CockyBoys And Bruce LaBruce Launch Diablo In Madrid, Featuring Allen King’s Cemetery Blowjob

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Happy Halloween!

CockyBoys and director Bruce LaBruce have partnered for a four-part anthology launching today, and this first episode, Diablo In Madrid, features gay porn stars Allen King and Sean Ford. A note from CockyBoys’ Jake Jaxson about the collaboration:

Working with Bruce on this anthology has been a dream come true. Bruce has been a huge inspiration to me, and his “take no prisoners” approach to filmmaking has greatly influenced my work, as he is constantly pushing past the boundaries imposed on gay culture and queer cinema. A few years ago we met at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, during a retrospective of his work, and at that time I was just a fan excited to see The Raspberry Reich. So, you can imagine my surprise when earlier this year, he suggested we might consider working together (thanks to Tayte Hanson for reintroducing us), and I was even more excited once I read the scripts he sent me. It was everything I have always loved in his work—irreverent, satirical, funny, and sexy—so wrong that it was right. And once we added our performers to the mix, I was all in.

dg1a0172 dg1a9097Allen King, playing an “underworld demon,” is excellent here, and he pretty much steals every scene he’s in. He pees and jerks off on graves, receives blowjobs from people visiting graves, and he even convinces one mourner to suck his cock right in the middle of the cemetery. Nice:

Right in front of my tombstone?

Later, King seduces another visitor at the cemetery, played by Colby Keller, into another blowjob session, and Keller cums in the devil’s mouth:


For those who aren’t fans of Colby Keller, don’t worry. This scene was filmed last spring (prior to Colby Keller’s repeated attempts to explain his Donald Trump vote), and it only features a few minutes of Keller. For those who are still fans of Colby Keller, you’re in luck! He’ll be back in a bigger role later in the anthology.

dg1a9784 dg1a9788 dg1a9790

Sean Ford eventually joins Allen King, and the majority of this episode is about them:

Allen is unaware of the presence of angel Sean Ford and he moves on, still full of lust and mischief. Allen finds another mourner to tempt but this time angel Sean intervenes and tries to wrestle him away. The diablo’s lust for the angel grows intensely and he tries to kiss him as they wrestle and fight from the cemetery to the city streets and into an occupied apartment. Unseen by the tenant they continue to brawl as clothes come off and Allen forces himself on Sean. The angel keeps struggling until Allen’s cock is shoved into his mouth and the taste of foreskin breaks down the last wall of resistance. Sean sucks Allen’s cock, they kiss passionately and Sean returns to sucking Allen who smiles with demonic glee. Eventually Allen takes off the rest of Sean’s clothes to suck and rim him, and his true nature is revealed triumphantly as Allen finally fucks Sean.

dg1a9237 dg1a9259 dg1a9573Sean Ford is actually angelic IRL, so his character here makes perfect sense. And Allen and Sean, obviously, look incredible together:

dg1a0105 dg1a9980 dg1a9898 dg1a9902 dg1a9938 dg1a9944 dg1a9949As great as their sex scene is (Allen’s topping and Sean’s bottoming are equally strong), the build up, drama, and fight they have in the cemetery is just as fun to watch. Clip (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys’ Diablo In Madrid: Allen King Fucks Sean Ford]

  • Miloš Del Rey

    Jfc all of this for porn, I love how much effort they put in their videos. But seriously fucking in a cemetery. People can’t even escape the fuckery in death. Like imagine visiting your mom’s grave and you see Colby Keller jacking off over it while reciting Donald Trump tweets.

    • “People can’t even escape the fucker in death” is poetry.

    • peter

      That is an incredible image!

    • McM.

      Oh, bitch!
      Oh, bitch!


      You don’t know from fuckery until you’ve viewed the entire scene. @Xzamilloh:disqus ‘s comment was a warning, but I didn’t heed it and watched the trailer. Then I had the opportunity to watch the whole scene and I thought to myself “meh, may as well”; I was also curious why Cockyboys chose to follow up Just One Night with this.

      Let me tell you: the fuckery goes on. And on. The scene is 22mins long and I’d say 9mins of it (being generous here) was sex. This includes basic Ooo-two-guys-kissing sex, not just Allen-finally-put-his-cock-inside-Sean sex.

      Was the fucking hot? I don’t know. I was too distracted by everything that came beforehand, and during, and after to notice. From what I saw filming a porn scene was tertiary concern for the director and studio, so it doesn’t matter if anyone gets off on the fucking.

  • FrenchBug

    Weighing my fandom for Allen King against the trifecta of my porn pet peeves/turn-offs: hats (and a particularly dumb one at that), dumb lighting and Colby Keller.
    I’ll pass. Still love you, Allen.

    • nbtx27

      Colby Keller absolutely the ugliest man in porn.

      • FrenchBug

        No. Colby Keller is the dirty-looking self-loving pretentious asshole who voted for Trump. You must be thinking of Billy Santoro.

      • EJ

        Colby Keller may have the ugliest personality in porn, but I find Boomer Banks a whole lot more yeeeeeech.

        • Stacy

          But Banks is quite cool w/ his fans – and even though I’m anti-tat I love a man that is grateful and nice

  • sxg

    Mmm Allen King he’s always a welcome site!

    Fuck Colby Keller I cant with that trumptard cunt.

    And I used to like Sean Ford, but after finally bingewatching the 1st season of Stranger Things, I can’t unsee his resemblance to Eleven.

    • FrenchBug

      I don’t know if it is from him growing slightly older or a testament of the competence of Helix’s less creative but highly polished technical team, but SF’s weird head shape, that used to not bother me in Helix’ scenes, make him look really odd in his CB scenes.

      • peter

        thank you

      • Stacy

        That is astute observation – I used to be CB over Helix but now I feel that I know Levi K’s dick better than my own! And Helix has that delicious new Cole Claire….and functioning lights

    • Marik Ishtar

      The parallels of Sean going missing after his final act, being taken care of by some isolated daddy, and sending subliminal tweets to the new kid on the block is heralding.

      But what takes the place of waffles?

  • Xzamilloh

    What fucking community college independent short film for Starbucks poser ass bitches trailer did I just watch???

    • Pinko of the Grange

      That was a clip and not a trailer, and it is arty…no really this is arty. Honestly why would I lie about that…it is obvious. Arty from the Starbucks down on Main and 4th.

      • Xzamilloh

        I don’t fucking care what it was, it was shit. That was art like making a smiley face with chocolate chips on a pancake is art

  • Zealot

    So CockyBoys is now the IFC of gay porn? If we’re going that route why can’t we get the porn version of Donnie Darko? I’d pay to see Jacen Zhu as the demonic rabbit and Diego Sans (made up as the porn version of Jake Gyllenhall’s Darko) getting his ass “carrot-ted”. I know Diego’s the exclusive of another studio…but c’mon porn Gods…let’s make this happen. David Lynch can direct.

    As for Diablo in Madrid….that graveyard scene…there’s no salad but there’s a woman seemingly very put out by these guys’ shenanigans. Kind of a “Do ya, or Donna ya?” sitch.

  • James Johnson III

    To me, this is hot…and even artistic. I love Bruce’s work. All I’m hoping for is the appearance of Dean Monroe. I’m longing for a Raspberry Reich reunion with Bruce and Dean. That was the film that proved to me that Dean could act as well as being sexy

    • See, I *hate* Bruce’s work, but even I can usually find some artistic merit in it. This just looks cheap and I can’t get over them desecrating people’s graves like that.

  • Marik Ishtar

    This reminds me of The Meyerowitz Stories and the daughter’s student films.

    Anyway this is weird. It’s taking itself seriously but not taking itself seriously. I don’t know, I spent the entire minute furrowing my brows that I didn’t have time for an erection. But I’m sure someone will get off to this. Then roll over and think about their life choices. And some might say, is what makes this art.

  • Hereweare

    No doubt the guys are hot, BUT………Did they really need Bruce LaBruce to make this “Hookers In Cheap Costumes Desecrate Grandma’s Grave” series?
    Why didn’t they just dig up some jewelry while they were there?

    • peter

      Wine, drunk through the eyes, pours from the moon in torrents!

      • Hereweare

        LaBruce……Lunaire…….all the classic melt into one…….

        • peter

          Yeah, when I saw how he ‘re-visioned’ Schönberg’s masterpiece as a transgender/lesbian lesbian love story I was like ‘whatever’.

  • Nate

    How nice to come to Europe to film scenes on a graveyard. Something they wouldn’t dare back home

    • peter

      Didn’t the Addams Family have picnics in the cemetery?

  • peter

    Seriously, everything that Matt Lambert’s Flower accomplished so artlessly in 15 minutes this (appears) to completely miss. The old term ‘artsy fartsy’ seems particularly appropriate here.

    I really shouldn’t say anything since I haven’t seen it and have no intent to. But based on the stills and previews, the joy that was so abundant in Flower seems all-buy-absent here.

    Sean, you should have never left Helix!

    • nbtx27

      Sean, sorry that you are as sick as the others involved in this trash. No respect. Just sad.

  • Sed

    Cockyboys. Where our motto is.

    “Oh fuck! We forgot to film the sex scenes. Quick. Somebody go get the models back!”

  • Scrapple

    So we rightfully condemned Bennett Anthony for his cemetery desecration, but this is okay? Because that was real life and this is porn? The graves are still real, but I guess that doesn’t make a difference.

    • sxg

      Well not sure what pissing you’re talking about, but Bennett and his methhead buddies went to a Jewish cemetery for the sole purpose of vandalizing tombstones of deceased Jewish people. Yes this is in bad taste, but it sure as hell doesn’t compare to an actual hate crime.

      • nbtx27

        Just as bad. Absolutely no justification for it.

      • Scrapple

        Allen pisses on a tombstone. I don’t make a distinction between doing that for a porn scene and tagging tombstones because the deceased are Jewish. A desecration is a desecration.

  • GothBoyUK

    Utterly obscene. I hope that the owners of the cemetery & every family who’s resting places are desecrated in this work sue the makers for all they’re worth. It would be tacky even if they used a studio graveyard but at least they wouldn’t be disrespectful to the memories of the dead. This is completely unacceptable.

  • WorkBitch

    Pissing on a grave and giving a blowjob in the middle of a cemetery in the name of “art”.. A real class act.

    • peter

      Pissing?! Was Deviant Otter there, too?

  • nbtx27

    Fucking sick. Absolute trash. A cemetary? Everyone involved go to Hell, absolutely no respect.

  • GuruMike

    No thank you.

  • nick

    On the surface it looks pretty hot, I like the socks and sneakers.
    And also, I’ve had sex in cemetery, so I can’t really act all horrified about that.

    • Pinko of the Grange


  • Baradude
  • Baradude

    The level of disrespect to fuck in a graveyard is truly baffling i can’t even

  • Pinko of the Grange

    So how much is the pearl concession on this site? It make be worth it.

  • Maximus

    Where was the costume budget? Did they spring for business class on the flight to Madrid or something? Bitches should’ve coped in coach and actually spent more than €10 per outfit.

  • C3xxx

    Whew was worried that Sean had had his wings permanently clipped.

  • redrios

    wow i cant believe ppl are still making drama about colby keller, he did the same thing Zizek, Horvath, and many hundreds of other “public” thinking figures had done: a risky move, endorsing the devil to stir a revolution, but i haven’t heard of any of them recoiling… I actually also did not vote for Hillary either, explaining my position, it was clear that (others may agree or not) it wasn’t a cynical choice, a tease, a false choice…. My reason where similar, not the same.
    But well… Ppl luv a good drama over twitter, public spheres, scandalous rumors, etc…. pane et circenses

  • Birdy65

    Sad…, you better read “I Shall Spit on Your Graves” Boris Vian aka Vernon Sullivan if you want to cross the lines with some meaning

  • Jack Pierrot

    OMG Sean! Why you leave from Helix? For Movies like this??? My Angel is falling down