Treasure Island Media’s Shocking Advice To Viewers: “You’re Bleeding? Keep Going”

Posted January 24, 2014 by with 16 comments

tim-165-s2-01In case you haven’t had your fill of bodily fluids yet today, Treasure Island Media has jumped on the blood bandwagon with a shocking piece of advice for their fans: If you start bleeding during bareback anal sex, just keep going!

That fun tip is just one part of the copy accompanying their new release, the subtly-titled Man-Cunt (watch it here, if you dare):

Some guys hate it if you call their asshole a “CUNT”. Some guys love it. It’s a good way to sort the pigs from the princesses. If a bottom says the three magic words, “rape my cunt”, you’ve hit jackpot. In this scene, Nick Peyton lives up to that, giving monster-cock Keiran free rein to do his worst.

It hurts? Keep going. You’re bleeding? Keep going. He’s cum in you and now he wants to start again? Keep going. Cunts are for fucking. You know what to do.

And they say romance is dead.

The blood talk comes in during the final seconds of the trailer, so be sure to watch till the end.

[Treasure Island Media: Man-Cunt]


  • Scoot87

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Treasure Island Media dabbled in necrophilia. Seriously, what else can they do to shock people?

    • Justin van Breen

      An actual rape is the logical next step for them.

  • Dutch Courage

    I hate the word ‘cunt’ not because I’m a princess or a queen but because it reminds me of straight sex.

    • Face Palm

      “Cunt” and “Boy pussy” are deal breakers when I’m watching gay porn. Not cute.

  • sbd

    Paul Morris is beyond reprehensible. I will jump for joy the day he dies.

    • Justin van Breen

      Legally speaking, he’s still a person. It’s beneath us to wish such things. I do understand the sentiment, however. :)

      • sbd

        In what part of my comment did I suggest that, legally speaking, Morris isn’t a person?

        In what part of my comment did I express a wish for anything?

        • Justin van Breen

          Why the outrage? Did you think I was attacking you? O.o

          • sbd

            “It’s beneath us to wish such things.”

            Yes, I did take that statement in your reply to be a criticism of me–and one that was unjustified by anything I first wrote.

    • GN

      While I agree about Paul Morris, I dunno if I can thumps up that sentiment….

      • sbd

        No problem. I wasn’t seeking your endorsement of it.

        • GN

          What I meant was, I think most of us agree that wishing death on someone, even the most vile of people, is not something to do….
          And I used to be a fan of TIM’s particular brand of shock-porn–Until I saw something in one of their movies that I felt was crossing the line (they gang raped a guy who was injecting meth).

          • sbd

            I didn’t express such a wish.

            It’s great to know that gang raping a meth slammer is a deal breaker for you.

          • Justin van Breen

            Wait, seriously? So they’ve already done the rape thing. The things one misses by having morals…

  • Dutch Courage

    Even if Paul Morris dies tomorrow and TIM stops filming porn the day he passes away: this kind of porn/sex is not going away. Its been a subculture for years and it’s not going away when someone who films it and makes a living out of it dies. The guys who participate in TIM’s scenes are often beyond saving. Sad but true.

  • Estelle

    And they wonder why they lost their OSHA lawsuit.