[UPDATED] Restraining Order Filed Against Michael Lucas In “Feces Mansion” Lawsuit

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Things just keep getting worse for disgraced bigot and sleazy pornographer Michael Lucas, who is being sued in California for allegedly illegally filming bareback gay porn in a Ventura County Airbnb rental without the homeowner’s permission. The civil suit includes allegations that Lucas and his crew completely trashed the multimillion-dollar mansion, leaving the property covered in fecal matter, urine, and semen. Michael Lucas has also been accused of leaving behind a stash of drugs and syringes in the home. Now, the plaintiff in the case, Kristina Knapic, has applied for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against Lucas Entertainment to presumably block the bareback gay porn studio from distributing at least two of the movies allegedly filmed illegally on her property.


Lucas is naturally opposing Knapic’s application. Two of the titles believed to have been filmed on the property—Bareback Boyfriend Swap and Hole Wreckers—are still for sale on the Lucas Entertainment website, but they’ll have to come down if and when the court sides with Knapic. As of post time, it’s unclear whether or not the court has granted the TRO and the injunction, but there should be a decision this week. The next major date on the court docket is April 15th, meaning the case could go to trial as early as this spring.

Update 1/7/15:

According to Lucas Entertainment’s attorney, Knapic’s application for the restraining order was denied. Knapic’s other application, which is now being called a “Preliminary Injunction Imposing a Constructive Trust,” has been scheduled for 2/5/16. If my understanding of Constructive Trusts is correct, Knapic is looking to share in the profits generated by the movies filmed on her property, which seems fair to me. (Although, how much money could those awful movies really have made?)


  • Pearl Clutcher


    • FrenchBug

      Point taken but let’s point out that considering the apparent state of the finances of Lucas Entertainment, I am pretty sure any further shrinkage of an already-meager-and-slimming cash flow could have bigger consequences than the “routine” aspect of such an order would suggest at first sight.

      • WillG

        I was really hoping it was a restraining order to stop him from contacting her, which would have had some kind of juicy backstory. But after all the trouble this shoot has cost him, for him to not be able to release the footage would be pretty hilarious, so I’ll take it.

      • Jonny Marzetti

        What makes you think they are having financial problems? Is there anything more to it than some models claiming they were stiffed (no pun intended) in some way? I’m not defending the duckster, I was just curious. If they were that financially strapped, why would they rent a pricey set in the first place?

  • Maximus
  • FrenchBug

    I am sure the three or four sad sacks still willing to purchase a Lucas “production” will be heartbroken to hear about this.

  • Xzamilloh

    And so the Michael Lucas Saga continues. Or should I say…. Duck Tales? A woo woo!!!

  • McM.

    If Lucas beats this lawsuit, the attention it generated could potentially boost subscriptions and sales of the movies filmed at the mansion.

    • Ben

      for all we know Lucas could have hired this lady to sue him for publicity.

    • Goodboy

      It will work both ways. She’s also could get more business for her dungeon parties.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      IMO hardly anyone would subscribe just for something like that…maybe just a handful of people who are having trouble deciding between LE and another site.

  • Todd

    This is terrible.

    Having to pull those scenes could end up costing Lucas TENS of dollars !!!


    • Mimi B

      … Perhaps… Wonder how much he’s profited thus far with all the free publicity. He needs the scandal to keep rolling for the biggest windfall he’s ever made.

      So, ML, how much revenue have you generated? What’s your profit thus far? What’s your profit margin? I know you read Zach’s blog, especially when it’s about You.

      Give us the 411 Michael Pucas. oops, iPad fart, Lucas.

  • Todd

    ‘ Feces Mansion ‘ sounds like an upcoming Lucas Entertainment ‘film’ …


  • beariac

    Will this poor woman’s nightmare never end?

  • beariac

    This sorry saga must be giving the poor woman nightmares.

  • Al

    Ruh roh! Duckface! Great start to 2016.

  • “Most recently, Sire tried to capitalize on the fact that a woman in California filed a lawsuit against my company in an attempt to extort money from me by falsely claiming I left a mess in the home I rented from her.”
    Well, what’s Lucas going to say now on his new open letter?

  • pennessee
  • Marsha Lewis

    I just nee a laugh

  • Pinko of the Grange

    She didn’t go after releasing the scenes on line? This women’s legal team has no clue that the bulk of the revenue and viewings comes from there.

  • CBW

    “Feces Mansion” Lawsuit
    I feel the world is far richer for having this be a thing.

  • beariac

    It’s always fun when Zach goes after Michael Lucas.

    • pangelboy

      lol that player gave zero fucks. poor duck

  • kevin

    It’s also falsely advertised. One scene called “Jake Andrews Breeds Evan Lance” actually features Jake Andrews getting a lame cream-pie and then giving Evan Lance a facial. No breeding at all.

    Jake Andrews: hasn’t done a scene worth watching since the one with Jamie back on Sean Cody. Total drama-queen

  • clayshanks

    that docket date on 4/15 is actually bad for the plaintiff. it looks like she failed to properly file proof of service upon one or more of the defendants. if that procedural requirement isn’t properly addressed on or before that date, the case could be dismissed. haha.

    no way in hell this thing goes to trial as early as this spring. if this thing has any wheels whatsoever, there will be a shit-ton of discovery that will need to take place before any trial date is scheduled.

    as far as the application for imposition of a constructive trust, that’s kind of a strange move at this juncture. i see it as a passive-aggressive defensive tactic against attacks on the merit of knapic’s complaint(s). she’s got a tough road to hoe on a good chunk of the causes of action in her original complaint.

    will have to see what transpires from here…and what’s revealed down the road…but for now, i get the sense that this thing will be settled out of court for a confidential, paltry sum.

  • ToxicBrew

    With a title like Hole Wreckers it’s no wonder feces and urine were smeared up on the wall lol

  • Zealot

    Duck is best served rare.

  • Scott Hunt

    “If Lucas beats this lawsuit, the attention it generated could
    potentially boost subscriptions and sales of the movies filmed at the
    mansion.” I think its quite true in which case Zack you’re actually helping boost sales for this guy with your blog. The more attention you give him, the more people are curious and in turn people sign up to look. Bad publicity always generates more interest than good publicity. Wonder if Zack is a secret shareholder in Lucas Enteraintainment with all the coverage he gves them……