6 Things From NextDoorBuddies’ “Truth Or Dare” That You’ll Never Forget

Posted January 29, 2014 by with 4 comments

truth11. Guys who wear HATS while taking a bath.

truth 22. The Mr. Bubble product placement. After the Lucky Charms/General Mills debacle, how could NextDoor be so stupid? (Don’t answer that.)

truth 33. The sight of former exclusive Brandon Bronco’s enormous, sudsy cock bobbing to and fro.

truth 44. The fact that model/singer Connor Hastings wears a hat while getting fucked.

truth 55. The arch in Addison Graham’s insanely hot and ridonkulously perfect ass.

truth 66. That cum shot.

Trailer (watch in full):

[NextDoorBuddies: Connor Hastings, Brandon Bronco, and Addison Graham in Truth or Dare]


  • sxg

    I wonder what went on with Addison and Randy Blue. While I am not a fan of Addison he’s too pretty for my tastes, he did have popularity among many people on the blogs. And he wasn’t a bad performer either he was good in all his scenes. Seems that Randy Blue has been losing a lot of their models to other studios, like Braden Charron and Chris Bines to men.com although I’m glad they’re gone since Braden was one of the worst tops ever at that site and Chris Bines was equally unexciting.

  • JoshChicago

    A video of Mr. Bubble bottoming for Scrubbing Bubbles would have been more interesting that this video.

  • Dutch Courage

    American law is a bit silly when you are not allowed to show the brandname of a product that you use on a regular basis (scene appropriate I would say in this NDS scene). Thank god the Czech Republic does not have such laws. CzechHunter anyone???!!!

  • Nick

    I actually thought those three together were super hot , Theyre all so cute and look hot asf doing each other