[UPDATED] Seth Santoro Accuses Billy Santoro Of Violent Assault: “He Punched Me In The Face Repeatedly”

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6bd638a04cab92edd45ec18c88739c6eThey’ve been married for at least the last four years, but gay porn stars Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro could be facing serious marital problems—and potentially criminal problems, for Billy—based on social media posts from Seth Santoro late Friday night.

In tweets posted to his Twitter account, Seth Santoro accused Billy Santoro of assaulting him “several times” tonight:

seth1 seth2

For months, rumors have been circulating that Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro were having issues after Billy Santoro went back to film with Michael Lucas, the disgraced porn studio owner who—according to Billy Santoro himself back in 2014—sexually harassed Seth, didn’t pay Seth for work, and was responsible for Seth contracting chlamydia on a Lucas Entertainment film set. And, back in 2015, Billy Santoro revealed that he was an alcoholic after more rumors about the couple’s relationship went public. Tonight, however, is the first time that allegations of violence have been made.

Seth Santoro went into more disturbing details on his Facebook page (his legal name and Billy’s legal last name have been redacted in the screencaps below), writing: “Bill [Santoro] stormed into my room, punched me in the face repeatedly while I was sleeping, broke my glasses. And then cut me off from my bank account.”

o7Lsu1e0In a subsequent Facebook update just moments ago, Seth Santoro gave even more details about his violent relationship with Billy, and included another shocking allegation about Billy Santoro’s porn membership site, writing: “He has posted without consent hundreds of videos of men having sex, and makes money off their suffering.”


Seth Santoro’s accusation that Billy Santoro doesn’t have consent from men in “hundreds” of videos is not hard to believe, given that Billy Santoro himself publicly threatened to release videos of a porn star who allegedly did not give consent. And, at least one video was removed from Billy Santoro’s site last year after the unidentified performer demanded that it be taken down.

As of post time, Billy Santoro has not responded publicly to Seth Santoro’s accusations. If the violent assaults did occur as stated above, Seth Santoro will hopefully contact the authorities.


Seth Santoro continued to share more details about the alleged assault on Facebook overnight, with details about Billy Santoro elbowing him in the head, preventing him from leaving, and now threatening to harm Seth Santoro’s cats:

Ohn0J_RdtlmThBTyIn addition to Facebook, Seth Santoro continued on Twitter, sharing an image of what appears to be a bleeding forehead:


Billy Santoro has yet to respond publicly (maybe he’ll film another one of his “apology videos”), but he did tweet this morning that he’s looking at a new home:


Twitter user DrLove2282 asked Billy Santoro if he was “beating” on Seth Santoro, and Billy denied the claim by responding “Um no.”

bsnoAs Billy Santoro continued to deny the assault claim, Seth Santoro took to Twitter again to remind his followers that he wasn’t lying:


UPDATE: Seth Santoro has again accused Billy Santoro of another, separate violent assault. Full story on this new accusation here.

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