Sean Cody’s Lachlan Makes Bottoming Debut With Devy In “The Gym”

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Remember Lachlan? It’s OK if you don’t. His last Sean Cody scene was over one year ago, but he’s back today for his first bottoming scene. This bottoming debut comes after seven topping scenes since Lachlan started with the studio in 2019.

Lachlan’s top (who is also Lachlan’s bottom in this flip-fuck scene) is Devy, and they’re fucking in the gym in the second episode of this Sean Cody series, which is appropriately titled “The Gym.”

There’s nothing too exciting about this scene, but the good news is, Lachlan’s bottoming is better than his lackluster topping. Also, it’s great to see Devy (the main star of this series, after appearing in the previous episode) showing off his versatility, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes as the bottom today.

There’s one more episode of this series left, so I guess it’ll be an orgy with Devy, Phillip, Josh, and someone else? Maybe another pointless cameo from Stu? We’ll find out next week. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Devy And Lachlan Flip-Fuck Bareback]

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