Did Sean Cody Just Narrow Down The List Of Brandon’s Potential Tops?

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sc brandon[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]

Sean Cody is milking Brandon’s bottoming debut for all its worth (and so am I, tbh). The studio just posted the above tweet, linking to my post from last week that confirmed the news and asked readers to vote for a top. The fact that they took the time to make this image featuring Tanner, Abe, Brodie, Randy, Sean, and Shaw (all of whom are, coincidentally, leading in the poll) could be a huge clue as to who will be fucking Sean Cody’s Brandon in a little over 72 hours from now, or it could be a major red herring (two days ago, I posted a prediction that Brandon’s top might be his bodybuilder friend whose solo was just released, Sean Cody’s Brennan). Either way, any one of these six doing the honors would be great, although Abe, Randy, or Brodie would obviously be best.

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]

We’ve still got three days to go until Sean Cody’s Brandon bottoms for the first time, so until then, a sneak peek at tomorrow’s Sean Cody scene: It’s the return of thick-cocked Cory with powerbottom Lane.


ICYMI, Cory’s last scene was in April, and his best scene was in March, with Jessie, which earned him a spot on the list of the Best Sean Cody Creampies Of All Time:

coryjessie2Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Cory Fucks Jessie Bareback]

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]


  • jimboivyo

    They sure did if Dimitri kane happened to be the top.

  • Husband sized dick Tanner or Brodie. You better believe me!

  • Al

    I still think it’s Brandon’s friend that will top him.

    • Zachary Sire

      My gut says the same thing tbh.

      • n24rc

        You mean the tiny dick?

  • sxg

    “Either way, any one of these six doing the honors would be great, although Abe, Randy, or Brodie would obviously be best.”

    With all the nastiness about Abe’s return (not specifically just from you), that surprises me you would say that! But I agree I’m fine with either one of these 6, preferably the 3 you mentioned as well as Tanner.

    • Zachary Sire

      Abe’s comeback scene was meh, but he’s still a great top.

      • sxg

        The last half of that we can agree on!

      • Ben

        Would you bottom for Abe?

        • Zachary Sire


  • Zealot

    OH dear Lord……..please let it be Brennan who puts his large manly peen up Brandon’s butt. He’s just so choice. And, afterall…..he and Brandon ARE friends already. And lastly…..Brennan and Brannon just sounds so cute together as a couple. Don’t they? Amen.

  • JT

    Please….anyone but Randy. Sean or Shaw would be awesome! or Brennan!

  • sxg

    A lot of you are hoping that it’s Brennan, Brandon’s friend. While I find Brennan to be really hot, do you really want Brandon’s first bottoming experience to be with a performer that has yet to show us if he’s actually any good at topping? At least half of the performers (Abe, Randy and Brodie) have proven themselves to have high-quality topping skills at SC, while the other 3 don’t necessarily disappoint either.

    I totally want Brandon to do a scene with Brennan, just not yet. I want Brennan to do a few topping scenes then let his cherry be popped in a flip fuck scene with Brandon later on!!!

    • Brandon needs to be a bottom from here on out if he’s to be returning on a regular basis.

    • Ben

      I want Abe. Abe can do no wrong IMO, no matter how hideous his scene partner is, he’ll make the scene worth watching. Randy and Sean? They’re way too big for Brandon’s first time. I just don’ think he would go with either of them. I really want Abe or Shaw but with my luck…. I think it’s going to be Brodie or Tanner from that list.

    • Al

      I personally want Randy to top Brandon but if Brennan and Brandon are already friends more than likely it will be him doing the honors. Brandon would probably want to get fucked by someone he knows versus someone he probably doesn’t know well. But who knows we’ll have to wait until Friday.

    • hotdickcum

      Personally I just have this fetish of having his friend fucking him, I just feel like this will be a one time deal for Brandon so might as well pop the cherry to his buddy.

      If not then have him come back and get fucked by everyone, by all means

  • I’m sure you already know who it will be Zach, what with Sean Cody no doubt paying you for all of this fabulous coverage. In any case….

    • Zachary Sire

      Nice try, but if I knew, I would post it immediately and reap the rewards of all the traffic for being first with the news. And as nice as it would be to have extra revenue with sponsored posts, they pay me nothing to post articles (if they did, it would be clearly disclosed). Post false information again and I’ll just ban you next time.

      • Ok. A post that wasn’t in any way meant to be taken seriously. Notice the cute kitten.

  • nick

    Does it really matter, does anyone really care ?

  • Jace

    Brandon’s already done a scene with Tanner and Brodie, and their policy is never to pair up performers twice unless it’s a group scene. So, maybe it’s a group scene.

  • FooFight

    I do think SC is throwing out a red herring and it’s gonna be Brennan who tops Brandon. They can all the scene the “Sean Cody B&B.”
    My vote for Brandon’s top, though, would be Brodie. Brandon needs someone gentle and passionate who can make Brandon feel good all over during his first time, and the person for that job is Brodie. Brodie doesn’t just fuck his partners – he makes love to ’em.

  • erexshawn

    since SC rarely pairs a former pair up again I think that Tanner and Brodie are out. If it is Randy I’m cancelling my membership. I still think Shaw given the publicity they put out about him. He started off clunky but was really into the fucking he was giving to Blake in the second half, so that would not be bad. Sean is becoming a big ole big dicked bottom, so probably not. Abe would be fine, especially if he can bring what he gave to Joshua to the set.

    and I guess I don’t have to step away from T’day prep to tune in at midnight. Cody and Lame, er, I mean Lane, is a totally swipe left.

    • Ben

      Darn. I don’t even remember Tanner and Brodie have already partnered up with Brandon. LMAO

      • erexshawn

        they are both pretty forgettable scenes

        • Ben

          Yeah Brandon is pretty but I stopped watching his scene after his 6th scene or so.

  • snoopyfo

    whoever has the smallest dick is going to top him, i doubt we will see him taking a big dick… it would be a pleasant surprise thou

    • sxg

      So… Abe?

      • snoopyfo

        I hope so

  • Todd

    Your lead photo for this post makes me think ….


  • Oliver Narrow

    Brandon already has a scene as a top with Tanner and Brodie so…I think (hope) it’s Randy

  • Maximus

    I want it to be Tanner, but that’s probably just wishful thinking if SC has a policy about never doing the same pairing twice.


  • Scrapple

    Trolling, trolling, trolling. SC keeps on trolling…

    SC loves a good bait and switch, so I’m not taking this an indication of anything. Shaw seems like the only obvious option. It’s doubtful the site would redo Brandon’s pairing with Tanner (no need to kick this already-buzzing hornet’s nest), and I can’t see Brandon agreeing to bottom for Randy for his “first” time. Sean is out for that same reason, and because he just had a scene released last week. Brodie’s first barebacking scene was for Brandon, so he’s probably out too (though that would be a better revisit than Brandon and Tanner). I love Abe, but exactly would that scene look like? Brandon and Abe are both sometimey about sucking dick, and neither rims. Unless you’re going to do a vid of Brandon getting railed for thirty minutes, I don’t see why you would put these two together, given their limitations.

    • CA

      Agree with all of what you wrote–I don’t see why they would do a repeat pairing which rules half of these guys out. My vote is still on his buddy from Sunday’s update.

      And Abe mentioned someplace that he wasn’t the one so that’s one less for sure.

      • Ben

        And Abe mentioned someplace that he wasn’t the one so that’s one less for sure.

        WHERE? Where did you see this?

        • CA

          Well, in true internet speculative facts….someone on WB posted that he said it…maybe Twitter? It’s in their long 200 plus comments about the upcoming scene.

          • Zachary Sire


      • Scrapple

        Yeah, I’d be shocked if it isn’t Brennan or Shaw.

      • sxg

        I think Abe has rimmed before, can’t remember who but I think he has at least licked an asshole.

    • Kevin

      Just keep you expectations low. I highly doubt it’s going to be the kind of scene that will blow our minds especially if the friend, who never had sex on camera and probably never had sex with a guy is the one who is doing the cherry popping.

  • Xavier Westenra

    I really hope it’s. Speaking as a bottom, he has entertained me the most out of all the tops. Not just because he’s hot, but he really seems to be a goof fucker. He seems like he really enjoys what he’s doing…. I mean he came three times with one dude. He’s a dream come true for any intelligent bottom

    • Ben


      • Xavier Westenra


  • Jake

    Brandon has appeared in scenes with Tanner and Brodie so unless Sean Cody changes its policy of no re-matches, it wouldn’t be either of them.

  • David1983

    That’s a lovely picture from Abe.

  • mumbleb

    I just hope this isn’t like Topher’s “bottom debut” -_-‘

  • Justin Trenton

    So, Brandon is going to get “stuffed” on Thanksgiving.

    I hope the answer is all of the above. Hopefully he’s ok with it and does several bottom scenes.

  • andrew

    I think any of the six would turn in a good performance with Brandon. My dream candidate is big muscular Jack. He’s a great top who really loves to fuck.

  • BjorkNut

    It would be great if they were able to get Peter out of storage for this….the man had a nice big dick and he knew how to use it.

  • Dongasoreass

    I got summin ta say!!!!! I need to eat Brandon’s butthole for about 6 hours. It seems so, I don’t know, retarded not to. Plus, I love pleasure. Mmmmmfpp! I hope he turns out to be a total cum pig and loses the cool bro thing. Then, he can be super awesome and start getting loaded up and dripping down the street at Sketchysex. And etc. Dot com.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I’m more excited about Lane’s upcoming scene. Thanks for the heads up!

  • yamiter

    Watch the scene be a flip scene where Brandon bottoms for two seconds, i bet it’ll be more disappointing then that scene where Topher Dimaggio bottomed for that Lance Something guy.

    • sexnando

      And he was supposed to be his boyfriend lol

  • Dazzer

    Sorry, estimable Mr Sire, but this is the worst ever episode of Celebrity Squares.

    At this moment I’m oinly slightly less interested who’s going to be the ‘top’ celebrity in the middle than I am about who’s going to be the Men.Com exclusive..

    And this is coming from someone who’s already said Tom Faulk should be the best porn star of 2015. I recognise my own hypocrisy here, but this whole Sean Cody story has been so done to death that we’re rarely watching anyone even with a horse-hung dick.

    These overly promoted porn nags (beautiful as they are) have been so heavily flogged that they’ve expired expired.

    It is a Norwegian Blue of a story.

    It is now singing to the Choir Eternal.

    It has fallen off its perch.

    Bang each of the contestants on the countertop and you’re not even going to get a life-expiring chirrup.

    If Brandon gets fucked, good for him and I hope he enjoys it.

    But by now he should either get fucked or fuck off.

    And I say this to you someone who loves you Zachary Sire. But the PR aspect to this story (and by PR I mean Parrot Resuscitation) is done..

    • beariac
      • Dazzer

        I wish I knew how to find gifs and then post them.

        Yours is excellent and I feel very old that I can’t do the same thing. But your place in Heaven is assured because of what you just posted :-)

        • beariac

          Giffing is easy. Search google images (eg ‘dead parrot sketch gif’, ‘rupaul bitch please gif’) -> look around, pick the one you want -> view image -> post the URL into disqus (no extra code required). VoilĂ .

          I guess I’ll be having a seat next to you upstairs – your comments are always a highlight. (and less of the age-shaming – I’m no spring chicken either, haha) <3


  • pje821

    I’d vote for (in this order): Shaw, Abe, Randy and Brennan.

  • elle

    Its all 6 of them.

  • DaddyYankee

    I think it’s none of them. I’d like to see Brodie popping Brandon’s cherry, but I don’t think it will happen. Seab Cody never repeats the pairings. It could be Abe but he only returned few weeks ago and Brandon’s scene was filmed in August.
    I think it’s new guy Brennan who is a friend of Brandon.

  • joe campbell

    I will narrow it right down… SC have just confirmed its…. Tanner

  • DaddyYankee

    The top is Tanner! Sean Cody just confirmed that on Twitter!

  • Persevere

    Tanner is predictable. Reliable, non threatening in comparative body and dick size, not too “boyfriendy” in his performances.

  • God of knowing…..

    how about some one isn’t white… I mean where are the black men?

  • joe campbell

    Too funny buddy

  • CA

    Ugh! Tanner?!?!

    My first gut instinct was correct and I couldn’t be anymore disappointed…nor surprised.