WATCH: Jacen Zhu Fucks Sean Ford In “The Bottle Collector”

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dg1a5850Chapter two of CockyBoys’ All Saints continues with another installment this week, “The Bottle Collector,” and like the first part we saw last month, this episode features more breathtaking visuals and excellent performances from the two leads, Sean Ford and Jacen Zhu. From the costumes to the music to the sets and, eventually, to the fucking, this is probably my favorite All Saints episode. It’s gorgeous yet simple (with so much going on here, it could’ve felt overproduced and pretentious, but it never does), with both Sean and Jacen turning in some of their finest work.

dg1a5904 untitled-5802 dg1a6096 dg1a6103Description via CockyBoys:

Jake Jaxson’s ALL SAiNTS Chapter Two takes another journey into past lives In “The Bottle Collector”, decades after part one’s Civil War episode. In the backwoods of Depression era Louisiana, motherless loner Luke (Sean Ford) spends his days digging up and collecting discarded remnants but has a particular affinity for bottles. One field trip takes him into uncharted territory and a inexplicable discovery. On another search two years later he meets John (Jacen Zhu) a fellow digger whose interests are more practical.

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Luke & John become friends, spending time together digging & collecting and in Luke’s room, his memento-laden haven. As they share their thoughts & common interests their bond grows deeper, and later as they exchange meaningful gift,s they cautiously explore their physical attraction. The more worldly John (Jacen Zhu) is gentle with Luke (Sean Ford), caressing and lightly kissing his lips and body and slowly undressing him. John/Jacen briefly sucks Luke/Sean to tantalize him with his first taste of oral pleasure before proceeding with his sensual seduction.

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Soon, John turns Luke around to rim the breathless lad and press the hardness in his pants against his ass. Since this is his first time John/Jacen enters Luke/Sean slowly,telling him to breathe and relax before starting to slightly thrust in deeper. He patiently gives him time to get used to these new sensations but soon Luke wants to try giving back. Tentatively he takes John’s fully hard cock into his mouth and makes him moan and express words of pure, unfiltered affection.

dg1a6291Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys All Saints Chapter Two: Jacen Zhu Fucks Sean Ford]

  • Daniel Hayes

    I really don’t get a lot of this pretentious stuff they’re doing. Some of their sex scene are hot, though…

  • Julio Grandeur

    this scene was absolutely fantastic. Love how extra the storytelling is and the sex looks great

  • B.C.

    Love Sean’s curly hairdo. Both look hotter than ever, and sell the story/ fucking expertly. Only one slight complaint – lighting during sex could have been better.

  • Scrapple

    I don’t necessarily want to watch two near-homeless bottle collectors pontificate about life, but the sex was good and Jacen’s cumshot was impressive. But that ending? What is up with Cocky Boys always going that route? A young man has his first sex experience…with a guy…who happens to be Black…and he gets strangled? What the fuck kind of message is that? And this is how you followed up the Civil War entry? Mess.

    Shit like this is why I’m tired. People keep putting these images and themes out there without any thought to the consequences or the ideologies they’re perpetuating. It’s lazy and destructive.

    • B.C.

      Death plays major part in every
      All Saints episode. First chapter was introductory, rich with mystical symbolism and little glimpses into violent, lethal past. First episode of the second chapter also ended with death. Actually two deaths of soldiers played by Cole Claire and Max Adonis. I don’t see the race issue or stereotypical ideology.

      • Scrapple

        You don’t see it. Good for you. It bothers me seeing people murdered after sex. Especially gay sex. Interracial gay sex at that. But maybe I’m just wired differently.

        This idea that gay sex always has to be violent, or rapey, or murderous, or conniving or illicit is wrong no matter how you slice it.

        • No_No_No_Yes
        • holgerson

          It’s about keeping in mind, especially gay sex, interracial gay sex could end fatally when it became public.

          • Scrapple

            And the message is, “Live in secret.” Great.

          • Me2

            It really is frightening how willfully ignorant some of these people are. Wish I could so disinclined of deeper meanings; I’d sleep better.

        • Willie Starr

          I’m tired of the people who think that gay sex needs to be motivational or inspirational in ways that straight sex is not required to be. I don’t want to watch the porn of the guy fucking his monogamous husband to celebrate his promotion at work. I want to watch the porn where the guy gets blackmailed and fucked by his boss, then comes home and gets pimped out by his evil husband.

          • Scrapple

            And I’m tired of people who lack reading comprehension skills. I didn’t say anything about motivation or inspiration. I said what I don’t want to see all the time in porn.

            Next time, don’t put words in my mouth or in my posts. Thank you.

          • Willie Starr

            I guess if I felt you had said that I would have addressed you, rather than ‘people’

          • Scrapple

            Addressing your comment to me is addressing me. You could’ve posted that all on your lonesome without attaching it to my comment.

          • Willie Starr

            I respond to subjects, not people. But go on with your egotism.

          • Scrapple

            It’s clear to me you don’t know how blogging works, if you think responding to someone is not responding to them. Whatever. Your issues are not my issues. Have a great night.

          • Willie Starr

            Your issue is how to make a point without needing to feel like you took someone down a peg. Cheers.

          • Willie Starr

            You put plenty in your mouth on your own.

          • Scrapple

            Yep, lots of dicks and assholes have been in my mouth. Sorry if that makes you jealous.

          • Willie Starr

            Your foot, too.

    • The sex is always good in a Cockyboys scene or movie thank the porn gods!

      The problem is the subject here (the Civil War) the interracial theme which simply would not have happened in that era. Of course you know how this would end, tragically what other story telling option would work?

      Depressing and boner killing like anything related to that great American tragedy which we might fully expunge from our collective national nightmare sometime in the 22nd century.

      Still amazing work from Sean Ford and Jacen Zhu, scene of the year? Not really but in the top ten.

      • Scrapple

        I’m still trying to figure out how someone could go “You know what would be really hot? Sex under the backdrop of the Civil War!” Like maybe pic another timeline that didn’t involve people being legally enslaved.

  • MM

    I used to get excited to see Sean, but damn, I find all his scenes so boring now!