Delta Airlines Passengers Showered With Maggots Falling From Overhead Compartment

Posted February 15, 2024 by with 8 comments

Are maggots falling on your head better than having someone punch you, spit on you, piss on you (or piss yourself?), or shit on you? It’s a tough call, but it’s just another typical day in the friendly skies, thanks to psychotic passengers with no regard for the safety of other human beings, let alone a modicum of common sense. Via Independent:

A Delta flight was recently forced to turn around an hour after take-off when maggots fell from the overhead compartment onto passengers sitting in the economy seats.


The flight was headed from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, and the maggots were crawling/falling out of a passenger’s suitcase stored in an overhead compartment. The maggots were reportedly spawned (born? hatched? idk how this works exactly) from some rotting fish that was also in the suitcase, and the plane had to turn around to make an emergency landing so it could be decontaminated.

Passengers were given “air miles” (who in their right mind would want to get on another flight ever again?) and a $30 meal ticket as compensation. I’m sure people had healthy appetites after being showered with maggots.

Too bad this wasn’t one of those planes where doors and side panels are ripped off mid-flight. The maggots would just fly away into the sky, and if I were there, I’d throw the person who brought the rotting fish on board out of the airplane, too.

And, while this has nothing to do with maggots, this is yet another opportunity for me to post my favorite airplane meltdown video of all time, just because:

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