[UPDATED] Jarec Wentworth Denied Bail, Will Remain In Federal Custody Until Trial; FBI Questioning Colt Rivers

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Jarec Wentworth & Trace Kendall (14)U.S. District judge Michael Wilner has, as expected, denied Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank’s bail request. Per the order below, Brank will remain in custody pending trial, which is scheduled to begin May 12th.

Since his arrest outside an L.A.-area Starbucks (where a loaded gun was found in his car) for allegedly attempting to extort at least $1,000,000 from a wealthy victim, the FBI and prosecutors have argued that Brank is a flight risk, and the judge clearly agreed.

Meanwhile, a completely detached from reality Men.com continues to release Jarec Wentworth’s gay porn scenes as if nothing has happened. Since Str8UpGayPorn broke the story of his arrest on March 23rd, Men.com has released four Wentworth scenes, two of which came out this week. Today, the LA Times finally caught up to the news and published their own article on Wentworth/Brank. How long can Men.com continue to feign ignorance of this story? Then again, if they don’t have any more Wentworth scenes to release, it’s probably a moot point.



Given that he was a close friend, collaborator, and two-time scene partner of Jarec Wentworth’s, the FBI will be questioning gay porn star Colt Rivers tomorrow, according to Colt Rivers.



Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Alan Keddie

    Yawn. As hot as Tefal is and he’s very, very hot. I grow tired of this. He’s gonna bottom a lot more now…

    • Harley

      With a spoon

      • Alan Keddie

        That he’s forced to lick first?

        • sxg

          lol that scene was hilarious! Come on now, the spoon couldn’t have been that bad!

          • Alan Keddie

            It was a dessert spoon if memory recalls correctly. Plus the spooner was a white trash inbred homophobe who ran over a gay mans head with his chopper.

      • McM.

        Explain for us who don’t get the reference?

        • Mick Carter

          Oz reference.

        • sxg
          • Spencer87

            R.E. Rodgers is so fucking hot.Another guy with a huge bubblebutt.Got overlooked cause his character (Robson) was such a prick.

          • Alan Keddie

            Mmmmm yeah. Yummy bubble butt.

          • McM.

            … okay.
            Never watched that series, but get the idea.

    • Luca

      I actually can picture Jarek the kind of guy that thrives in prison…

    • Andrew D

      I was growing tired of this too, but on Twitter Zach hinted there’s much more to come (related to DB). This is all so rich it just has to be fattening.

  • Todd

    I just started Teo’s GoFundMe campaign for tuna, oatmeal, soups and other commissary items ….as well as for an Audi R8 and an LA condo for when he is released. Please donate !

    • sxg

      Don’t forget to add packs of cigarettes as well, it serves as currency in prison.

    • robirob

      If his GoFundMe campaign goes like that bigot pizza place run by the O’Connors in Indiana he could leave prison as a wealthy man.

  • NG212

    I was wondering if Men was accelerating the release of Jarec’s scenes — so they use all the content they shot, and get it over with.

    BTW, that LA Times reporter is cute.

    • zach

      I know right?

      • NG212

        Cute, smart, accomplished, and presumably gay (beat + favorites history)??

        Girl, you better email his ass.

        • zach

          Maybe if he would’ve credited me for breaking the story two weeks ago, but I guess I don’t expect lamestream media to link to a gay porn blog.

          • Guest

            Zach you go where Miss Levin fears to tread. Bravo

          • Guest

            Zach you go where Miss Levin fears to tread. Bravo.

          • Bruser

            Zach you go where Miss Levin fears to tread.

          • robirob

            Lamestream media? That’s Right Wing / Tea Party lingo.

      • sxg

        Oh his nose curves to his right, we all know what that means!

    • lordgabux

      Totally cute

  • Corax95

    Al the major media outlets are starting to report this now. Daily Mail even used a pic of Teo with Diesel Washington and Ryan Rose! LOL


  • Pearl Clutcher

    Why shouldn’t Men release Jarec’s scenes?

    • zach

      No one’s saying they shouldn’t. Just weird/funny that they haven’t said anything. They could milk this for even more publicity by releasing some kind of statement (“We support our exclusive as he is innocent until proven guilty…”), but I guess that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

      • daniel harcourt

        Men is too corporate (Straight) too have a sense of humor

      • D.K.

        I would guess they’re releasing a lot of them to try and finish it off so they can have it in the past and not lose money by not airing them.

  • Calyx

    I think I’ll start an etsy shop


    • PMSL!!!! I love it… not enough to buy one though sorry! :-(

  • TK

    I wish they had stated in the article “Gay-4-Pay” so ppl reading would really scratch their heads over the whole situation.


  • Alann6

    You make it sound like Men is doing something wrong by releasing his scenes! Men is in no way responsible for what Brank’s done!

    • sxg

      Well if they feel that’s true then why aren’t they releasing anymore Johnny Rapid scenes they’ve got horded? I can see them dumping their Jarec scenes before it gets worse in the media but not Johnny’s?

  • sxg

    Why does Colt sound annoyed? He seemed like one of the guys who was #teamtoefill. Is she having second thoughts now? Poor miss thang!

    Oh and if the FBI is reading this, please contact ‘Girl bye’ herself miss Billy Santoro. She apparently has a lot to say on the matter, but clearly twitter is too good of a place for her to dish any info, so I think she’ll feel more comfortable in an FBI interrogation room! 😀

    • Seahawksfan

      Being scrutinized by the FBI is something most of would rather avoid and certainly not something to look forward to, no? Also, I think any performer that has any escorting ambitions would not want to be associated with another escort that blackmailed a client. So I can see his pique about being interviewed by the FBI.

    • Luca

      it’s not -that- difficult to understand why someone is not that thrilled to be questioned by the FBI!

      • VncntDL

        Agree, but then why announce it to the world?

        • Luca

          because it’s 2015? 😀

  • nodoubtfan

    This Jason Carr fellow…

  • oh shit, I hope Colt wasn’t involved in any of this…

    • Alan Keddie

      Damn! That’s spooky!

  • Alan Keddie

    Maybe the cops/Feds read the word “Colt” and thought: “GUN!”

  • Alan Keddie

    Ooh! Ooh! I just had a brainwave (no jokes, please!) men.com could do a whole series based upon this real life media dis ars tah!

  • Johnny

    My dick says he looks so fucking hot in that photo, and my brain says he wouldn’t think twice about robbing me at gunpoint. Every one of these Jarec posts creates such mixed emotions.

    • JJ

      You want to have sweaty sex with him right?

  • Kevin

    Ashton/Mckinzie’s Instagram just went private again. I guess he’s receiving comments relating to his “friendship” with Mr. Burns

  • D.K.

    This drives me nuts. People continue to support using straight guys in gay porn and this is what happens. Where do you think these guys come from? Do you think because they sometimes look clean cut on camera that thats what they are? Ask yourself, as a gay man, how much would you need to be paid to fuck a woman on camera? Thats the answer. These are low lives.

    • Seahawksfan

      I think you’re being a bit unfair to G4P performers. Check out the mugshots readily available online. I don’t see any dramatic difference in the number of identifiable G4P vs gay performers. Remember, we’re talking porn here, an industry hardly renowned for moral rectitude. If you mix drugs, sex, and desperation for cash from whatever source, you get not only a volatile mix but an arena that will be attractive to only a few. I think class matters more here than the gay/straight issue.

    • JJ

      You think jarec is straight???? Have you seen his work???!!!!

      • Seahawksfan

        There is no question that Jarec/Teo is straight in his personal life. It is surprising what a dose of sociopathy added to greed can lead a straight man to do. Someone else said it best, “You are who you fuck for free.” Jarec is the epitome of G4P. He is divorced and has only had women in his private sex life. He only has sex with men where money is involved.

        • JJ

          What do you mean there’s no question of his straightness? To me, he doesn’t fully come off as straight.

          And where did you find that he’s divorced? You sure? He’s only 25. I mean, I know there are people who marry super young but just wondering because that’s not the norm anymore.

          • Seahawksfan

            As for Jarec/Teo being straight, perhaps the best sexual sources are his scene partners. Two that come to mind from Sean Cody are both gay – Brice (later known as Connor Kline) and Ryan (later known as Colt Rivers) both star pretty firmly that he is straight. Second, everyone who has worked with him on the set at various studios say the same. In addition, those of us who knew his real name before now and followed him on social media were made very aware of his sexual orientation. All of this is readily available online from multiple sources. There are a couple of sources that are personal. No one who has known him or worked with him has ever said anything other than that he is straight in his personal life. Remember “You are who you fuck for free.”

            As for his divorce, again he has mentioned it himself as one of his biggest mistakes. They were divorced within 2 years. This is also available online.

            His sexual performances are indeed impressive especially knowing his primary sexual orientation. But sociopathic personalities that are attuned to pleasing others as a form of manipulation for personal gain can do amazing things. I do think he was able to squeeze out some enjoyment in the moment but he does not have gay sex except for a price of some kind.

          • JJ

            Okay, I get it. But he still doesn’t come off as an average straight guy in personality.

    • andrew

      Generalize much? All Gay4Pay guys are no more all alike than we 100% pure gay guys are all alike. Because of your bias against gay4pay guys in gay porn, you are jumping at the chance to paint all gay4pay guys with the same broad brush. This is what some str8 people often do to us gays.

  • Robert

    Maybe it’s trashy of me but I want to know who he was extorting. *googles millionaire hollywood Audi R8*

  • Robert

    Serious question: Is remaining closeted really worth $500,000?! OMG for $500,000 I’ll tell who I like to fuck, how I like to fuck, when I like to fuck, etc.

  • lordgabux

    Has anyone thought that maybe Men.com is just releasing his scenes to be done with him? That way if he goes away for a long time they are not releasing stuff from a convicted dude. #ThinkAboutIt hahahahaha

  • Only a million?