WATCH: Sean Ford Gets Fucked And Swallows Cum In Lifeguards

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Lifeguards-Flirting-With-Fire-004Sean Ford might be the man who helped break up Blake Mitchell and Casey Tanner, but he’s also Helix’s best newcomer of 2016, and his Lifeguards scene (live here) is the best of the series so far.

Lifeguards-Flirting-With-Fire-045I don’t know if I’m #TeamBlake, #TeamSean, or #TeamCasey, but I do know that if I had a boyfriend, I’d probably cheat on him with Sean Ford, too.

Lifeguards-Flirting-With-Fire-013At 19, the smoldering Sean Ford could be walking a runway as a mainstream fashion model (he might need to be a couple inches taller, tbh), but instead he’s decided to let us watch him fuck. Thank you, Sean Ford.

Lifeguards-Flirting-With-Fire-035The only thing better than Sean Ford’s face is Sean Ford’s face dripping with cum, and at the end of this scene you’ll get to see just that. Ford takes a creamy facial from Noah White before shooting his own load on White’s face.

seannoahTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Sean Ford And Noah White Flip-Fuck]


  • Halisign Q

    Ahahahaaaaaa. Portraying these twinks as versatile. I’m in stitches.

  • Alias74PornReviews

    GODDDAMN….Noah White is one major beauty!

  • P-laudy

    He’s probably the twink versiĆ³n of Marco Rubi

    • GCHQ

      Sean is 10x better

  • gamera87

    Stop saying “swallows” when you mean “tastes.”

  • Maximus

    Zachary, do you honestly expect us to believe that you would cheat on Tegan Zayne with a barely legal stick-figure? Gurl, please.

    • GCHQ


  • GayhawkAZ

    Noah sounds like quite a queen. And I’m surprised — Miss Ford uses condoms. So she’s a homewrecker with a modicum of common sense.

    • GCHQ

      Fake gossip

  • mistymouse

    In some photos he looks like an older Eleven from Stranger Thing. Oh my, can’t unseen o.0

    • GCHQ