Sean Cody’s Jack Reveals His Favorite And Least Favorite Bottoming Scenes

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sean cody jack bottoming brysenSean Cody’s Jack revealed what his favorite and least favorite scenes were in his Str8Up interview last month, but in new revelations the gay porn star made a few days ago, we’re getting even more insight into what Jack has liked and disliked the most during his time at Sean Cody.


A fan on Twitter recently asked Jack to rank his bottoming scenes specifically, and rather than rank them all (there have been five total), Jack simply shared his favorite and least favorite. Based on Jack’s answers, this is a clear reminder that a viewer’s favorite gay porn scene starring their favorite performer is often different than the performer’s own favorite scene. No, Jack’s favorite bottoming scene wasn’t his legendary duo with Daniel (as seen above), it was actually his scene with…Jakob? Yes, Jakob:

sean cody jakob fucks jackI didn’t think much of this scene when it was released last year (in fact, I searched my archives and I didn’t even cover it?), but knowing now that Jack loved it, I’ll have to go back and revisit Jakob fucking Jack. Here’s the trailer for anyone who missed it:

[Sean Cody: Jakob Fucks Jack Bareback]

jack bottom sean cody

Jack’s least favorite bottoming scene? As you can see in Jack’s tweet above, it was his bottoming scene with Brysen.

brysen fucks jack sean codyI thought this was a pretty good scene, but as a Brysen stan, I might be biased. Brysen’s superhuman strength was particularly impressive, but I guess being picked up and fucked in mid-air wasn’t very fun for Jack.


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brysen Fucks Jack Bareback]

What would be your favorite Jack bottoming scene? I think the Jack/Daniel scene is easily the best in terms of the overall production, direction, and performances, but if I had to choose my own personal favorite Jack bottoming scene, it would probably be Jack’s bottoming debut with monster-cocked Jess. Clip (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Jack Bareback]


  • sxg

    I could kind of see why now. He seems to favor scenes that are less work or least painful for him.

    Brysen has a good-size dick and has a great stroke game, so clearly it’s more mentally, and maybe physically, draining on him to pretend he’s enjoying it. Jakob, on the other hand, looks and fucks like a dead fish, as well as has a penis the size of a toddler’s pinky. So it’s pretty clear it was less demanding on him and by far the easiest paycheck to collect out of all his bottoming scenes.

  • C A

    I Would say the Jack/Jess was my fav Jack bottoming scene.

  • C A

    I’m trying to figure out if Jacks tweet about Brysen means Brysen could handle all that body Jack has and got worn out early and kept taking breaks or Brysen was trying to do too much and was doing stunts nobody rehearsed or wanted in the scene. Like do you really need to pick me up and attempt that particular stunt? Was Brysen feeling a bit insecure and wanted to establish his Alpha Status? Either way the word tired was used.

    • TruthTeller2020

      Brysen was doing the absolute most in that scene. His cockiness was almost boardline Daniel’s, with a tad bit of creepiness. Brysen was trying to comes off as an Alpha top, and end coming off overbearing and annoying.

  • Dave Morozkin

    Jacob is the little engine that could.

  • Joel

    Dylan = Brysen > Jakob >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anyone else but Jack

  • P-laudy

    Well, I just said that, this tells all, Brysen is not a good top and he is just pretending to be one, actually that scene for me, personally, was horrible to watch, so fake and so overacting soo…guurl (sc) what are u doin’ wrong…weeell!

  • AJ

    I realize I may be in the minority here, but does anyone else think this is a bad look?

    At its core, porn is supposed to be a fantasy, and part of that fantasy involves the idea of two people enjoying the situation playing out on screen. While he’s more than allowed to have his opinion, actually putting it out there not only kills that fantasy for fans, but also really proves that this probably is all about the cash he’s making.

    Also also, what happens if one or any of his scene partners decide to step out and line up all of the ways they didn’t enjoy him during their scene?

    • Vizual Bastard

      I’ll agree with you on this one. I actually was quite tired of Randy, but after reading his interview and his obsession with money, I stopped watching his scenes, he totally killed the (what was left of the) fantasy for me.

  • Jon

    Wellllll, from a viewer’s POV, Jakob is a crappy top and Brysen seems somewhat competent, so who knows….

  • Scrapple

    I’m just glad he didn’t say his least fave was the one with Jess. The vid with Brysen makes sense. That was all about Brysen trying to do too much, and everyone involved overacting. Brysen’s topping was much better before he retired, returned and decided his hole was closed for business and he needed everyone to view him as some sweaty alpha top.

    Glad to see Jakob getting some recognition. He started out looking like total trade, but I think he was eating ass by his second scene. He seemed to have fun with all his partners too.

    • TruthTeller2020

      I’m glad. I am not the only one, who saw Brysen come off as try a hard, wannabe Alpha top. He was more fun, when he was versatile, before the retirement. His recent scenes have been lackluster

      • Scrapple

        He’s taking it too far. I was thoroughly disgusted when he was literally sitting on Kurt’s back while fucking him. And when he kicked the back of Kurt’s leg to reposition him. He’s not a fucking horse.

  • CA

    I’ve regularly said that Brysen is weird as fuck and completely overrated. I suspect other performers would agree with Jack’s experience.

  • TruthTeller2020

    I can see why, His scene with Brysen was his least favorite. The chemistry simply wasn’t there. Brysen wasn’t exactly helping the situation, with his snarky remarks, about Jack not being able to take it(in the shower part). You could see Jack going through emotions. Brysen should have tried to be more accommodating, about the fact, Jack isn’t a power bottom, who wants to manhandled. Say what you want about Jakob, but he wasn’t trying dominate and power fuck Jack. He more attentive to Jack, than Brysen.