Will This Be The Final Scene For Sean Cody’s Brysen?

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02Last month, Sean Cody’s Brysen announced that he had retired from gay porn to pursue other employment opportunities (including his work as an underwear model), but like so many retired stars, Brysen filmed scenes prior to that announcement that have yet to be released, and one of those scenes is coming out today. Is this the final Brysen scene?

06 08If this is the final Brysen scene, he’ll be going out on a high note with another one of Sean Cody’s most popular stars. Brysen is topping Sean bareback in this scene.

12While some might argue that this should’ve been a flip-fuck, Brysen is at his best while topping, and Sean is at his best while bottoming, so this works fine for me.

13 16After nearly two years, this might be the last time we’ll ever see Brysen fucking, unless he unretires or unless Sean Cody (like BelAmi with Kris Evans) has a cache of unreleased Brysen scenes in their vault. Either way, the scene today looks good, and Brysen’s hotness will live on forever in all his old scenes. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Sean Bareback]

  • Dana Rimons

    So long dude! ✌

  • sxg

    I sure fucking hope so. We already have our fill of trumptards in the gay porn industry. One less the better!

    • Irene’s Foot

      Wait… which one is the Trumptards???

      This is (not that) shocking for me


      • Ceecee

        I hadn’t seen any Trump posts on Brysen’s social media but I’m not surprised.

        He was EXTREMELY into Hillary conspiracies when I found his feed a while ago.

    • Joey

      Omg so I wasn’t just turned off by him for no reason. I knew his fratty bullshit was suspect. Now I know why. Validation!

      • n24rc

        Well, if he is in WeHo cali, I imagine some of his gay friends will have to deprogram him from his time in the midwest. So, finger crossed, maybe someone would talk some sense into him.

  • sanfv

    She said on Instagram that she has 3-4 unreleased scenes, which translates to “They have some shit but i’ll film more when they call me cuz bills and Trump needs funds to defend Stormy Daniels’ comment about his patriotic dick.”

  • Marcus Collack
  • Marcus Collack
  • peter

    God willing . . .

    I don’t know what anyone sees in either of them.

  • Redphyro

    After that jackson bottoming disappointment im not getting my hopes up on this one

  • Silver64
  • MPG

    I’m cracking up at the fact that Brysen’s Trump love is so problematic that no one has even bothered to hate on Sean. We’ve come a far way!

  • Maximus

    As Robin Roberts once said to Omarosa (and in so doing, thoroughly confused Good Morning America’s predominantly White audience):


  • Scrapple

    Sean must be loving these comments. Just a few short years ago he was the one getting dragged. What a difference a presidential election makes.

    • Tim

      well, there is that and the fact that he actually is a good performer and consistent helps. I don’t care if it is an act or not, if he does it for the money, for the love of it, or to make his wife happy (which if you believed his MTV schtick is why he got into porn as such, she was turned on by the idea). What I care about is he has a big dick, fucks well, bottoms decent enough too, and to the extent he has a social media presence it isn’t the typical stupidity.

      • n24rc

        I think they pretty much at this point they both said the whole episode was fictional and made for TV ratings, so I’ll overlook the stupidity of the rationale. Sean was trying to promote his brand, and the studio probably wanted the free publicity – which they got handfuls of. So they probably got the last laugh on all of us who were bitching at that time.

        At this point, I think MTV has exhausted is gay for pay storytelling on their airwaves starting with the real world and ending with “true life” documentaries without having to go full porn on cable.

        I’m assuming Brysen is like what all retired porn stars say, I’m in a relationship and want to maintain it for the sake of my partners’ sanity – I have to respect that. Plus, he fully admits he’s in a relationship with a man. Many props to him for being honest with himself and other people.

    • Hari Kalyan

      I know I’m a broken record by now but I really dont know how you guys keep track and catalogue everything these porn stars say and do.

      • Scrapple

        Repetition helps. The trick is to never let the shade die down completely.

      • n24rc

        Twitter feeds and social media just broadcast it, I assume most people would avoid it if they could.

  • Jbj

    Will Sean ever get to top again? He’s a hot bottom, but seems like a waste of a hung dick. :/

    • peter

      Being g4p he probably can’t keep it up for guys

  • McM.

    Can he take Sean with him?

  • Irene’s Foot

    I know that I’m the only one who feel this, but I will miss him in porn. Aside from that personal history, he really is a good performer as a top or a bottom

    Hope he’s doing good in life. I guess


  • Brewster McCloud

    Just watched the full scene. Embarrassingly awful. Why would I want to watch these guys standing next to some bamboo plants while they j/o without interacting with each other. And then the (single) sex scene has zero imagination and negative chemistry. WTF is happening to SC. I remember when they made really good porn.

    • Keir Grey

      Yes, and Sean’s dick was limp the entire time…. Now we know why this scene wasn’t a weekend release.

      I thought Brysen’s scene with Jakob was very good. It was one of the few well-photographed SC scenes released this year.

    • Zachary Sire

      and what was with the random blowjob scene in the shower at the end? where no one cums? what a mess.

      • Tim

        yeah, there was that too. I wasn’t so negative on it as such. The BTS part told the story, or at least the one they want to sell–they had to over-edit to make it look like a porn scene. If that was the case just do as you do with Jess and let the guys cum as often as they do and just edit less. if it wasn’t, well, then wow. That being said, it wasn’t so bad that it was unsalvagable. If Sean had come in Brysen’s mouth or on his face there at the end it would have been so much better.

  • Tim

    Sorry, but this was underwhelming. The JO to begin with was poorly shot, the fucking was good, but they only got off once. Or at least they only caught one. If you believe the BTS portion good ol’ Sean was having a bit too much of a good time. It felt spliced together and force in the way I’d expect if the bottom was having a hard time not cumming all the time. I mean, that is hot, but I’d have rather they edited it less and just let it be if that was the case.

  • John

    I hope both guys stay in the industry for a long time. They’re both hot. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • peter

      There’s a place for this type: MEN. They’d have the same W2s

  • Alan Song

    hope he will doing well.