The Year Of Trenton Ducati?

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45925_003Continuing with the inaugural nominees for Str8UpGayPorn’s Str8ie Awards for 2013’s Best Gay Porn Star, the 8th nominee is Trenton Ducati. There are just two slots left, so stay tuned for the final nominees and instructions on how to vote. Trenton Ducati (and the final two noms) are up against previously announced nominees Ryan Rose, Jimmy Fanz, Christopher Daniels, Christian Wilde, Sean Zevran, Ricky Roman, and Ty Roderick. Did Trenton have the best 2013 of all?

trentonTrenton Ducati was already named XBIZ’s Performer of the Year and the Grabbys Performer of the Year in 2013. Will a Str8ie Award be the icing on the cake, or will his controversial (and short-lived) bareback contract with troubled Lucas Entertainment hurt his chances? Judging by Trenton Ducati’s explosive new scene with Shawn Wolfe, I don’t think it matters. Obviously, he’s one of the hottest true stars and best performers working today, as a top or a bottom, and with or without a condom.


[Raging Stallion: Trenton Ducati Fucks Shawn Wolfe]

  • sxg

    Whether you like this guy or not, I personally am on the fence about him, you’ve got to admit he’s had probably the best year IN PORN compared to the rest, no matter how controversial he’s been. So far I would probably give my vote to him OR Jimmy Fanz.

    • Zoompietro

      Not a fan but I agree, Trenton has had a great year but I really think Christian Wilde has him beat.

      • sxg

        Nah I would never give my vote to Christian Wilde. Even if I was a fan of his, just because you bottom once doesn’t mean you get an award. His one bottoming scene doesn’t even compare to the multiple times Jimmy Fanz, Sean Zevran, Trenton Ducati, and even Christopher Daniels have bottomed. Each and every time they’ve bottomed have been a truly amazing scene, and Christian’s bottoming one bottoming scene doesn’t really trump any of their performances. Plus I don’t think he’s been that busy compared to other names, except Sean Zevran.

  • trex

    He definitely gets the award for the most disgusting and irresponsible scene, and that should disqualify him from getting any “best of” award.

  • Cosmic

    I get the same feeling from Trenton as I do from Adam Killian like there’s something eerily fake and almost mannequin like about them. Plus there’s the barebacking thing which is just gross and irresponsible.

    • sxg

      Well Adam has those lips that are messed up from possible botched lip injections, but even with those I find his face handsome in an unordinary way. Plus he is such an amazing performer, whether he’s topping or bottoming.

      As for Trenton, I think he seriously went crazy with the botox this past year. Check out what his face looks like when he first came out exclusive to Titan, and then check out the picks of him out now, that face has a disturbingly flawless look that makes him look like a surprised catfish in every pick. Especially in a lot of his personal pics on twitter. Still, his performance has been amazing.

      • zach

        He doesn’t look botoxed or like a surprised catfish (LOL) in real life at ALL. I think it’s just the usual Raging Stallion photoshopping gone overboard.

        • sxg

          I wasn’t talking about his Raging Stallion photoshop that one is obvious and I rule them out. I mean from the candid selfies he posts from his iphone on twitter or instagram. Seriously do the comparisons of what he looks like now to his behind the scenes video from his first time at Titan. Facially, he has totally done something to himself.

          • zach

            idk…i just saw him last summer and he looked totally great/normal

          • Richard

            I agree with Zach–I saw him in September, and he looked great.

      • Cosmic

        I think of Trenton and Adam as the gay porn equivalent of the straight porn peroxide blonde with the giant fake tits.

  • Dean

    He has a tranny face. I don’t like him. and not because he did bareback, which should have made me like him, but it didn’t.

  • Aramis

    To me, the bareback episode spoils his image but he still has allure enough to keep my interest on him ( The body, the face, what he said/wrote on his interviews ). And he has hair! Lots of hair! Someone said that same hair gives him a ” Jersey Shore ” aspect. I disagree nothing more distant of those awful people than Mr. Ducati: A handsome mature man ( in my mind…)

  • NG212

    Honestly boo, ain’t every year the ‘Year of Trenton Ducati?’ He’s a genuine porn star. He makes it look so easy.

  • Richard

    Not gonna lie, I think Trenton has done a great job this year. “Hard”working (as punny as that sounds) and gracious when he meets people at events. He’s a sweetheart.

  • John McKee

    I probably erroneously attribute it to the meth but there is a weirdly haggard appearance to his face, it’s like he has terrible, terrible skin but he doesn’t or he is really gaunt but he isn’t.

  • Tom

    I like the guy. He’s one performer I wonder what it would be liked to be pounded by him. Don’t know why, but his penis amazes me.

  • Dutch Courage

    The fact that he was fucked bareback by Blue Bailey destroyed the illusion.

  • Patrick

    Damn, I joined the discussion with only a few spaces left. I think the nominees are excellent choices, a nice variety of guys. I would have to give it to Trenton. They guy never stops working and this year I thought he gave some of his strongest performances when many of the other guys who started around the same time are looking kind of bored. Actually, the reason I found this discussion was because of the scene with Shawn Wolfe. He was amazing in the “Hung Americans” movies. This last scene is totally my favorite of his this year.

    I’ve not personally met Trenton (or any of the nominees, but I want to!), but I did see him up close one time. Wow! All of that stupid Photoshopping everyone has mentioned really does him a disservice. They take the character out of everyone and suddenly everyone is a 19-year old Bel Ami model. I don’t mean to knock them, but not every porn star has to be 19. Trenton is a more rugged sort and in person, he really was stunning. The comment below comparing Trenton and Adam to the big tit gals of straight porn is a perfect, but sad because I think the studios may have an impression that everyone has to look blank and flawless. I may be the only person alive who still buys DVDs retail and if you go into a store, the box covers look like the aisle of glossy magazines in a drugstore. Raging Stallion? Redbook? Who can tell the difference? I thought it was Ryan Rose, and I got home to find out it was Fergie giving an interview about weight loss tips in the palace. When did Ellen Degeneres grow a beard? Crap, that’s Christian Wilde. Fuck Photoshopping! I like men to be men and Trenton is a man and a great performer.

    I’m Team Trenton this year. He always delivers a hot scene and I bet he’s still fucking gorgeous first thing in the morning.

  • Ale Lisboa

    he’s good, I like