Donald Trump Supporter Colby Keller Busts A Nut In Hillary Clinton Supporter Ryan Rose’s Mouth

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colby-ryroLast month, Colby Keller somewhat surprisingly announced that he’d be voting for Donald Trump in this year’s election (which, thank god, is now less than a week away). A few days after that, Ryan Rose announced that he’d be voting for Hillary Clinton, and that Donald Trump “represents everything we’re against.” Today, these two gay porn superstars have been paired for the first time ever in NakedSword’s Scared Stiff.

nsv046_sc2_ryanrose_colbykeller_affilh_2Racist and misogynist egomaniacal pig (not to mention accused child rapist) Donald Trump would probably love nothing more than to blow a load of cum in Hillary Clinton’s mouth. Thank Christ we don’t have to see that, and instead it’s Colby Keller busting a nut in Ryan Rose’s mouth.

nsv046_sc2_ryanrose_colbykeller_affilh_6 nsv046_sc2_ryanrose_colbykeller_affilh_7 nsv046_sc2_ryanrose_colbykeller_affilh_11Political views aside, Rose Rose and Colby Keller are two of gay porn’s biggest stars, so their pairing should be an historic event. But, sorry, it’s not. For whatever reason, NakedSword has them in an “oral only” scene, meaning the whole thing feels worthless. Not sure what (if anything at all?) the NS people or director Chi Chi LaRue were even thinking. What a waste of what could’ve been a legendary fuckfest.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NakedSword: Ryan Rose And Colby Keller Blow Each Other]

  • Oh, just GTFOI, like that horrible bitch is any fucking better! If you looked at what she did to Bernie alone, there’s more than enough to put her in the ground for any liberal. Forget that she’s been riding the same dick that’s paying ISIS’ bills, the collusion with the russian ‘energy company’, the 10,000 other things outlined in her emails, the fact she can’t really be trusted about any of her god damn positions. No, none of that matters, because she didn’t insult mexicans…oh, wait, she did. She didn’t insult women…oh, wait, been there, done that too. Assault victims? Not a fan of those either. Collateral murder? Big fan, in fact!

    I don’t like the man, but she’s 10xs worse.

  • Zealot
  • Miloš Del Rey

    I can’t stand Hillary or Trump just as much as I have never seen the appeal of Colby and Ryan. All of them come across as crustaceans at the bottom of the food pyramid.

    • Pertinax

      I doubt she knows how to read, but anyway : The power of faith…

      • lordgabux

        I think the book is photoshopped, the hand is in a weird position, but still it is an awesome picture hahahahhahaha

      • TheGay

        ^^^^ WORD

    • TheGay

      You know what I can’t stand, you ignorant PH A GS who don’t read, watch news, or do anything ANYTHING, and then because some slitghtly smarter sociiopath tells you how to think, you then adopt whatever the current popular opinion and pretend to knowledgeable.

      Give it an f-ing rest morons! Your opinion is worthless because you don’t actually know anything. The difference between you and me is that I PH U CK other guys, but just because I place my D …ICK inside other men’s a55’s does not mean that I can’t read books, and still be knowledgeable enough to form an educated opinion on thigns. end rant

      • Miloš Del Rey

        That wasn’t a rant that was just you making assumptions and acting like you were knowledgeable when it came to me. And seeing how you seem scared to write the word… dick. I suggest you run off right back to bed Betty White, we don’t want you getting too riled up. Your little heart might not be able to take it.

        Also you clearly can’t read since at no point did I give off the idea that I was leeching off of the ideologies of someone else. Maybe take the dildo out of your cunt before you type?

        • TheGay

          your witty little one liners only prove my point. keep stompin dat foot little girl.

          • Miloš Del Rey

            My witty one liners prove that I have a sense of humour and a working brain, two things you are clearly lacking.

        • TheGay

          I’m not scared to write ‘the word’ u fool. I’m lazy to have to rewrite my post if there is some stupid trigger word filter.

          • Miloš Del Rey

            You calling me a fool yet you keep on acting foolish. This is beyond the pot calling the kettle black. You need to go on a inner journey to find yourself.

          • TheGay

            Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you autistic?

          • Miloš Del Rey

            Are you mad or are you upset? You’ve probably displayed more signs of autism trying to carry on a sinking ship conversation than most people who suffer from autism.

  • David1983

    Girl, that bush of Colby is outta control..

    • Pertinax

      Maybe it ‘s another of his many works of art.

    • emercycrite

      I hate his mountain man/homeless hobo look.

    • Luca

      looks pretty normal to me… he sports also a very trimmed beard, sometimes he let -that- grow without control!

  • czer

    Ryan Rose sure takes a sexy mugshot.

  • Xzamilloh

    Ryan Rose should follow in Colby Keller’s footsteps and grow a beard… he has gorgeous bone structure, but that mouth is just tragically tiny when compared to his jagged zeppelin head. Somebody put out an Amber Alert for top lip… cause that bitch is gone!!! Where is it?

  • sxg
    • sans


  • Hereweare

    Ryan Rose finally found a man he could stand next to & look pretty.

  • Andrew Simpson

    I don’t know why this blog has an axe to grind against Ryan Rose?

  • sbd

    Bully for Ryan Rose for managing to make it through that.

  • Mike Julius

    Keep it, fuckfest or no.

  • Scrapple

    That’s what bipartisanship means? You learn something new every gay.

  • gaysiantwink

    I’ve never been into Colby and my gut instincts did not betray me.

  • Trev Nich

    Colby is my favorite porn star and I love everything about him. Yes, he’s voting for Trump, but it is because he is a Communist who hates the system and feels Trump being President would not only implode the Republican party, but the entire political system. I’m in love with Colby and he and that beard could do anything they want to me.

    • dqh257

      Not giving a fuck about the impact of a Trump presidency on his fellow gays, minorities, and women makes absolutely no sense, especially if CK professes to be astute, intelligent, and logical.

      • Trev Nich

        Don’t be so dramatic. Politicians are all talk. Trump isn’t going to do shit to the gay community. What is Trump going to do exactly to minorities and women? People keep saying he’s going to make things worse, but how exactly? Calm your tits.

        • burghboy

          By appointing right wing justices to the Supreme Court. Overturning gay marriage and abortion laws. Not to mention the fact he is petty and vindictive. The immediate consequence will be the economy and stock market (which will tank) and your 401k

          • nick

            But can he realistically overturn laws, how common is it these days that laws get overturned, especially such important and controversial ones ?

          • burghboy

            He is not going to overturn these laws, the Supreme Court will. Why do you think the Republicans have not filled the current vacancy on the court. Scalia’s seat has been open for 251 days. They want a conservative justice.

          • nick

            The courts do it, not the people who were elected ?

          • burghboy

            The President decides who is on the court. Part of the problem is that people don’t know how government works. They know nothing about the candidates except what they read on someones Facebook page. They can’t tell you who the Vice President is or name the 2 Senators from their state. They (Colby) want to “blow up” government but they don’t stop to think what will replace it after they blow it up.

          • nick

            Is everything decided in court, I know the US has a reputation of everyone going to court at the drop of a hat, but is that how it works, there seems no point in having the government if a handful of judges are going to dictate what is law.
            Disclaimer – I’m from the UK so the US system seems incredibly convoluted and overly complicated to me.

          • Jaegers

            If you’re from the UK then you know courts are powerful where they just had very controversial ruling. I can’t say how much more powerful UK courts are from the US but our Supreme Court has the power to set legal precedence that affects so many people. The SC is how we got legal gay marriage in the first place. And yes the SC can overturn and gut many laws. They have done it plenty of times and really depends who is on the bench.

          • burghboy

            Nick, that rant was not aimed at you. I figured you were from a different country. This whole thing reminds me of the Brexit vote. After the fact the most searched things on Google in Britain were…what is Brexit and what is the EU. After the fact. You had a lot of people voting on something they knew nothing about. It’s the same as the people who say “They’re both just awful. Somehow they’ve both fooled people into thinking they’re human beings.” NO THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The Republican party has done a great job of demonizing Hillary over 30 years. They have gotten a lot of people to believe she is a liar and cheat. Some even believe she is a murderer. After millions of dollars spent and many many investigations what have they found. NOTHING. Benghazi alone was investigated 8 times at a cost of 20 million dollars. They found nothing. But where were these same people when there were 39 attacks on US embassies and embassy personnel under the Bush administration and 87 people lost their lives. Where was their outrage?

  • V1

    What the fuck, they don’t fuck????!!!! Ripoff!
    I was hoping/dreaming of Ryan in this position…

  • Pertinax

    ” …we don’t have to see that. ” Yes, but unfortunately people have imagination. Does he use fake tan to turn his tiny dick, smelly ball sack and flabby crotch orange too ? Will she be photoshoped till the total oblivion as her pic above shows ? I can ‘see’ the pic : Open mouth, tongue, lil’ orange dick touched with the fingers’ tips due to its size… and all.

  • nick

    Colby in uniform – I swooned.

  • pennessee
  • Jason

    Why does every scene have to be anal? If the oral is hot it should be just at suitable. Anal isn’t everything.

  • Todd

    Just say NO on Trumpster Keller. Over him.

    • TheGay

      Wow! you are so brave Todd, I want to be just like you. Can you give me advice? Pointers?

      Is it like this, find someone who disagrees with you politically, preferably someone who you are jealous of for whatever reason, then pretend you are taking the moral high ground by telling everyone to boycott this person because they hold an unpopular belief? Please, let me now, because I want to be a huge loser just like you, posting messages to porn web sites.

  • lordgabux

    WHAAAAATT just oral?
    darn waste of hotness!!!!

  • nandes

    I didn’t care for Colby Keller before and I care even less after his comments

  • Luca

    I wonder which is the true position of Colby (political, not sexual). He’s definitely not a Clinton supporter (basically because she stole the doomed-to-fail dream of a Bernie presidency and he’s petty), but I read some of his tweets and he doesn’t seem a Trump supporter either.
    I suppose he’s pulling a Samson here and let everyone die with the Philistines, but that’s a very dangerous and irresponsible game.

  • GCHQ

    For whatever reason ? $$$$

  • famous bitch
  • famous bitch
    • burghboy

      Of course she was the only candidate that held this position in 2008 when this clip is from. All the other candidates where embracing marriage equality. Seriously, I can post a lot more clips of candidates from 2008 that did not even support civil unions.

  • gnormie
  • Ass Man

    He always does scenes with guys I like to look at