Trenton Ducati Is Doing Audition Scenes For Maskurbate Now

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91255_04For the last year, gay porn star Trenton Ducati has been working mostly behind the camera as a director for a few studios, but next week on Maskurbate, he gets to work the camera and perform at the same time, as he interviews a newcomer named Tommy.

91255_09Maskurbate has almost always filmed in Canada, and (correct me if I’m wrong) this is the first time they’ve ventured down to L.A., not to mention the first time they’ve branched out to have Trenton Ducati shoot behind the camera.

91255_13Also, Trenton Ducati has been filming for nearly six years, and this brief handjob from behind the camera is the first time I’ve seen him performing with a black model. In 2016, Ducati faced criticism for coming out in support of white supremacist gay porn star Cameron Diggs, and he was called out by performer Diesel Washington for never working with black models.

Here’s the trailer for Ducati’s upcoming scene with Tommy (watch full scene here):

[Maskurbate: Trenton Ducati And Tommy]

  • Scrapple

    Oh look, Trenton gave a Black dude a handjob. What happens in Canada…
    Now was the mask (taken from the Paula Deen Southern Wedding Collection) used to hide Tommy’s shame or Trenton’s? Because my sources have provided me with footage of Trenton taken after filming:

    I’m told he then grabbed a gallon bottle of Purell and traipsed off to his trailer where the crew heard him sobbing uncontrollably for several hours.

  • Xzamilloh

    After the jeans came off, the hair was the only thing wrong with the scene. Of course it’s telling that only his hand and forearm appears… don’t wanna bring that brand down by having his leathery face shown, huh?

    • nick

      Are they jeans, at first glance I thought he had jodhpurs on.

  • OverKill

    Now Trenton will be like those people who are accused of being racist and they say, “my best friend is black”. Now Trenton will say “I’m not racist, I masturbated a black dick.”

  • Maximus

    What is this poor, misguided homosexual doing (1) letting Trenton Ducati touch him, and (2) going on camtera with a braided up-do?

    • Zealot

      ….and wouldn’t a white mask just set off his features and eyes just that much better? I swear. The fashion advice these sites follow is so clumsy and out of touch. SKIN TONES PEOPLE! It’s all about skin tones!

    • Baradude

      Oh my god that up do is all kinds of wrong every time I see a beautiful man with dread put into a up do I died a little inside. Let them dreads flow, Not to mention that goddamn mask hiding his beautiful face!!!!! Whoever did this needs to be fired!

      • c_find

        Those aren’t dreads they are braids

  • McM.
    • Baradude

      That dude in that gif is such a cutie ? I love his nerdiness

  • Marik Ishtar

    I wish he would have let his hair down. And maybe give just one good hair flip as he’s tossing his meat.

    The Kloran says it is blasphemous to shake a black man’s hand, it says nothing about his dick. And I bet there’s an extra loophole if he has foreskin. thought Ducati. He shed a single tear as he held his head down staring at the bible. These SJW’s are forcing me to hold communion with a darkie. I am a victim, with a leftist gun to my head, forced to serve against my moral judgment.Dammit!” he whinged, “I have the right, the first amendment!” Rights that liberals are oppressing. We are at war and my culture is under attack, chanted Ducati but no more! This time, we’ll make sure they don’t muddy the water. He withdraw a confident breath, grabbed his Iphone 4s and dialed Bromo.

  • Schnitzel

    Here for Tommy and nothing else.He’s sexy AF

  • Baradude

    Who the fuck told him to put his hair in a bun! If it’s one thing that distracts me the most its bad hair choices which is why it’s hard for me to watch euro porn!

  • Baradude

    Also Trenton needs to check Tate Ryder’s dna cuz I’m pretty damn sure that dude has got some black in him somewhere

  • Hari Kalyan

    Well he’s also worked with Liam Cyber at that Nasty Daddy site of his…so, ya know, baby steps

    • Zachary Sire

      There is no scene on that site featuring the two of them.

  • sxg

    I despise long hair on any man, no matter what form it is in and regardless of race. But if you’re going to have long hair, at least let it drape! There’s nothing worse than manbunning your long hair, and I can get past long hair, as well as long dreads, on men so long as they’re sexy, like Ian Rock!
    I’m sure it was Trenton’s suggestion to put it in a bun. If he’s going to touch a black man’s body for the first time, he’s going to want to control every variable possible to limit himself on how much of a black man he’s willing to touch. A long strand of hair is an uncontrolled variable that can graze Trenton’s “pure” skin with any head move Tommy makes, so of course he’s asked to put it in a bun!

    • c_find

      Tan’s dick wasn’t half bad as well. Still love that scene were he totally fucked the shit out of his boyfriend( real life). Poor Marc Williams

      • sxg
        • c_find

          No, sorry I should of been more specific. Aarin Driver ( the brother on the right) was Ian Rock’s boyfriend/friend in real life. In the scene I’m talking about Marc William comes home to find his Boyfriend Aarin Driver getting fucked by Ian Rock. Marc William cries and leaves them to continue fucking. The hot thing about the scene is that you can tell that they weren’t porn fucking. Ian Rock was legitimately fucking him. He pretty much tore him a new hole lol. The chemistry was really hot.

          • sxg

            Ah yes I’ve seem that scene. It took me by surprise when you said Marc Williams since I always thought he preferred white meat over dark.

            Sure he worked with nothing but predominately black gay porn studios towards the end of his career, but like Matthew Rush I only think he went that direction because they’re the only ones out there still hiring him. He did start out at Falcon and Hot House, two of some of the whitest of white studios in gay porn.

          • c_find

            True, but sometimes It’s hard to tell with some of the black performers because rarely do studios want to pair two black performers together for fear of the scene being too ethnic and chasing away white porn viewers and like you said Falcon and HotHouse where the biggest at the time they only employ white performers.

  • Matthias M.

    When the rent is due…

  • PaulieP

    the grip on that dick is like Jack holding onto Rose as the Titangtic went down.. ouch.

    • NTNT

      good one!!!!

  • macko

    Trenton most definitely has fucked with African American. He did a threesome with (African American -Damian Taylor) and Angel Rock. He fucked both of them. A ChiChi La Rue movie.

    • cluelesswitness

      I guess he passed the paper bag test.