Barebacking With Bacne: Hot Or Not?

Posted December 13, 2013 by with 9 comments

It’s herrrrrre! Charlie Harding and Mike “Condoms Are For Pussies” Dozer’s raw scene may have been filmed less than a month ago, but CocksureMen gave fans a cummy bb gift by surprisingly releasing it this morning, which I guess makes studio owner Jake Cruise the BeyoncĂ© of bareback gay porn! (Mike Dozer and Charlie Harding are Kelly and Michelle.)

But…oh no!

Can a bareback bottom with bacne still be hot, or will the sight of it be “too extreme” for some viewers? Is bacne a consequence of barebacking, or something else? Should this scene come with a disclaimer? Judge for yourself, and then watch the whole thing (if you dare) on

[CocksureMen: Charlie Harding Fucks Mike Dozer Bareback]


  • Zoompietro

    Wow, that’s A LOT of bacne. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • Cosmic

    Just when you thought Mike Dozer couldn’t be more repulsive.

  • sxg

    You know I could handle some of the scummiest of barebacking in porn, but I simply cannot handle bacne, in condom or bareback porn. Spencer Reed being the most repulsive of all bacne models, it was awful. I don’t know why the hell studios were stupid enough to keep giving that nasty asshole a job. He looked way better as a twink, or when he first started to bulk up. He should have stopped.

    The same thing goes for Harley Everett, and it pains me to say it about him because I like Harley and think he is a great performer. But the last few scenes he’s done his bacne is getting worse and worse. At first it looked like just scarring, now it’s pink and bubbling and mountainous.

    If Mike Dozer doesn’t do anything about it, it’s gonna get worse. Fine if you don’t care how many viral loads you take, but at least do something to make yourself look physically appealing.

    • Zoompietro

      “Fine if you don’t care how many viral loads you take” #DEAD! That was hilarious.

    • Cosmic

      And that’s after makeup,can you imagine what his back must have looked like when he first arrived on set.

  • Dutch Courage

    “Bacne is for Pussies”.

  • Bull

    I wonder if the studios even take that into consideration or if they just don’t care. It’s one of the most repulsive things, especially knowing that it could be avoided by not taking the ‘roids. Of course there are a few adults who suffer from acne issues, but that’s totally different.

    • sxg

      Well studios semi-care. If you notice the scenes at Hot House and Titan with Spencer Reed and Harley Everett, they do a good job of avoiding any footage of their backs.

      If you go to Alphamale and Butch Dixon, it’s obvious they don’t give a shit at all. Spencer’s back was so inflamed in that movie, Full Control I think it was titled, it looked like his back was going to have multiple ruptures. And the barebacking scene that Harley did at Butch showed his bacne at its worst.

  • Estelle

    It could lead to a new fetish site. Instead of busting loads, they are busting pustules.