Seth Santoro Again Accuses Billy Santoro Of Assault, And Billy Accuses Seth Of Being On Meth

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illysethOne year ago, gay porn star Seth Santoro accused his former husband Billy Santoro of violently assaulting him, and he shared details of the alleged abuse in a series of Facebook and Twitter posts. Seth also accused Billy of releasing “hundreds” of cell phone sex tape videos featuring men who did not give their consent in having those videos sold or released to the public. Today, Seth Santoro is once again publicly accusing Billy Santoro of abuse and selling unauthorized videos, and in response, Billy Santoro is publicly accusing Seth of being addicted to crystal meth.

It all started last night with Seth Santoro tweeting Billy Santoro’s phone numbers (a clear violation of Twitter’s rules, which could easily get Seth’s account permanently suspended):


When asked by a fan why he posted the phone numbers, Seth Santoro replied that he did it to “help other industry people out,” and then referenced Billy Santoro’s decision to go back and work for disgraced producer Michael Lucas, whom both Billy and Seth had spoken out against previously:

seh33seh5Seth Santoro went on to accuse Billy Santoro of more “revenge porn” postings, sharing messages he’s received from several men who’ve asked that their sex tape videos be removed from Billy’s website:

seth2 seth1The “mainstream actor” referenced above was the unidentified soap opera actor who did appear in one of Billy Santoro’s videos, which was subsequently pulled down from Billy’s sex tape website.

Seth Santoro also brought up the fact that Billy Santoro is a “well known liar,” and the fact that Billy “called the police on Icon Male,” which subsequently played a role in the federal lawsuit that the studio is currently facing:

seth8 Seth Santoro also accused Billy Santoro of being an alcoholic (which Billy has already publicly admitted), and made several other serious allegations against him:

seth9Seth Santoro then shared an image of his face covered in blood, writing that “Billy Santoro walked into the bedroom drunk and on Ambien and started whaling on my face”:

seth7In response, Billy Santoro appears to be denying responsibility for Seth’s bloodied face, writing, “You post a photo taken a year ago after your sinus surgery and decide to blame me for it. I didn’t perform you surgery”:

biy6Billy’s “kill meth” hashtag was used again this morning, and Billy went on to tell gay porn star Pierre Fitch that Seth Santoro is addicted to meth:

bily bily6Earlier this summer, Seth Santoro did admit to his struggles with sobriety, and he thanked Chi Chi LaRue for helping him with his addictions.

In the below YouTube video posted this morning, Billy Santoro continued to tell his fans and followers that Seth Santoro is addicted to meth, and he also admits to assaulting Seth—which is something he had denied in the past. According to Billy, he and Seth fought each other equally, and one of those fist fights led to both of them being arrested. Billy closes the video by asking others who might be friends with Seth to help him with his alleged meth addiction:

Whether or not Billy is being truthful about Seth’s meth use or the way they assaulted each other (and remember: Billy is well known for blatantly lying and making completely false statements about several gay porn studios, performers, and even Str8UpGayPorn, so it’s reasonable to assume that he’s once again being untruthful now), drug addiction and domestic violence are issues that should be treated by health professionals and the criminal justice system, not social media, and hopefully they’ll both receive the help that they need.

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