Taylor Reign Apologizes To CockyBoys For Accusing Them Of Non-Payment: “We Talked Things Out, And Our Family Quarrel Is Over”

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Taylor-Reign-Gay-Porn-Star-Alex-Vaara-Naked-2After spending two weeks making accusations that they owed him over $18,000 for past due payments on scenes, commissions, and other revenue, Taylor Reign has just announced that he has resolved his issues with CockyBoys, and he and the studio’s “family quarrel is over.” While he didn’t disclose how, exactly, a resolution was met, Reign does admit that there was “miscommunication” between him and the studio, and that they have “talked things out.” Reign’s full statement on the matter was shared in two Twitter videos, both of which are embedded below.

Surprisingly, Reign also states that he and CockyBoys are “going to continue to work with each other,” now that “everything has been hashed out and taken care of.” As a fan of Reign’s performances at CockyBoys, this is excellent news, and we can look forward to seeing more Taylor Reign scenes at CockyBoys in the near future. I will never forget his DP with Josh Moore and Ricky Roman, as seen below.


Here are the two videos Reign released today announcing the resolution, in which he apologizes for his past allegations against CockyBoys, saying, “I want to apologize for taking an aggressive stance.”

Following the videos, CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson replied to Reign publicly for the first time today, writing, “Thank you Taylor. To me there is no better measure of a man, than his ability to work to find a breakthrough from a breakdown —and you are the very measure of that proud confident man that I have had the pleasure of working and creating with for the last 3 years. Love Always, JJ.”


ICYMI, that iconic DP scene (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Ricky Roman And Josh Moore Double-Penetrate Taylor Reign Bareback]


  • Default_User

    Is that porn speak for “We have reached a amicable conclusion. The terms of our settlement would remain confidential. Thanks.”?

    • FrenchBug

      Yep. Classic settlement.
      He gets his money and they get their “reputation” back by him withdrawing his allegations.

      • Scrapple

        I see what you did there with “reputation.” https://media0.giphy.com/media/4K1snGhe8rJKIO0sGs/giphy.gif

      • TaylorReignXXX

        No allegations were withdrawn.

        Our settlement is them fulfilling what was agreed upon and what I had been pushing for the whole time. Paid for my services, scene content or my DVD line which they decided to go with as originally agreed.

        I apologized to the FANS for seeing me get upset; not for speaking up.

  • CLElover216

    git da coin first

  • Quinton Jackson

    I know that’s right. The check cums first and everything else cums second. Tay Tay looks beautiful by the way.

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Awww thankyouuuuu

  • Aspiring_daddy

    Soooooo….. Reign was shown the receipts proving he HAD been paid?????

    • FrenchBug

      No. He was paid in exchange for withdrawing his public allegations.
      Exactly like a judicial settlement would do: we give you the money but no admission of guilt.

      • TaylorReignXXX

        No they just agreed to follow through with what was promised: dvd line

  • Scrapple

    Two weeks ago Taylor was in full “Apeshit” mode talking about “Put some respek on my check!” Now he’s in full Anita Baker mode singing “I apologize.” Baby they made that boy eat crow just so he could get back to eating filet mignon. Look at how dour he is in those vids. That is not the face of someone who victoriously won a battle and is reaping the spoils of victory. That is the face of conciliation. You can’t knock the hustle. Not if you want to get paid.

    • Jay Lias

      “Two weeks ago Taylor was in full ‘Apeshit’ mode. Now he’s in full Anita Baker mode.”

      I’m dead.


    • Hush-ins

      It can be told from his face the term agreed upon to settle their “family dispute” would benefit the studio more rather than him. If only these models have friends in law school…

      • Scrapple

        Many times “family” will do you dirtier than friends or even strangers.

        • Hush-ins

          Even biological ones, agreed. Family-based work ethic rarely works because hiring and firing employees will be viewed in business perspective in the end.

          • TaylorReignXXX

            That’s what it was all along for me. Business. Making friends and memories along the way. But I do hold business partners accountable.

          • Hush-ins

            Assuming your two replies to my comments and your other replies in this article are what truly happened in this incident regarding the situation (pardon the scepticism) then I am glad if things worked out for you in the end and I am glad that you remember it is all business first and foremost. I wish things will go smoothly for you and people you cherish in life.

      • TaylorReignXXX

        No, it is me being frustrated at the situation which panned out exactly what I had been promised at the beginning and been asking for the whole time.

  • Mokojojo

    I’m glad that I didn’t take the time to read through his tweet thread. I hope he saved them. Since he’s going to work with notorious non-payer M*****l L***s, he can just retweet them when he doesn’t get paid again(?) in a couple of months.

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Thanks but no I won’t be working with their studio at this time. We went into negotiations and unfortunately my rate is too much for them.

      • FrenchBug

        I know you didn’t mean it that way but “my rate is too much for them” is deliciously shady considering the rumors about ML
        That being said: good. You’re too good to associate yourself with that trash of a human being

        • TaylorReignXXX

          Not sure. I asked what they paid and then politely let him know my rate and was told they couldn’t push that. I’ll just have to wait for some of those boys to get out of contract hahaha

          • Hush-ins

            Does in mean you are open to working with them when the opportunity comes?

  • Xzamilloh

    What we really need to know is what does Sean Ford think of all of this? Be sure to update this story, Zach. And put it in red letters on the front page.

  • AJ

    Let me guess: CockyBoys responded with a lawsuit and rather than get railed in court, he decided to get railed on camera.

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Nope, they decided to make my DVD line with royalties as was originally agreed and the whole reason for the uproar.

  • Kamarm

    I know this will work out well in the end

    • TaylorReignXXX


  • C3xxx

    Miscommunication? Oh fuck off. At least own the meltdown.
    Meanwhile, in other news, Cole Claire was left fluttering aimlessly in the wind.

  • Hush-ins

    I am a bit dissatisfied in how CockyBoys didn’t mention their lack of approach to Cole and Taylor and, unless I miss something, any form of apology in the whole thing. Their employer communication needs work.

  • SaintMike
  • Ninja0980

    Bottom line,he got his $$$ so he took back his claims.

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Nope, str8up just worded it to make it seem that way. I stand by my claims and in doing so, the outcome is to be what was originally agreed upon.

      I’m told we are looking at Next month for my first dvd.

  • TaylorReignXXX

    I am the kind of person to apologize where I should like getting overly aggressive. At the time it seemed like the right way. I posted what I was asking for and one of those options was agreed upon. I’m happy with the decision. As such, I don’t need that negativity on my timeline. I am not withdrawing anything I was simply apologizing to my fans for seeing that side of me. I’m being polite and professional because that is important in who I am.

  • Marcus Collack

    “perception,” “miscommunication,” were you numbers right or nah? Dollars and cents aren’t about “perception.” “the tone of their voice,” “The passion,” how did it go from specific, detailed, and down to the penny, to vague as hell?

  • Pascal Stretch

    Finally people acting like adults and finding solutions, whatever they are. Refreshing!

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Your positivity is amazing!

      • Pascal Stretch

        I like when ADULT performers and employers behave as such, but do I detect sarcasm in your comment?

        • TaylorReignXXX

          Nothing in that statement even remotely has anything to do with suggesting sarcasm. 100% real. 👍

          • Pascal Stretch

            Thanks. 😉

  • WorkBitch

    At the end of the day, I’m glad they found a solution that works for Taylor.

    • TaylorReignXXX

      Yeah the original agreement lol. And Thankyou me too

  • GossipBoy

    I’m not sure if these kind of issues should be made publicly on social media…
    And I don’t think Taylor should’ve apologized, AFAIK, he was always polite and telling the truth…

    • TaylorReignXXX


      • GossipBoy

        thank you for being a good example, and not being rude. <3

  • hotsweetspot

    Is Taylor going through an identity crisis? First, this confusing mess with the owners of CB. Then, someone posted he’s going to shoot for Michael Lucas. YIKES! Now, in a tweet yesterday he says he hopes to find a bisexual boyfriend so they can go to the club and pick up women. It sounds to me like he just came out as bisexual. I’m not critical of that, only getting more and more confused as to who he really is. Is he going to shoot with a bisexual studio now?

  • JT

    Taylor Reign is so gross I’ve never understood his appeal. Not even cute even when he was a twink and he seems like a douche. Who cares about his drama?