Billy Santoro: My Studio Is Doing Great, I’m Making Tons Of Money, Blog Commenters Are Old And Don’t Matter, And I Love My Husband, From Whom I’m Separated

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c4jt321Just a quick FYI: Everything is going great for gay porn star Billy Santoro, and he is extremely happy, without any bitterness or resentment towards anyone, as you’ll clearly see in the below video. While he is still hired by two gay porn studios run by Michael Lucas and Nica Noelle, Billy Santoro actually doesn’t need to work for studios anymore, mostly because his own studio, Leaked And Loaded, is doing so well. And, because Leaked And Loaded is doing so well, Billy Santoro takes time in this video to make repeated mentions of his OnlyFans account, his escorting, and his part time job in Washington D.C.

Here is Billy Santoro—who reveals that he is separated from his husband, who accused Billy of violent physical assault three months ago—talking about how great everything is, for nearly seven minutes:

Please don’t bother leaving a comment on this post, because you are old, ugly, and irrelevant, per Billy Santoro.

  • RV

    Can captions be added to this video? I can’t deal with that voice.

  • Xzamilloh

    Hopefully, the name “Leaked and Loaded” isn’t a sneaky way for him to reveal his status

  • Schnitzel
  • groovy.

    I hope he seeks hel..

    ..actually I don’t.

  • backhand

    advices from billy on how to approach life… alright, taking notes

  • Baradude
  • pje821

    I guess I won’t leave a comment, because according to this halfwit I’m too old and irrelevant. But if I were to leave comment it would be I don’t like your face or your puny cumshots; despite your beautiful body you’ve never tuned me on. So good luck to you; maybe you can convince the naive you’re something special. Let’s ask your ex.

    • Donald Horn

      He has a really small dick. He has a nice body, but a small dick.

      • Jason

        And a face that’s made for phone sex

  • asby

    He sure has a lot to say for someone that doesn’t care what others think of him..

    • cluelesswitness

      where is this from?

      • asby

        It’s a Canadian show called Schitt’s Creek….It’s on netflix and is super funny.

  • Jace
  • linger4444

    He’s not even that pretty, and someone could give a masters thesis on gay-voice with this Willa Santora right here. He sounds like he has low self-esteem tbh.

  • Todd

    Next drink is on me, Billy

  • Trepakprince We’re doing this again? Toto knows we’re not in Kansas anymore and he doesn’t need a Wizard to see that all his problems are self inflicted. I feel like his next cry for attention will be to fake his death.

    • skye3245

      yes with Lorelei tho!! #ggForeva

  • Guru Mike

    This busted Fonzie…

  • Anonymous

    Oh, gurl…

  • Scrapple
  • Mister Sterious
  • OverKill
  • QuantiCat

    There isn’t enough space in the Disqus comment boxes to put the appropriate amount of quotation marks around “studio”, so I guess one pair will have to do.

  • badgamer1967
  • johnn

    so what is his part time job in DC? just curious…

    • skye3245

      I was gonna ask to cause i do not wanna waste my time watching just for that plug lol

    • Probably bartender or gogo dancer at some gay bar/club.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Unpopular opinion: I thought Billy sounded okay here. Didn’t really over sell anything. Just giving an update to his fans. Yeah, sure there’s the abuse allegations, but Johnny Rapid, anyone?

  • Dave

    He sounds like Trump. Delusional ’til the end….

  • Wahlberliner

    I couldn’t make it past 1:30. Ugh. And his husband is so hot.

  • wincrasher

    Karma must be having a hard time finding this stupid bitch. Don’t worry, she always makes her deliveries….eventually…

    • And she keeps receipts so he is in for it.

  • Zealot

    I had a friend once who gave me some sage advice and in this case, as with so many others along the years…it’s proven accurate yet again. He’d say: “You wanna know who has a problem in any given situation? It’s the person doing the talking”. Amen Jarvis. Rest in Peace my sweet friend.

    • Rod Iron


      • Zealot

        Thanks 😉

  • nodoubtfan

    Great Andrew Rannells impression, Billy.

    • wayne pannabecker

      I love this answer. LOL great,, thanks for posting.

  • Rob36

    Still going online and dribbling from ya bottom?

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Don’t the old usually pay and the young share?

  • wayne pannabecker

    I think this shows why the old Hollywood studios would never let their actors handle their own interviews or publicity. We all have our own impressions of the actors we like, however, when we see what they are really like in person or on self videos like this our perception changes. And sometimes it’s not for the good.

  • YandyDandy

    Fucking hell. the day I take any advice from that washed up has been is the day its time to end things. His advice on making money though…. I mean he should teach that shit in school right ? I cant find a gif with enough eye rolls .

  • If he keeps trashing his fans by calling them old and stuff then leakedandloaded won’t be doing so well much longer. He talks about how guys can build their name without working for the studios, but he forgets that he had name recognition from his studio work when he started doing things on his own. Someone who is unknown is not going to be as successful selling their own vids because no one is familiar with them yet.

    • McM.

      Hard to think his site is doing well anyway considering OnlyFans offers the same service and performers receive money directly along with having control of their content. His product isn’t unique if he’s purchasing clips initially offered through another subscription service (OnlyFans accounts), and I doubt unknown performers will draw subscribers to his site when the quality is so low. It’s a string of unidentified men on cellphone vids; ppl can get that on a tube site for free.

      You’re right about the necessity of studios to gain name recognition. In selling their content studios also sell performers, and I believe the only way to compete with that for performers to sell themselves in the same way. That means quality media (videos and pictures), scheduled scene and social platform updates for high fan engagement, affiliate programs with blogs, etc. etc.. Unknowns aren’t ready for all that – hell, Billy Santoro hasn’t implemented those – so studios serve a purpose.

      • I am sure he will be saying just the opposite in a few months like he seems to do with so many other decisions.

  • Kanaka

    Hey Diesel…

  • Jordy

    She’s a bitch and her wife is an even bigger bitch for not beating her ass before she fled. Then again, it already looks like she was hit in the face with a hot shovel anyway.

  • Marcus Collack

    6 minutes and 40 seconds of this man…who is going to watch that, who’s going to push play, come on now.

    • R.A.M.J

      I didn’t,

  • Maximus

    I’m kind of sad that you banned her from commenting here, Zach. Dragging her was so much fun. We all displayed some real comment section teamwork.

  • R.A.M.J

    Okay Billy, first of all Im 34, younger than you are and Im here commenting as im sure you’re reading. Secondly, me ugly? Possibly but my husband isn’t accusing me of beating him and distance is the only thing separating me an my husband because he’s in Austrailia. Lets assume you are right on all of those things, i know one thing is a fact and that is my dick is WAY bigger than yours at just over 9 inches.
    P.S, my primary care doctor doesn’t have to wear a hazmat suit to give me my annual physical so i have that going for me too.