#FlashbackFriday: Sean Cody’s Jake Fucks A Huge Load Out Of Isaac In Hawaii

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sean cody jake isaacWelcome to #FlashbackFriday, where Str8UpGayPorn revisits a classic gay porn scene released at least five years ago.

0014Like last week, today’s #FBF scene is from Sean Cody (please leave your recommendations for a studio other than Sean Cody to cover in next week’s post!), and it stars two of the studio’s most popular performers from 2008-2011: Jake and Isaac.

0035This classic duo scene was a highlight from Sean Cody’s Hawaiian Getaway series, with Jake and Isaac fucking in multiple positions both inside and outside the gorgeous Hawaiian mansion.


Isaac is one of my favorite Sean Cody powerbottoms, but we actually get to see him putting his big dick to great use in this scene, because it’s a flip-fuck.

00390053Jake is one of the most physically perfect models in Sean Cody history (body, face, cock—he had it all), and while he was a strong versatile performer, he was always at his best when he topped. Clip:

[Sean Cody: Jake And Isaac Flip-Fuck]

Jake jackhammered the hell out of Isaac in this scene, and he fucked a truly massive load out of him.

jakeis400560060This 2009 duo was obviously pre-bareback Sean Cody, but the condom definitely does not get in the way of this being one of the studio’s all-time best scenes. Clip (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Jake And Isaac Flip-Fuck]

  • Keir Grey

    It’s too bad that new subscribers will be unable to view the entire scene on Sean Cody’s site. The clip that you posted with them in missionary on the table is cut (the scene ends short). This was another faulty transfer when they redesigned their site. A lot of their classic scenes are fucked up now on the main site with technical issues. SC needs to FIX these problems! I’m surprised that STR8UPGAYPORN hasn’t done an article regarding this travesty.

    • Zachary Sire

      Thank you–I haven’t watched or downloaded old scenes from the site since the redesign. I’ll go back and look at some and I’ll let them know.

  • Scrapple

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the only SC model named Jake who deserves wistful strokes down memory lane. He got to fuck the asses of Jay, Dave, Jamie, Calvin and Mitch. Not a bad scorecard.

    I’d nominate Randy Blue for the next flashback. We’ll officially be in October, and RB used to make really good Halloween themed videos. Also, the site’s demise is a bone-chilling cautionary tale which still keeps people up at night.

    • Ty Huber

      Is there a good account of what went wrong at RB? I liked much of their stuff, and when they went bareback it looked like pretty good content to me. And then suddenly that rash of recycled Euro garbage and then … nothing.

      • Scrapple

        It can be assumed multiple issues were at play. Any time you have an owner-created and owner-run business, you’re going to run into problems when that owner gets up in age. Particularly if that person doesn’t have a second-in-command or protégé to take over. We saw that play out with Jake Cruise and Drake Rock. It’s currently happening with ChaosMen, Corbin Fisher and other sites. It would’ve happened with Sean Cody, but Sean knew it was time to get out before he burned out. People slammed him for that buyout, but really there was nothing else he could do. It’s not like a porn site is a family business you can pass on to your offspring or siblings (unless you’re Legrand Wolf). Unless you have someone you can trust at the helm, things are going to be difficult.

        Even if you don’t suffer from burnout, there comes a point where you’re going to have to adapt your business model. When you’ve created something from the ground up it can be hard to deter from whatever your original vision was. You either stay the same and achieve stagnation, or you go so far left your site becomes a shell of its former self. On top of transitioning to barebacking, RB also started getting into the camming business. In addition to their own live shows (which they had been doing for a while) they started a business relationship with Flirt. So now you’ve introduced models to another source of revenue. The more popular ones didn’t have to fly out to the studio and take time off from work and loved ones when they could simply film in their own place. Which in turn made it harder to schedule models and also made it harder to find new models. That’s why near the end (or rather the first end) you saw so many models who had worked elsewhere, or were one-offs. At one point, RB was so intensely focused on the camming aspect that it completely dominated the site’s page. The camming adverts were everywhere, even tacked onto the actual scenes. That’s also when/why they started adding questionable descriptors to the writeups. If you look back, a lot of the scenes would put an emphasis on the model’s sexuality, ethnicity, skin color, country of ancestral origin, or physical features. It was revealed that the site was doing that intentionally, using keywords to increase their search engine hits. Hits which they were hoping would lead visitors to the cam models.

        The reason the site didn’t die outright is because cam coins were still to be had. That’s why the site started posting all those Euro recycles, because they wanted to keep any kind of attention on the camming. Same thing with that short-lived revival where they were basically putting models from other sites in lackluster scenes. If you look at the site now, the camming is still advertised. Some vids are available for purchase, some are available for free. They’re no longer concerned with subs, it’s about the camming. It’s all they have at this point. They must be making enough money to run the site hosting costs, otherwise the site would’ve been shutdown ages ago. At one point I remember talk of someone trying to bring it back for a second time. I guess cooler heads prevailed. All you have to do is take a minute to look at the page now (especially the signup tab) and you’ll see what the primary focus is.

        • Keir Grey

          All of Randy Blue’s archived scenes are deleted. I made the mistake of trying to purchase a scene and I couldn’t access it.

          • Scrapple

            Maybe something is wrong with the site, or that particular vid. As far as I see, vids are still there, and the site still has those “Free Tube” vids of old scenes. In fact, I just spent a minute laughing at one of their vids tagged as “Christian Sharpe fucks the hot black butt of Roman Todd.” Roman is many things, but Black ain’t one of them. And I’m pretty sure Christian’s last name is spelled wrong. But the kicker? It’s actually for a vid of Christian fucking Robert Craig. That’s how in the shitter Randy Blue is.

        • john a

          Williamhiggins succeeded in passing it onto his young peers former models who actually improved the overall quality of the site and scenes.

          • Scrapple

            I’m not saying a site’s legacy can’t be passed on, but it’s usually only going to be a successful transfer if you have someone who you’ve groomed to take over. Jason at CF tried to do that with Pete, Connor and now Kellan. Bryan at CF is doing it with Ransom. As with anything, you can groom someone for a position you want them to take over for you, but it doesn’t mean they’ll actually want it when the time comes.

      • Ty Huber

        Wow – thanks for taking the time to put forth this very thoughtful and cogent reply to my question. And OMG I’d completely forgotten how the camming crept in there and overtook everything. Re: legacy, passing the torch: who’s taking over for George DuRoy? — Luke? Marty? Lukas? Kevin? Johan? Sure seems like they have plenty of heirs-apparent.

        • Scrapple

          Not sure about BA. My exposure to them is really limited to that brief collab with Corbin Fisher, and way back when Falcon had its International line.

  • GossipBoy

    I nominate any of Devin (Seancody) scenes. <3
    Thank you <3!

    Jake was a super hot model, wonder if he would come back to SC after all these years!