Folsom 2014: Crowded, Drunk, Naked, And Afraid

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folsom 3Going to this year’s Folsom Street Fair was a reminder of why I absolutely hate Folsom Street Fair: Too many people. It didn’t matter that they were naked, smelly, exchanging bodily fluids, being beaten/whipped, and drunk or on drugs; what mattered was that there were just. too. many. people.


They could’ve been fully clothed, or they could have all looked like nude male models with perfect bodies—it wouldn’t have mattered. If you don’t like crowds and are a claustrophobic mess who is prone to anxiety attacks brought on by hordes of strangers, stay away from places like Folsom Street Fair!


That being said, I went to Folsom Street Fair to take these pictures for you, so YOU’RE WELCOME(??).


Above: Jimmy Durano, Johnny V., and Dato Foland posed for pictures.

The most normal and non-intoxicated people at Folsom were the gay porn stars, and the Falcon/Raging tent became something of a sanctuary.


Ryan Rose met an endless stream of fans; Jimmy Durano reluctantly admired Andrew Stark’s freshly-whipped back.


Blast from the past: Ryan and former Falcon exclusive Aden Jaric; Ryan Raz and Parker Perry! Parker is now living in Texas and working in radiology after finishing college.


You kind of don’t realize how perfect Ryan Rose’s butt is until you see it in person; Adam Wirthmore with Parker.


Some guy in a skull mask was jacking off in a corner; Boomer Banks sidled up to Dato Foland.


Since shutting down CocksureMen, Jake Cruise has really let himself go! Or…maybe it’s the next Michael Lucas exclusive bareback model??


The highlight of the day was when Jake Bass showed up to make a rare west coast appearance. And of course, Boomer Banks kidnapped him. Again.

IMG_7966 IMG_7959Overall, it was great to see everyone!

Pretty sure I didn’t need to see this, though:


See you never again, Folsom. (Until next year.)


  • Is that the Wrecking ball from Miley’s video that guy is wearing hanging from his balls?

  • Alan Keddie

    I miss Parker Perry. And Ryan Raz.

  • Dakota

    Just like at a nude beach, its always the people who you don’t want to see naked that take off their clothes first.

  • Lovely

    Whose grandpa is that sprawled out on the sidewalk? Guess those bouncey heeled sneakers weren’t such a good idea after all.

  • Estelle

    Wilford Brimley went to Folsom?

    • sxg

      lol that is EXACTLY who I was thinking of when I saw that pic!

  • robirob

    Zach, you really lost your mojo when nobody’s angry at you and want to throw you out of some club or event.

    But joke aside. I have to agree with Zach on the crowd issue. Personally to me crowds feel like orgies. No matter how much I spin my head around I always have this nagging suspicion I am missing something (and the thing I am missing is the most greatest or most exiting thing there is).

    • sxg

      Well crowds at Folsom certainly are more like orgies considering how barely clothed they are. And it’s not even the fun type of orgy either lol

  • Cosmic

    You need the clip of her as Phoebe screaming MY EYES,MY EYES!!!

  • sxg

    Parker Perry!!! I used to see him on Scruff all the time here in Houston. And it said he bartended at one of the bars/clubs here, but never knew which one since I rarely ever go to the gay bars/clubs here.

    Good pics Zach, going by these pics this folsom looks rather tame compared to Folsom of previous years.

    ooh BTW, is TIM still banned from Folsom for their promotion of bareback sex??? It’s crazy if that ban is still going on when you have duckface’s studio there pretty much promoting the exact same thing.

    • Spongey

      Parker used to tend bar at “South Beach”. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Houston so I don’t know if he still works there. But he fixed me a drink the last time I visited. I did see him again this past New Years Eve in Austin, I gave him a lift to his hotel. He was so adorable in person, swoon.

  • AJ

    Which one is Aden jaric? I don’t recognize him

    • zach

      Next to Ryan Rose, wearing a leather daddy hat (LOL).

      • AJ

        Thanks, Zach. Wow, he looks very different to say the least!

  • Zealot

    Sidewalk Santa rests while Lucas claims exclusive rights to Truvada concession at Folsom! News at 11!

  • Eric from Sweden

    Dato Foland is so fucking hot!

  • Face Palm

    It’s one thing to be brave enough to go out in public naked. It’s another thing to be brave enough to put that naked body in contact with the streets of San Francisco.

  • The freaks come out of the woodwork for Pride and Folsom in SF that is for sure.