WATCH: Jacen Zhu Fucks Sean Ford In “The Bottle Collector”

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dg1a5850Chapter two of CockyBoys’ All Saints continues with another installment this week, “The Bottle Collector,” and like the first part we saw last month, this episode features more breathtaking visuals and excellent performances from the two leads, Sean Ford and Jacen Zhu. From the costumes to the music to the sets and, eventually, to the fucking, this is probably my favorite All Saints episode. It’s gorgeous yet simple (with so much going on here, it could’ve felt overproduced and pretentious, but it never does), with both Sean and Jacen turning in some of their finest work.

dg1a5904 untitled-5802 dg1a6096 dg1a6103Description via CockyBoys:

Jake Jaxson’s ALL SAiNTS Chapter Two takes another journey into past lives In “The Bottle Collector”, decades after part one’s Civil War episode. In the backwoods of Depression era Louisiana, motherless loner Luke (Sean Ford) spends his days digging up and collecting discarded remnants but has a particular affinity for bottles. One field trip takes him into uncharted territory and a inexplicable discovery. On another search two years later he meets John (Jacen Zhu) a fellow digger whose interests are more practical.

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Luke & John become friends, spending time together digging & collecting and in Luke’s room, his memento-laden haven. As they share their thoughts & common interests their bond grows deeper, and later as they exchange meaningful gift,s they cautiously explore their physical attraction. The more worldly John (Jacen Zhu) is gentle with Luke (Sean Ford), caressing and lightly kissing his lips and body and slowly undressing him. John/Jacen briefly sucks Luke/Sean to tantalize him with his first taste of oral pleasure before proceeding with his sensual seduction.

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Soon, John turns Luke around to rim the breathless lad and press the hardness in his pants against his ass. Since this is his first time John/Jacen enters Luke/Sean slowly,telling him to breathe and relax before starting to slightly thrust in deeper. He patiently gives him time to get used to these new sensations but soon Luke wants to try giving back. Tentatively he takes John’s fully hard cock into his mouth and makes him moan and express words of pure, unfiltered affection.

dg1a6291Trailer (watch full scene here):

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