Sean Cody’s Brysen And Jakob Stun In Studio’s First Great Scene Of 2018

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563A6770Brysen was in Sean Cody’s last great scene (with Blake, almost six months ago), and today he’s struck gold again, starring in the studio’s first great scene of 2018. Even scene partner Jakob—who is normally sort of stiff (and not in a good way)—is on fire today, no doubt thanks to the overwhelming appeal of Brysen.

01Every section of this supersized fuckfest (clocking in at nearly 50 minutes long) is well shot, well acted, and gorgeous to watch, starting with the outdoor boxing practice Brysen and Jakob have by the water.

563A6412Back at the studio, Brysen—who is somehow adorable, aggressive, innocent, sensuous, and slutty, all in one scene—does some epic bottoming for the whole video, and Jakob actually fucks two loads out of him during the first round of fucking. Then, Jakob dumps a thick, creamy load onto Brysen’s abs, which he scoops up and eats.


Next, there’s a second round of fucking in the bathroom, and the Brysen/Jakob chemistry continues. I always wonder if scene partners are really into each other, and given how good the fucking is here, I have to believe Brysen and Jakob were having a great time.

563A6579 563A6589Also of note, Brysen’s Skittles tattoos is on full display, and while I’ve noticed it before, I’ve never seen it so prominently featured in a scene. Yes, seeing an image of Skittles along with the “taste the rainbow” slogan on an ass as it’s being fucked is distracting, but it’s a good kind of distracting, for me. Skittles are my favorite candy, so being able to think about them while getting to see Brysen’s butt being fucked simultaneously is a fun treat! (Let’s just hope Skittles doesn’t try to file a copyright claim against Sean Cody?)


There’s a third round of fucking back on the bed, and Jakob fucks yet another load out of Brysen. Then, Jakob cums inside of Brysen’s ass as Brysen bounces up and down on Jakob’s cock, creating one of the most perfect creampies in Sean Cody history. I literally said, “Oh…my God…” when it happened:


Brysen continues his reign as my favorite Sean Cody model, and this is his best work yet. And the remarkably improved Jakob will be earning new fans after this, I think. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Brysen Bareback]

  • jviia


  • This is a win, for sure.

  • keldommage

    Brysen – the god, the best. He really needs to flip-flop, or top, Randy. The two kings ASAP

  • Ceecee

    I’m suuuper feeling Brysen as a bottom, I think he’s one of their best bottoms in forever.

  • Scrapple

    Glad to see Jakob getting his time in the sun. People stay coming for that nose, but they need to come for that dick and that tongue. Whatever position Brysen is in, he plays it with intensity, enthusiasm and a ravenous appetite. It’s a celebration, bitches!

  • B.C.

    Multiple viewing masterfuck marathon. It’s all about chemistry and this pairing has it in abundance. I wish for an encore with reversed roles.

    • peter

      To the best of my knowledge Sean Cody has never done this. The only times two models ever play again is in a subsequent group. As Brysen and Jakob were already in a group, I wouldn’t expect to see them together again.

      Sequential flips are Corbin Fisher’s thing. I have to disagree with what Zach said in his Tyler Smith Collin Simpson piece: sometimes repeat pairings are great if it advances the chemistry between two models who are into each other. The Brayden Quinn series is a good example of this.

      • Scrapple

        Brandon and Tanner worked together twice. Both duos and the roles were switched when Brandon bottomed.

    • Jon

      Jakob has barely even mastered topping, I doubt he’s a good bottom.

      • B.C.

        I bet CF’s bottom family can give him a few pointers. You never know, maybe he’s a natural.

  • Scott

    Does Sean Cody still not allowing downloads for free? Has DRM gone out the window ?

    • John

      Get Ispring Free Cam and you can easily capture an MP4 video of the scene. Good quality as well. Solves your problem….. though charging for downloads sucks… well maybe that isn’t the best word. I use it to copy from Onlyfans and Tube sites.

      • Scott

        Thanks for the advice! You would think if SC knows that is going on, just let their members have the download. Bunch of greedy straight people running mindgeek.

  • Parker Lewis
  • Jbj

    Yasssss! Brysen has definitely become one of my favorites. He’s gorgeous as can be and I love the fact he smiles all of the time. He’s one that you can tell truly enjoys fucking and the guys he performs with his scenes. ???

  • Jose

    Brysen is one of the very few tops that I prefer him to remain topping.

  • DaveAtom

    I’m not a fan of Jakob, but the scene looks great. Besides I love Brysen, currently one of the best in SC.

  • goosegui
  • sammy1023

    You always see Brysen’s body shake during orgasm, but seeing him convulsing full body while riding his man was incredible. Remember when Brysen was a great top? Neither do I anymore. #BrysenOnBottomForever

  • JP
  • Tim

    so I’m sick as a dog right now and so my libido is 0, but if Brysen was able to get some actual work/chemistry out of Jakob, then that alone would be great. looking forward to getting better so i actually can care about jacking off to this.

  • peter

    Two real creampies this week! Did we do something right or something?


    Jakob is sexy to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I get a straight vibe from him and he’s just happened to be turned on by gay sex – and money. I want him to frak me badly.

  • Maximus

    I can’t get into Brysen. He just seems so fake and self-absorbed, the typical gay psychopath who will selfishly use a guy for sex or money and then throw him away with no remorse. Hookup culture promulgates a vapid, impersonal, egocentric form of intimacy, the only kind of intimacy that guys like Brysen are capable of engaging in.

    • Jon

      I mean you could probably say that about most gay pornstars to some extent? Hot, vapid, selfish.

  • darkdexter

    Why do Jakob back? I hate his ugly nose. I really want to punch his nose to be broken. Thanks god that there is Brysen to keep me watch this scne

  • Jon

    This was really hot. Brysen was the MVP here. Considering most of Jakob’s scenes are stiff and barely okay, it looks like Brysen pulled this performance out of him.

    Also, putting forward Brysen to be added into the SC HoF, he literally has not had a bad scene so far either as a top or bottom.

  • pje821

    I’ve seen this and it’s surprisingly hot. Not a fan of Jakob’s but he really seemed into it. The stupid tattoos don’t help either of them. Worth the watch.

  • A Black

    There is nothing stunning about that vulture…I mean Jakob. It’s not just his nose because even if it was normal looking his eyes are still too close together and he’s pale as fuck. Brysen is cute but has certified gay face.

  • classyboy

    Kaleb bottoming begs to differ.