Tickets To The Str8UpGayPorn Awards—Featuring Sean Cody’s Brandon And BelAmi’s Hoyt Kogan—Are Here!

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Untitled-1 copyAs announced previously, Sandra Bernhard will host the Str8UpGayPorn Awards next month at Stage 48 in New York City, and today I can reveal our first set of well known performers who’ll be at the show: Sean Cody’s Brandon and BelAmi’s Hoyt Kogan! This will be the first live appearance for both stars, and they’ll be taking the stage to present awards at the live ceremony on June 22nd.

Additional surprise presenters—to be announced all month long—will join Brandon and Hoyt to hand out awards in 19 categories, and you can see them all live by getting tickets to the Str8UpGayPorn Awards right here, via Voss Events.

Attendees can select either general admission tickets or VIP table seating, and please note there are a limited number of VIP seats available (so, act fast). Also, note that all tickets to the ceremony (both general admission and VIP) include premium open bar and hors d’oeuvres. Yes, were giving you free drinks and food all night—so come prepared!

If you’re a member of the media, please contact me for press credentials to the event. The Str8UpGayPorn Awards, presented by Pornhub and in association with Flirt4Free, Fleshjack, and Orbital Pay, will help kick off gay pride weekend in New York City on Thursday, June 22nd. The Stage 48 doors open at 7pm for red carpet arrivals, with the Str8UpGayPorn Awards ceremony beginning at 8:30pm. Stay tuned for news on more surprise ceremony guests and presenters, red carpet hosts, and after party details, and we’ll see you at the awards!

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  • Danny Boi

    IDK if I’ll be able to go, but this is so awesome to see after reading your blog for a couple years or so! Grats on the success. :-)

    • TheSagaOf

      This! When I type “s” in my URL, str8upgayporn is the first to drop down. 😉

  • TheSagaOf

    Aw, I wanna go. :(

  • Zealot

    Adding my big ol’ champagne “pop” and congrats. I had given some thought to coming, but surgery on my shoulder (rotator cuff) prevents any travel for awhile. I’m hoping you put all those other award shows to shame and do us all proud. No matter what, we’re a strange, vast, dysfunctional and very grateful family surrounding Str8UpGayPorn! Love you Zach [SMOOOCH]!

  • FrenchBug

    I want to play a game in which whoever guesses exactly how many times Michael Lucas has tried to contact Sandra B.’s agent since she was announced as the host gets free tickets.

  • DPS

    Congrats Zach! That is an incredible line-up.

    • GCHQ


  • sanfv

    Congrats Henny, if I wasn’t working during the summer I’d be over, press pass and all, with heels on.

    Let this be a testament that other blogs can suck it.

    Monica, I know you’re lurking here so you can suck it too!

  • Tellingthetruth

    The trolls on twitter otherwise known as Nica, Michael, and Billy must be dying right now lol. This is poster unbelievable! It looks so good! Congrats! I’m buying tickets tonight when I get home from work and spending my birthday weekend in NYC and at the awards!

  • S .

    How did they get time off from their “personal training” services?

  • WhimsyCotton

    Wow! SC’s Brandon isn’t really a surprise if I’m being honest, but Belami’s Hoyt Kogan!? Well done Zach, well done!

    • Maximus

      Mariah spontaneously anointing Candice Glover in glitter was one of the best moments of that season.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Her shading the fuck out of Nicki and getting a better version of her 2008 body back (by the end of the season) were my highlights.

        • Maximus

          Miss Minaj deserved every last bit of that shade. I’m no Mariah stan, and I may occasionally revel in her current messiness, but I still respect her for her talent and accomplishments. She’s one of the most successful recording artists in history, she’s gorgeous, and she has a five octave range. Then in comes Nicki, with her 4(ish) years of fame, two or so major singles, and modest rapping talent, acting like she’s on Mariah’s level.

  • Maximus

    •Major corporate sponsors? Check.
    •Charismatic celebrity host? Check.
    •Professional venue in a major world city? Check.
    •Industry favorites slotted to be presenters? Check.
    •Open bar? Check.
    •Catering? Check.
    •VIP and press passes? Check.
    •Visually appealing event poster? Check.
    •Strategic scheduling to ensure maximum attendance? Check.
    •Snatching all of your competitors’ wigs? Check.

    There’s only one word that adequately sums it all up:

  • snoopyfo

    :((( i wanna go but i’m fucking poor!!, congratulations zach i know this event is going to be a success and is going to set the bar really high, wish u the best and if someone goes please take pics and share them pretty please

  • Marik Ishtar
  • sxg

    Brandon is going to be there?
    Girl better start practicing her lines now because she’ll certainly fuck them up if she doesn’t!

    This looks good Zach! Sure the tickets are pricey, but open bar and food? That’s a great deal! I won’t make it but I’m wishing you a sold-out crowd!

    • McM.

      Do you think Brandon will make an announcement about how he is not a prostitute?

  • Ben

    Every time there’s an SC update featuring Brandon, you always criticize the guy as “boring” performer. Why would you want him at YOUR gay award? Wouldn’t you want someone that you actually like or think a good performer?

    • Dazzer

      Essentially, he’ll make Sandra Bernhard looking fucking awesome (not that she needs help). All the other porn performers who’ll be there will probably drunk off their asses.

    • GCHQ

      $$$ <3

    • GCHQ


    • GCHQ


  • Tktai Kamilla

    I have had this doubt for some time. I see that Helix is one of the most nominated studios here, and I really wonder if all these nominations are chosen solely by Zach, lol.
    Seriously, if it was not for him, I would not really know that this porn studio exists.

  • peter

    Wasn’t Blake Mitchell supposed to be one of the presenters? He’s moved back home to Kentucky. Has he pulled out?

  • Josh

    Oh dear…poor Sandra !

  • Zealot

    Hey, Zach….just hope you have plenty of security, because I’m just hoping a certain bare-breasted, talent-pestering, no-craft-services-having, incest hawking pornstress might not crash and try to butt queef up an ass worth of turd-slinging with the intention of making things go cattywampus! Watch out buddy!

    Pictured: NN, who says “Watch yourself Mr. Zach Big-Britches coz I’m a cumin'”!

  • Wilson C

    Just got my VIP tickets! Visiting NYC all the way from Ecuador. It will be a night to remember!

  • GCHQ