Randy Blue Brings Back Big-Balled Billy

Posted December 5, 2014 by with 11 comments

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Randy Blue has had a great year. From the introduction of self-sucking superstar Dominic Santos to Colby Keller guzzling Jarec Wentworth’s cum (and Jarec’s first DP scene), and from the Kurtis Wolfe/Austin Wolf flip-fuck to this week’s very funny “overused gay porn scenarios” spoof, they’ve really been killing it. And today, they’ve actually murdered me.


I was impressed with Billy Taylor in his solo debut earlier this week, but I never thought he’d be back. I was wrong, because today’s he’s having gay sex for the first time with the smoldering hot Justin Owen (I’m so glad his hair is long again, btw).


Now that 18-year-old jock Billy Taylor is back, you can see his outrageously enormous cock in action, as well as his even more outrageously enormous, jumbo-sized balls slapping up against Justin Owen’s ass. Is this how 18-year-olds are hung these days?


The cum shot (and what happens with the cum) at the end of this scene is beyond words.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.32.54 PM 2I literally said, out loud, “Oh my God…” toward the end of this trailer.

Watch full scene here:

[Randy Blue: Billy Taylor Fucks Justin Owen]


  • Alan Keddie

    I prefer Justin with his short ‘do

  • James Withers

    All praise to Allah, Jesus, and Zeus!

  • sxg

    It’s a shame he wasn’t paired with a better bottom like Skylar. Justin Owen’s performer is just atrocious and one of RB’s biggest mistakes.

    • Erik

      I don´t agree. I think Justin Owen is one of RB´s best guys! He has done several very good scenes for RB. He has no problems taking it – which a lot of porn models have. He has also a very cute face and a defined muscular body. But in this scene he looked a little too slim and I would also like him to have slightly shorter hair.

      @Loki: I have only seen the trailer so far and it seems ok. I agree very much that silly “dirty talk” + acting-moaning is a too common thing in gay and Straight porn. It´s extremely annoying.

  • Loki

    Owen’s whimpering and “dirty talk” ruined the scene. This isn’t the str8 porn you like so much, Justin. Moaning non-stop like one of your str8 porn starlets (“Ooh, fuck that dripping wet pussy, Daddy!”) doesn’t fly in GAY porn…

  • Andre

    It’s kinda a waste of a dick that big if they’re barely going to show penetration.

  • Hudsonman

    It was a great pairing but in the words of Elvis;
    “A little less conversation, a little more action please
    All this aggravation ain’t satisfactionin’ me
    A little more bite and a little less bark
    A little less fight and a little more spark
    Shut your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
    Satisfy me baby”

  • NG212

    I, too, thought it was a great pairing. Billy is so handsome, and has a clean-cut aesthetic we don’t always get to see in porn. He said he’s coming back and the cameraman said they’ll try to pair him with someone bigger next time, so perhaps bottoming is in his future.

  • Colorful Kent

    is billy real gay or faking it gay? does he have experience or is he a gay virgin?

  • Alann6

    I love Justin and think he’s great! sxg, don’t complain about anybody hating, because you’re never going to stop doing it, yourself! At least you didn’t say Justin was slimey, this time! Justin’s Welcome to Hollywood Was the Best happening at Randy Blue this past year!

  • andrew

    Justin is such a beautiful boy. I love all the moaning and chatter. I always love it when the models talk to each other or just talk. It adds to the sexiness of the scene, for me.