Levi Karter’s Ass Makes Topher DiMaggio Shoot A Volcanic Load

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Talk about making a good first impression. Topher DiMaggio’s CockyBoys’ debut is explosive—literally. Yes, he’s cocky (and thus a perfect fit for the studio), but with a face and a body and a dick like this, you can’t really blame him:


In a scene that is highlight after highlight, Levi Karter turns in what might be his best performance ever, as he was clearly invested in showing Topher (and all of us) a good time. It starts with some epic deep-throating, and Levi could very well give SC’s Curtis a run for his money as gay porn best’s cocksucker:


Levi isn’t done showing off yet.

Later, he lets Topher pick him up and jackhammer him in mid-air:


The two fuck all over the hotel room (in the bathroom, in the shower, and eventually on the bed):

img_8024After fucking in multiple positions, Levi Karter’s ass becomes too much for Topher DiMaggio, as he quickly pulls out and uncontrollably fires off a massive cum geyser:


This scene delivers in every way that a great gay porn scene should (hot guys, expert oral, intense fucking, massive cum shots). Levi and Topher’s fans will not be disappointed. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Levi Karter]


  • Todd
  • Zealot

    OMG….WHAT HAPPENED????!!!!!
    Oh…Levi Carter shook his ass in front of that mountain….

  • john

    Nice Job,Topher usually is so boring..

  • sammy1023

    Griffin from Chaosmen, still the best cocksucker of ’em all.

    • sxg

      lol no. Hate him all you want but Curtis is still the best cocksucker currently in gay porn. No one else can deepthroat a dick and lick the balls simultaneously!

      • DPS

        Curtis and Griffin should have a suck-off contest. Not sure who would win but Curtis has had many more chances with bigger dicks. Both are on their game for sure!

      • AbsolutelyFabulous

        What scene is this from?

    • DPS

      Agreed! Did you see him on the CM youtube channel interview? Very cute and quite likable personality.

      • Scrapple

        Who doesn’t love a guy who is cute as fuck one minute, and totally piggy the next?

  • James Johnson III

    Topher DiMaggio returns. I am dancing around my room over the news!

    • andrew

      Yea, and he has come back with a great performance.,

      • Alann6

        Have always loved Topher, since he first appeared at Chaosmen.

  • OverKill
  • stephen

    personal favorite Levi BJ was his scene with Bravo Delta

    • Luca

      did they have a scene just the two of them?

      • stephen

        nahh, it was in Boys to Adore Galore – Bravo, Levi, and the short-lived Jett Black

        • Luca

          ahhh Jett Black, he was cute! I wonder where he ended up.

          • M3xa

            He lives with his husband in Canada.

    • J Russell

      oHHHHH I would love to be him sucking that hot hard cock, I just hope he swallows the load that cock will shoot out…I know I would……love to swallow! Mmmmmm

  • FrenchBug

    Not to look down on Levi’s deep-throating skills which are commendable but it is not like Topher DiMaggio is that hung that taking “every inch” of him is such a feat.

    • ToxicBrew

      I thought the same thing! Let’s not rush to give him an Oscar lol

    • ToxicBrew

      I was just thinking the same thing! Let’s not rush to give him an Oscar lol

  • DPS

    Envy hits hard with Topher doing what I fantasize about with Levi

  • McM.

    Levi Karter’s ass makes another man shoot a volcanic load.


    A bonus in this scene is Levi Karter got Topher DeMaggio to up his game.

  • Maximus
  • Scrapple

    It’s Levi Karter. Of course Topher would feel inclined to re-season that weak fuck sauce he usually brings to the porno table.

  • kevin

    condom yawn . . .

  • andrew

    I have always been a Topher fan just because he is so freakin hot to look at, even though he hasn’t always been a great performer. It has taken sexy Levi Karter to bring out the beast in Topher. A great bottom, like Levi, can make a sometimes dull top man like Topher come alive. Hot scene.

  • Myko

    Usually I roll my eyes at ex porn performers returning to porn because their other job didn’t pay the rent, but I take my hat off to Topher. Thats a great cum shot.

  • Sebastian S

    This is one of the sexiest videos I have seen in a long time and I’m not a huge Levi or Topher fan, although I like them.Topher always seems too plucked and ready to model Andrew Christian but he did a good job, especially at the very beginning when Levi starts blowing him. There’s just a causal hotness to their chemistry. Levi is just a hot little fucker.