Introducing Corbin Fisher’s Merrick, The Studio’s Best New Model Since Elian

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001Corbin Fisher’s Max was introduced in October of 2017, and Corbin Fisher’s Elian was introduced in  January of this year. Today, it looks like Max and Elian might finally have some good competition, as Corbin Fisher has just introduced a newcomer who is similarly stunning. Meet Merrick:

002 003 004Fuck, he’s hot.

005 006 007In addition to his perfect physique and gorgeous good looks, it sounds like this chiseled hunk might be coming back to fuck? Via CF:

Merrick practically lives in the gym and has the perfect muscles to prove it. We get a lot of hot guys through the doors here at CF, but he definitely dropped some jaws when he arrived. One of the things we love about his physique is how balanced it is – he is the whole package! Another thing we love about Merrick is how down to earth and considerate he is, no matter the situation. He really clicked well with the other guys, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish with us at CF!

Hopefully we won’t have to see him having straight sex first, and they’ll move him right into a gay sex scene (with Max and/or Elian, obviously).

008 014 009 010Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Merrick]


  • Scrapple

    Merrick can throw his knife at my head any time. I promise to catch it.
    He’s over here looking like James Rhine’s buff younger brother. Can’t wait to see him win Head of Household. Emphasis on the head.

    And given some of the things he said in his interview, I’m calling it right now. He’s family. I’m already making him a plate.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Body: A-
    Face: B-
    Dick: C
    Overall: B-

    • FeydRautha

      Kris Evans without the dick…

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      I dunno, but I can’t picture him fucking good with a dick of that size.

      • Joel

        It’s not the size; it’s how he uses it, and I’m sure he uses it just right.

    • B.C.

      Professor, you are very strict. I haven’t found anyone remotely interesting in CF since…Max and Elian. I’ll need to see Merrick man-on-man before giving him overall grade.

  • FieldMedic

    He is gorgeous, I’ll give you that, but does he look good bouncing up and down on a dick? That’s the $40,000 question.

  • Iain Gardener

    Now this is what Corbin Fisher used to stand for, a stunning young man who’ll hopefully be back to be pounded silly

    • peter

      Have you heard about Randy?

  • Daniel Hayes

    So maybe CF is not dead yet?! But, of course, he would have a straight scene first, that ‘s how CF works. Let’s hope, we’ll see him with Max and Elian.

  • Burkeman

    Please, wait, Zach:
    -We do not know this guy’s sexuality.
    -His next scene might be with a woman (as you noted).
    -The straight scene might be the only other scene he does.
    -And if he does a scene with a guy, he might be frigid, rigid, passionless, and flaccid.

    • pilot101

      i’m still can’t get over about Kip.
      Amazing body, amazing ass, amazing dick, amazing voice, amazing face. But straight…

      • Burkeman

        Yes, Kip looked great. Do you remember Jasper? (Openly bisexual!)
        Watching trailers, he has amazing. But, according to Jasper, Corbin Fisher fired him because the last scene he did ranked too low. With a dearth of actors now, I hope Corbin Fisher regrets it.

        • Leo_22

          I loved Jasper

        • pilot101

          oh yeah. love him and i always wondered why he didn’t come back. I thought he was straight and done with gay porn. He could have had a career on another site tho

        • cluelesswitness

          Did Jasper do an interview about his time at Corbin Fisher?

      • Hush-ins

        Those talks about “The best-looking men are always the gay ones” are nonsense.

      • Leo_22

        Yesss he was movie star goodlooking!

    • MC.EMC2

      Isn’t it ridiculous that on a gay site the chances of seeing a guy in a gay scene are MUCH smaller than in a str8 scene? Honestly is that the appreciation that we deserve for supporting a site for over a decade?

      • peter

        While they target a gay audience, Corbin Fisher and, until very recently, Sean Cody have never made traditional ‘gay’ porn. The product has always been curious, strongly masculine-identified, previously straight guys who are a bit curious. Lately GayHoopla has been, ahem, tapping into this cohort. But attacking Corbin Fisher simply for doing what they’ve been doing for more than a decade now is just in bad faith.

        At their best Corbin and especially Sean had a gift for sniffing out the guys who weren’t strictly g4p. Recall just how hot it was to watch Abe evolve over his six brief scenes?

        So if having the pussy-option in place normalizes an otherwise strange situation and provides a rationalization for an ever-hard, pre-cum oozing, hand-free orgasm model like Beauner, I say keep it! Consider how many Sean Cody squirt-‘n-scram hotties may have progress if presented with a similar option?

        And then there are some of us who actually get off watching a fully-aroused hot guy get off, regardless of his partner’s sex.

        What I miss though are models being introduced to guy-sex in bi scenes, like Trey breaking in Zeb.

        If you want to see guaranteed gay porn there are great sites like GISP and Helix which do it superbly and a gazillion others which do it dismally.

        • MC.EMC2

          Oh please just shut up already. You wrote an essay excusing shitty behavior. You don’t have more important things to defend so eagerly?

          • peter

            Call me hunty! Pretty please!!!

            I think you’d prefer Icon Male.

        • B.C.

          WTF? If you are bisexual then I could understand your glorifying of pussy scenes, but if you are gay…why on earth would you watch pussy action? Oh wait, I already know the answer. The guy is hot, like your precious Beau(ner).
          I just can’t rationalize CF, GH with ” the guy is hot”. Breaking in straight guys for my viewing pleasure? That doesn’t make me horny, but nauseous, sad and disappointed that gay men are still idolising straight brothers.

          • peter

            Oh merciful heavens! Precious has a tuna allergy! Is that one of the unfortunate side-effects of travelling at 3×10,000,000,000 m/s? 😉

            Just say it: “straight-worshiping, self-loathing internalized homophobe binary heteropatriarch!” Teach me all those big words you learned at your Qweer Theory seminar!

          • B.C.

            No answer, just senseless rambling.

          • MC.EMC2
          • peter

            Fun to have a conversation with one’s self

          • Dumbledore

            I am not self-loathing, but I have always enjoyed watching “straight” men having gay sex. I remember all the privileged straight boys (who I usually had a secret crush on) who were so horrid to me growing up. I think about them while watching a hot masculine “straight” man taking a cock up his ass, while he grunts and groans. All for my viewing pleasure. I watch and smile…

          • MC.EMC2

            Watching str8 guys have gay sex on a gay site is absolutely fine. What I’m criticizing is a gay studio releasing purely str8 scenes, it makes absolutely no sense to me. I’d even be down with bi scenes coz I know some people who subscribe to these sites are bi, but str8 scenes on gay sites really rub me the wrong way.

          • Leo_22

            This i agree with,i also dont get the str8 sex scenes

        • Leo_22

          Agree with you 100% Peter

    • peter

      Most recent CF models are either equivocal (‘a person’) or mum about their sexuality in their solos, including Max, Elian, Beau, Dane, etc. This was a trick of Sean Cody’s during the last years of Sean’s management.

      Just thank God CF have stopped asking those awful questions about first times (usually ‘her mom was home!’ and favorite positions (usually doggie-style).

      A start at ACS means nothing. Most models who progress usually start out there.

  • Dot Beech

    No charisma and one of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen. Like them or hate them, but this one looks like a huge burn scar.

    • peter

      Worst tattoos you’ve ever scene?!?! When was the last time you checked out CockyBoys?

  • Joel

    He’s got a cute face, nice cock, ass and feet, and that’s it for me.

  • pilot101

    Looks good. But he seems like another Kip case. THAT was A MAN.

  • peter

    He is stunning and maybe he’ll be one of those guys who does gay porn to pay for his lifting habit like Joey, Stu, and I think Beau. That’s fine by me just so long as he turns in believable performances and doesn’t turn himself into a freak

  • JonnyM

    When there are model photosets and not one of them shows an open mouth smile, I always assume it’s because they have cruddy teeth or meth mouth.

    • peter

      Maybe Justin can fix him up with David Geffen

  • bloodhound

    Them lats though.

  • peter

    His face reminds me a little Michael Delray’s and Calvin’s

  • a b


    • peter

      Troutie mouth!

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      It’s a very hot face, to me anyway.

  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

    His nipples are so hot!!

  • Hush-ins

    The face doesn’t really do it for me, but that body does.

  • TB

    Goddammit, i miss Aiden!

  • SK

    I’ve met the guy a few years ago and had fun with him … He’s was previously straight but open sexually. He’s definitely willing to do guy/guy.

  • Maximus

    He has the disillusioned, weary face of a three-term Congressman from a suburban district in a semi-important state. The body is killer, though, especially his chest. Too bad about the tattoos.

  • Scootercray

    I don’t care if the performers are g4p as long as they do a good job.

  • moolah59

    he has a killer body!