Wait—Austin Wolf Tried To Get Jake Bass To Pay Him For A Massage?

Posted July 14, 2015 by with 43 comments

austin wolf jake bass

With his GoFundMe “road trip” campaign officially a bust, apparently the only thing left for gay porn star Austin Wolf to do is ask his fans to “sponsor” him (i.e., give him cash) via Twitter.

awolf1Being a Falcon exclusive must not pay as much as being a Randy Blue exclusive, as Austin Wolf has been publicly asking for money repeatedly since leaving his old studio. At least he’s been able to make up some of the difference on his own by starring in those penis pump ads.

Another way for Austin Wolf to bring in some extra money? Charging fellow gay porn star Jake Bass for a massage!

ausin2Austin Wolf hasn’t responded to Jake Bass’ massage tweet, but he did proceed to post the phone number of an alleged “hater,” which is in direct violation of Twitter’s TOS. Hopefully Austin’s account won’t get suspended—how else will he be able to ask fans for money?!