6 Things From NextDoorBuddies’ “Truth Or Dare” That You’ll Never Forget

Posted January 29, 2014 by with 4 comments

truth11. Guys who wear HATS while taking a bath.

truth 22. The Mr. Bubble product placement. After the Lucky Charms/General Mills debacle, how could NextDoor be so stupid? (Don’t answer that.)

truth 33. The sight of former exclusive Brandon Bronco’s enormous, sudsy cock bobbing to and fro.

truth 44. The fact that model/singer Connor Hastings wears a hat while getting fucked.

truth 55. The arch in Addison Graham’s insanely hot and ridonkulously perfect ass.

truth 66. That cum shot.

Trailer (watch in full):

[NextDoorBuddies: Connor Hastings, Brandon Bronco, and Addison Graham in Truth or Dare]