[Updated] Tom Faulk Has Been Stabbed On The Set Of That NakedSword Movie About Dirt

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C9blpfsVoAEAYZANakedSword and Tom Faulk’s movie about dirt currently being shot in Texas has taken a bloody turn, as Tom Faulk just tweeted that a “close friend” assaulted and stabbed him on the set. Some friend! The dirt movie has been buried in drama for weeks, after Faulk launched—and then abruptly pulled down—a highly questionable GoFundMe to finance the production for Falcon/NakedSword.

Tom Faulk tonight, who appears to be stable after being stitched up (hopefully by a professional in an emergency room or medical clinic):


I’m assuming that’s a typo that’s supposed to read “beer bottle,” (not “beet”), and I’m also assuming it was indeed a personal, non-porn star friend of his who carried out the assault. If it had been one of Tom Faulk’s co-stars on set (which include Ryan Rose and Brent Corrigan) who did the stabbing, that person would’ve undoubtedly been named.

Best wishes to Tom—who was just nominated for a Str8UpGayPorn Award this week—on a speedy and full recovery.


From this morning, as expected:

edtUpdate 2:

To show how he’s healing after two days, Tom Faulk has posted an image of the stitched up stab wound:



  • Ben

    he’s getting chunky.. i love it. what do you call this type of body? husky? bear-ish?

    • Zachary Sire

      could just be beet bloat

      • Zachary Sire

        oops beer bloat

        • Ben

          whatever it is.. it’s working for me. I appreciate SC type of guys.. but guys like this get me on. I can ride them like a donkey on xanax

          • Mike Julius

            I think it’s the whole amateur appeal. Like, he’s not a porn star with a perfect body that belongs on a pedestal, he’s a pornstar with a rockin’ body that stays fucking all the things.

    • Pertinax

      Cannabis makes you hungry.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      He takes steroids, so I call it “unknown chemicals.” Hell, that could apply to everything else he takes as well.

  • FrenchBug

    Worth pointing out too that his girlfriend (!) is, if not taking part, at least hanging around the shoot.

  • Scrapple

    The dirt movie has been buried in drama…

    I see what you did there.

    Who would think a bmx movie would have this much drama? Did the friend put in a dirt donation and not get their free membership? At least we know Ryan wasn’t involved, because Tom said “close friend.” La Vie en Rose doesn’t get down like that. Plus Ryan uses fists, not weapons.

    All cuntiness aside, get well, Tom. Try not to get any dirt, cum or dirty cum in your wounds. And remember to be careful about mixing meds with kush.

    • sexnando

      Treasure island media and fraternityX are currently in a bidding war to shoot the dirty cum in your wounds scene. Not even joking. For his safety i hope he signs up with FratX because they use fake cum.

  • edginghours

    I’m starting to feel actual sympathy for him as this was obviously something he was really into and had such high expectations, so to see it all fail in such a spectacular manner is both amazing to watch and kinda sad.

    You guys I kinda wanna buy him some dirt now.


  • Marik Ishtar

    This is the kind of shit that only happens to gay-for-pay guys, I swear.
    These don’t look extremely deadly though.
    Was his reaction “Et tu, bottomus?” before falling to the ground? I mean, this wasn’t the penetration he was expecting. The good news is that Bromo will work this into a scene and call it “Friendly FIre.”

    But I kid, get well soon, Tom. It hurts a lot getting stabbed in the back…. literally.

    • Scrapple

      That’s a real product? Have the Jacksons already filed a lawsuit? They need to stockpile some extra coins for Janet’s divorce.

  • Oh for fuck’s sake.

    • Me2

      Thank you for capturing our collective exasperation so succinctly.

  • Jason

    Hope he fully recovers. Always seemed the stupid stoner, but never seemed like a dick.

    What’s with the shower curtain, and doesnt he have the same tattoo on his right arm? That bandaging on his back doesn’t look professionally done. And i dont know what the googly eyes are on his moobs, but if they were sensors, they would have leads attached.

  • Sed

    Tom Faulk’s middle name is drama. Having said that, I’ve always liked him and hope he gets well soon.

  • PaulieP

    can someone explain the dirt movie… what about dirt?

  • FooFight
    • Jason Peters

      me too

  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    He and his bro got into an argument and one shoved the other and ta da instant hospital visit!

  • Maximus

    His friend “slammed” him “on” a beer bottle? So what Tom is saying is that his friend pushed him, which caused Tom to fall onto a (presumably empty) beer bottle that shattered under his weight? That’s not the same as being stabbing.

    This all sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. Tom is a desperate stunt queen, and I don’t believe a word that he says in the abscence of corroborating evidence.


    • Scrapple

      I bet it was part of the scene. The friend/co-star was supposed to slowly slide the beer bottle in Tom’s hole, but he slammed it in instead. The surprise and sheer force of the anal violation caused Tom to fall back on one of the recently deposited pre-sifted dirt piles, which happened to be full of jagged rocks.

  • groovy.

    i didn’t know killian was back..

  • C3xxx

    ECG electrode pads left on for dramatic effect?

  • Bradster

    This lame ass publicity stunt couldn’t be any more obvious. He always seems like he only has 2 working brain cells.

  • If I were Tom I would have contacted the cops and that “friend” would now be exfriend. Friends don’t stab friends leaving them needing 28 stitches in the ER.

  • sanfv

    So Billy Santoro stabbed Tom Faulk? What else is new?

  • jimboivyo

    Pffft. At least Zach showed us his Frankenstein-like head stitches after his medical emergency. This doesn’t pass the smell test to me. And how convenient that there were no witnesses.

  • Parker Lewis
  • Parker Lewis