Billy Santoro: My Studio Is Doing Great, I’m Making Tons Of Money, Blog Commenters Are Old And Don’t Matter, And I Love My Husband, From Whom I’m Separated

Posted October 18, 2017 by with 52 comments

c4jt321Just a quick FYI: Everything is going great for gay porn star Billy Santoro, and he is extremely happy, without any bitterness or resentment towards anyone, as you’ll clearly see in the below video. While he is still hired by two gay porn studios run by Michael Lucas and Nica Noelle, Billy Santoro actually doesn’t need to work for studios anymore, mostly because his own studio, Leaked And Loaded, is doing so well. And, because Leaked And Loaded is doing so well, Billy Santoro takes time in this video to make repeated mentions of his OnlyFans account, his escorting, and his part time job in Washington D.C.

Here is Billy Santoro—who reveals that he is separated from his husband, who accused Billy of violent physical assault three months ago—talking about how great everything is, for nearly seven minutes:

Please don’t bother leaving a comment on this post, because you are old, ugly, and irrelevant, per Billy Santoro.

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