Best Newcomer Ty Mitchell Eats Ethan Slade’s Cum While Being Simultaneously Creampied

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co2a4570Ty Mitchell—the winner of 2018’s Best Newcomer at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards—is back in a new CockyBoys scene today, and his top is Ethan Slade, a versatile muscle twunk who proves to be just as good at topping as he is at bottoming:

co2a4699 co2a4708 co2a4716 The fucking is non-stop and consistently good in all the positions (in case anyone needed a reminder as to why judges awarded Best Newcomer to Ty, this scene is an excellent example of his work), so it makes sense that this scene ends with two massive cum shots. First, Ethan cums as he’s fucking Ty’s ass, and after pulling out to shoot a giant load, he quickly reinserts and pumps the cum back inside Ty’s ass:


As for the rest of the load that didn’t make its way inside Ty’s ass? Don’t worry, not one drop goes to waste, because Ethan feeds it to Ty by hand. Swallowing your top’s cum while being simultaneously creampied? We stan an award-winning multitasker:


Then, Ty Mitchell blows his own enormous load, drenching himself in a cum shower to close out the scene:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Ethan Slade Fucks Ty Mitchell Bareback]


  • B.C.

    Yeah, I don’t understand what is so special about pocket size Ty, but I’m really digging Ethan. His scene with Calvin Banks is a must see.

    • Eclipse

      Ty is just a really great and voracious bottom. Check out his scene with Miller Axton (both were clearly very into each other which made the sex super hot). Ty also put in an awesome performance with JJ Knight.

      Ethan is a mainstay for me. Consistently great for years now and hasn’t gotten any recognition for his work. For shame.

      • B.C.

        I believe you, Ty is a supreme bottom, but when I don’t like guy’s appearance I’m not going to watch him in action.

    • Leakage

      Because some of us are tops and are attracted to tiny twinky bottoms. Because not all of us are confined to one cliched, outdated standard of male beauty. Ty is incredibly hot to anyone who likes a little spice over Wonder Bread, or to put it more bluntly: he is powerfully ethnic with those lips, those dark long lashes, can pass as latino/or can pass as middle eastern, either way, not a ubiquitous Aryan conception of beauty. His body is perfectly shaped — fit and slim for those of us who don’t like a ‘roided out appearance. I see him around NYC here sometimes and I think he’s a beautiful creature.

      • B.C.

        OK, good for you. Although, implying that I’m confined to only one image of beauty (white and roided out) just because I don’t find Ty attractive is a low blow.

      • disqus_Zf4pZM5C9H what

  • Scrapple

    See, you don’t need Civil War reenactments, or ghosts, or mysticism or men having sex in a dark and cruddy movie theater while average looking women unsheathe their tits. All you need is guys who want to fuck and want to fuck each other. And cum. Lots and lots of cum.

    • Sebastian S

      Not gon’ lie, though, I liked that movie theater scene, lol.

      • Scrapple

        That theater looked like it had bed bugs.