Jarec Wentworth Update: Bank Accounts Frozen, Arraignment Tomorrow, And Fucking Colt Rivers For The Second Time

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3As promised, Men.com is releasing one of Jarec Wentworth’s last gay porn scenes tomorrow, and it’s with none other than Colt Rivers. As most of you know, Rivers was one of Wentworth’s best scene partners of all time when they were known simply as “Ryan” and “Jarek” at Sean Cody, so this is actually the second time they’ve fucked.

Also potentially being released tomorrow? Jarec Wentworth from federal custody.

Tomorrow morning, Jarec a.k.a. Teofil Brank will be arraigned in federal court, where he’s expected to be formally charged with felony extortion. As I exclusively reported over the weekend, Brank allegedly attempted to extort $1,000,000 from an unnamed victim, and according to the FBI, he had already actually received at least $500,000 from the victim before upping his demands.

Today, Str8UpGayPorn can report that the government has frozen Brank’s bank accounts, so whatever was left of that $500K is not available to him now. And those frozen bank accounts are the basis for Brank’s lawyer’s motion to have him released from prison while he awaits trial. Since he doesn’t have any money, he’s not a flight risk, according to Brank’s public defender. The application for his release was filed today:

pretrialConsidering Brank and his accomplice brought a loaded gun to the scene of his arrest, the state’s attorney might argue that he’s a danger to the public, and the application could be denied. Either way, a decision will likely be handed down tomorrow during Brank’s arraignment.

In the meantime, if you simply can’t get enough Jarec Wentworth, Men.com has you covered! Here he is fucking Colt Rivers for the second time.

62Hey, if Jarec does have to stay in prison, at least he got to fuck some sweet ass before being sent away.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Jarec Wentworth Fucks Colt Rivers]

And just as a reminder, a clip from the far, far superior scene when Jarek fucked Ryan on Sean Cody for the first time in 2012. It’s almost laughable that Men.com paired them up for a second time, because nothing will ever compare to what Sean Cody was able to do with them. “Jarek Fucks Ryan Bareback” isn’t just Jarek’s 3rd best scene of all time, it also came in at #15 on the list of the greatest Sean Cody scenes of all time.

[Sean Cody: Jarek Fucks Ryan Bareback]


  • Rickster Rickster

    the gravity of the charges is enough to hold him until trial. he brought along a gun and involved an innocent party in his scheme. I doubt there is a bail bondsman in the country who would give him the bail money. he’s a seedy character/person of ill repute and a definite flight risk. — start the countdown clock for his porn buddy defenders to start up one of those kickstarter accounts or whatever they call that they’re so fond of to raise money for him.

  • DRW11

    I hope he gets the harshest punishment which is what he deserves. I also hope whoever it was he did this to stays private. This isn’t the way someone should be outted. Whoever it is though, I give them a lot of credit by getting the FBI involved….I would much rather get them involved, get this guy in trouble, and take a risk on being exposed rather than live in the closet knowing I let some scum bag take so much money and things that I worked for.

    • andrew

      I would only favor outing the victim if, he is a closet case who, has used his wealth or power to champion the discrimination of LGBT people.

      • gnormie

        or if he was a pedophile…

        • andrew

          Unlikely that a pedophile would be interested in having sex with Jarec.

    • James Withers

      You do know being charged with a crime isn’t the same as being guilty of one?

      • DRW11

        Yes but he is guilty no doubt. He sent texts from his phone and was with the undercover in person being recorded accepting a title for the audi and about to also accept 1 million dollars illegally. Technically he hasn’t been declared guilty but I’m almost 100 % he will be.

        • audiosf228

          Yeah this recording they couldn’t produce in court because they were having technical difficulty copying it?? Really?


      Do not start singing this “VICTIM” praise just yet because For some reason or another I am getting the feeling that one MANIPULATOR out MANIPULATED another !

      • DRW11

        We don’t know the whole story and probably never will. All we do know is this guy tried “working” with jarec..he gave him 500,000 and a audi…he could have easily went to the police then. No matter what the story is though, there’s really no excuse to ask for such ridiculous amounts of cash, etc just so he can be quiet about someones sexual things. He needed to put his big boy pants on and leave things be since he already got extravagant things that I think most people in the world would be fine with but he had to keep going.

        • BLACKjackHAMMER

          DRW I could not agree with you more WTF was Jarec thinking ? He has probably tried this with other wealthy closeted cases ( perhaps for lesser amounts ) and got away with it but yet for some reason or another I am not so sure as to how much of a victim this victim is

          • audiosf228

            Let’s stick with the we don’t know the whole story bc yeah WTF was Jarec thinking. It all just seems a little RIDIC like almost not true. And from how things went down in the courtroom Friday something smells fishy. The prosecutor wasn’t ready and judge had to give them more time to get their evidence, how do they not have the phone records from the phone company yet? They’ve had since March 4th when Jarec was arrested. The judge kept questioning the prosecutor on when her investigation would be done. He at one point said “I don’t want to tell you how to do your job.” Then right after at the hearing to post bail, again the prosecutor wasn’t ready. The agent, who the judge wanted to speak with, wasn’t present so the hearing got pushed to this coming Thursday. And still Jarec is in jail…

  • sxg

    I hope he’s denied release so he can further think about how stupid it was to be so greedy.

  • Kim K’s Kute Koochy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Since Jarek/Jarec/Teofil hasn’t started a gofundme campaign for legal fees, bail, lotion & hair gel in prison etc…, let’s hope he’ll bottom for money again.

    • gnormie

      bitches needs commissary

  • Zealot

    If it hasn’t started yet, give it a minute….a Go Fund Me Campaign to cover his legal fees.

  • daniel harcourt

    I am convinced if the CIA played Men.com “faux” porn for suspected terrorists they would all go honking insane and confess to anything to stop the torture.

  • Estelle

    He is probably considered a flight risk because he was born overseas and may still has connections there. Also he threatened his victim and his threats to out him on social media won’t do him any favors. The loaded 357 could also come into play because of he possibility of him harassing his victim as well as the co conspirator who is fully cooperating with the Feds. Another thing he may have to worry about is income tax evasion. No stone will be unturned with this one.

  • GN

    I have sympathy for neither Teofil nor his john. I know men like that, who indulge some ambitious hustler, and eventually the hustler comes for a bigger bite out of their ass than the john was willing to donate.It’s what you get for having lopsided relationships where the john levies control with his money and the trick with his looks.

    • Benjam

      But isn’t that exactly the nature of the escort relationship?

      • GN

        That’s my point, it’s a vitctimless crime. The john and trick were both using each other, and they both knew what they were getting into. Sometimes you’re the player and sometimes you get played. And i’m not even against renting an escort. I am against guys crying about being victims when they both knew what the other was looking for, one wanted $ one wanted sex.

        • Benjam

          Its victimless, yes, until one person then extorts the other.

        • andrew

          Demanding and getting $500K and an Audi R8 is not a victimless crime.

          • BLACKjackHAMMER

            If this alleged victim had nothing to hide than why would he give up the Audi R8 instead of going to the police from the very beginning ? Andrew do not get me wrong I think Jerac is FUCKING ASSHOLE 4 doing something so STUPID ! but who just gives up a 180k automobile ?

  • robirob

    A guy like him could have a lot of friends who owe him favors or would do favors for him, like flee the country. He’s so a flight risk.

  • Alan Keddie

    If imprisoned he will have to suck cock…

    • gnormie

      good thing he already learned that skill

      • BLACKjackHAMMER

        He will probably have to resume his bottoming skills once his fellow prison inmates learn about his gay porn history LOL !

    • andrew

      There is a lot less sex in prison than the popular culture talks about.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    Hopefully you’ll get what you want and he’ll be tortured mercilessly and then drawn and quartered. Will that satisfy your blood lust? Or must his corpse be burned after too?

    • gnormie

      I don’t want anything less than a gibbet

    • andrew

      If he is guilty, restitution and a 10 year prison term will suffice.

  • Kevin

    Men is also releasing scenes with Jarec on March 29 and on April 1, i don’t know if they are capitalizing on his new found infamy or they want to put his scenes out there and be done with him. I assume that this could be his last scenes.

  • I hope Jarec will be ok. I know him personally, and this is so not like him to be like this, we only really heard one side of the story, its not right to judge him based on some unknown person’s stories. I just cannot believe a dear friend to me like him who is so kind, sweet and lovable to be like this, there must have been an underlying problem between him and this “victim” which I think other porn stars in support of Jarec seem to have hinted about. Best wishes my friend.

    • Estelle

      This has to be a joke right……?

    • zach


      • Jeez sorry that I DONT agree with the petty bitchiness of the author. We are all allowed are opinion, you know.

    • McM.


      If Jarec/Teofil Brank is a “dear friend”, shouldn’t you know more about what is going on than Zach?

    • Corax95
    • James Withers

      I know the victim personally. He too is kind, sweet, and loveable. Best of wishes, my friend. Can I get an Audi too?

    • gnormie

      awww…maybe you can wank him off if he gets bail

    • andrew

      3 days ago on another thread on Str8upgayporn you said: “Hey, what Jarec did was wrong, but this isn’t going to keep me from watching his sexy bad boy self in porn.” What gives?

    • JJ

      Maybe you don’t know him well enough. Maybe you never “knew” him.

  • bob80

    Any lawyer here? What sentence is he facing (approx)?

  • john

    He has a public defender? He’s screwed…

  • DrunkEnough

    I would give my left nut to find out what this guy spent the first part of that $500k on before he was caught. He may be the only piker in porn without an Amazon Wish List.

  • Benjam

    Is he also being charged with the gun crime? If i read correctly the gun was never in teofil’s posession and it was the accomplice who got the gun and was arrested with it in his car.

  • JJ

    The two pics of Jarek really makes me hoohh haahh horrrnnnn…..

  • goosegui