Sebastian Young Released On $50,000 Bond, Pre-Trial Date Set

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young6After being in custody for nearly two months, gay porn star Sebastian Young was released from a Florida jail this week on a $50,000 bond.

Young had initially been denied bail after prosecutors argued that his release could endanger the detective whom he allegedly threatened to kill. Young is facing a felony charge of corruption by threat against a public official, which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison.

As with most bonds, Young only had to pay 10% of the $50,000. That $5,000 is non-refundable, even if he’s found not guilty.

bond1 bond3

Conditions of Young’s release include no contact with the detective or her family, not entering the city of Ormond Beach (where the detective lives), and not operating a motor vehicle, which makes sense, given that he allegedly threatened to run over the detective with his car. A pretrial date has been set for August 15th.


After being released from custody, Young took to Twitter to update his fans, and perhaps recoup some of that $5,000:

young1 young2 young3As reported exclusively last month, Sebastian Young was arrested after allegedly telling a clerk in his lawyer’s office that he planned to murder a female police detective by running her over with his car. According to a police affidavit, Young believed that the detective, Danielle Reagan, was “ruining his life” by investigating claims that Young had sexually molested his children and given his 5-year-old daughter an STD. No charges were filed relating to those claims, which Young himself went public with in March.

Several years ago, Young was arrested and convicted for assault on an elderly person over 65, for which he spent nearly two years in prison. Young has also been arrested at least eight times on multiple drug, DUI, burglary, traffic, and battery charges over the past 12 years. While he has been arrested at least three times recently for assaulting his wife, charges were either eventually dropped or never filed after each arrest.


  • itsbritneybitch

    Y’all my man is back

  • OverKill

    Get ready for your future Sebastian:

    Only so many times you can get that “get out of jail” free card.


    But I rather do this with my money than give it to you:

  • Todd

    I’ll start the pool for Sebastian’s next arrest date.
    Dibs on Friday, July 29, 2016

    • Zealot

      My birthday!!!

    • kkdd1

      I give him until noon thursday july 28th and even that’s being a bit optimistic 2016 LOL

  • Russell47

    I wonder who bailed him out. Can’t see him coming up with 5 Grand. Someone should check & see where that GOPper who screwed with Jarek is these days.

    • Badbike


      • steve adams

        Even DB has better taste than that!

    • Russell47

      Donald Burns..right. Couldn’t remember his name. Probably sent a check from Cleveland to FL

    • asby

      I think DB’s taste is still bit more on the Fratjock type rather than the aging hustler type

  • Steven

    For anyone who thinks gays in general are smarter than straight people, just look at the responses on his twitter to get a reality slap

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, Twitter is not where you go to get an accurate sample of a demographic… it’s where you go to look at 30 second porn clips and to be triggered with microaggressions and other SJW crap

  • Donald Horn

    He has a nice bubble butt.

  • Greg

    It’s almost like a conspiracy! What’s it gonna take to get rid of this guy? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!

  • Greg

    It’s almost like a conspiracy! What’s it gonna take to get rid of this guy? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Greg

    Seriously, It’s almost like a conspiracy! What’s it gonna take to get rid of this guy? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Zealot

    You know Ty-Ty….when sitting for a photograph, even one as seemingly meaningless as a mug shot, one must always remember their coloring and dress accordingly. Obviously, Joshua is a “winter”….I mean, just look at how ephemeral his skin tone looks against that persimmon shirt. He’s glowing! It’s ab-so-lute-ly magical. I look at that and say to myself, “now there’s a young man who knows how to dress for a photograph”. He is especially noteworthy in complimentary winter tones of medium gray, ebony and mon dieu, that flawless winter white! If one must be arrested, it is essential that you remember how you’ll be immortalized in the photos– which inevitably come, horrid lighting and all, hahahahaha. But I digress. Smile, don’t smile it doesn’t matter. He’s saying it all with his color choices and those daring eyes! Joshua has definitely made my “Top 10” mug shot list this season, as he has every year since turning 18. He just cannot put a foot wrong!

  • Xzamilloh

    Fuck what you have coming… let me see that ass!! Because if the ass is gone, so am I

  • jon

    YASS, his comeback jail themed scene at Men it’s probably being released sooner than I thought <3

    • Greg

  • Dale Bergman

    “I was away for a while.” – Sebastian Young

    Yes, and you should still be “away”…

    How many chances is he going to get before something tragic happens to someone?

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    all those replies :/ i guess to each its own

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    I hate that his gorgeous, amazing ass is attached to such a POS human being! ?

    I can’t lie…I wouldn’t be mad if another video of him getting fucked came out. Gotta be real. Ass too phat.

  • kkdd1

    Joshua if u r interested in making some money 2 pay legals bills have a hidden camera set up so U can capture the first time that U get prison FUCKED UP THE ASS on video I am sure there will be a great demand 4 that !

    • Jace

      Oh, I think that boat sailed long ago.

      • Mike Julius

        probably meant the first time *this* prison term

  • GrownFury

    When you’re right you’re right. steals one last look

  • WhimsyCotton

    Sebastian, you have such good attributes. Why can’t you be a good boy and stay out of jail? Stop walking that career criminal life and put that ass to use in front of the camera instead of in the prison showers!

    I’ll pray for your enlightenment.

  • gamera87

    what is his best ATM scene

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    Lol it’s a little funny that people don’t like him as a person because of his criminal history, but they love that ass! I may not like what Sebastian/Josh is doing (you know, the charges), but he can get it! Haha

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    Another winner

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    Perhaps he will use his bail time to finally figure out who gave his young daughter an STD….

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  • Mike Julius

    To get some of y’all through withdrawal and over this hump (of a human)

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    Oh trust me, I am already very familiar with those cakes. ? Nick Sterling could get the business! I’d like to see him focus on his bottoming.

    I see your Nick Sterling and raise you a Trent Davis. Sadly, I fear he retired. But still, it’s to be appreciated. Especially in his scene with Sean Xavier. The pic below doesn’t present it as well as your pic of Nick, but it’s a phatty for sure!

  • badgamer1967

    A day in the life of Sebastian Young

  • badgamer1967

    Sebastian Young a day in the life…