In Wake Of “Feces Vineyard” Lawsuit Against Nica Noelle And Icon Male, Billy Santoro Goes On Libelous Tirade Against Helix, CockyBoys,, And NakedSword

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billy santoro fecesHe’s undoubtedly been forbidden from speaking about the recently filed lawsuit against his employer Nica Noelle and her studio Icon Male, but that’s not stopping gay porn star Billy Santoro from speaking out in other bizarre, libelous ways about others in the gay porn industry who have nothing to do with him or the lawsuit. Filed in federal court this week, the “Feces Vineyard” (that’s my nickname for it) lawsuit—in which Santoro is labeled as a whistleblower who helped to expose the fraud, and which includes plaintiff’s photos of feces-stained underwear as evidence, as seen above, right—alleges that Nica Noelle and Icon Male fraudulently rented a home in Martha’s Vineyard to illegally shoot dozens of gay porn movies without the homeowner’s knowledge or consent. Because Santoro is an employee of Icon Male (he recently accepted a position as a production manager), he obviously can’t talk about the case, so instead, he took to Twitter today to falsely accuse several other gay porn studios of abusing their models. Because if you’re Billy Santoro, making hurtful and false accusations against others is the only way to distract yourself from your own disastrous situation, apparently.

Billy Santoro’s potentially libelous tweets were in response to tweets from Conner Habib, who was calling out the Grabby Awards for their support of Michael Lucas. Lucas was recently found guilty in small claims court of not paying an employee, and a civil judgment was issued against him.

bi1After seeing Santoro’s tweet, I replied to Conner Habib to tell him that CockyBoys, Helix, and Men have not actually been “accused of abuses” anywhere, but Santoro’s employer, Icon Male, has:


Billy Santoro saw my replies to Conner Habib, causing him to spiral out of control further, this time threatening Helix, CockyBoys, and NakedSword:

bi2Santoro being a “cunt to studios in order to shut that blog up” is a non sequitur, as his behavior with them would have no impact or effect on Str8UpGayPorn. So, it’s clear that he seems to have lost touch with reality at this point.

Santoro continued his Twitter meltdown throughout the afternoon, later claiming that I am “obsessed” with him, and stating that he is “never going to fuck [my] ugly ass”:


Then, Santoro proceeded with more libel by publishing a completely made-up story about me on his blog, falsely writing that I was “on drugs at a bareback sex party”:


That’s my photo of me (in addition to making libelous statements, Santoro is violating copyright law by using it) tipping a go-go boy at a Hamburger Mary’s in 2005 or 2006, and while I have nothing against bathhouses (or bareback sex parties), I’m sorry to say I haven’t been to one in more than 15 years. Also, I don’t know what a “derivative of crystal meth” is, but I don’t do any form of meth, or any drug whatsoever. (Unless taking a hit of marijuana counts? I’ve done that in social settings three or four times over the last 20 years, and that’s the extent of my drug use.)

Fabricating a story out of thin air about someone’s illegal drug use is more than just libelous, it’s undoubtedly hurtful to people who do suffer from real addiction and real substance abuse problems. While Billy Santoro has never admitted to being a crystal meth user, he did come forward in 2015 to admit that he was an alcoholic, so the fact that he is now knowingly and blatantly lying about someone else’s drug use (in order to, I guess, embarrass or shame the drug user?) is particularly sad, and it shows just how twisted, sick, and disturbed Billy Santoro is, given his own struggle with substance abuse.

Of course, people who make false claims about others are often the ones who are guilty of actually doing the very things they’re lying about. Santoro’s false claims that Helix, CockyBoys, NakedSword, and Men are abusing models could stem from his own highly publicized record of abuse. As many will recall, Billy Santoro was accused of violently assaulting his own husband last year, with Seth Santoro posting publicly about the alleged assault:

o7Lsu1e0-2 tlmThBTy

While the lawsuit against his employer is still pending, the muzzled Billy Santoro will no doubt continue to spiral out of control on social media, each time an update on the suit is posted here. And remember, as Str8UpGayPorn pointed out yesterday, Billy Santoro may have actually helped to provoke the entire lawsuit against his employer, so it’s undoubtedly causing him a great deal of distress that he can’t discuss any aspect of the suit, or what his role might’ve been in provoking it.

While Santoro is friendly with Nica Noelle and Icon Male now (he has to be, they’re his employer), he was an extremely disgruntled model working for them back in 2015. After accusing Noelle and Icon Male of abuse in early 2015, Santoro then went to a local reporter at MVTimes, informing the reporter that Noelle and Icon Male were indeed illegally shooting porn in a fraudulently rented home there in Martha’s Vineyard. I reported on Santoro’s secret communications with the reporter back in 2016, but as a reminder, here are all the emails obtained by Str8UpGayPorn showing Billy Santoro’s efforts in March of 2015 to get Nica Noelle and Icon Male shut down.

While waiting for the MVTimes to publish a story about the illegal porn shoot, Santoro followed up with the reporter to inform him of the police being called to the fraudulently rented house:

bi7Then, Santoro provided the reporter with additional details in a follow-up email. I’m mentioned in this email because Billy Santoro had attempted to connect me with the reporter, as I was obviously willing to help the reporter with his investigation:

bi6Later, Santoro sent even more emails to the reporter, this time informing the reporter of other Icon Male shoots going on in Martha’s Vineyard, at another location:

billy4Finally, Santoro instructed the reporter to follow porn models Nick Capra and Brendan Patrick on Twitter, as they were apparently tweeting photos from the location:


Billy Santoro’s guilt over what he did three years ago in helping to possibly destroy Nica Noelle and Icon Male (and, ironically, his own job today) probably isn’t fun for him, especially with no means to speak publicly about the pain he’s in. But making false claims and libelous statements on social media about others (Helix, Str8UpGayPorn, NakedSword, Men, CockyBoys) could make things even worse for him, as it could potentially put him on the receiving end of his own lawsuit. I don’t know if it’s worth it to sue someone for defamation over a stupid lie about being on meth at a bathhouse, but one of those multi-million dollar studios might take issue with being falsely accused of abusing their employees.

Stay tuned for the next update (and the next Santoro meltdown), as Nica Noelle and Icon Male now have less than three weeks to reply to the lawsuit.

  • Devin

    Someone actually let the nelly queen, Billy Santoro beat them up?

    • Marcus Collack

      He is a gym rat, I doubt anyone “let” him beat them up.

    • Julio Grandeur

      He may be a “nelly” but he is bigger and (presumably) stronger than his husband (ex?). There isnt a whole lot of “letting” going on

      • Devin

        I beat up a guy twice my size before. I’m guessing his ex didn’t fight back. I’m smaller than Billy, but I would knock him off his keister if he ever put his hands on me. Knock that purse right out of his mouth

        • Julio Grandeur

          I’m glad you know exactly what you would do in that situation

          • Devin

            I do. Defend yourself at all costs. Bigger doesn’t mean better. Pick up an object if you have to. Kick them in the balls. Don’t be defenseless and let nelly queens beat you up

          • Julio Grandeur

            Sure thing coach

  • Miloš Del Rey

    Billy sweetie cocky boys and helix aren’t the ones going on trial. Worry about how you can film your shitty pornos from your prison cell.

    • demisays

      Maybe I’m behind on the times, but, when have Cocky Boys and Helix ever been checking for Billy Santoro?

      • Baradude

        Never he’s just lashing out.

  • Estelle

    please, please start posting the baba booey/goon photo of Billy Sanitarypad again.

    • Zachary Sire

      wait which one was that…every photo of him is so awful, I get them mixed up

  • Todd

    I can’t with this guy ….

  • sam my

    Billy mutated pug lookin ass is forever an attention whore at the highest degree. He’s desperate and seeks approval and praise, sad really. He wants so bad to be a “star” a “monarch” a “trailblazer” someone of high notoriety, but falls as short as his door stopper dick everytime. He’s always been trash, the fact that he beat his ex husband and before then, sold his ex husband to the highest bidder with the best cell phone resolution, is even more reason to why he’s a trash person.

    The fact that studios and those within the industry still work with him is sad, but not surprising, since people with any type of morals and or integrity are few and far between and only take action when it personally affect them.

    • Zachary Sire

      Well, in fairness to the industry, most are aware of his insanity, and no one works with him anymore. The only studio left who will work with him is Icon Male, and now he’s being called a whistleblower by the plaintiff for helping to actually destroy the studio, who is his own employer. So…

      • sam my

        Didn’t him and Nica fall out a while back ?

        • Zachary Sire

          Yes, it’s linked in the story above. As it says, he tried to ruin her in 2015 and helped provoke the lawsuit today. Cut to three years later, and he needs a job, and they’re the only studio left who will hire him.

          • smart

            Zack please stop covering these G4P and douchebags. They are all trash that belong in the gutter.

    • James Johnson III

      “Ex-husband”? Did Seth finally get away and completely divorce Billy? I missed that story

      • sxg

        Yea he tweeted out or IG’d pics of his new place. Can’t remember where I saw them.

        • James Johnson III

          I’m so glad to hear this! He deserves to be safe, healthy, and happy. I’m sorry that his porn name is forever tied to his ex but maybe he can pull a Pierce Paris and become a big star under a new name

  • Hari Kalyan

    Wow where is Iyanla Van Zant when you need her. There is so much to unpack here.

    • Scrapple

      Iyanla can only do so much.

    • James Johnson III

      Now *that’s* a Fix My Life that I would want to see!

  • Scrapple

    Even now Billy, Nica and Michael are pooling their talents to attack their enemies. “The power of three will set us three!”
    What the fuck is a “derivative of crystal meth?” Comet and Stevia? For that to come out of your head it must be something you’ve fucked with in the past. Probably between paychecks. Bitch told on herself with that one.

    This wasn’t an argument that needed to be started, as Conner wasn’t even talking about Nica or Icon Male. But as usual, Santoro had to be sloppy. People who live in glass feces-covered whorehouses shouldn’t throw stones. Santoro and trashboxes like him will never learn that lesson until they are forced to. Drag her, Zach. Drag her in court. I’m talking about throwing on some Bob Mackie furs and fashions and your sickest Krystle Carrington wig and get in the courtroom on some “She’s trying to destroy me!” shit with tears and everything. Then hit up 60 Minutes. I’m sure Anderson would be down to do an interview about the horrors of gay porn. That setting would be the perfect place to reheat that tea about Billy trying to profit from that porn “vid” with the alleged soap star. Just pull all those and audit her entire existence.

    • AlohaMar

      The “dirivitive of crystal meth” thing might be a bastardization of the legal terms used to describe meth in criminal court. A lot of meth sold is watered down—not pure crystal. The legal language referring to this is a “mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine, its salts, isomers, or salts of its isomers.” I’m not sure what else could be a “dirivitive” of meth. But then again, why would Billy know meth is often sold as a mixture? (I swear my reason for knowing that is legit lol).

    • Maximus

      Your post triggered Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. Holly Marie has already faded back into obscurity. Alyssa is too badass to care for more than a couple of minutes. Rose declined to comment further, as she is busy dismantling the Hollywood patriarchy.

      Shannen Doherty was just grateful to have one of her gigs referenced during this decade.

      • Scrapple

        Shannen shade? She has cancer. Is nothing off limits? lol

        • James Johnson III

          Please! We live in the same world as a porn completely based on Gay meth use and a Gay porn parody of a film about Black slavery and the Civil War. No, nothing is off limits apparently.

          • Scrapple

            Thankfully I missed that Glory porn parody.

          • James Johnson III

            LOL I meant the parody of 12 Years a Slave

          • Scrapple

            That one too.

          • James Johnson III

            I love Tyson Tyler but even that beautiful piece of dark British Chocolate couldn’t make me watch 12 Inches a Slave

          • Scrapple

            The things people do for a work Visa.

          • James Johnson III

            The shade!

          • Scrapple

            Cold as ICE.

        • Maximus
  • Tellingthetruth

    This guy is the epitome of the word GROSS in every way possible. Hope he gets sued!

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    He looks mad than cockyboys will never hire him

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  • elyp

    This is becoming a mess.
    Then again, which of these kinds of news doesn’t?

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    I’m sure this sign is posted outside of Billy Santoro’s house.

    This guy needs to take his ugly ass and learn a trade or something. A trade that requires him to be away from the public having to look at his face. Does anyone even give a rat’s ass about this irrelevant person? Another person who won’t be remembered for his work in porn.

  • czer

    Of all the batshit crazy people in gay porn, Billy Santoro is the batshit craziest.

  • CamCam

    Why don’t Billy just drop dead already? He’s worst than slime and scum combined.

  • TIM315

    As a lover of all things shade, I have to commend you for leaving the “76” in his email address unmasked. We need to be reminded that this is a 42 year old man out here showing his ass. SAD!

  • Cosmic

    Billy really seems to be unraveling, maybe if he weren’t such an abusive prick someone would actually want to get him the help he obviously needs.

  • Orlando Chan

    Aren’t there better things to argue about???????

  • wincrasher

    No, it’s not worth it to sue him. He probably doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. This tea spilling should be satisfaction enough – believe me, writing checks to lawyers is not very satisfying.

  • TheLisp

    he blocked me on twitter (yay!) so I can’t respond to him directly, but here’s what I think:

  • Mani

    he looks so old, isn’t it time he minds his own business..honestly, i’ve never found this guy least bit attractive..his ex, Seth, omg is hot as fuck, bubble butt and a thick bottom ?