticipating this follow-up scene knew it would have to be a three-way, but who would be the third model? We’re in luck, because it’s big-dicked hottie Brysen:

brysenGiven Sean Cody’s recent disastrous track record casting three-ways, I was preparing for the worst (i.e., Porter), so Brysen is a great surprise.

13 17 18For those who’ve been following the drama, it looks like this scene was still shot with Sean Cody’s self-described “awful” filming equipment, but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as last month’s scenes. As noted earlier this week, Sean Cody scenes are just never going to look like they used to, so fans will have to get used to the decline in picture quality.

19 20 22 25This three-way appears to have been filmed in a hotel (note the ugly air conditioning unit and stupid TV in all the shots, Jesus Christ), which is another sad step down for Sean Cody productions. On the bright side, at least it’s a different room and there’s no more white fucking chair.

26 27 29 31Both Deacon and Asher get fucked here, but Brysen does not. This scene goes up in a few hours here, so I haven’t viewed all the sex positions, cum shots, or creampies yet. I’ll update once it’s live if there’s anything extraordinary. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brysen, Deacon, And Asher’s Bareback Three-Way]

  • Target

    Was Brysen prohibited from fucking Deacon?

  • Tktai Kamilla

    I really like much Brysen and Deacon, that I will do my best to enjoy this scene without worrying about the details outside of the sex scenes.
    In the trailer, the image quality, although not the same as before, is passable and can be ignored. So, I hope to have fun with Brysen, and him to surprise me!

  • sanfv

    I miss White Chair :,(

    So young, and so beautiful. Where did she go?

    • marcuz86

      I really miss her ?

      • sanfv

        I’m heart broken.

    • MiloŇ° Del Rey

      Nica Nicolle snatched it for her new series ” Fathers Fucking Their Sons On Their Nephews White Chair”

      • sanfv

        Zach needs to do a story on the downward spiral of White Chair and how they ended up working at Icon to make ends meet.

        I hope White Chair doesn’t start scamming people with Skype shows. Though, I don’t blame White Chair.

    • Iain Gardener

      She died as she lived, covered in cum

    • Zealot
    • erexshawn
    • Scrapple

      She ran off with a cream colored chaise and was banished from the industry.

      Now that her non-compete clause with ABC has ended, expect a familiar face to take the porn world by storm.

      • mc90

        Wasn’t it destroyed by Amanda or Vic herself?

        • Scrapple

          Real bitches can’t be destroyed by fire. Just ask Topher.

        • GCHQ


      • sanfv

        That chair is a thot!

        • Scrapple

          She a thot thot thot. Cookin’ up dope in the crockpot pot.

    • Maximus

      Don’t you read the newspaper? The Senate confirmed her as Trump’s Secretary of Education a couple of weeks ago.

  • DaveAtom

    It should be amazing to see Brysen giving up that ass. But oh he is so gorgeous <3
    Deacon is equally hot af.
    And there is Asher… Not a fan, but whatever.

    • WyattTF

      Agree. He’s not bad looking but certainly outkicked his coverage snagging a hottie like Deacon.

    • Mike Julius

      He’s better looking than Brysen with his neanderthal like forehead. I mean, he’s not ugly, but Asher is better looking.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Brysen and Deacon have the same sized forehead… I don’t know what the big deal is about people saying Asher isn’t as hot as Deacon. As long as they love (lol) each other, that’s all that matters.

        • Dale Bergman

          Brysen’s hot performance made this mediocre scene worth a look. Watching him fuck Deacon’s muscle ass (that internal was hot) is the highlight.

          • WhimsyCotton

            I can’t disagree with that assessment.

      • Dale Bergman

        I disagree. Brysen is more attractive than Asher. I like him better with facial hair.

        • Mike Julius

          He’s better looking with facial hair. I still think Asher is more handsome, but again, I don’t think Brysen’s ugly. Just not as handsome.

          • Dale Bergman

            Agree to disagree. I think Brysen is more attractive than Asher.

            I watched the scene and Brysen was the standout. He came three times and slammed Asher and Deacon really hard. You could tell that he favored Deacon. I’m looking forward to his bottoming debut.

          • Sebastian S

            Deacon is hot, Brysen is sexy AF, Asher is cute boyfriend material. It would’ve been great if Bry would’ve bottomed.

          • Dale Bergman

            Sean Cody milks their performers bottoming debuts and they’re going to save Brysen’s for a different scene. His top should be Randy, Jess, Jack. They are the most experienced tops on the site and one of them would be ideal.

  • Izzy

    They couldn’t / wouldn’t even book a Holiday Inn? This perfectly encapsulates their brand’s drop off.

  • Zavier

    I’m just not feeling these new Sean Cody guys… plain vanilla ice cream cones

    • sanfv

      Is your avi you? Maybe you’d like to freshen them up?

      • Zavier

        Lol Yes it is actually me. But I’m a proud gay bottom and I think the last thing they’d want on Sean Cody is a gay bottom of color who isn’t self hating, closeted, or white worshiping

    • Zachary Sire

      If the scenes were filmed like they used to be, circa 2015, even boring guys would be watchable. They changed crews/direction style/angles/filming techniques a while ago (this is an addition to the recent tech issues with the “new cameras”), and the scenes haven’t been the same ever since.

      • Sebastian S

        There was more variety in the direction. I was never a fan of shower scenes that much but those were at least different. Now it’s, 1) play ___ bro-y sport and joke around boyishly 2) paint by numbers sex scene

    • WyattTF

      What do you mean by plain vanilla ice cream cones? Are you just criticizing them for being white?

  • Xzamilloh
  • Badger

    I hope to God SC doesn’t continue with these ridiculous “I only fuck with my boyfriend” scenarios.

  • Zealot

    This just seems to me so fucking “wholesome”. I mean it’s like the Hardy Boys have a three way with Nancy Drew’s cousin. I can just see the three of them having a strawberry malted down at Pop’s after the shoot (which they all agreed was “Hell-a fun”!). If they’re spotted at Disney World buying matching t-shirts next week don’t be shocked. Just sayin’

    • Zavier

      Because they seem regular af

    • Sebastian S

      I always had a thing for Biff.

  • brock

    I’m honestly here for this. Asher and Deacon are both really hot and clearly have great chemistry. Brysen is hot as well and seems to fit right in (pun intended). I’d watch a whole porn series on just Asher and Deacon having threesomes. This is the best Sean Cody scene in a while.

  • lee lee

    I can’t wait to watch the Deacon and Brysen scene with other guy.

  • Sebastian S

    I wish the comments about Asher were not so harsh mainly because everything about him is “as compared to Deacon”. I think Asher is cute!

    • Ninja0980

      I think so too and the two of them together, hot!

    • Hereweare

      I honestly don’t get it. They are very different types, so at least respect that. There are WAY bigger mismatched couples out there.

      • Sebastian S

        Exactly! Plus if Asher had debuted on his own apart from Deacon I don’t think those comparisons would have come up.

  • Scrapple
  • FooFight
  • Ben

    Nope. Asher is ugly. Bye

  • Dana Rimons

    Missed opportunity not having Nixon but I’ll deal.

  • Who cares if there’s a TV in the shot when the guys are this hot?

  • emercycrite

    Replace Asher with Nixon being gang banged by Deacon and Brysen and this would’ve been perfect.

  • Russell47

    Tedious. Like all 3 guys, but Bryson barely kisses, doesn’t suck, rim or get fucked. Waste. Deacon & Asher are hot guys. There are guys on the site who would have been all over a “no holes” barred 3 way. (Dean, Tanner, Jack, Shaw) Hell Brandon or Nixon, as limited as they are, would have been better, IMO

  • Steve

    I like Asher. So there!

  • robertdude

    Brysen sucked Nixon’s cummy dick and rimmed Lane, it’s not his fault the directors of the scene are idiots. He’s underutilized, other than that, he’s a stud who needs to get banged and good.

    • Zachary Sire

      Both of Brysen’s cum shots were barely even seen in this new scene and were horribly filmed. Embarrassingly bad and so frustrating given how hot he is otherwise.

      • Ninja0980

        It was a poorly filmed scene but even if it had been shot better…. he was the third wheel and it showed IMO.
        Someone below said Deacon and Asher were considering doing scenes with other folks… I’d say it’s a waste of time.
        They have eyes for each other, no one else.
        And there is no point in us having to shell out $$$ for poorly lit scenes, especially when it will be them with folks they have no attraction to.

      • Dale Bergman

        I don’t understand why Sean Cody films a lot of their cum shots from a distance now. Is the new film crew afraid of semen? They should film the cum shots in close-up if they’re not going to have different angle cum shots anymore. There needs to be more close-up penetration shots as well.

        • Zachary Sire

 Whoever is “directing” or filming now always shoots from weird/obstructed positions, where penetration is either covered up by someone’s arm or leg, or it’s like from 10 feet away. Whoever is shooting for them now has no idea how to film or direct porn. Note this shot from 2015’s Curtis and Randy, where everything was directly visible, clear, with the guys fucking correctly, and the camera right where it needed to be. This never happens anymore.

          • Sebastian S

            Zach, this might sound like a silly and pointless question but is there a “boss” at these companies that would have any say over quality control? Like, it took a fan or a subscriber to get someone to acknowledge the poor camera work but is it, for the most part, they just really don’t care anymore about filming correctly? This isn’t subjective bitching about which boys are hot but porn filming 101.

        • Sebastian S

          This. I liked the scene and lived Asher being a little piggy but the cumshots were filmed terribly. Before, if there was a far shot of someone shooting a load it was followed up by a close up; did they cut back are just use one camera now?

          Sidenote: I love Brysen; he needs his beard/scruff back though.

          • Dale Bergman

            “Before, if there was a far shot of someone shooting a load it was followed up by a close up; did they cut back are just use one camera now?”

            Probably both. It’s a crime that there wasn’t a close-up of the internal Brysen gave Deacon. The two camera angle cum shots need to return. Sean Cody needs a new technical crew that knows how to film porn. It’s good that Str8UpGayPorn continues to drag this studio for their poorly filmed scenes. Let’s hope that this once great studio gets their act together.

            Brysen is a stud. I want Randy to top him.

          • Sebastian S

            Ever since his solo, he seems like he’d be a great bottom. A Randy pairing would be epic.

          • Dale Bergman

            I want Randy to top Nixon and Deacon as well.

  • Bastian

    Accepting bets that Deacon and Asher relationship will soon fall apart.

    • Ninja0980

      Depends whether or not they branch out into doing scenes with other people.
      They do that, they relationship will be over by the time summer is, if not sooner.