[UPDATED] Surprise: Corbin Fisher’s Max And Sean Cody’s Jack Are Now On OnlyFans And Twitter

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only max jackThis story is being continuously updated below.

Two of the most popular gay porn performers of the last few years are branching out from the studios that helped make them stars, with both Corbin Fisher’s Max and Sean Cody’s Jack joining OnlyFans and Twitter, respectively. Both stars reached out to Str8UpGayPorn this week to help spread the word about their new ventures (Jack says he’ll be starting an OnlyFans as well), and it’s great to see that the two fan favorites will now be interacting directly with us online.

Sean Cody’s Jack is operating the Twitter account “Xavier D.,” and his manager sent me the below images for posting:

sean cody jack gay porn sean cody jack gay porn sean cody jack gay pornNote: I’ve asked Jack’s manager to verify that the “Xavier D.” Twitter account really is Jack, so while it’s not 100% confirmed that the account is his, I’m taking him at his word and assuming it’s legit, for now.

Update: Jack has sent in the below photo with his Twitter handle written out on paper, as seen below. It’s backwards due to the mirror, but this proves it’s really him:

unnamed [ICYMI: Read Jack’s first ever interview, exclusive on Str8UpGayPorn.]

As far as Corbin Fisher’s Max, he started an OnlyFans account this week, and I highly recommend checking out his page if you’re a fan. (And if you’re not a fan of Max, get the hell off my website.)

maxfisherMax doesn’t have much posted as of yet (he just opened the account yesterday), but that will presumably change soon. Like with Jack, I’ve asked Max to verify that the OnlyFans account is really him (I would hope that the platform doesn’t allow impostors?), so you should wait until he’s done that (or until he’s added more content) before you join his page. UPDATE: Max has recorded a video writing out his account name, confirming that he is definitely on OnlyFans. Screenshot from the video:


Max has been adding photos to the account daily, and there are now dick pics, as well as face shots. Here’s a sneak peek at just some of what you’ll see on Max’s page right now:

corbin fisher max onlyfansI swear to God, he’s so gorgeous, I would stay subscribed to his page even if it was filled with just face pics. But if it’s nudes you need, Max is here for you:


Jesus Christ:

maxfricorbin fisher max onlyfans

[OnlyFans: Max Fisher]

  • TJaa7

    God Max is just beautiful

    • vabballfan

      Max is fucking gorgeous – I want to see a Corbin Fisher scene with Max, Grant and Travis with everyone fucking everyone.

      • Alpio A.

        Your scene with Travis is already out . Which may mean that he’s back at the studio. But my three comments for information about this here have disappeared .

  • Felipe Pinafi

    Hope he fuck some pussy on it.

    • vabballfan

      I don’t think Max is into women at all – he’s all guy with the way he sucks cock, fucks and takes cock. Max is not gay for pay – no gay for pay guy could take cock as hungrily as he does and dish is out the way he does.

      • magenta5

        Meh, the occasional straight guy is a good actor, especially when he’s seeking to court the pink dollar.

        • Mihcael Davies

          Max has been confirmed to be gay for ages, get with the times

          • magenta5

            Girl, werq on your reading comprehension. I was responding to the last clause of the previous comment:

            “no gay for pay guy could take cock as hungrily as he does and dish is out the way he does.”

          • Mihcael Davies

            relax “girl” it was a simple mistake. my bad!

          • magenta5

            No worries, I’m having a bad day and was mildly offended by you stating “get with the times”. Have a lovely day!

          • Richie

            on his flirt4free says he’s bi-sexual??

          • Alann6

            Max would have done a scene with a girl at CF by now, if he was bi.

    • Zachary Sire

      I assume you’re talking about Jack. Max is gay.

      • Alpio A.

        Even that !!! He’s PERFECT !!!

    • Burkeman

      On Twitter, Kellan said Max was gay (and Elian, too). And Kellan only said if he knew for certain and the guy was open about his orientation.
      Beau apparently is unconfirmed (which shocked me, because he is so good).

      • Felipe Pinafi

        Beau have (or had) a girlfriend earlier this year.
        He once said on IG that he never do something for free. He probably escorts…

        • Burkeman

          What is his Instagram, please?

      • Alann6

        Beau has several scenes with girls at CF and he performs very well.

        • Burkeman

          You do not have to tell me what Beau has done. I have followed his career at Corbin Fisher from the first day.

          • Alann6

            I only commented because you said Beau is unconfirmed. I think based on his performances he either considers himself bi or straight and not just gay.

        • peter

          So he may be a bisexual like Blake Mitchell. While I generally think most ‘bisexuals’ use the category as a halfway point before coming out altogether (exhibit A Jacob Ford), there are some guys who genuinely like both.

          Much as I’d like to think Beau plays for our team at least part-time,I suspect he is, like SC Joey, using porn to pay for his body-building habit. The lengths some guys will go to for ‘gains’ . . .

          Going back, Trey, who everyone swore up and down must be gay, also put in very convincing straight performances.

      • peter

        Also Quinn’s Valdez-sized tea-spill about BTS hanky-panky with Harper and several others. He did a scene with Beau and if they’d messed around afterward I think he’d have said so.

  • Sven Sebastian

    I second to that, Zach! I would spare no expense for Max 😍

  • sxg

    Me on Max: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e459b08f4fb700c068ca3bb3ee3c8b75a2d556442ba4a1c61ed83b9f2708882.gif
    He’s a hottie for sure, but I haven’t watched a CF scene in ages. I stopped caring when they lost my last favorite exclusives there.

    Now Jack, however, I’m living for his OnlyFans, and hopefully JFF in the near future, acct! He has proven time and again that he is one incredible top with an appetite for ass, as well as a commendable bottom! I can’t wait to see him perform with some big names from other gay porn studios! Kurtis Wolfe baby, if you’re reading this plz kindly send him a msg that you’re interested in working with him! I know you’d be down to flip fuck with him if he’s up for it!

  • Hush-ins

    Max looks different in a positive way in those photos.

  • joeguy45

    Max is proper Hot. best looking porn star in a long time…

  • marcuz86

    Where’s the link of Max’s Twitter?

  • Philip Broad

    What’s to celebrate? Wobbly cameras and low production values?
    I agree that Corbin/Cody are not what they were and both need to raise their game but their output is still infinitely better than the amateurish crap these file-sharing sites offer.
    What a terrible waste of talent.

    • B.C.

      Agree. I would much rather see Max in all his glory fucking at studios. Hopefully this is just his “I’m available for shooting” gig. Somehow Max looks even more gorgeous.

    • Mihcael Davies

      A lot of OF content isn’t poor quality just because it’s amateur porn. A lot of them make quality content, good lighting, good angles etc.

      • mtopndc

        Josh Moore, Cade Madox etc…

  • Nathan

    Jack is married to a really old asian woman it’s weird.

  • Luis

    Max is perfection! What I really find odd tho is that most of his cumshots when getting fucked are done in the dog-in-fire-hydrant type. Would love to see him having more missionary or reverse cowboy cumshots.

  • Joel

    No thank you to steroid-filled, overhyped Jack. But Max? YASS. Though, his pricing is a bit steep, honestly.

  • Kenny Johnson

    Max is a gift to humanity. Would I rather kiss him, fuck his perfect ass, get fucked by his perfect big cock… I simply cannot decide. My rating system becomes meaningless when everything is at level 10.

  • Scrapple

    I know Jack is/was doing the Chippendale’s thing, but wasn’t he also escorting at one point? I seem to remember an ad where he was listing himself as a Sean Cody model. He’s out there hustling (not saying that as a negative) so I pretty much expected him to already have a fan page. Max is a different story because he’s been one of those models that has kept a super low sm radar. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of content he does. Rest assured, no matter how hot he is (and he looks even hotter here than at CF) people will get quite vocal if he’s not giving them what they want, or if his personality diminishes his shine.

  • pilot101

    Max is the Sebastian Stan of gay porn. Love him

  • Xzamilloh

    A lot of these porn stars could try to certify as personal trainers, because some of them have really fantastic bodies that you can clearly see they put a lot of work into achieving. I probably said this before but I’ll say it again.

    Nothing wrong with a fallback line of work that is rewarding

  • I like enjoy the odd muscle-meathead, Go Jack

  • DaveAtom

    Oh my god. Max is basically an angel. Everything is just perfect. Look at that face, his eyes, mouth, skin, hair, smirk. He is one of the most beautiful humans on earth!

    The second pic, where he is in the floor, reminds me one old pic of some guy doing the same pose and just with his socks and sneakers. Was the time when I realised I liked guys.

    • GayhawkAZ

      I recall a picture like that, too!

  • Kanaka

    That face pic of Max…LAWD! I’ve never considered joining a fan site but I’ll be in line to do so once it’s got some scenes on it. And I can’t wait to see who he gets to play with. Some very lucky guys. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49216869c92aa4ada1db6322928061ac3d68f89b718100a8212408151c5f02ce.jpg

  • Edward

    I love me some Max, but $16.99 for what again….?? The promise of better content than a site with a stable of quasi-hotties? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Es Kay

    AND Max’s Corbin Fisher profile says he’s going to med school? I just might have to steal him from y’all

    • Ed Woody

      I used to know a guy like that. Going to school as a microbiologist, member of a gay soccer team, liked to run up mountains for fun, insanely good-looking, had a modelling contract, never saw his dick but honestly it wouldn’t matter at this point… and the worst part was that he was such a nice guy on top of it all that you couldn’t even hate him for being so perfect.

  • Luis

    Also if Corbinfisher is just gonna be assholes and not release his new scenes, then Max should go to SeanCody. Would love to see him there

  • ObsidianVendetta
  • joeguy45

    I stupidly Compared Max s beauty to that of to Spencer Laval last week on a thread on this site… Max is completely in a league of his own…. STUNNING ..

    • Sam T.

      Max also kisses better than Spencer, IMO.

      • Keir Grey

        I disagree with the kissing opinion. Watch Spencer Laval’s Next Door scene with Quentin Gainz. Max has never kissed any of his scene partners (very passionate, full tongue) that well. I do think that Max is an overall better performer, though.

        • Kanaka

          He’s saving them for me. 😋

        • Scrapple

          Elian just read your last sentence and called you a bitch.

          As for Spencer, I’ll do you one better: his first scene with Jackson. Particularly that side fuck on the couch. It wasn’t in Spencer’s power to stop looking into Jackson’s eyes or pull him in for a kiss.

          • Keir Grey

            LOL! Was there a lot of prolonged tonguing between Elian and Max? I’ll have to watch that hot scene again. Spencer and Quentin were really sucking face in the opening of their ND scene.

            You can tell that Spencer is attracted to Jackson Cooper. Check out the way that he ate Cooper’s ass in their second scene. All that eye contact and kissing during that side fuck in their first meeting was great. They have hot chemistry. Was it confirmed that Spencer was taking a break from porn? Men like him (beautiful, openly admits to enjoying sex with men, a solid performer) are a rarity in gay porn.

          • Scrapple

            Max was very much into that scene. I think that was the first scene with him swapping cum.

            Pretty sure Next Door confirmed that about Spencer. If he were still filming he would’ve been at their beach shoot. He may come back, he may not. Who knows.

          • joeguy45

            I emailed Jackson and he told me that he & Spencer had good chemistry…
            I was told from Cameron the camera man that “Spencer ” was on a break from porn ..

        • peter

          Took me two seconds to find a full-mouthed tongue swap in the third scene with Beau

          • Keir Grey

            Max’s kissing with Beau in that third scene wasn’t as long and sensual as the Spencer Laval and Quentin Gainz scene at NDS.

        • joeguy45

          Totally agree. Spencer wins for kissing passionately . the NDS scene with Quentin was beautiful as well as horny to watch .. he also kisses well with Johnny B

    • Devin

      I mean if you like a paper thin upper lip. To each his own

  • Jon

    Waiting for Max to be revealed as an evangelical, Trump supporting, Log Cabin Republican or something, because he’s honestly too perfect at this point.

    • Kanaka

      Now just stop that!

    • Sam T.

      Dear God I hope not.

      I’d just claim Max has really bad breath in the morning. There, that’s his imperfection. 🙂

    • peter

      I’ve heard he’s a registered Republican, actually

  • Casey Scott

    Uh, for $16.99 a month I’d hope you’d get more than just face pics. Jesus…

  • The Porn Emperor

    Wonder if Jack will actually fuck guys on his OnlyFans site, or just do solos. Or pussy (Yeecch).

  • GossipBoy

    hmm that’s odd.
    I was just wondering, what do you guys think about Only Fans?
    Is it good for the industry? or is it bad?

  • Devin

    Starting an OnlyFans is easy. Maintaining it is not. There’s a ton of models on OnlyFans who post infrequently or inconsistently. That, or they post shitty content, short videos, or nothing but solo videos. Models must be finding out it’s not that easy and it’s time consuming to maintain a fans page. Scheduling is not that easy. Filming is not that easy. Editing takes time, even if it’s just cutting clips. Most of the models use their phones on tripods to film, which makes for shitty content. Then, they’re all filming bareback and who knows if they’re taking the proper steps to ensure everyone is safe (meaning everyone knows each other’s status and is comfortable) or is it like “I’m neg, how bout you?” But no one is talking about this. It’s like the wild west right now with these fans sites. Just my two cents

    • William

      I believe Max will give up on onlyfans, he made only 6 short videos on flirt4free in 2017 and gave up. Like you said this is a lot of work, I see a lot of models complaining on twitter that work for onlyfans is just too tiring (and Max already said he likes to enjoy life on the beach, gym, parties with friends …) so I just hope he gives up, because paying $16.99 for bad clips is bad

      • peter

        Max is also applying to Medical School. Maybe like Dr. Tay Tay (Fratman Taylor) he’s looking for an income stream offset his student loans.

    • Sam T.

      I’ve subscribed to four OFs since the site became a thing, and none of them kept my interest for more than a month. Most of their videos are of them masturbating, which I find incredibly boring after a while. (Plus they’re shot in portrait mode!) For the same amount of money, I can get a sub to a porn site, at least there’s more variety in the content.

      Coming from studios where the models get thoroughly tested, I’d like to think that in the absence of it i.e. doing an OF, they are sensible enough to make the correct decisions regarding who they have sex with.

      • William

        I agree with you, OFs is dangerous and risky, may losing health because other models have not tested or lied, I honestly find it crazy to leave a studio that has control over HIV testing, do all the work, edit positions and many other things. I prayed for Max to come back and he came back this month, now I will pray that he leaves OFs.

  • alchemistmuffin

    Oh Max has OnlyFans account

    (Check to see his account)

    $16.99?!?!?!?!??!? NO THANKS!!!!! THAT’S OVERPRICED. IT SHOULD BE $5.99 OR $7.99!!!!!!!

    • Devin

      Austin Wolf charges $9.99 and has always charged $9.99 to my knowledge and he’s like 10x hotter than Max, even though he can’t fuck. I know he has a ton of subscribers, too. He’s definitely a millionaire now. Still, he only charges $9.99, which is great. Max needs to humble himself promptly. Someone should tweet his ass like “$16.99 on OnlyFans, really girl? Really??”

      • Default_User

        credit where it is due, Austin gives content by the bucketload (pun intended). His stuff is everywhere and he promote it hard (also, pun intended).

      • peter

        I’d gress that Austin Wolf’s and Max’ shared fan base would be a null set OO

  • Burkeman

    Max (with Elian and Beau) has carried Corbin Fisher in recent years; he has been such a beautiful fantasy. And I just hope his presence on social media does not harm our image of him.

    • Paul Di

      Now I got scared because I remembered Sebastian, who was a god in CF, but went to twitter and turned a nasty. Is it possible for a model to work on onlyyfans and corbinfisher at the same time?

  • Marcus Collack

    Max is hot, But I can’t ignore that he has filmed like 15 years worth of porn. Now…If Rhyheim and Max got together…That’s another story.

  • grrr-_-argh

    i’ve missed max. he’s so delish.

  • Lanu Pongen

    Max looks way better here than on CF

  • johnny

    what is maxs twitter account?

  • peter

    Max Fisher. Of the Max Fisher Players? Who is going to play the the Bill Murray role of Mr. Bloom?

  • peter

    $17/month is a lot to pay for a handful of pictures!

    If he does some more stuff with Beau I might consider it.

  • peter

    Max always rocks those white Nike crews, which was about the hottest thing about his last, tepid, CF scene.

    Beau goes for black Nike Crews, so they’d be a perfect couple, IMO https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f6ec5ad967d6cbf084c52f605df0cce97e0da87acb810fa9d80d29a8766b9aec.jpg

  • John

    The problem with Onlyfans is the servers suck! The webpage is constantly freezing up and it takes forever for the videos to load. I’m guessing that’s why the models only post vids that are a few seconds to a minute or two long. Does anyone know if the other fan sites are better?

    • Silver64

      JFF are way better…the only time it slows down (if you want to call it that) is when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and you gotta wait for the next batch of posts to load. They’ve got videos up to, and over, an hour in length with the choice of 1080p or 540p. Depends on what the Model uploaded…

      I’ve never experienced any lag, even in full screen mode.

      Best part is I get to see vids of unnamed persons bottoming that have yet to do that with a studio. I can say that I saw Malakai White (BSB) on JFF before he debuted with that studio, so this platform could be useful in finding future performers. Another that comes to mind is Archer Croft, who went from his JFF page to NM & IM (Don’t get me started on them)

  • William

    Zach please answer me, Max left CF?
    He is my all time favorite, but unfortunately I live in another country and here $16.99 becomes over $100 🙁

  • John

    A couple of years ago, SC and CF were so strict with their models that they weren’t allowed to have any media presence other than their website, (no Twitter account, no Rentboy, no Onlyfans). I’m guessing that with more and more competition for models, they are easing back a bit in order to keep their talent.

  • Luis

    I subscribed to Max’s OF. He adorable. I hope that he continues to make porn videos. He should consider going to SC

    • William

      CF are desperate for a lack of models, they will keep Max even if he works in other studios, do you know if he left CF? did he say anything?

      • Luis

        He hasn’t said or posted anything to imply or say he has left CF. I was just wishing for him to do some SC videos. Also, he has only posted 7 pictures (his nude are the ones that have been posted in this thread) and a little video with him just writing his name on a piece of paper and bringing it to the mirror (very short tho, like 10 seconds long).

        • William

          Thank you for answering, I would also like him to make some videos on SC. I hope he always stays in the studios, I’m worried because unfortunately, I live in another country and here the dollar is very expensive, onlyfans $16.99 becomes over $100. Anyway, Max is so cute and deserves all the happiness in the world.

          • Devin

            What does being cute have to do with deserving happiness? Are you implying that unattractive people don’t deserve happiness?

          • William

            I just wanted to compliment him for saying he’s cute (and he really is) because I’m a fan I want him to be happy in his personal life, I like other pornstars that aren’t beautiful but I follow them on instagram and sending a text message for them to be happy too (that’s what we want for the people we like, right?) I just complimented and wished he was happy in the same sentence, what’s the matter? Any more questions Devin?

          • William

            One more thing, I’m a gay man who got kicked out of my house for being gay and today I live in my car, do you really think I just wish the happiness of beautiful people? LOL I never cared about color, beauty or social class (I know prejudice from weak people, I live in my fucking car because of it), so Devin you got it wrong, a hug.

  • Alpio A.

    Guess Max’s scenes released scenes at CF these last weeks are recent , so he has thankfully come out of “retirement” … could you confirm it Zach ?

  • Greninja

    Onlyfans is just not a porn model I can get into. Most of the time the clips are far too short. Who can jerk off to a 20 sec clip of teasing? I need quality 20 min clips, that is worth something to me.

  • Alejandro_87

    I just drool

  • Fur..

    Max is a specimen. The last update with Travis is lame. Whatever happened to Sawyer, Beau…. always missing Daniel and Harper….
    Regarding OnlyFans/JustForFans… it is a ton of work. Two of the hardest working pages are Adam Russo/Jake Nicola and Maneul Skye. They have the best content of themselves and their playmates. They don’t let you down.
    FYI… one way to find out about the content is to go to the page and scroll down. Even though you cannot see the videos, you can see the length of the video that is blocked out and the date it was posted. It will give you an idea of the content and if they are current with posting. Another way to see pics of the videos, is to go to their twitter page. AdamRusso/JakeNicola and Manuel Skye post their updates there. This way you don’t have to subscribe for a month or even a minute and then be disappointed.

  • peter

    Based on the name Max Fisher (likely oblivious to Wes Anderson’s Rushmore), and the exorbitant fee, I’m guessing this site represents CF’s attempt to, ahem, tap into the OnlyFansOnly niche. I can see Beau Fisher, Barron Fisher, Dane Fisher, Dave Fisher pages popping up soon, just as CF models use to have site-sponsored f4f pages. Perhaps this new freedom to do homemade porn accounts for the return of Dave (and hopefully the end of Elye Black’s cheesy Rocco Fallon scenes)

    If CF really is partnering with their models, I hope JG doesn’t confine these guys into just doing scenes with other CF models. One of my dream scenes, one that would get me to pony up the $17, would be Max flip-flopping with Josh Brady. Also Max and Logan Cross (anyone and Logan Cross!)

    Just about all of these guys were wrestlers, and I’d really like to do a study of the true incidence of same-sex attraction, gay and bi, among guys who grappled.

  • Alan Song

    I’ll wait for couple months.

  • dahbaro

    What is Max’s real name?

  • dahbaro

    What is Max’s real name?