Sean Cody Flashback: The 10 Biggest Cum Shots From Solo Models

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Welcome to this month’s edition of “Sean Cody Flashback”! This feature looks back at some of the studio’s best scenes not previously covered here. While past Flashback articles focused on a single scene (Willis Creampies Aidan; Jarek Creampies Christian; Brooks Creampies Cain) or a single model (Calvin), today is a special Flashback “cumpilation” video, honoring 10 of the very best solo cum shots in Sean Cody history. For this cumpilation video, we chose 10 of the best and biggest solo cum shots from 10* models who didn’t return for a sex scene. Was one of your faves not included? Please leave his name in a comment below!

Here is the list of all 10 nut-busters and mega shooters, in the order in which they appear in the below video: Devin, Mark, Joe, Coner, Kennan, Sheldon, Coen, Gregory, Marcus, and big John. All their solo videos (most of which contain additional massive cum shots) are here.

[Sean Cody]

(*Two exceptions: Mark did return for an oral scene, and Coner returned for two sex scenes.)

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