The Anonymous Gay Man Hired To Film New GayHoopla Content Just Quit

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laelWell, that was fast.

GayHoopla’s anonymous director and production crew—who had previously been identified by GayHoopla as “professional gay men” with “serious skills/vision,” as seen above—recently hired to film all of GayHoopla’s new content has just quit working for GayHoopla. And, although they were referred to as a group of people in previous GayHoopla press releases, it sounds like this production firm full of “gay men” was actually just one gay man, and he issued his own press release yesterday on Twitter to announce that he was quitting:

Dp1T3B6VYAE0Ks6.jpg largeIt’s not clear why an anonymous person would care about letting people know that he quit his job, but maybe he’s looking for new work? If so, hopefully he’ll come up with a stage name soon. Also, despite saying that he was “excited” about the work he was doing, “RG” did not say why he quit working for GayHoopla so abruptly, so there is obviously some tea here. Str8Up has reached out for an explanation from both “RG” and GayHoopla, and I’ll update this post if anyone responds.

Meanwhile, ICYMI, here’s that GayHoopla trailer featuring some of the 17 new scenes shot by RG:


  • nick
  • FrenchBug

    Seems like the gay man in question was taught at the school of lighting-your-scenes-through-extremely-bright-bay-windows directing.


    • yeah we have a few of those Directors in Gay Porn 😉

    • Scrapple

      It’s symbolic. The gay sex is supposed to burn out your retinas, hence the blinding light.

    • McM.

      Use the light ya got. A large, natural, and diffused light source is beautiful for shooting images and video. I’m pretty sure he used an neutral density filter and brought the brightness up to where he wanted in post. Believe me, replicating that light increases production time.

      • FrenchBug

        One more reason to use studio lights in which everything is clear and the light, while not as artistically pretty, is not a distraction.
        If I notice the light source in a porn scene, then something’s wrong.
        And if you use natural light, it shouldn’t be huge blinding light and it should be BEHIND you, not behind the performers.

  • B.C.

    I guess it was never meant for gays to work at GayHoopla. R.G. or Real Gay man had to face this irrefutable fact. How sad…

  • Tempest

    Okay, but this guy made a Twitter account just for that?

  • Mokojojo

    Now I don’t have any specific tea to spill, but let’s just say it’s hard to be “anonymous” when you use a professional logo on your twitter account and google lets you search by images.

    If he shot 17 scenes that will be released alongside some of their archive, they should have a couple of months to rectify this maybe more if they go back to 2 a week. I’m surprised that his contract had a non-compete clause and I can’t wait to see this post update with comments.

  • sanfv

    This screams an extra clause written into the contract in addition to any NDA’s.

    I’d bet some cash that GH added something to the extent that if he quit, was let go, etc, that he would HAVE to say he left on amicable terms.

    I imagine it went down like this: RG and his all gay glory, is given the name Real Gay, to give more structure and queerness to GH’s image that struggles with many fans knowing( and not caring) that there have been issues with homophobia. While the vision is that gay eyes in the form of a director will give the gay eye’d viewers something that can resonate in them. The angles of the body, the lighting falling on the parts we find attractive and more. RG likes that they brought him on board, perhaps even thinking that he’s making change.Then it happens, because straight men are never allies, they are never intersectional and will always see themselves as the top dog: Someone says a joke, or slur, or speaks down to RG or another model. Maybe it’s not even in person. Maybe RG is going through the hours of past footage, seeing what was wrong with the craft of filming and while pouring through the hours of film that spans 1-2 years, he sees, hears, and maybe edits, the slurs, the jokes, the treatment. Maybe he begins to put together why the gay models dont always come back: he sees the echo chamber of straight men fucking each other, fist bumping, saying the F word, saying “No Homo bro!” and he speaks to leadership because sisterhood starts to remind him that he is a member of the queer communities, both in his profession and in his daily life. He doesn’t get the response he expected from a supervisor, CEO, HR or who ever he had a conversation with.
    He walks away, phased at what happened, what he saw, maybe heard but is forced to resign/leave/quit their way rather than his.

    Maybe it went down this way, maybe it didn’t, maybe parts of this happened, perhaps something else, more sinister happened.

    Zach, as a former journalist, I know what this is screaming of, what the implications could be. This story is tea bubbling or legal language has perhaps rendered it unpublishable and is DOA.

    If this is the nail on the coffin for GH, and if RG is a real person, I’d say throw the mallet sis, throw it hard and true like me throwing hammers at smelly people during Folsom.


    • Mokojojo

      I can’t speak to the rest of your post, but from like 5-6 mins of internet sleuthing, I can almost certainly say that RG are his actual initials and that individual shares a name + general location w/ someone with years of experience having done photography for NDS and CF (whom this RG counts among his few twitter follows.)

      I imagine that he’s not burning bridges on the way out since he’d probably like to work elsewhere after his non compete clause expires.

      • McM.

        His name is Ryan Gordon. Since it’s information he’d normally include I’m unsure why Zach didn’t add it to the post. It’s easily found and there’s nothing in the parting letter hinting he wants to hide his identity. The briefs in the trailer look good and I believe in giving people due credit; especially in photography/videography where creatives are pushed into obscurity.

        Ryan Gordon put in the work and referring to him as “The New Production Firm” makes little sense.

        • Zachary Sire

          I have never heard of the name “Ryan Gordon” before, so there’d be no reason for me to add it to the post. And the person who sent the tweet saying he quit hasn’t used that name.

          • McM.

            Makes sense.

    • Scrapple

      I appreciate you taking the high road and thinking GH actually has an HR office which doesn’t consist of a walk-in closet with kneelers placed in front of a shoddily crafted glory hole.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      I would say some version of this is more than a little likely. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got hired with all kinds of promises about full creative control and absolute cooperation, only to learn that was all mainly just double speak. The site has been notorious for a lot of things, not the least of which is a lot of high angle non fucking, fake fucking and camera angle cover for all the above. It isn’t hard to imagine the kind of fallout actual closeup filming would reap – IE they would actually be getting fully penetrated for long periods of time. THAT alone would start some shit with the “straight” models who were quite comfortable just phoning it home.

      Add in the rest of what “gay” guys would be expecting in these new scenes, I would imagine it must have been a constant tug of war between himself and the talent, and really who in their right mind would want to face that on a daily basis. I am betting all the “support” he was promised faded more with every skirmish – eventually becoming a running joke. So yeah, that would make the whole mess a lot less attractive. Especially when you were promising better scenes, and could not deliver what you had envisioned.

      The timing is also leaving a trail of true shade. Strategic to wait until they drop the “big headlines” to suddenly have this epiphany. Definitely smacks of a power play that potentially went sideways.

      Should be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.

  • pangelboy

    Why not just let the work speak for itself? All the hype behind a “WE HAVE A GAY DIRECTOR!!!” seems so stupid now. Release the scenes and we’ll judge whether they’ve improved or not.

  • peter

    I wonder if RG is FKA CF Pete?

  • Redphyro

    What?! Too bad! Every single scene on that trailer is hot! I hope this is not an issue about him being underpayed.

  • letsbefriends

    all I know is that trailer is full of scenes to be excited for

    • James Johnson III

      Yeah I’m right there with some of these scenes and boys look really hot…and I’m living for any scene with Collin too

  • Alvin VVin

    maybe its the old sean cody..

  • MC.EMC2

    I surely don’t know what happenedm but if I had to bet on it, I’d bet that GH owners’ homophobia and disregard for their gay content played a major role in this new director jumping ship…

  • Scrapple

    Obviously they realized “RG” was
    I bet “RG” stands for “Really Gay.” Dude was so gay they viewed him as several people.

  • pje821

    Eventually the truth as to who this person is and why he left GH will come out, so I’ll wait for that. In the meantime, I hope the powers that be at GH have the good sense to hire replacements as talented as the crew who made the teaser video. I’d hate to see GH sink back into the awful production work evident in their current output.

  • robertdude

    With 17 scenes shot by RG, that gives them plenty of time to find RRG “Really Really Gay” to step in and film 17 more.

  • Man in the Midst

    RG’s statement says his last day with GH is November 14th… so is RG directing additional scenes in the next 3-4 weeks?

  • Seth Sexton

    I don’t understand exactly what GayHoopla is trying to achieve with this nonsense? Just take some examples from SeanCody and Corbinfisher when it comes to filming angles. I don’t have a single fuck to give about the sexual orientation of the camera man. Oh, and for the love of gawd, PLEASE GO BAREBACK! Condom porn and men with shaved pubes is an instant turnoff for me.

    • Tempest

      I kinda understand CorbinFisher, but SeanCody really isn’t a good example when it comes to angles or just filming in general. Also please no bareback, porn is already at an all time bland, no need another studio to join the infinite queue. Once upon a time bareback was supposed to be something really special, nowadays these boring dorks gonna bb as if they’re eating a donut.

  • jimboivyo
  • Achidna

    This letter is *dripping* with that saccharine passive-aggressive “kindness” you get from an old southern lady who actually wants you to go die in a fire. It’s a long-form version of “bless their hearts.”

  • lukaeber

    Trailers can be deceiving, but it does look better. Just wish they would take the condoms off already. Lots of beautiful men. They could be great.