Barebacking With Bacne: Hot Or Not?

Posted December 13, 2013 by with 9 comments

It’s herrrrrre! Charlie Harding and Mike “Condoms Are For Pussies” Dozer’s raw scene may have been filmed less than a month ago, but CocksureMen gave fans a cummy bb gift by surprisingly releasing it this morning, which I guess makes studio owner Jake Cruise the BeyoncĂ© of bareback gay porn! (Mike Dozer and Charlie Harding are Kelly and Michelle.)

But…oh no!

Can a bareback bottom with bacne still be hot, or will the sight of it be “too extreme” for some viewers? Is bacne a consequence of barebacking, or something else? Should this scene come with a disclaimer? Judge for yourself, and then watch the whole thing (if you dare) on


[CocksureMen: Charlie Harding Fucks Mike Dozer Bareback]


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