9th Time’s The Charm? Rocky Tops Corbin Fisher’s Chris Bareback In “After Hours” Fuckfest

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Corbin Fisher’s Rocky and Chris are fucking for the 9th time today, and while they have a few more scenes to go before they reach Rocky and Roman’s record-breaking 13 scenes, they can easily be considered the hottest CF veteran powercouple of 2024. Here’s a quick trip down Rocky/Chris fuckfest memory lane, beginning with their first encounter in 2022:

March 25th, 2022: Chris topped Rocky in “Draining Chris.”

May 20th, 2022: Chris bottomed for Rocky in “Chris Is A Good Boy.”

June 1st, 2022: Rocky fucked Chris while a woman watched in “Cucking Chris.

December 22nd, 2022: Everyone topped and bottomed in “XXXMas Pandemonium,” the holiday versatile fourgy starring Rocky, Chris, Calan, and Eli.

April 5th, 2023: Rocky fucked Chris while another woman watched in “Turning Out Chris.”


April 9th, 2023: In my personal favorite, Chris screamed out loud, “Cum all over my pussy!” as Rocky ejaculated all over his ass after fucking him in an extremely raunchy video titled “Degrading Chris.” (Original Str8Up review here.)


July 4th, 2023: In another banger, Chris’s eyes rolled back in his head while being jackhammered raw by Rocky (and sucked off by Roman) in “The Corbin Sutra.” (Original Str8Up review here.)


December 21st, 2023: In the most epic versatile fourgy of 2023, Rocky and Grayson played musical holes with Chris and Dallen in “The Boys Get Cozy.” (Original Str8Up review here.)

Last but not least, here’s beautiful Chris and muscle hunk Rocky’s new video released today, with Rocky once again topping Chris in “After Hours: Chris Get Used.”

For the inevitable scene #10, I hope we get to see Chris topping Rocky, which has only happened one time, in their first video together. More from their ninth scene together:

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